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Vanover spreads CoVid 19 virus to Cleveland city hall workers and visitors as Jackson fails to enforce R.C. 3707.04 through R.C. 3707.40

CLEVELAND, OH – If Mayor Frank Jackson had played the game of “follow the law” instead of “following the lunatic” in the form of Governor Richard Michael Dewine, building department supervisor Thomas Vanover might not have infected others when he knew he was sick.  Vanover would have also avoided calling Paul Cuffari to his home to bring him a job-related assignment.

The “Quarantine” sign on Vanover’s home would have advised Cuffari to stay away. Cuffari would not have returned to city hall to possibly infect others.

Cuffari should have been working at city hall and Vanover should have been “quarantined” to his home and unable to leave without written permission from Merle Gordon.  No one should have entered it without being a medical or service care provider.  Gordon is Jackson’s commissioner of health.

As a result of Jackson and Gordon’s reckless failure to enforce sections 3707.04 through 3707.40 of the Revised Code of Ohio, inclusively, their combined negligence now leaves the city exposed to being sued by Cuffari and any other employee, contractor or citizen their “suspension” of the state’s pandemic laws allowed Vanover to infect.

Over $1.5 million in combined annual wages and benefits among Cuyahoga County’s “best” political minds; and none of them read and obeyed R.C. 3707.04 through 3707.40 to keep a bad flu virus from spreading.

So much for the effectiveness of Jackson unconstitutional “orders,” and the same with the ordinance council enacted under its election-stealing criminal president, Kevin Kelly.  Their wild schemes did not work.  One irresponsible public employee too selfish to use his accumulated sick, vacation or compensation time undid all their imaginary “outside the law” control mechanisms that R.C. 3707.08 would have solved had DeWine, Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton, Armond Budish and Terry Allan ensured Jackson and Gordon enforced it.

3707.08 Isolation of persons exposed to communicable disease – placarding of premises. When a person known to have been exposed to a communicable disease declared quarantinable by the board of health of a city or general health district or the department of health is reported within its jurisdiction, the board shall at once restrict such person to his place of residence or other suitable place, prohibit entrance to or exit from such place without the board’s written permission in such manner as to prevent effective contact with individuals not so exposed, and enforce such restrictive measures as are prescribed by the department.

When a person has, or is suspected of having, a communicable disease for which isolation is required by the board or the department, the board shall at once cause such person to be separated from susceptible persons in such places and under such circumstances as will prevent the conveyance of the infectious agents to susceptible persons, prohibit entrance to or exit from such places without the board’s written permission, and enforce such restrictive measures as are prescribed by the department.

When persons have, or are exposed to, a communicable disease for which placarding of premises is required by the board or the department the board shall at once place in a conspicuous position on the premises where such a person is isolated or quarantined a placard having printed on it, in large letters, the name of the disease. No person shall remove, mar, deface, or destroy such placard, which shall remain in place until after the persons restricted have been released from isolation or quarantine.

Physicians attending a person affected with a communicable disease shall use such precautionary measures to prevent its spread as are required by the board or the department.

No person isolated or quarantined by a board shall leave the premises to which he has been restricted without the written permission of such board until released from isolation or quarantine by it in accordance with the rules and regulations of the department.  Effective Date: 10-01-1953.

There’s a duty on Vanover pursuant to R.C. 3707.16 to have stayed away from any public gathering; or to enter any public institution.  He was ordered by R.C. 3707.08 not to leave his home while under quarantine without “written permission” of the Director of Health.

Jackson had the authority to request the county board of health place a guard on Vanover’s home to keep him in it; and away from work and everywhere else pursuant to R.C. 3707.09.  Gordon should have made sure Vanover’s home was disinfected pursuant to R.C. 3707.10.

Cleveland Director of Health Merle Gordon could face criminal charges for failing to ensure that R.C. 3707.04 through R.C. 3707.40 were enforced to mitigate a contagious virus throughout Cleveland.

Vanover’s time cards are evidence of his intentional violation of this unsuspended general law in contrast to the date he was tested and told of his results for the deadly contagion were positive.  Vanover infecting Cuffari is no different than a person testing positive for HIV; and then knowingly having sex with others.  Cuffari should now be facing a mandatory quarantine; and his home should be “placarded” pursuant to R.C. 3707.08.  If it’s not R.C. 3707.04 through R.C. 3707.40 is being violated.

Had Vanover obeyed R.C. 3707.08 and R.C. 3707.10, staying at home and away from public gatherings, he was authorized to receive all the “necessities of life” and “medical care” provided for him in his home while under quarantine.  He did not have to worry about sick time.  He was covered pursuant to R.C. 3707.14.  Once he was diagnosed his physician should have put in the order for him to remain quarantined pursuant to R.C. 3707.08.

Vanover could have had an armed guard posted outside his home to keep fearful neighbors away and from over-reacting to hurt him.  It’s easier to cover the cost of keeping one irresponsible city worker alive than closing down the economy because he was too ignorant of R.C. 3707.04 through R.C. 3707.40 to see himself as a potential mass murderer.

Despite all the damning evidence against Vanover’s irresponsible conduct, he would have a defense should Cuffari choose to file a civil claim against the Jackson administration and the Kelly council.

Mayor Frank Jackson even employs a Dr. Thomas Collins who for some strange reason did not know Thomas Vanover was infecting city hall workers and visitors with CoVid 19.

The mayor’s duty pursuant to Chapter 11, Section 71 of Cleveland’s charter is to ensure all of council’s ordinances are enforced in his capacity as the city’s “chief conservator of the peace” or its chief municipal “law enforcement officer” as defined in Section 2901.01(c) of the Revised Code of Ohio.  This would make it Jackson’s duty to have ensured that Vanover knew he understood his duties and rights pursuant to R.C. 3707.04 through 3707.40 to stay at home and be taken care of at home.

The bottom line between all of DeWine, Jackson, Stearns-Acton and council’s “orders” is they were all undone by a contagiously-irresponsible city worker R.C. 3707.04 through R.C. 3707.40 had they obeyed them would have kept at home and away from others.

Mass murderer DeWine’s maliciously-ignorant refusal to enforce 29 pandemic laws is the sole reason the CoVid 19 virus is spreading

CLEVELAND, OH – When Cuyahoga County Board of Health Commissioner Terry Allan held a news conference on March 11, 2020 and announced he was letting nine out of 13 known CoVid 19 infected Ohioans “self-quarantine,” Governor Richard Michael DeWine should have had him arrested for disobeying sections 3707.04 through 3707.40 of the Revised Code of Ohio.  It’s where 29 general laws establish the instructions every Board of Health in the state’s 88 counties have duties to obey and enforce.

Since Article III, Section 6 of the Constitution of Ohio instructed DeWine to enforce all laws, Chapter 18 and Section 4 of the United States Code told him to report all “felonies” to the appropriate authority under the federal “Misprision of felony” law.  Allan was disobeying Section 3707.08’s instructions to “isolate the infected and placard” their homes with the name of the disease posted on it.  Allan’s criminal misconduct would turn felonious when the disease spreaders were not contained; and the virus they were carrying turned into an agent of mass murder.

R.C. 3707.09 instructed the Board of Health to make sure Allan employed “quarantine guards” to keep the 9 out of 13 known CoVid 19 infected persons in their homes; and to protect them. There were no social distancing, mask wearing and sheltering instructions in place for “uninfected” Ohioans written into any of the state’s pandemic mitigating laws.

R.C. 3707.10 instructed the Board of Health to make sure Allan “disinfected” the homes of the known 9 of 13 CoVid 19-infected Ohioans at the county’s expense.

R.C. 3707.14 instructed the county board of health to maintain the 9 of 13 known CoVid 19-infected persons in their homes and to provide them with medical care and the necessities of life.  That included hired nurses, mortgage, utility and insurance payments. This eliminated the need for mass unemployment and business assistance money.

Cuyahoga county residents have been meeting to discuss filing a criminal complaint against Cuyahoga County health commissioner Terry Allan for allowing 9 CoVid 19 infected residents of the county to “self-quarantine” instead of his enforcing R.C. 3707.04 through R.C. 3707.40 as written. The residents are also considering a criminal complaint against Cuyahoga County prosecuting attorney Michael O’Malley for not advising the Cuyayoga County Board of Health, and warning every mayor in the county, as well as the school boards he has a duty to advise, that R.C. 3707.04 through R.C. 3707.40 as unsuspended are the pandemic mitigating laws they shall obey or face criminal prosecution.

R.C. 3707.16 told the 9 of 13 known CoVid 19-infected persons not to attend any public gatherings; and instructed the Board of Health to make sure Allan gave them written permission if they even thought about leaving for any reason as an instruction in R.C. 3707.08 that backs up R.C. 3707.16. The two words “self-quarantine” were not written into any law.

There’s more.  R.C. 3707.20 told the Board of Health to keep infected people out of hospitals, jails, workhouse, infirmaries, schools any other institution around already sick people.  That meant no sick hospital workers around uninfected patients.  It meant infected institutionalized people were required to be removed from the institutions.

R.C. 3707.21 instructed the Board of Health and Allan to find “temporary buildings” to separate the institutionalized sick from the institutionalized healthy.  This would have been an appropriate use for the Huron Hospital building Cleveland Clinic demolished in East Cleveland.  The demolished St. Mary’s.  The demolished Forest City Hospitals.  The demolished Mt. Sinai.  The same for the city hospital in Lakewood that Cleveland Clinic wants to demolish. All the Hill-Burton Act of 1947 Congress funded for permanent “free” hospitals have been destroyed.

Every other pandemic-mitigating law is equally as specific and narrowly-written as instructions to 88 county health boards and their commissioners; and the Ohio Director of Public Health.  All they had to do was read them.  They’re in English. It’s the same with journalists who only repeat what they’re “told” by a non-reading DeWine instead of reading the laws and asking his ignorant azz under what authority is he refusing to enforce them.

Below is the state’s first quarantine law.  There’s no role for the governor to play written into the law’s plain English language other than for DeWine to ensure it and the others are obeyed “uniformly” across the state.  Observe the section where the board of health’s members or executive officer is supposed to establish the facts.  And here three key words separated within a parenthesis.  “…and not otherwise.”

Governor Richard Michael DeWine is a liar. Period.

It means Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton’s duty was to report to Ohioans that 13 among us were known to be CoVid 19 infected instead of making up a lie DeWine ran with that the real number was 117,000 based on an “otherwise” guess.  The lie DeWine ran with that made him a criminal was when he added that 100,000 were”infected and the number would “double every six days.”  Again, Article III, Section 6 of the Constitution of Ohio gave the governor the “mandatory” duty to ensure that the following plain English language law that needs no interpretation was obeyed by Stearns-Acton as written.

3707.04 Quarantine regulations.  In time of epidemic or threatened epidemic, or when a dangerous communicable disease is unusually prevalent, the board of health of a city or general health district, after a personal investigation by its members or executive officer to establish the facts in the case, and not otherwise, may impose a quarantine on vessels, railroads, or other public or private vehicles conveying persons, baggage, or freight, or used for such purpose. The board may make and enforce such rules and regulations as are wise and necessary for the protection of the health of the people of the community or state, but the running of any train or car on any steam or electric railroad, or of steamboats, vessels, or other public conveyances shall not be prohibited.

A true copy of such quarantine rules and regulations shall be immediately furnished by such board to the department of health, and thereafter no change shall be made except by the order of the department or the board to meet a new and sudden emergency.  Effective Date: 10-01-1953

Had DeWine immediately stepped in when Allan criminally violated R.C. 3707.08 and the other general laws he suspended by not enforcing them, the same with the other four of 13 known patients, the mass murder that later occurred across the state would have been prevented.   Notice how with each category of law DeWine allowed Allan and the Cuyahoga County Board of Health to violate at the onset of the contagious infection there are deaths readers can easily see could have been prevented.

3707.08 Isolation of persons exposed to communicable disease – placarding of premises.  When a person known to have been exposed to a communicable disease declared quarantinable by the board of health of a city or general health district or the department of health is reported within its jurisdiction, the board shall at once restrict such person to his place of residence or other suitable place, prohibit entrance to or exit from such place without the board’s written permission in such manner as to prevent effective contact with individuals not so exposed, and enforce such restrictive measures as are prescribed by the department.

When a person has, or is suspected of having, a communicable disease for which isolation is required by the board or the department, the board shall at once cause such person to be separated from susceptible persons in such places and under such circumstances as will prevent the conveyance of the infectious agents to susceptible persons, prohibit entrance to or exit from such places without the board’s written permission, and enforce such restrictive measures as are prescribed by the department.

When persons have, or are exposed to, a communicable disease for which placarding of premises is required by the board or the department the board shall at once place in a conspicuous position on the premises where such a person is isolated or quarantined a placard having printed on it, in large letters, the name of the disease. No person shall remove, mar, deface, or destroy such placard, which shall remain in place until after the persons restricted have been released from isolation or quarantine.

Physicians attending a person affected with a communicable disease shall use such precautionary measures to prevent its spread as are required by the board or the department.

No person isolated or quarantined by a board shall leave the premises to which he has been restricted without the written permission of such board until released from isolation or quarantine by it in accordance with the rules and regulations of the department.  Effective Date: 10-01-1953.

DeWine’s latest “curfew order” shows, again, he’s operating far outside any of the 29 pandemic mitigating laws enacted by the general assembly as he plunges the state into a further depression; and as he pits armed and angry Ohioans against each other while trying to enforce his unconstitutionally-unlawful “orders.”  He’s far-exceeded the authority of the Office of Governor pursuant to Article III, Section 6 of Ohio’s constitution by ensuring all laws are enforced.

This is how Title 37 authorized the health director to protect first responders from being infected. No law authorized Governor Richard Michael DeWine to give first responders the names of infected Ohioans.

What every Ohio is witnessing every time DeWine opens his mouth with a new “order” that is not a “law” is an “elected official” with “law enforcement” duties disobeying the laws he had a duty to enforce.  It means from a “liability” perspective that DeWine’s acts are not “authorized by law.”

Officially, DeWine is engaged in Misconduct in Office in violation of R.C. 3.07.  That unsuspended general law, as well as R.C. 3.08, sets forth the process for promptly removing DeWine from the governor’s office as soon as 664,347 qualified Ohio electors, representing 15 percent of the number of voters casting votes in the last election for governor, collect signatures on a complaint petition that gets delivered to the court of common pleas where he resides in Franklin county.

3.07 Misconduct in office – forfeiture.  Any person holding office in this state, or in any municipal corporation, county, or subdivision thereof, coming within the official classification in Section 38 of Article II, Ohio Constitution, who willfully and flagrantly exercises authority or power not authorized by law, refuses or willfully neglects to enforce the law or to perform any official duty imposed upon him by law, or is guilty of gross neglect of duty, gross immorality, drunkenness, misfeasance, malfeasance, or nonfeasance is guilty of misconduct in office. Upon complaint and hearing in the manner provided for in sections 3.07 to 3.10, inclusive, of the Revised Code, such person shall have judgment of forfeiture of said office with all its emoluments entered thereon against him, creating thereby in said office a vacancy to be filled as prescribed by law. The proceedings provided for in such sections are in addition to impeachment and other methods of removal authorized by law, and such sections do not divest the governor or any other authority of the jurisdiction given in removal proceedings.  Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .

3.08 Removal of public officers.  Proceedings for the removal of public officers on any of the grounds enumerated in section 3.07 of the Revised Code shall be commenced by the filing of a written or printed complaint specifically setting forth the charge and signed by qualified electors of the state or political subdivision whose officer it is sought to remove, not less in number than fifteen per cent of the total vote cast for governor at the most recent election for the office of governor in the state or political subdivision whose officer it is sought to remove, or, if the officer sought to be removed is the sheriff or prosecuting attorney of a county or the mayor of a municipal corporation, the governor may sign and file such written or printed complaint without the signatures of qualified electors. Such complaint shall be filed with the court of common pleas of the county where the officer against whom the complaint is filed resides, except that when the officer against whom the complaint is filed is a judge of the court of common pleas, such complaint shall be filed in the court of appeals of the district where such judge resides, and all complaints against state officers shall be filed with the court of appeals of the district where the officer against whom the complaint is filed resides. The judge or clerk of the court shall cause a copy of such complaint to be served upon the officer, against whom the complaint has been filed, at least ten days before the hearing upon such complaint. Such hearing shall be had within thirty days from the date of the filing of the complaint by said electors, or by the governor. The court may suspend the officer pending the hearing.

The removal proceedings filed in the court of common pleas shall be tried by a judge unless a jury trial is demanded in writing by the officer against whom the complaint has been filed. If a jury is demanded, it shall be composed of twelve persons who satisfy the qualifications of a juror specified in section 2313.17 of the Revised Code. If nine or more persons of that jury find one or more of the charges in the complaint are true, such jury shall return a finding for the removal of the officer, which finding shall be filed with the clerk of the court and be made a matter of public record. If less than nine persons of that jury find that the charges on the complaint are true, the jury shall return a finding that the complaint be dismissed. The proceedings had by a judge upon such removal shall be matters of public record and a full detailed statement of the reasons for such removal shall be filed with the clerk of the court and shall be made a matter of public record.  Amended by 129th General AssemblyFile No.81, HB 268, §1, eff. 5/22/2012.  Effective Date: 08-22-1995 .

DeWine is actively trampling on the U.S. Constitution and Ohio Constitution as he operates under no “legal” authority to mitigate a pandemic that has 29 “codified” instructions left by smarter politicians than this curve-graded dumb azz.

He’s the reason 32,000 Ohio law enforcement officers are operating with expired Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy credentials Attorney David Yost is now trying to clean up in secret.  All the arrests are not lawful. All the police killings are murder.  Every cop in the state is a law enforcement officer impersonator.  There is not a single mayor in the state whose police chief has shared the truth that DeWine let them sign documents that should have been signed by the mayors for training.

U.S. Attorneys investigating the orders of governors, mayors, county executives and councils are learning the laws their acts violated when they sought to exercise control over healthy instead of the influenza-infected residents of their states. It’s in examining each state’s constitutions and laws that they’re identifying the specific duties each governor, mayor, county executive and council violated.

His decision to lie about 62 physicians he accused of being “drug dealers” with no evidence in 2011 resulted in the pain management clinics shutting down.  Ohioans in pain took to the streets for illegal narcotics.  4000 to 5000 a year have been dying from street narcotic drug overdoses.  More this year thanks to this evil Nazi lunatic dictator’s economy closing.  The attention on the fewer deaths from CoVid 19 is his way of keeping us from looking at the other Ohioans whose bodies are piling up in morgues across the state’s 88 counties.

DeWine’s family’s immigration status should be investigated.  So should those of his back home relatives in southern Ireland.  During World War II the Irish Catholic’s “taoseach” sided with Adolf Hitler’s Nazi’s.  Taoseach is Irish for Prime Minister.  Eamon de Valera signed Ireland’s condolescences when Hitler committed suicide.  They didn’t like the Irish Protestants and lot of Protestants are dying in Ohio under an Irish Catholic governor who functions like he’s running a Nazi death camp.

Citizens of Ohio are forming to remove DeWine from office pursuant to R.C. 3.07 and R.C. 3.08.

Dewine let thousands among Ohio’s 32,000 cops make arrests with expired OPOTA credentials and has told no mayor

CLEVELAND, OH – Beaver Creek, Ohio police officer Sean Williams’ Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy (OPOTA) credentials expired on December 31, 2013. On January 1, 2014 he was  still discharging the duties of a law enforcement officer and carrying a weapon in violation of an unsuspended general law of the state that ordered him to stop. 

Had Beaver Creek city manager Mike Cornell discharged the duties of that office Williams should have been terminated on January 1st of that year without any rights as an employee for voluntarily-surrendering his OPOTA credentials.  Instead, Beaver Creek police chief Dennis Evers continued to “station and transfer” the law enforcement officer impersonator on various assignments throughout the city as if he were operating with unexpired OPOTA credentials. The problem with Evers assigning Williams anywhere is that his own training had lapsed after 2007.  The chief was also impersonating a law enforcement officer. 

Dennis Evers was impersonating a law enforcement officer as Beaver Creek, Ohio’s chief of police. Evers was allegedly cleared of having sex with underaged girls by former Beaver Creek, mayor Scott Hadley.

Prior to that year Chasing Justice founder Mariah Crenshaw said Evers had taken every type of training that existed. After that year … nothing.  From then until he retired in 2015 after helping Williams conceal his own training, Evers was a law enforcement officer impersonator conspiring with Williams to conceal their expired credentials from the city manager and council.

Williams, like every Ohio law enforcement officer impersonator operating with expired credentials throughout the state, continued to submit time cards, collect a check, use medical benefits and accrue pension earnings as if he were authorized by law to do so. Evers approved.  On the streets he wore a uniform, weapon, drove public safety vehicles, accessed the FBI’s NCIC database through LEADS, stopped citizens, searched citizens, arrested citizens, jailed citizens, sought charges against citizens and testified them into prison.  Citizens complained.  Evers concealed.

On August 5, 2014 “ticking time bomb” Williams drove a public safety vehicle to Walmart in response to a malicious 911 call about an American Negro man waving a weapon around and pointing it at people.  From the time he got the call until he arrived at Walmart, no information Williams received from any source, including the malicious caller, provided him with details that John Crawford was committing a crime.  All he heard was a black man had a weapon; and reacted to a bias “under the color of law” to assassinate him in a nation where the U.S. Constitution guarantees every American Negro citizen of this nation a right to bear arms.

By the time Williams shot Crawford to death, Ohio’s general assembly had already codified R.C. 9.68 as an instruction he had not been trained on that an American Negro man with a gun was not probable cause.  Every Ohioan has a right to bear arms either openly without a license; or concealed with it.  Gun possession in this 2nd Amendment nation is not “probable cause.”

Did retired Beaver Creek city manager Mike Cornell know his police chief, Dennis Evers, and Sean Williams were discharging law enforcement officer duties with expired OPOTA credentials? Governor Richard Michael DeWine was responsible for the training and the notices, did he alert or conceal the information from Cornell?

Crawford’s family settled in March 2020, but from until the day he was slaughtered until now, Greene County prosecuting attorney Steven Haller has withheld exculpatory evidence that Williams was not only stealing from Beaver Creek’s taxpayers, he was not authorized to discharge a law enforcement officer’s duties or carry a weapon.  The law had told him to stop and he had recklessly refused.

Beaver Creek just settled for $1.7 million with the Crawford family for what they knew at the time of their claim.  The discovery of the concealment of Williams’ OPOTA credentials opens up another avenue of grievance for them to redress with its criminally-conspiratorial officials; and to demand a federal investigation into the conspiracy that deprived them of knowledge that Williams was nothing more than an armed, thug, cop impersonator. 

Greene County is where Governor Richard Michael DeWine’s law career began as an assistant prosecuting attorney.  It was his job to make sure Williams was trained in his official capacity at the time as Ohio’s attorney general.

What DeWine had done with the $64 million the Ohio General Assembly appropriated for training was use it to test the rape kits he’d promised during the campaign against Richard Cordray for the job in 2010.  This reckless, duty-exceeding lunatic’s campaign promise was not a factor when the general assembly appropriated money to train police.  The conspiracy to conceal Williams and Evers’ expired credentials was aided by DeWine’s derelict way of supervising the agency he assigned Mary Davis to direct. 

Instead of quaranting infected Ohioans as R.C. 3707.08 instructed him to do, Governor Richard Michael Dewine quarantined the state. Instead of spending $64 million the General Assembly of Ohio appropriated to train police. He spent it on testing rape kits. Instead of alerting Ohio’s mayors as the “appointing authority” of police officers that their OPOTA credential expired. DeWine sent the notices to the chiefs and cops whose credentials expired; and concealed the notices from the state’s mayors.

The “cease” letter DeWine should have supervised Davis to deliver to Beaver Creek’s city manager, and every other city’s mayor, never arrived about Evers and Williams in his home county.  DeWine and Davis were operating on an “honor system” instead of enforcing the instructions laid out by the General Assembly as a duty of the office he held in Senate Bill 281.  It’s the same reckless shit this lying, lunatic, idiot did when he disobeyed the state’s 26 pandemic mitigating laws and opted for his own set of rules that included social distancing, wearing a mask and cancelling a federal election because this jackazz panicked during the common cold and flu season. 

The letter Cornell should have received from DeWine would have been on a letterhead that bore his name. When DeWine said he wouldn’t indict the cops who gunned down Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams in East Cleveland in 2012, he was covering for himself with his claim that the fault did not all belong to the police. This criminal in office should be charged, arrested, prosecuted, convicted and sentenced for life to the bottom of the ocean in a submarine to be forever forgotten as an example of public service in Ohio.

Thanks, again, to DeWine, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson does not know he has negotiated collective bargaining agreements with so-called Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association (CPPA) presidents Jeffrey Folmer and Steve Loomis.  Neither does Cleveland council president Kevin Kelly as he’s presided over Cleveland council meetings to approve the negotiated agreements.

Had chiefs of police  and safety directors Calvin Williams, Michael McGrath and Martin Flask in all their public employee iterations not concealed the “cease” letters DeWine’s office did send to them from Jackson and the council’s safety committee, Folmer and Loomis would have been arrested and prosecuted when they showed up to negotiate.  They really should have been arrested for showing up at every crime scene that involved a cop who gunned down yet another unarmed American citizen.

Jeffrey Folmer’s excuse for not maintaining OPOTA credentials will more than likely be that he was not a cop but a union official being paid to pretend he was a cop; when he was impersonating one all along. Arrest him … Frank.

The same with Scott Gardner in East Cleveland, Michael Cardilli, Larry McDonald, Kenneth Lundy and 24 others.  The same with the entire roster of police working for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.  Chief of police Dennis Hill is not even certified by OPOTA to work as an armed security guard. Beachwood chief of police Kelly Stillman’s uncertified. All of the police at Rocky River and Maple Heights are uncertified.  Maple Heights Mayor Annette McMillan Blackwell is inflamed.

“I’ve attended all these meetings with Squire, Patton & Boggs serving as the lawyers for the Cuyahoga County Mayors & Managers Association and this topic has never been discussed,” she told EJBNEWS.  I know she’s correct as a former mayor and member of that same association.  The same with the National League of Cities and the U.S. Conference. Nothing from the Ohio Municipal League and nothing as an instruction from the Auditor of State.  Nothing from the Ohio Attorney General’s office DeWine led for 8 years in the form of an “opinion.”

Police chiefs, prosecutors and judges across Ohio are all players in a right now real time conspiracy with Attorney General David Yost to conceal from the state’s mayors and councils how they’ve allowed private citizens with no credentials to discharge the duties of law enforcement officers and wear weapons.  Local officials have no idea about the potential avalanche of lawsuits they’ll face once the millions of Ohioans uncertified police interacted with or arrested find out.

Between January 1st and December 1st of every year, law enforcement officers in Ohio must receive 24 hours of training.  December 31st, every law enforcement officer in Ohio is required to “cease discharging the duties of a law enforcement officer and wearing a weapon” without exception.  The e-online “training” is not training.  Ex-Canton Mayor William Healey is not a certified trainer.  His credentials, too, expired.  Judge Richard McMonagle wants this information sealed. Bullshit … Dick.  Shame on you “Jamie.”

Steve Loomis was impersonating a law enforcement with expired OPOTA credentials when he sat at the table with President Donald Trump; and when he’s participating in “federal” consent decree meetings as he steals from Cleveland’s taxpayers and obstructs official business.

These are but some of the discoveries Chasing Justice founder Mariah Crenshaw made when she mailed 900 public records requests to Ohio police chiefs and got over 200 returns to defunct police departments on the Ohio Attorney General’s list.  Crenshaw wanted to see their OPOTA training records.  Many did not have them.  They thought OPOTA did.  OPOTA officials reminded them of language in the statute that made it their duty to keep and provide to the public under the state’s open records laws their own training records. 

24 East Cleveland police officers have already resigned as Crenshaw has filed an injunction to close it; something the city’s director of law should have done pursuant to R.C. 733.57 when police avoided the “public duty” of maintaining their certifications.  East Cleveland’s police chief, Scott Gardner, has been twice convicted on felony indictments he plead to misdemeanors.  R.C. 2923.43 prevented him from ever holding OPOTA credentials again. So Gardner and other uncertified East Cleveland cops created an elaborate scheme to conceal their cease orders with fake training they submitted to the state with alterned names.  Kenneth Lundy was once Kenneth DiSalvo in Toledo.  Gardner alters his middle initial in public records; or omits it.

OPOTA executive director Dwight A. Holcomb in a letter on October 15th instructed every police chief or safety director responding to Crenshaw’s request to obey the state’s open records laws found in R.C. 149,43 of Ohio’s Revised Code.  They were instructed to consult with their law directors and the sections of the Revised Code of Ohio they had duties to obey.  In conversations with state officials, Crenshaw said it’s their perspective the duty to “cease discharging the duties of a law enforcement officer and wearing a weapon” is on the law enforcement who refuses to stop when they know their OPOTA credentials expire on December 31st.

Every prosecuting attorney who presented grand jury or other charges against an American citizen, that came from a private citizen impersonating a law enforcement officer with expired OPOTA certifications, aided in a federal, felony “color of law” conspiracy against that citizen’s rights.  The 1994 Violent Crime and Law Enforcement Control Act was upgraded from misdemeanors to felonies by Congress.  Sections 241 and 242 were written specifically with the intent to let the “criminal justice system” know conspiracy against rights under the color of law was a felony crime that came with up to 10 years in prison and death sentences.

What’s taking place under the noses of unsuspecting mayors and members of council is the biggest conspiracy against their rights in the history of Ohio.  Please who have been impersonating law enforcement officers across Ohio will see these laws identified in their federal indictments as citizens learn their rights were violated by them. There is a “death penalty” provision for law enforcement officers whose “color of law” deprivation of civil rights causes deaths like Williams’ did. The words are actually quite chilling as they reflect Congress’ mood about the quality of law enforcement in the nation.

241. Conspiracy against rights .  If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; or  If two or more persons go in disguise on the highway, or on the premises of another, with intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege so secured, They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, they shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

242. Deprivation of rights under color of law.  Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or to different punishments, pains, or penalties, on account of such person being an alien, or by reason of his color, or race, than are prescribed for the punishment of citizens, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

The problem, today, as it was when Sentate Bill 281 was enacted on March 2006, was who Holcomb sent the letters.  He addressed it to “law enforcement executives” instead of to the “appointing authorities” identified in the Ohio general law he has a duty to obey and enforce.  Holcomb’is the Executive Director of OPOTA and it’s now his duty to ensure that OPOTA’s laws are obeyed as written.  The individuals he’s addressed the letters to are evidence he did not deliver it to the “appointing authority” identified in the unsuspended general law he has a duty to obey and enforce. Right now every mayor in Ohio should be demanding a meeting with Yost. They should also “immediately” be removing  uncertified police from their payrolls. They have no employment rights without the certifications.

The correspondence with the police chiefs instead of the mayors is an act of dereliction of duty for which Holcomb should be criminally prosecuted,along with obstruction of official business, for obstructing a right of the mayor’s office.  He’s exceeded the authority of his public office by intentionally directing his communication to the wrong official as he has a duty to know the appointing authority is who he should be sending the notice.   

Part of the problem is a General Assembly whose state senators and representatives don’t hold hearings on the laws they’ve enacted to immediately learn how they were implemented. They don’t investigate to learn if bureaucrats have replaced clearly-articulated laws with their made-up policies to criminally-circumvent discharging the mandatory duties described laws.  The use of the word “shall” before any set of instructions in a law makes the instructions “mandatory” and gives the official instructed no other choice but to discharge the duty was written in plain English.

The “police chiefs”are not the “appointing authorities” Senate Bill 281 identified when the General Assembly of Ohio passed legislation to set firm standards and add money for police, sheriff and highway patrol trooper training on March 2006.  The “elected” sheriff is the “appointing authority” for deputies.  The county executive is the appointing authority where the sheriff is appointed.  In cities supervised by city managers that official is the appointing authority for police.

The duties of chiefs of police are found in R.C. 737.06, and they are to “station and transfer” police officers under the rules and regulations of the safety director.  Pursuant to R.C. 733.02 the safety director can’t implement a rule without the mayor’s approval as the chief law enforcement officer of the municipal corporation.  No police chief has “contract signing authority” that can “bind a municipal corporation” to any agreement.  The participation agreement to use the NCIC / LEADS criminal records history databases police chiefs are signing with the Ohio Highway Patrol are illegal and obstructive as the mayor’s signature belongs on that document. 

Ohio’s mayors and city managers must demand that Attorney General David Yost meet with them immediately in Columbus, en masse, to discuss the effects of hundreds of thousands of “color of law” arrests of American citizens by armed private citizens who were instructed to cease discharging a law enforcement officer’s duties and wearing a weapon on January 1st of each year if they did not receive 24 hours of approved mandatory training the previous year. Yost must instruct Dwight Holcomb to address all correspondence to the appropriate appointing authorities and not to the gotdamned, conceal-minded police chiefs and the cops who are involved in and covering-up their crimes. There should be thousands of fewer cops on the streets in Ohio today if the laws are being obeyed. Thousands of arrests should be voided. Thousands of convictions overturned. Billions in stolen fees, fines, court costs, lawyer fees and lost income should be returned to the arrested. Thousands of law enforcement officer impersonators should soon be facing federal, criminal prosecutions.

As a former elected mayor of a federal plan chartered municipal corporation, I know the duties of the “office” of mayor under the state’s general laws are found in R.C. 733.03 under the “Officers” chapter. I served, dually, as the director of public safety to discharge that officials duties pursuant to R.C. 737.02 and 737.06.

The mayor’s duties are in Section 113(A) of East Cleveland’s charter where I served.  The heading of R.C. 733.03 as an unsuspended state general law is “General powers of mayors in cities – merger of certain departments.”  As the mayor of a “chartered” municipal corporation the duties of the office I held are in the oath of office I was administered by former Commissioner Peter Lawson Jones on January 1, 2006.  Non-charter Ohio cities give contract signing authority for the police and fire department to the safety director.  No laws lets a police chief sign anything other than his OPOTA certification. R.C. 733.06 explains below.

Under the direction of the mayor, the director of public safety shall be the executive head of the police and fire departments and the chief administrative authority of the charity, correction, and building departments. He shall have all powers and duties connected with and incident to the appointment, regulation, and government of such departments except as otherwise provided by law. He shall keep a record of his proceedings, a copy of which, certified by him, shall be competent evidence in all courts.  Such director shall make all contracts in the name of the city with reference to the management of such departments, for the erection or repair of all buildings or improvements in connection therewith, and for the purchase of all supplies necessary for such departments.

The General Assembly’s plain English instructions to every classification of law enforcement officer in the state was clear in Senate Bill 281.  Either keep your training current or don’t discharge the duties of a law enforcement officer and wear a weapon.  Minimum training was set at 24 hours a year.  Deadlines were set as January 1 through December 31st. 

Chasing Justice founder Mariah Crenshaw has exposed the the most massive conspiracy to violate the Constitutional rights of American citizens in U.S. history as she’s uncovered that thousands of Ohio police officers are operating as armed private citizens with no training and credentials; and in violation of state law that instructed them on January 1st to cease discharging the duties of a law enforcement officer and carrying a weapon if they did not receive 24 hours of approved mandatory training the previous year.

Training had to be pre-approved by the director of the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy.  Completed no later than December 15th.  Conducted by a certified trainer with sign -sheets for each employee attending.  The state reimbursed when training was mandated.  Regardless of whether training was mandated in any given year; pre-approved training of the appointing authority’s choice by a certified trainer was a minimum of 24 hours a year. Within 30 days after the training the proof was required to be submitted to OPOTA.

Those who missed training for extenuating circumstances had to ask the “appointing authority” to ask the executive director in writing for an extension no later than December 15th.  By December 31st, if the training was not completed, the law enforcement officer voluntarily surrendered their OPOTA certification.  They were on January 1st to “cease discharging the duties of a law enforcement officer and wearing a weapon.”  There were no required “warnings” any official was required by any law to further alert the law enforcement officer to stop. 

The law gave them an “individual duty” to discharge on their own.  It’s just like the citizens they were stopping and citing for expired license plates, expired drivers licenses or “lapsed” automobile insurance.  The difference, however, is in the driver’s class of minor misdemeanor crime for operating with expired credentials; versus the felony crime the armed law enforcement officer impersonator committed by operating with expired OPOTA credentials when they stopped and cited the driver.

Without OPOTA credentials they were nothing more than armed and potentially-violent thugs kidnapping unsuspecting Americans off the streets, jailing, prosecuting and ruining lives. Every dime they caused an American citizen to pay for a fine, court costs, jail reimbursements and more was money judges and prosecutors were aiding in their conspiracy to steal.

O’Malley is maliciously withholding exculpatory evidence of uncertified cops from criminal defendants

CLEVELAND, OH – Michael O’Malley in his official capacity as Cuyahoga County’s prosecuting attorney has been copied, like his predecessors Timothy McGinty and William D. Mason, on “cease” letters the current and former Ohio Attorney Generals have forwarded to the office alerting them of felony crimes cops are committing by making arrests with expired Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy (OPOTA) credentials. What he hasn’t done is deliver the “cease” letters to criminal defendants as “exculpatory evidence.”  Instead, O’Malley and the county’s judges are criminally-involved in a real time conspiracy to deprive thousands of American citizens in Cuyahoga County of their constitutional rights.

Richard Michael DeWine leaves every elected office he serves in administratively worse off than it was when he arrived.

Every law enforcement officer in Ohio knows their certifications expire on December 31 of each year.  15 days before the expiration date they’re supposed to receive 24 hours of professional continuing education training when state funds are available to pay for it.  No funds.  No required training.  Within 30 days after the training they’re supposed to send the validated list of who was trained by a certified instructor to the state attorney general’s OPOTA office.  The state then reimburses the police department for its training. A current contract trainer, a former mayor, has no OPOTA training.  

The General Assembly of Ohio passed Senate Bill 281 in 2006 giving Ohio’s attorney general the duty to supervise a peace officer training commission, appoint members to a training council, establish rules to manage training and to ensure that all of the state’s police officers are trained.  The main purpose of the legislation was to provide funding for police training.  DeWine took $64 million out of the police training budget and used it to test rape kits.  It was a “campaign promise” this anarchist Communist believed circumvented the state’s general law. 

All of the duties DeWine was mandated to ensure were obeyed are spelled out under the “duties” of Ohio’s attorney general found in R.C. 109.  The specific section for training begins with R.C. 109.79.  The extension request “duty” is spelled out in plain English in R.C. 109.803.  The only extension is under Section (2) of 109.803.

An appointing authority may submit a written request to the peace officer training commission that requests for a calendar year because of emergency circumstances an extension of the time within which one or more of its appointed peace officers or troopers must complete the required minimum number of hours of continuing professional training set by the commission, as described in division (A)(1) of this section. A request made under this division shall set forth the name of each of the appointing authority’s peace officers or troopers for whom an extension is requested, identify the emergency circumstances related to that peace officer or trooper, include documentation of those emergency circumstances, and set forth the date on which the request is submitted to the commission. A request shall be made under this division not later than the fifteenth day of December in the calendar year for which the extension is requested.

The “appointing authority” is the mayor of a municipal corporation.  Period.  No police chief anywhere in Ohio has the authority to “appoint” a police officer by administering an oath of office to them.  Only the mayor who as the chief law enforcement officer of the municipal corporation, unless its managed by a city manager, can hire, promote, demote and terminate cops.  Under civil service laws the mayor has exclusive disciplinary authority.  Not the chief of police.  Pursuant to R.C. 737.06 police chiefs can “station and transfer municipal law enforcement officers under the rules of the safety director.”  Police chiefs have no rule or regulation writing authority.  So all the “departmental rules” across Ohio in the names of police chiefs are not authorized by law.  A police chief can’t sign “any” contracts, including the NCIC / LEADS participation agreement they’ve been signing with the Ohio Highway Patrol.  That legal authority, again, is a “right” of the mayor’s “office.”

Attorney General David Yost should remember he was once a hard-nosed Columbus journalist when we met while I organized a Guardian Angel chapter there; and start correcting instead of covering-up for the reckless way Richard Michael DeWine managed the Ohio Attorney General’s office.

Every OPOTA cease letter coming out of the Attorney General’s office, that’s addressed to a “chief of police,” obstructs mayors in Ohio, who are appointing authorities, from knowing the cops under them are committing crimes.  I served as East Cleveland, Ohio’s mayor from January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2009 when Richard Cordray served as the state’s attorney general.  I never received a “cease” letter from him and I did not know, at the time, the letters existed.

Without the annual training they are to immediately stop discharging a law enforcement officer’s duties on January 1st of each year and resign.  The net effect of not taking the training is to voluntarily-resign.  They had 15 days before December 31st to ask the mayor to write to the director of OPOTA for an extension; and to explain the extenuating circumstance that prevented them from receiving it.  The request from the “apppointing authority” is the “only” way a police officer can continue past January 1st of each year without OPOTA credentials. The extension from the director is in writing.  No written extension and no later excuse of the law enforcement officer impersonator matters.  They were clearly instructed to stop on January 1st of each year.

OAC: 2-18-06(A) spells these plain English instructions to every cop in Ohio.

“Pursuant to division (B) of section 109.803 of the Revised Code, any peace officer or trooper who, in any calendar year, fails to comply with the continuing professional training requirements set forth in paragraphs 109:2-18-01 to 109:2-18-07 of the Administrative Code shall cease carrying a firearm and shall cease performing the functions of a peace officer or trooper until such time as evidence of compliance is filed with the executive director. This rule does not apply to peace officers or troopers for whom an extension of time has been granted by the executive director.”

If they’ve failed to receive 24 hours of “annual” state mandated training within 15 days before December 31st, they are to “cease discharging the duties of law enforcement officers and wearing a weapon” on January 1st.  By the time O’Malley receives “cease” letters from the state’s attorney general the law enforcement officer whose OPOTA credentials expired on December 31st has “knowingly” continued making arrests and wearing a weapon.  O’Malley should have validated the lack of credentials and brought charges against them as he knows they’re engaging in multiple felony crimes.

Ohio’s attorney generals have not been sending the “cease” letters to the mayors and presidents of council to whom the correspondence belongs as officers of the municipal corporation.  Instead the letters are addressed to police chiefs – who then conceal the information from mayors and councils – while creating legal liabilities for taxpayers by leaving themselves and the uncertified cops working.  The county prosecutor is copied.  None of the judges.  Cleveland councilman Kevin Conwell recently told EJBNEWS that chief of police Calvin Williams has never shared any information about an uncertified police officer with council.

There are 9 state general laws between sections 109.74 and 109.748 that spelled out to DeWine and Yost the specific and mandated annual training law enforcement officers across Ohio have no other choice but to receive.  Failure to obey the state’s general traing and cease laws is a “suspension” of the laws and violates Article 1.18 of Ohio’s constitution; and no official has the authority to suspend any law by failing to obey and enforce it once a “duty” is imposed on a public office.

Chasing Justice founder Mariah Crenshaw.

There are approximately 900 police departments in Ohio.  Chasing Justice founder Mariah Crenshaw recently emailed all 900 to learn if the law enforcement officers they employ are OPOTA certified.  The email sent an earthquake of activity towards Attorney General David Yost who inherited the mess Governor Richard Michael DeWine left of the office after 8 recklessly-incompetent and criminally-derelict years. About 200 email returned with addresses to defunct police departments.

The Cleveland Municipal School District’s “police” have never been authorized or trained by OPOTA to discharge law enforcement officer duties.  Every arrest of a juvenile they’ve made under the criminal superintendent, Eric Gordon, is a savagely-malicious violation of their constitutional rights. 

DeWine operated with the woman he appointed to lead the department, Mary Davis, on an “honor system” that ignored the instructions in Ohio’s revised and administrative codes to train and validate cop training like he did the 26 pandemic mitigating laws during the common cold and flu season. This ignorant, non-reading fool put “preachers’ on a commission that sets standards for training police.  Only a cop can train another cop under this idiot’s rules.  Not a judge nor a prosecutor who know “laws.”  I’m a former and that shit is fucking ridiculous.

Crenshaw said the only training many police got under DeWine was on how to shoot and kill Ohioans; even through the windows of moving cars.  The U.S. Department of Justice warned Cleveland in its 2002 federal investigation that shooting at moving cars was evidence that the shooter’s life was not in danger. Frederick Crawford’s killer outside Dayton was not certified.  Neither was Luke Stewart’s in Euclid. Both were private citizens impersonating law enforcement officers DeWine criminally-failed to ensure were certified. 

Even when DeWine’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation investigators called themselves investigating Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams’ 137 bullet slaughter in East Cleveland, both Scott Gardner and Jeffrey Folmer were impersonating law enforcement officers.  Steve Loomis was impersonating a law enforcement officer when he wore a Cleveland police union to endorse President Donald Trump.

Crenshaw said she’s been receiving calls from police chiefs across the state whose records are not on file with the state attorney general’s office.  DeWine wasnt’ keeping track.  Neither has Yost.  Three employees in Yost’s office have resigned within days after hearing from police chief’s who want their records; and learning the attorney general’s office had not been maintaining them as required.  Crenshaw’s learned Yost is throwing cops under the bus with reminders that it’s the cop’s duty to cease on his or her own under the law.

Luke Stewart’s killer, Euclid cop Matthew Rhodes, was impersonating a law enforcement officer when he shot and killed the man sleeping in a car. The only training Mariah Crenshaw can confirm Euclid police receive is on training. The lack of 24 hour requirement training is what made Rhodes a law enforcement officer impersonator who should have been criminally prosecuted instead of being granted Garrity and union rights as someone who lacked the certification to receive a public paycheck.

I’ve previously reported how Crenshaw learned that 24 East Cleveland police officers have no OPOTA credentials.  The uncertified cops include the current and last police chiefs: Scott Gardner and Michael Cardilli.  One East Cleveland cop, Ernest Stanford killed a man after he’s operated for 19 years without training.  Only one East Cleveland police officer is current in his training.  The city’s police department is completely under the control of private citizens impersonating law enforcement officers who are engaged in armed kidnappings of American citizens.

Neither East Cleveland’s law director, Willa Hemmons, nor its prosecuting attorney, Heather McCollough, are “oath sworn” officials.  Hemmons filed a “defamation” complaint against Crenshaw for blasting the law enforcement officer impersonators she should have prosecuted.  Every complaint Hemmons has filed or responded to has been without a resolution of council as her filings operate to conceal police crimes.  Judge Will Dawson is in violation of R.C. 2938.13 by allowing private citizens to prosecute cases in the East Cleveland municipal court.  So is his magistrate. Pursuant to R.C. 705.28, neither attorney was ever authorized to present themselves in court before a judge as they usurped vacant public offices.

Crenshaw learned that the entire Rocky River and Maple Heights police departments have police on the streets criminally arresting citizens without expired OPOTA credentials.  She’s collected over 250 “cease” letters the state attorney general’s office has sent to Cuyahoga county police chiefs.

Beachwood’s mayor, Martin Horwitz, just hired Rocky River’s “uncertified” police chief , Kelly Stillman, after he left that city’s mayor, Pamela Bobst, with uncertified police.  Stillman, today, has no arrest authority and is stealing from Beachwood’s taxpayers while also creating a legal liability for the Russian American controlled government.

Sexual harassment isn’t Beachwood Mayor Martin Horwitz’s only crime. He just hired a police chief from Rocky River who is not certified by the state of Ohio to even be a police officer: let, alone, the chief. Beachwood is Ohio’s only Russian American controlled city. Few Protestant Christians, if any, get jobs in that city. An American Negro candidate for city council was told not to wear her Christian cross by her campaign manager when she asked Russian American voters for their votes. She was told the symbol of the cross Jesus Christ was crucified on offends them.

Stillman should be criminally-prosecuted by both mayors for theft in office, obstruction of official business, conspiracy to violate rights under the color of law and for impersonating a law enforcement officer. His public employee’s pension should be stripped as he was not legally a public employee without OPOTA credentials.  A “certified” Beachwood cop should arrest him when he shows up for work.

Rocky River prosecutor Michael O’Shea recently prosecuted a traffic case and refused to turn over the police officer’s expired OPOTA credentials to Justyn Anderson as exculpatory evidence that the cop on the side of I-90 within its jurisdiction is a private citizen impersonating a law enforcement officer.

Crenshaw’s been met with resistance by the “Catholic bloc” controlling Cuyahoga county’s criminal justice system.   It is no stereotype” that Irish Catholics dominate the criminal justice system.  There are families of Irish Catholic judges, prosecutors and police protecting each other from being held accountable to obeying the laws they’re using against others.  O’Malley was Mason’s number two when they conspired with Irish Catholic Judge Brian Corrigan to seal the records of 496 Catholic church pedophiles and rapists. Their family members.

This explains Irish Catholic Judge John P. O’Donnell failing to turn in any campaign finance reports to the Catholic-controlled Cuyahoga County Board of Elections for any of his campaigns for judge between 2002 and 2014. All were delivered on January 22, 2014 years after he entered office and presided over trials unlawfully.  O’Donnell has not lawfully acquired a public employee pension.  Mason was supposed to enforce R.C. 3517.10 the same way John T. Corrigan did against Mitchell Paul.  Criminal prosecution.  The single referal of O’Donnell to the Ohio Elections Commission was withdrawn.

Beachwood’s mayor just hired the law enforcement officer impersonator – who failed to ensure Rocky River police were OPOTA certifiefd – to manage that city’s police department. So Kelly Stillman left Rocky River’s mayor with non-OPOTA certified police just like himself. Stillman is not the only non-OPOTA certified police chief in the state of Ohio.

As Cuyahoga County’s prosecuting attorney, Irish Catholic O’Malley knows and has been engaged in criminal acts with Catholic judges like Richard McMonagle, Denise Rini and others to conceal the evidence Crenshaw has discovered.  Michael Ryan is one of the few Protestant Christians serving as a county judge.

All received R.C. 2935.09 and 2935.10 “complaints on knowledge” from Crenshaw of the felony violations of law cops across the county are engaging when they enter a public safety vehicle, access the FBI’s NCIC database through CRIS and LEADS and kidnap citizens off the streets with false arrests and imprisonment while armed and operating unlawfully under the “color of law.”  None of the judges obeyed R.C. 2935.10’s instructions and referred the evidence of cop crimes to O’Malley as they were required. They don’t even have a process for accepting criminal complaints from citizens against elected and appointed officials who like the non-OPOTA certified cops are violating laws.

Rini took the conspiratorial step of “sealing” Crenshaw’s “motion” as “evidence” she didn’t want the public to know; an act that is not authorized under R.C. 2935.10. She’s exceeded the duty of the office of a judge by not disposing of Crenshaw’s “motion under the Supreme Court of Ohio’s “rules of superintendence of the courts.”  McMonagle’s playing games with “after the fact” changes to the docket to cover up for the mistakes he made in covering up for the cops Crenshaw filed criminal complaints against for impersonating law enforcement officers operating without OPOTA credentials.

Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court Judge Denise Rini criminally sealed a “motion” that contained evidence of uncertified police officers making unlawful arrests, instead of ruling on the evidence that the arresting law enforcement officers were actually impersonating appointed public employees as she was required to do by law.

The concealing acts of each official, particularly the judges, is a federal “Misprision of felony” crime pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 4.  The FBI investigated and the U.S. Attorney General prosecuted the late Kentucky Judge Richard Baumgarten under this law for failing to report a felony crime he learned of during a trial in 2012. Baumgarten’s law license was stripped and he was sentenced to 18 months in a federal prison.

“Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.”

The net effect of the lack of OPOTA credentials is that the person making the arrest was a private citizen impersonating a law enforcement officer who should be prosecuted instead of testifying in front of judges.  O’Malley’s failure to deliver the cease letters he’s received to American citizens he’s prosecuting places him smack dab in the middle of a federal conspiracy to violate their constitutional rights under the color of law.  Crenshaw has filed an R.C. 309.05 motion for neglect and misconduct to have him removed from office.  That state law allows one citizen to file a complaint with a court of common pleas judge to achieve that goal.

Calvin Williams is not the “appointing authority” who should be receiving “cease” letters from Ohio’s Attorney General. The mayor is the appointing authority who receives the letters and requests the extension.

What’s pathetic for me as a former mayor is how no criminal defense attorney first validates the oaths and certifications of the officials interacting with their client; and studies or knows the laws that identifies the duties they’re required to discharge.  Consider that “municipal police” pursuant to R.C. 737.11 are given the following statutory and mandatory duties.

The police force of a municipal corporation shall preserve the peace, protect persons and property, and obey and enforce all ordinances of the legislative authority of the municipal corporation, all criminal laws of the state and the United States, all court orders issued and consent agreements approved pursuant to sections 2919.26 and 3113.31 of the Revised Code, all protection orders issued pursuant to section 2903.213 or 2903.214 of the Revised Code, and protection orders issued by courts of another state, as defined in section 2919.27 of the Revised Code.

Every reader should observe the word “obey” comes before the parenthetical term “all criminal laws of the state and United States.” The effect of the word “obey” in association with “all criminal laws” clearly establishes that there is no “officer discretion” not to obey or enforce a law irrespective of the offender or offense.  It restricts a police chief from allowing a private citizen to discharge the duties of a law enforcement officer after January 1st of each year. It requires a police chief or any other law enforcement with knowledge of a criminal law being violated to arrest a fellow law officer discharging duties without their OPOTA credentials after January 1st of each year.

Eric Gordon should be placed under a jail for supervising a private police department inside the Cleveland Municipal School District that was not authorized by the state and employed with non-OPOTA trained and certified police impersonators. This means the uniforms, cars, lights, sirens, guns and arrests and prosecutions of Christian American Negro and American Caucasian students are federal crimes. Gordon, the board, the chief of police and every cop, along with prosecutors and juvenile court judges, should be criminally investigated and prosecuted pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 241 and 242 for conspiring to violate our Childrens’ constitutional rights. Frank Jackson. You had better remove this evil piece of shit from the school district immediately.

Anyone who has read the duties of county prosecutors under R.C. 309 knows the words “prosecutorial discretion” are non-existent.  O’Malley’s duty pursuant to R.C. 309.09 is to ensure that every judge, the sheriff and his own prosecutorial employees are “advised” to discharge the duties of their offices. He’s not delivering exculpatory evidence to American citizens armed uncertified law enforcement officer impersonators are kidnapping off this county’s streets. He’s not ordering the prosecutors under him to deliver it.  This organized crime boss is conspiring with other criminal justice officials to conceal it.  Consider East Cleveland’s law enforcement officer impersonators, and every other law enforcement officer impersonator, are in unions negotiating wages and benefits; and being paid pensions with the public funds they stole.  This anarchist Communist-inspired evil has no place in the United States of America.

Every citizen who encounters a law enforcement officer should ask a police officer who stops them if they are currently OPOTA certified; and if they are discharging a law enforcement officer’s duties under a “cease” order.  No judge should preside over a trial who has not first validated that municipal prosecutors and cops have oaths and bonds of office on file with the clerk of council pursuant to R.C. 705.28; and that each required cop certification is validated with the “originating agency.”  It’s pathetic that criminal defense lawyers haven’t studied general laws instead of case laws to know the duties of elected and appointed public offices.  .

If laws were obeyed by every elected and appointed public official there would be no uncertified and untrained police officer anywhere in Ohio.  But thanks to criminally-derelict ex-Ohio Attorney General DeWine, thousands of cops are uncertified, untrained, making unlawful arrests and kidnapping American citizens off our streets with the help of a conspiratorial prosecuting attorney who refuses to deliver them exculpatory evidence that the cops he’s covering up for are the real criminals.

Facts behind impeachment articles against DeWine’s unconstitutional orders can be used to remove mayors and council members

CLEVELAND, OH – Every mayor in Ohio who issued “orders” during the pandemic did so without any legal authority under the Ohio laws that describe the duties of their elected offices. As such all are subject to removal from office by either their councils or upon complaint filed by any elector of their cities signed by four other electors and filed with the probate judge. The same removal laws applies to the council members who enacted ordinances that gave them powers beyond those authorized for their offices under Ohio laws.  State Rep. Nino Vitale is working with members of the General Assembly of Ohio to remove Governor Richard Michael Dewine from office through impeachment.

American Italian citizens are a different breed of immigrants. There’s something about their connection to Christopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci that causes them to forget Italy and love America … exclusively. State Senator Nino Vitale got us our “fear of life” affirmative defense; and is now on a righteous war against the Communist leading Ohio as governor. Watch his video and see the masked student’s oxygen level drop on camera. Masks are dangerous and immune weakening. DeWine’s ex-health director is a fucking lawless medical quack who checked “yes” that she’d been treated for a mental illness on her Ohio Medical Board application.

This power of “the people” to remove municipal mayors and council members is found under Section 733.72 of the Revised Code of Ohio.  Everything in Title 7 of the code explains how municipal corporations are organized, the type of officers employees they can have, and duties each officer and employee is authorized by law to discharge.  If the duties aren’t identified in the revised code they can’t make them up.  Laws must be obeyed as written in plain English.

R.C. 733.72 Charges against municipal officers filed with probate judge – proceedings.  When a complaint under oath is filed with the probate judge of the county in which a municipal corporation or the larger part thereof is situated, by any elector of the municipal corporation, signed and approved by four other electors thereof, the judge shall forthwith issue a citation to any person charged in the complaint for his appearance before the judge within ten days from the filing thereof, and shall also furnish the accused and the village solicitor or city director of law with a copy thereof. The complaint shall charge any of the following: {A) That a member of the legislative authority of the municipal corporation has received, directly or indirectly, compensation for his services as a member thereof, as a committeeman, or otherwise, contrary to law;  (B) That a member of the legislative authority or an officer of the municipal corporation is or has been interested, directly or indirectly, in the profits of a contract, job, work, or service, or is or has been acting as a commissioner, architect, superintendent, or engineer in work undertaken or prosecuted by the municipal corporation, contrary to law;  (C) That a member of the legislative authority or an officer of the municipal corporation has been guilty of misfeasance or malfeasance in office.  Before acting upon such complaint, the judge shall require the party complaining to furnish sufficient security for costs.  Effective Date: 11-01-1977.

None of the state’s 26 pandemic mitigating laws gave “any” authority to a local mayor or city council to deal with a pandemic other than to appoint health board members and be directed by them.  All authority was delivered to the director of health and the health boards.

The governor’s “sole” authority during a pandemic was to prevent “adulterated products” like the fentanyl the Russian CEO of Johnson & Johnson pharmaceuticals, Alex Gorsky, makes who sent 50 million doses of that shit to Cuyahoga County … alone.  By adopting mask and social distancing orders, and issuing “orders” that violated constitutional rights and sought to suspend laws, every elected official who signed off on this lunacy is guilty of “misdemeanors” in office.  This is the basis of the impeachment resolution aimed at DeWine’s “misdemeanor” misconduct in office.

The word “misdemeanor” did not have the same meaning in 1801 as it is used today.  When examining constitutional language the reviewing official has to look to the “intent” of a constitutional provision or law by its original authors.  The General Assembly’s resolution spelled out that the word “misdemeanor” in 1801 was not neccessarily a crime.

WHEREAS, At the time of the writing of the Ohio Constitution, “misdemeanor” was not necessarily a crime and was defined in Webster’s 1828 dictionary as: MISDEME’ANOR, noun: Ill behavior; evil conduct; fault; mismanagement. 1. In law, an offense of a less atrocious nature than a crime. Crimes and misdemeanors are mere synonymous terms; but in common usage, the word crime is made to denote offenses of a deeper and more atrocious dye, while small faults and omissions of less consequence are comprised under the gentler name of misdemeanors.”; and  WHEREAS, United States Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story (1812-1845) stated: “The offences to which the power of impeachment has been and is ordinarily applied as a remedy are of a political character. Not but that crimes of a strictly legal character fall within the scope of the [impeachment] power…; but that it has a more enlarged operation, and reaches what are aptly termed political offences, growing out of personal misconduct or gross neglect, or usurpation, or habitual disregard of the public interests, in the discharge of the duties of political office.”; and  WHEREAS, Ohio history and precedents verify that no actual crime needs to be alleged for the purposes of impeachment and removal from office, e.g., Judges William Irvin and Robert Slaughter for being absent without leave, Judges Calvin Pease and George Tod for holding statutes unconstitutional and unenforceable, Judge John Thompson for judicial arrogance, Judge James Ferguson for judicial arrogance and incompetence, and Judges George Brown and William Smith for judicial incompetence; and WHEREAS, Impeachment of a state officer is not subject to executive veto or judicial review.

Members of the General Assembly of Ohio led by Rep. Nino Vitale, a Republican, filed a “resolution” to “exhibit articles of impeachment against Governor Richard Michael DeWine in support of impeachment of him for misdemeanors in office.” The resolution identifies numerous well-documented DeWine violations of his oath of office, the U.S. Constitution, the Ohio Constitution, federal and state laws.

Line and verse the resolution solidly convicts DeWine through language that clearly describes unlawful acts the public witnessed him and his quack ex-health director, Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton, engaging in during the 2020 cold and flu season.  She answered “yes” on her Ohio Medical Board application to a question about whether or not she’d been treated for a mental illness.  She never practiced medicine.

DeWine continues to pile evidence against himself as he won’t shut up about masks and social distancing that don’t exist as words in any of the state’s 26 pandemic mitigating laws.  He should have followed the laws instead of his quack ex-director of health’s fake science. The terms “stay at home” and “non-essential workers” don’t exist in any of this state or nation’s laws.

If the state senators Ohioans elected to the General Assembly actually “read” the resolution and apply the constitutional and general law references to DeWine’s individual acts he’s done.  The Revised Code of Ohio’s 26 pandemic-mitigating laws are written in plain English with mandatory duties imposed by the word “shall” for the director of health, not the governor, to discharge as it pertained to only Ohioans who were “infected.”

R.C. 3707.08 required the infected to be “quarantined” in their homes.  The infected, as the impeachment resolution affirms, are the only citizens over whom the “director of health” and not the governor had authority.  DeWine is an attorney but he’s not licensed.  Stearns-Acton had no medical practice experience.  She’s worked as an associate professor of medicine and a grant manager for the Columbus Foundation.  Most of her career has been as mother.

What DeWine has done is to veto resolutions that seek to hold him accountable, which is again his exercising authority no law gave him.  This idiot should have kept his law license and read some laws instead of using it to make voters think he had a level of knowledge and expertise he did not possess.  His law license had better have been “active” when he served as the state’s attorney general.

So the language in the impeachment articles is clear that the authority to determine his fate rests “exclusively” under this state’s constititution and laws with “the people” ‘through their elected “legislative” representives.  DeWine’s veto has no weight and his use of it is further evidence of his crimes in office.  The resolution made this clear to the lying, ex-attorney lunatic in the following language.

WHEREAS, No single person or governor shall be permitted to assume dictatorial powers over the people …

The language citizens can use to remove mayors and council members in an R.C. 733.72 complaint to a probate court judge is in the “whereas” that relates to the “separation of powers” or “authority” between elected and appointed offices.  A governor can’t discharge the state health director’s duties.  A mayor can’t discharge that official’s duties.  Neither can a legislative authority or city council.

Each elected office has specific duties written for it that are a “civil right” of the “office.”  That’s the separation.  A governor can’t be a health director.  Neither can a mayor or member of council.  Just because they want to discharge duties beyond those written for the offices they hold they can’t.  Only the general assembly gets to identify the offices and duties of each office.  The job of mayor is to “enforce all laws and ordinances.”  The duties of every elected and appointed official in Ohio are found free and online at this link.

When Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson followed DeWine’s orders with his own prders he joined the criminally-derelict governor in exceeding the authority of the laws the General Assembly of Ohio specifically wrote for the office of mayor.  Like DeWine, Jackson’s an unlicensed attorney. The title “attorney” for them doesn’t mean anything as neither practices or obeys laws.  They can’t even be suspended from practicing law because they’re both unlicensed.

The bottom line to the resolution and the federal cases being filed against governors across the nation is that no citizen has to obey any of the “orders.” They’re not “laws” and are unenforceable.  DeWine and Jackson are risking the lives of law enforcement officers they’re placing in jeopardy of confronting rightfully armed citizens who know the constitution and laws better than they; and whose life’s they’ll threaten by trying to enforce “orders” instead of discharging only the duties of police officers pursuant to R.C. 737.11.

737.11 General duties of police and fire departments. The police force of a municipal corporation shall preserve the peace, protect persons and property, and obey and enforce all ordinances of the legislative authority of the municipal corporation, all criminal laws of the state and the United States, all court orders issued and consent agreements approved pursuant to sections 2919.26 and 3113.31 of the Revised Code, all protection orders issued pursuant to section 2903.213 or 2903.214 of the Revised Code, and protection orders issued by courts of another state, as defined in section 2919.27 of the Revised Code. The fire department shall protect the lives and property of the people in case of fire. Both the police and fire departments shall perform any other duties that are provided by ordinance. The police and fire departments in every city shall be maintained under the civil service system.  A chief or officer of a police force of a municipal corporation may participate, as the director of an organized crime task force established under section 177.02 of the Revised Code or as a member of the investigatory staff of such a task force, in an investigation of organized criminal activity in any county or counties in this state under sections 177.01 to 177.03 of the Revised Code.  Effective Date: 07-29-1998 .

Citizens of this state were given the same “fear of life” affirmative defense as law enforcement officers when they’re engaged in lawful conduct where they have constitutional rights no other person can prevent them from exercising.  This is the problem with police training across the nation.  DeWine’s 8-years as the state’s attorney general has resulted in thousands of law enforcement officers across the state operating without Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy credentials.  Over 250 in Cuyahoga County alone.

By sending armed undercover police into businesses with armed patrons to enforce their orders, DeWine and mayors like Jackson are placing their lives at risk.  No one can be forced to wear a mask or socially distance.  No occupancy laws have been amended.  People can attend their churches without restrictions; and the same with any other social gathering.

As the only “orders” police are authorized to enforce are issued by the court, or a protection order, a mayor’s order and that of a governor’s is unforceable as neither have the authority to suspend any law with an order.  A law enforcement officer trying to enforce an “order” is exceeding the authority of their public employment “under the color of law” and that’s a federal crime.  They risk being gunned down when they engage in acts law-abiding citizens who are in fear of their lives know are criminal.

26 pandemic-mitigating laws exist in Title 37 of Ohio’s Revised Code. The mask ordinances being enacted by Ohio councils is evidence no councilmember has read them.

Vitale’s resolution is impressively well-researched, well-explained and well cited by law.  The duties of the governor are identified by law.  The same with the director of health.  The duties of each office are contrasted with the acts DeWine engaged in outside the scope of the public office he holds.  The acts line up with the elements of the criminal offenses the resolution identifies.

It’s 9-pages are so thorough that even if a member of the General Assembly, who didn’t know DeWine was violating laws and agreed with his conduct at first, they’d have to impeach him because of that conduct once they examined it in relation to the laws they enacted and did not suspend.  An Ohio state senator who votes against the impeachment is one who that district’s voters should remove from office.  All power of government rests with “the people.”

Communists are an Ohio problem.  So is Communist thinking.  Anyone who’s read the U.S. Congress’ “Communist Control Act” of 1954 can see the Communist behavior in DeWine and Jackson’s “orders.”  When I attended Jackson’s state of the city address in 2019 I left thinking he was a Communist.  The man flew a Soviet Isreali flag over Cleveland city hall.  The Soviet’s slaughtered 34 U.S. sailors and wounded 171 aboard the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967 … intentionally.

I joined the USAF five years later and volunteered for duty in Thailand to join this nation’s battle against the spread of Communism during the end of the Vietnam War.  I served during the fall of Saigon, about 300 miles south of Saigon, in April 1975.  I was there for Operation Eagle Pull, Mayaguez and Cambodia.  This Communist shit is real and it’s insane to see evidence of it in Ohio and Cleveland among “infiltrated” elected and appointed officials.

Ohio doesn’t need new mask and social distancing laws. We need local health departments to obey and enforce the existing ones.

There’s nothing “Democratic” or “Constitutional” about DeWine, Jackson and any other Ohio mayor’s orders.  Every mayor and member of council who issued orders or enacted ordinances relative to any aspect of the pandemic did so in violation of the state of the Revised Code of Ohio’s 26 pandemic-mitigating laws. The 26 laws are found in Title 37 two unlicensed attorney officials of this state, a mayor and a governor, did not read or obey.

Any person elected or appointed to a public office is required by “oath” laws to obey the U.S. Constitution, Ohio Constitution, federal laws, state laws, local laws and discharge only the duties of the office, and I’ll add “as they are written in plain English.”

All this goes right back to reading.  Anyone who’s read the state’s 26-pandemic mitigating laws knows they exist to know the number is 26.  To know Vitale is correct that the only authority the “director of health” had was over the infected is to have read R.C. 3707.08.

To know DeWine is a Communist liar is to know that on March 12, 2020 there were only 13 Ohioans who had been reported as being infected with the CoVid 19 flu.  Nine of the 13 were from Cuyahoga County. Three had returned to the county from a trip to Soviet Israel.  Six had interacted with Soviet Israeli’s during an American Israeli Public Affairs Committee conference in Washington, D.C. between March 6 – 9 , 2020.

Ohio health officials are still not placarding the homes of coronavirus infected Ohioans and ordering them to mandatorily quarantine as they are required to do by Title 37.

Every single one of the 13 CoVid 19 flu infected Ohioans, nine Russian Americans from Cuyahoga County, who interacted with Soviet or Russian Middle Easterners should have been quarantined to their home and not allowed to “voluntarily” do so as they were given this special consideration from Cuyahoga county’s health director, along with DeWine’s in the form of Stearns-Acton.  Instead of obeying laws as written they suspended the state’s and replaced them with “policies” and orders” that followed no laws; and in secret and without the knowledge and consent of “the people.”

If the 13 CoVid 19 infected Ohioans did not remain in their homes after being ordered to do so by the director of health, R.C. 3707.09 authorized that official to employ “quarantine guards” to keep them in it.

3707.09 Board may employ quarantine guards.  The board of health of a city or general health district may employ as many persons as are necessary to execute its orders and properly guard any house or place containing any person affected with or exposed to a communicable disease declared quarantinable by the board or the department of health. The persons employed shall be sworn in as quarantine guards, shall have police powers, and may use all necessary means to enforce sections 3707.01 to 3707.53, inclusive, of the Revised Code, for the prevention of contagious or infectious disease, or the orders of any board made in pursuance thereof.  Effective Date: 10-01-1953.

This is the effect of Communist thinking in a Democratic society; and now Ohioans better know how to identify a Communist elected official.  Consider the October 1, 1953 effective date of this state’s 26 pandemic-mitigating laws and reflect on them when you consider that Ohio’s congressional delegation voted on August 24, 1954 in support of the Communist Control Act.

“”It constitutes an authoritarian dictatorship within a republic, demanding for itself the rights and privileges accorded to political parties, but denying to all others the liberties guaranteed by the Constitution.”

I served in our nation’s armed forces.  DeWine didn’t.  He’s a fucking Commie and not because he didn’t serve.  But because he’s a Communist.  This is the shit I saw in Communist nations.  I spent two weeks in the Phillipines during when Ferdinand Marcos imposed martial law.  Off the streets at midnight.  If you’re caught you’re under arrest.  No questions.

Fuck this commie bullshit.  DeWine’s got to be removed from office; and the Commie mayors and council members need to go with him.

Where are the 100,000 coronavirus infected Ohioans Gov. Richard Michael DeWine?


CLEVELAND, OH – If you’re like most Ohioans reading my EJBNEWS headline the revelation that your governor’s first name is “Richard” and middle name is “Michael” is a surprise.  But the names Richard Michael DeWine are on “Mike DeWine’s” title to his home, drivers license and the attorney directory for the Supreme Court of Ohio.  He’s been running for and holding elected office under a pseudonym in a state where election laws require candidates to seek office under the same name that’s on the drivers license they show deputy registrars to vote.  They are among some of the state’s laws that didn’t work for this Irish Catholic politician; so he didn’t enforce them.

If Richard Michael DeWine’s not straight up about his “real name” then thoughtful Ohioans should have very hard questions about the 100,000 coronavirus infected estimate he offered as the basis for illegally shutting down and disrupting the state’s primary election and economy.  Are nearly 12 million Ohioans being asked to “shelter in place” over a lie told by a duty-exceeding governor with no legal authority to suspend any general law?

If Richard Michael DeWine is the attorney with the inactive license in the governor’s office and registered with the Supreme Court of Ohio; then who is “Mike DeWine” and how is a person with a fictitious name allowed to use it on the ballot and hold elected office when he can’t vote under it?

It’s been more than two weeks since DeWine floated the 100,000 coronavirus infected estimate. Since then 442 Ohioans have been “identified” as carrying the coronavirus.  104 hospitalizations.  7 dead.  The recovery rate in this state is over 95 percent. 

Taking normal doses of vitamins, minerals and a zinc supplement boost daily keeps your body’s immune system fed and fighting coronavirus and most every other “normal” virus or bacteria we encounter.  You want to keep your lungs dry and free from mucus and inflammation.  An herbal supplement like “Astragalus” is excellent for its immune enhancing and mucus drying properties. 

The bottom line is the ailments that come from this SARS or coronavirus are highly-treatable.  More people in the U.S. and worldwide have died from the flu.  It’s understood that people with nutrition-starved bodies and weakened immune systems would be more affected than members of the general population.  12 million being told not to leave their homes over 7 dead Ohioans is not rational.

President Donald Trump has offered that this SARS or “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome” as a coronavirus is different than the other ones we’ve encountered because it’s man made.  Even though he may be right, and that all the “shelter in place” drama is unnecessary, Trump’s got a credibility problem after three years of being dismantled as a liar that’s made his words nearly irrelevant.  

Out of nowhere Ohio Health Director Amy Acton decided that 100,000 Ohioans were undetected coronavirus carriers and used it as the basis to cancel the state’s primary election under orders from Governor Richard Michael DeWine.

Citizens are halfway listening to politically-suspicious governors like DeWine they don’t really know.  They’re barely listening to reporters with un-American names working for foreign media owners Trump has correctly identified as peddlers of “fake news.”  Trevor Noah is a South African living in the U.S. on a green card who has no right to vote in any state’s elections.  Like the producers of Russia Today, Noah and his producers should be required to register as foreign agents with the U.S. Department of Justice under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

DeWine can claim the decisions he directed his health director, Dr. Amy Acton, to make reduced his 100,000 estimated coronavirus carriers to significantly less, but there’s no proof the estimate was real and the only authentication is in his own words.  Because he’s had a longer political career than many of the young and foreign born reporters covering him have been alive, adults or even residents of the nation, DeWine’s words are being taken at face value instead of questioned. 

It’s not the job of reporters to praise duty-exceeding elected officials for “doing a great job.”  History didn’t begin with their “new” careers as “know it all” talking heads.  [NOTE:  DeWine joined politicians like former President Gerald Ford, Ross Perot and others in submitting columns to my Political Reporter newspaper from 1994 -1997]

The reality is DeWine’s “shelter in place” demands on Ohoians could be some publicity-motivated bullshit he made up like he’s done at least twice in the past.   The problem is no other voice but his is being heard.

South African Trevor Noah is not a U.S. citizen and can’t vote in any U.S. state’s elections. The idea this alien is a trusted news source for American news is evidence only that the U.S. Department of Justice has failed to enforce foreign agent registration laws that identify him as an unregistered foreign agent of foreign propaganda.

DeWine was the state’s attorney general in May 2012 when he flew into Warren, Ohio with Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) employees to shut down 8 spas whose Asian Buddhist owners he’d recklessly accused of operating human trafficking rings.  Activist local citizens funded by Raymond Wean Foundation money wanted the businesses shut down and the “human trafficking angle” was their hook into using law enforcement to achieve the goal.   

These good citizens didn’t like the “image” of Warren being a destination location for men who enjoyed spa bathing.  DeWine wanted the political support and publicity.   No one cares about the Asian Buddhist vote.

Anti-spa organizers operated next door to my downtown Warren restaurant.  The bottom line for the organizers was that Asian Buddhist immigrants smeared as pimps and “mama sans” by right-wing Catholics were an easy “alien” target in a Catholic-controlled county.

All of the duties of Ohio’s Attorney General are found in Chapter 109 of the Revised Code.  None of them authorized DeWine to assign BCI employees even as “law enforcement officers” to investigate citizens who entered spas that were operating lawfully within the city’s boundaries.

DeWine’s “human trafficking” duty as Ohio’s attorney general in 2012 was found in Section 109.645 of the Revised Code.   In it state lawmakers specifically instructed the attorney general to “train” peace officers across Ohio on six procedures for investigating and handling violations of Section 2905.32 of the Revised Code.  It exists under the heading, “Trafficking in persons” and was enacted on June 27, 2012; a month after his May 2012 Warren raid.

No human trafficking was found in any of the 8 spas Richard Michael DeWine misdirected BCI employees to investigate and raid with Warren, Ohio city officials.

So when DeWine authorized BCI employees to place surveillance cameras outside businesses Warren officials had licensed to operate, and authorized customers to enter, they were knowingly  and recklessly exceeding the authority of the ‘training” jobs they held as he misdirected them to obstruct the city’s duly-enacted home rule laws.  Specifically, DeWine had violated R.C. 109.541(1).

“No state official shall command, order, or direct an investigator to perform any duty or service that is not authorized by law.”

DeWine had no “reasonable articulable suspicion” that the men entering the legally-licensed spas were buying sex; or if the Asian women employed in them were “human trafficking” victims.  The surveillance cameras BCI agents installed outside the facilities to spy on spa customers were unconstitutional and 4th Amendment violating.  DeWine acted as if the Supreme Court of the United States’ ruling in Katz v. United States 1967 didn’t exist when he misdirected BCI employees to install them.

In Katz FBI agents wiretapped a telephone booth and listened to bookie Charles Katz placing bets and arrested him.  The Supreme Court in 1967 told law enforcement officers the nation’s streets are “constitutionally protected areas” where citizens have a reasonable expectation of privacy even in public telephone booths.  Not surveillance.  Not automatic license plate scans.  Not warrantless investigations of a business’ patrons by unauthorized BCI employees.  DeWine has fostered just the opposite of Katz as a law enforcement environment in this “surveillance state.”

In 2011 DeWine’s misuse of BCI employees to track men to their homes and families to intimidate them into answering questions was remniscent of Adolph Hitler’s secret “stasi” police and John Edgar Hoover and Cartha DeLoach’s lawless control of the FBI.  Right out of his “Mein Kampf’ playbook, DeWine’s misdirected BCI “agents” were using sexual intimidation as a law enforcement tool to build “cases” against Asian Buddhist aliens built on exceeded duties and violated rights.  His duty-exceeding acts were a reminder that Irish Catholics backed Hitler’s Nazi’s against Irish Protestants during World War II.

I shot pool at the bar that shared an entrance with one of the spas BCI employees investigated.  The idea that pictures of my image, car, license plates and a file with information I don’t know about could be stored in the attorney general’s office underscores the extent of DeWine’s unconstitutional and duty-exceeding acts.   It’s especially so since these unlawful law enforcement tactics are banned in the 4th Amendment and in federal laws DeWine’s chosen to not read and obey.

Governor Richard Michael DeWine misdirected BCI employees from performing the official duties of the public jobs they held; and abused the authority of Ohio’s attorney general’s office to launch warrantless investigations of physicians he recklessly accused of being drug dealers and Asian Buddhist spa operators he stereotyped as human traffickers.

The 1974 Privacy Act pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 552a makes it unlawful for a non-disclosed system of records to exist in any government agency.  It makes the release of the privacy-protected information governments store on private individuals unlawful without their written permission.  BCI agents operated with no legal authority to install surveillance cameras and access the NCIC or LEADS databases to investigate individuals entering businesses Warren officials had inspected, permitted and issued Certificates of Business Occupancy to exist upon receipt of payment.

Warren attorney Gary D. Rich and I share the exact same birth date and he represented the two spa operators whose businesses didn’t close.  He knew from the beginning the case was going nowhere and that city prosecutor Greg Hicks couldn’t charge the spa operators.  Neither could Trumbull County Prosecutor Dennis Watkins. 

Instead of prosecuting DeWine and the BCI investigators for exceeding the duties of their public offices, and violating the constitutional rights of the falsely-accused Asian business owners and their employees under the color of law, both Hicks and Watkins engaged in federal misprision of felony law violations by ignoring their 18 U.S.C. 4 duties to protect the rights of the business owners and their employees.  They covered for DeWine and his errant state workers.  Cops split the $108,000 in cash from DeWine’s raid as “uncollected” funds.

U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio Steve Dettelbach was busy prosecuting the Security & Exchange Commission’s complaint against Diebold’s Walden O’Dell in 2011 for bribing Russian government officials from his Moscow office while selling electronic voting equipment in states like Ohio, Illinois and South Carolina.  Enforcing 18 U.S.C. 4 against DeWine, Watkins and Hicks wasn’t on his office’s radar.

“Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.”

Richard Cordray had every right to ram each Ohioan’s death from fentanyl or a heroin overdose down DeWine’s throat in their 2018 campaign to lead the state as governor.   DeWine had defeated him in 2010 for attorney general.  There was no overdosing crisis when Cordray’s term ended on December 31, 2010 and 84 Ohioans died of narcotic overdoses that year.

Richard Michael DeWine’s attack on 61 Ohio physicians he falsely-accused of being drug dealers is the exact and traceable reason Ohioans went to the streets instead of doctors for pain medications.

DeWine was in office for 73 days as Ohio’s attorney general when he identified Dr. James Lundeen as a “drug dealer” and directed BCI employees to raid his 12 clinics in and near Portsmouth on March 15 and 16, 2011.  Lundeen hadn’t been under investigation by Cordray and there was no complaint against him before the Ohio Medical Board that had been directed to the licensing body by a patient who’d complained about his treatment.  There was no “probable cause” for DeWine to “suspect” Lundeen of being anything other than a successful southern Ohio physician treating Appalachian White Anglo Saxon Protestant Christians.

In a February 16, 2015 interview he conducted with an official of the Ohio Task Force Commanders Association, DeWine offered the story that “overdoses” were the basis of his 2011 investigations of physicians like Lundeen.

“We still have a number of cases under investigation. What we found is there were doctors who were really just drug dealers. Sometimes it was cash, sometimes it was Medicaid. Many times, taxpayers were paying for these overdoses.”

DeWine’s attack on physicians like Lundeen and the 60 others 73 days after he was sworn in as attorney general in 2011 was unsupported by evidence of a heroin addiction problem embedded in the state’s 2010 health statistics.   A 73-day investigation of the Medicare billing of 61 physicians would have revealed nothing about their treatment practices.

In a Twitter post during their 2018 campaign for governor, Cordray blew apart DeWine’s overdosing cover story when he shared that 77 Ohioans died a year from fentanyl before DeWine replaced him on January 1, 2011.  3431 in 2017 under DeWine. 

Cordray had offered an insight about DeWine and the job he’d done as attorney general the state’s reporters didn’t understand enough to carry forth as a sustained and necessary public discussion.  What the state’s former attorney general revealed was that Ohio’s fentanyl and heroin deaths did not increase until DeWine drove Lundeen and 60 other physicians out of business; and sent their patients to the streets looking for illegal narcotics.  

By 2014 and the end of DeWine’s first term in office, heroin and fentanyl deaths had grown from less than 84 a year to 504.   1155 in 2015 to 2357 in 2016.  Overdose deaths overall in Ohio topped 4854 in 2018 for a total of 20,000 dead Ohioans who could be directly traced to DeWine’s completely unprovoked and unsubstantiated 2011 attack on the state’s pain management physicians.

In his 2015 telephone interview DeWine seemed to acknowledge some responsibility for his deadly and reckless lies against the state’s pain management physicians.

“We certainly don’t want to deny these pain medications to anybody who really needs them, but they can be very addicting.  Many times, these people who were addicted to pain medication would switch to heroin because heroin is cheaper. Babies are born to addicted mothers.”

What he offered as a “moral” answer was again the driving force behind his illegal acts in Warren, against the falsely-accused physicians and now with his “shelter in place” orders in dealing with a simple SARS virus.  DeWine’s brand of Irish Catholic morality supersedes state laws and is offered as justification for his duty-exceeding acts and abuse of the public offices he’s held. 

Consider that there have been more Catholics victimized by sexual predators in the church than the number of dead and infected Ohioans from the cornoavirus.  DeWine’s never used the authority of the state attorney general’s office for an investigation of this state’s Catholic churches like the attorney general in Pennsylvania.

DeWine’s 2015 admission that his political grandstanding may have triggered the state’s heroin epidemic is exactly what Lundeen claimed as one of the medical practitioners he attacked.  Lundeen ripped DeWine in his appeals to the state’s courts for targeting Ohio physicians for investigations without probable cause; and for conducting raids of physician’s offices for incriminating evidence that didn’t lead to prosecutions.   Lundeen has never been charged for any violations of law.

Lundeen in an appeal said DeWine secured search warrants based upon unspecified false statements made by unidentified individuals.  DeWine, he claimed, then directed BCI employees to remove items that were beyond the scope of the warrants.

The accuser in Lundeen’s case before the medical board was “DeWine” and not any of Lundeen’s patients.  It was also DeWine’s attorneys representing the state’s medical board against the physicians their boss was accusing. 

Former pain management physician James Lundeen was accused of being a drug dealer by attorney Richard Michael DeWine without proof. A raid of his 12 offices didn’t produce any evidence of a crime. No federal or state prosecutor prosecuted him. Lundeen said DeWine drove thousands of the patients whose pain he managed to the streets in search of heroin.

DeWine “found” two patients to testify that Lundeen had dispensed narcotics to them without an examination and that they’d become addicted; but neither patient had filed or thought to file a complaint against the physician. 

Based on DeWine’s rigged proceedings the medical board concluded that over a 34-year period Lundeen violated standard care for 26 patients based off the testimony of just DeWine’s “found” two.  Lundeen admits his mistake was relying on an attorney who told him not to attend the hearing. 

Lundeen had a single witness whose story DeWine’s employees encouraged the medical board to disregard.  Carolyn Shelton.

With DeWine terrorizing Ohio physicians out of the state, Lundeen patients like Shelton could not find one in her area willing to treat her. She finally found a physician in Columbus whose treatment resulted in her being addicted to morphine.  Shelton’s testimony was that Lundeen had her pain in remission and that he was carefully monitoring her to “avoid” addiction.  The truth wasn’t good enough for DeWine.

Lundeen and other physicians treated patients like Shelton with oxycodone  But after DeWine’s attack on the state’s pain management physicians heroin and fentanyl use started dramatically increasing.

There is a growing cascade of state and federal laws DeWine’s stretching the office of Ohio governor to violate based only on his word that he’s working to prevent a pandemic; and reports from reporters we don’t know that he’s doing a good job.

No matter what he says about the job he’s doing, DeWine’s track record doesn’t show he’s a politician whose words should be blindly trusted by this state’s citizens.

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