Rick Nagin

Jasmin Santana’s emergency tampon ordinance is illegal and so far beyond the taxpaying norm as to be unbelievable

CLEVELAND, OH – Ward 14 Councilwoman Jasmin Santana appears to have rushed members of Cleveland city council into becoming the second city in the United States of America behind Ann Arbor, Michigan to enact a “fad” ordinance that provides free tampons and sanitary pads to females using public buildings.  Santana was mentioned in an Akron Beacon Journal story as the author of the Cleveland emergency menstrual ordinance Akron city councilwoman Tara Moseley copied and sponsored. In Cleveland Ordinance Number 925-2021 was enacted as an “emergency” in violation of Section 731.30 of the Ohio Revised Code the city’s councilors continue not…

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Cuyahoga Democrats ignored the National Security Act to support a top Ohio Communist party official, Rick Nagin, for leadership over a Democratic ward and to work for a US Senator, a member of Congress and a member of council

CLEVELAND, OH – In 1985 I interviewed Ohio Communist Party director Rick Nagin for my Cleveland Perspective radio show on WRMR AM850.  I wanted to know how a Communist in a nation where Communism has been outlawed since 1950 could operate so openly in an American city. Nagin is ethnically Russian, raised Jewish and has spewed the full Communist Party doctrine on his Facebook page and for the People’s World Daily online and print newspaper.  He had these words to say on People’s World Daily after his Tree of Life synagogue was attacked in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. “Private ownership of weapons…

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Cleveland’s Caucasian mayoral hopefuls are having a hard time collecting the 3000 signatures needed to get on the ballot

CLEVELAND, OH – So far none of the Caucasians seeking the 3000 signatures needed to get on the ballot for mayor of Cleveland have delivered petitions to the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.  American Negroes Zack Reed, Justin Bibb and State Senator Sandra Williams have filed.  There have been no filings, yet, from Irish Catholic Cleveland council president Kevin Kelley or former United States Representative and Croatia Dennis Kucinich. Sources say former Cleveland Clerk of Court Benny Bonnano, an Italian American, has a team circulating petitions on the west side as a possible “sneak” entry into the race.  Voters will know…

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