Red Summer

Kyle Rittenhouse’s white male hating alien “reporter” attackers tried to lynch an American with their divisive lies and foreign distortions of facts

CLEVELAND, OH –  MSNBC commentator Joy Reid’s father was an alien studying in our nation from the Congo in Africa and her mother was an alien from British Guyana.  Reid is the name she took from the father of her three children.  Her real birth name is Joy Ann Lomena.  She is not an American Negro.  Neither is a South African illegal alien working on the Daily Show and doing business in America under the name of Trevor Noah. Both should be investigated by Immigration and Naturalization Services.   Noah should be arrested, prosecuted, jailed, stripped of his illegal earnings and…

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The 3 Russian “American” Antifa anarchists Kyle Rittenhouse shot in self-defense had violent crime records

CLEVELAND, OH – The identities and backgrounds of the three men Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, appears to have shot and killed or wounded in self-defense – as video footage shows him being beaten by two of them – have not been highlighted by the nation’s mainstream media.  This is particularly so for newspapers, television and radio stations Russian Americans own or control as chief executive officers. Now that it is confirmed Joseph Rosenbaum was one of the people shot and killed by alleged gunman Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, I filmed him earlier in the night taunting the armed civilians, saying, "Shoot…

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