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Putin’s Cleveland law firm, Jones Day, has closed its Moscow offices and immigrated the Russian who led it to D.C.

CLEVELAND, OH – If AdvanceOhio president Chris Quinn thinks readers are going to pay $100 a year to read, his reporters had better learn to find stories like those in EJBNEWS.  No intelligent person will pay to read plagiarized government news releases and paid client driven content.

Squire Patton & Boggs global managing partner and attorney Fred Nance must not believe fat meat is greasy.  Seven figure earnings and a high-rolling global lifestyle from his Moreland Hills palace must have blinded Fred to the tea leave writings on the “Foreign Agents Registration Act” wall.  The Russia shit is over.

Close the Moscow office like managing partner Steve Brogan at Jones Day did in December 2019.  Disconnect all ties with Russian government officials and the government’s clients.  Come home and the face the Logan Act, Espionage Act and Foreign Agents Registration Act music.  The traitors have been exposed over the past four years.

No more Rosneft money.  No more Gazprom Bank money.  Don’t go meet with Putin for his annual conference with over 600 U.S. corporations in St. Petersburg, Russia in 2021.  Remember?  FBI agents raided Michael Cohen’s office in Squire Patton & Boggs’ New York office in April 2018.


Representing the Russian Federation and representing Diebold while ex-chairman Walden O’Dell is selling electronic voting equipment to the nation’s election’s board is wrong.  Suing California prosecutors to keep election security flaws a secret, while representing the Kremlin as an unregistered agent, well gosh darn boys and girls.  Here in America that’s a crime which makes the perpetrators … traitors.

It’s also further evidence of a conflict in national security interests when Putin’s law firms are behind suing Rutger’s University to take down a website that published all of Diebold’s email.  I have the dastardly documents and shared them with United States Representative Marcia Fudge; who shared them with Homeland Security.  What other election secrets, violations of federal felony laws, did the two firm’s lawyers conceal by not reporting as the unregistered agents of foreign governments?

Former White House Counsel Don McGahn was a partner in the law firm of Jones Day that represents Vladmir Putin and Goldman Sachs. While in the Trump administration one of McGahn’s duties was to help the president select Supreme Court justices. This is while the employer he returned to in March 2019 after leaving Trump continued to represent Vladmir Putin. So now McGahn’s back with Jones Day and free to communicate with the law firm’s global network of 2500 attorneys in nations like Russia without his firm ever registering as a foreign agent of the Russian Federation while he worked in the White House around the nation’s defense secrets. Putin’s law firm’s partner left the U.S. with a Supreme Court justice or two in place for life.

The timing may be coincidental, but after Fudge’s congressional hearing and subpoena to the nation’s electronic voting equipment presidents, Jones Day’s managing parter, Brogan, announced the closing of the law firm’s Moscow office.  Even Jones Day’s “Moscow” office web page “does not exist.”

Moscow “partner” and Russian citizen Vladimir Lechtman‘s been “Linked In” repackaged as “more American” than Russian with three years of legal training at the University of Texas at Austin.  He’s now relocated to Washington, D.C. on some kind of green card scheme.

The Russian alien – who graduated law school in Austin at the University of Texas in 1983 on a student visa – is now made to look like a legal citizen after spending 30 years in his homeland handling Jones Day “unregistered” legal work for the Russian Federation and its business entities.   The miracle of one year citizenship and enrollment in the Washington, D.C. Bar Association would have to be rigged at the highest levels for Lechtman, Putin’s lead Jones Day attorney, to be working around the corner from the White House at 51 Louisiana Avenue as “of counsel.”  It’s an industry term for a licensed attorney.  Lechtman is not licensed to practice law in the United States of America.0

Unlike the lawyers working for Squire Patton & Boggs, Jones Day’s attorneys were deeply embedded within the Trump administration among the nation’s 94 U.S. attorneys.  Jones Day partner Don McGahn was Trump’s White House counsel.  At the very highest of levels, Americans could see the Jones Day prosecutors in the Trump administration as using the job to direct a raid on the offices of a global competitor when FBI agents entered Squire Patton & Boggs’ New York to get Cohen’s server and records.

Squire Patton & Boggs has its Moscow offices located in this building at 4 Romanov pereulok.

11 Jones Day former partners were appointed U.S. Attorneys by Trump.  That’s even in Northeast Ohio where former Jones Day partner obstructed the enforcement of the three espionage-busting laws with his police blotter-like “gun” pursuit of FBI-created fake terrorists for the past four years.

The difference between the U.S. Attorneys elsewhere in contrast to Ohio is that a team of career USDOJ bureaucrats, focused on investigating Russian collusion over the past nearly four years, have now developed a body of knowledge and conclusions.  From my perspective, having followed the law firms East Cleveland resident John D. Rockefeller employed to handle his business when he was the world’s first billionaire in 1904 living in the city I once led as mayor, I see Jones Days’ abrupt departure from Moscow as their possessing “what’s coming next” knowledge.

Wondering if the Vladimir Lechtman of Jones Day is the same Vladimir Lechtman who posted this video of a Russian “state funeral” 7 months ago? They’re still carrying around Communist Party leader Josef Stalin’s picture.

Dan Boente held the job of the FBI’s general counsel until he retired from the United States Department of Justice as a career administrator.  Barack Obama appointed him to lead the U.S. Attorneys office in Eastern Virginia.

At 66 Boente’s still in play as an appointee, somewhere inside the United States Department of Justice, of President-elect Joe Biden if he wants it.  What’s of note with the Jones Day Moscow office’s closing is the policy position Boente embedded within the USDOJ that the Logan Act, Espionage Act and Foreign Agents Registration Act are “good tools” as existing laws they’ll continue to use.

Johnson got $10,000 in campaign cash from “a” Fayne and Winston while living in Twinsburg and pushing the East Side Market deal on council

CLEVELAND, OH – Jeffrey Johnson had no legal right to serve on Cleveland city council after he married and lived with his wife and her two children in Twinsburg; and should have “forfeited” in obedience to state residency laws for public officials.  The state’s “residency requirements for public officials” are clear.  The boldfaced words in the preceding paragraph are the actual caption of section 3.15 of the Revised Code of Ohio.

3.15 Residency requirements for public officials.  (A) Except as otherwise provided in division (B) of this section, at all times during one’s term of office:  (1) Each member of the general assembly and each elected voting member of the state board of education shall be a resident of the district the member represents.  (2) Each judge and each elected officer of a court shall be a resident of the territory of that court. (3) Each person holding an elective office of a political subdivision shall be a resident of that political subdivision. (4) Each member of a municipal legislative authority who represents a ward shall be a resident of the ward the member represents, and each member of a board of education of a city school district who represents a subdistrict shall be a resident of the subdistrict the member represents.  (B) Any person who fails to meet any of the requirements of division (A) of this section that apply to the person shall forfeit the office. Division (A) of this section applies to persons who have been either elected or appointed to an elective office. Division (A) of this section does not apply to a member of the general assembly or the state board of education, to a member of a municipal legislative authority who represents a ward, or to a member of a board of education of a city school district who represents a subdistrict, during the remainder of the member’s existing term of office after there is a change in the member’s district’s, ward’s, or subdistrict’s boundaries that leaves the member’s permanent residence outside the district, ward, or subdistrict.

Had Johnson obeyed the law above, the $10,000 he collected between East Side Market developer Arthur Fayne’s wife, Gina Fayne, and NEON’s CEO Willie Austin wouldn’t be listed on his 2017 campaign finance report as evidence of his accepting “a thing of value” from the contractor and health agency director his lack of legislative oversight was helping to empower their fraudulent invoicing scheme.  His name would not be again be on the lips of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents and the prosecutors in the United States Department of Justice who have obtained an indictment against Fayne.

Fayne’s bank records were obtained by federal agents.  They know everybody who received a check.

Johnson should assume information like this is and more is available on him in the FBI’s full criminal investigation file of the facts that led to Fayne’s federal indictment.  He should assume he’ll be, again, facing “federal” questions about how he avoided discharging his oversight duties to enforce laws to disobey them as he enriched himself with campaign funds that came from their theft and misappropriation of health care dollars.

Johnson wasn’t using the office of a member of council to oversee the successful development of the Glenville Shopping Center.   He was actively pushing his “dream” to make himself look like he was doing something.

Johnson was using the office to acquire “things of value” for himself like he did the first time the Hobbs Act violator was indicted by the United States Department of Justice on March 4, 1998; after FBI agents arrested him for “caught on tape” request for $17,000 in bribes from Aly Hamed.  He was facing up to 20 years in prison.

At least he’s not cheap like former Councilman Robert White and his $500 dolla holla bribe that got him convicted.  Emmanuel Onunwor’s cut of the $10,0000 a  month Nate Gray got off the OMI/CH2M Hill contract was $700.  Jungle money.

Mayor Frank Jackson has “mandatory” oversight duties to supervise, pursuant to section 733.34 of the Revised Code of Ohio, the conduct of all the city’s officers and employees.  He’s supposed to be the “punisher” instead of the “enabler” of criminal misconduct.

Annually, every “subrecipient” receiving federal and city dollars are supposed to be “audited” or “monitored.”  At some point Austin and board chairman Rodney Thomas should have received a “site visit” from a designee of Jackson wanting to see the books if they received city funds.

Ward 9 Councilman Kevin Conwell told EJBNEWS Johnson was promoting the development project to him when the city’s wards were redrawn after the last census; and he inherited the project as one his former colleague asked him to support.  Johnson is now employed as a bailiff by former Atlanta, Georgia resident Mona Scott.  The city newcomer was elected to the housing court in 2017.

The federal investigation that resulted in the late Judge Raymond Pianka receiving a visit by agents of the U.S. Department of Treasury for his collusion with James Rokakis and Gus Frangos at the county landbank is ongoing.  Rokakis recently resigned as the landbank’s director.  Pianka died of a heart attack within two weeks after his talk with federal agents.  There’s no difference in the practices of the housing court that got a panicky Pianka his heart attack inducing visit from federal agents.  Scott’s kept rolling right along.

Conwell said he had no idea Austin’s last year’s earnings were $511,000; and that his wages for managing a $24 million federally-funded health agency had exceeded $400,000 a year over the past 5 years.  He said board chairman Rev. Rodney Thomas has problems.

“You [this writer] were a mayor with more responsibility and a bigger budget and you were paid $40,000.  He earns more than Mayor Jackson.  More than the President of the United States.  This is money that’s being taken from poor people that would improve their health and it’s not right,” Conwell said.  “The board is going to have to answer a lot of questions.”

Johnson went through great “lying” and “deceptive” lengths to remain on council and involved in the East Side Market deal during his 2017 campaign for mayor from Twinsburg.  Attorney Inajo Chappelle works for Ulmer & Berne and chairs the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.  Cleveland city council and Jackson control the school and CMHA boards feeding her law firm with contracts.

I challenged Johnson’s residency and he admitted to residing in Twinsburg as a married man with his family.  The home at Parkgate in Cleveland’s Glenville neighborhood was one in which Johnson claimed he intended to return.   The state’s residency law and Chappelle’s authority ended with his admission to being married with a family in Twinsburg.

Johnson would have had no fundraising success campaigning for Cleveland mayor as a Twinsburg resident had he obeyed the state’s residency law for elected officials and forfeited as he was mandated to do by the state law.  He had no legal authority to be using Cleveland’s public office to communicate with Winston or Fayne as a Twinsburg resident on Cleveland’s council; and in truth was obstructing them from interacting with an “authorized” official of the municipal corporation with his own criminal scheme as he used them for campaign cash instead of obeying and advising them to obey laws.

Jackson knew Johnson wasn’t a city resident.  With his duty to supervise the conduct of the city’s officers he failed to ensure that neither Fayne nor Winston were both out of compliance; or involved with a non-resident impersonating a municipal officer and his criminally-obstructive schemes to keep the office he had an individual duty to forfeit.

Johnson’s legislative influence over Ulmer & Berne’s Cleveland Municipal School District and Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) contracts appears to have compelled Chappelle to twist a ruling that accepted his “intent to return” claim instead of applying the residency statute for candidates pursuant to Title 35 of the Revised Code of Ohio as written.  Johnson returned to Cleveland and moved to a home once home by Mayor Carl Stokes in Shaker Square.  The lying politician didn’t return to Glenville even when he ran for the Ohio Senate after losing for mayor in 2017.

The building that Arthur Fayne spent big money leasing and making pretty with health care money as a developer is now up for sale as a ready to move in property.

Johnson’s campaign finance reports for 2017 also show him receiving an in-kind donation from attorney Dynda Thomas’ Glenville Commons that rents to Oak Tree Health Care at 10553 St. Clair Avenue.  $625 a month in free rent for 7 months.  An extra thing of value from NEON’s competitor.

It’s difficult to feel any sympathy towards Johnson as a review of the records associated with NEON’s misappropriation of federal care funds that made their way to his campaign through Winston and Fayne through his wife is what it is: evidence of monies intended to benefit the poor being misdirected away from the poor by people who look like the poor and who the poor should have been able to trust.  He’s a Case Western Reserve University-educated attorney.  Johnson’s got no excuse “not” to know the laws he has duties to obey as someone I competed with for the Glenville council seat in 1984 after Mike White joined the Ohio Senate as Morris Jackson’s replacement.

There were nine of us in that race.  He’s the only person among the 9 to have been indicted and convicted of a crime in any office of public trust or in their employment. The character of every other candidate was better than this career political grandstander as the years have shown.

Johnson now wants to run for the 11th Congressional District.  Why?  After 36 years in and around public life, including living off the taxpayers in jail, what has he got to show for that much time even in life?  Johnson didn’t even father or raise a child.  He married into another man’s family after his children were almost grown.  Throughout his adult life Johnson lived in the duplex on Parkgate his father owned and left him and his sister.

Johnson’s going to have a story after he reads and reacts to this one; and has to explain himself all over again to those who trusted him … again.  He claimed to have been “entrapped” in 1998.  He seemed to neglect the truth that he was entrapped stealing.  In Johnson’s mind maybe his stealing didn’t matter.  Only his own selfish civil rights; and not the health rights of the poor people from whom he was stealing a public office to enrich himself.  It’s why in 36 years with time off in prison he didn’t read R.C. 749.01 to know he could have fought on council and in the Ohio senate to deliver free health care and improved the laws that provided it.

Johnson even used his office to get another thing of value from Cleveland taxpayers when they paid the cost of the personal litigation from his assult on Don Bryant.  He called him a “white radical type.”  On Johnson’s campaign finance report for Cleveland mayor is a $25 donation from Rick Nagin.

The East Side Market is not in the ward Cleveland Heights resident Basheer Jones serves as a member of Cleveland city council. The “new” Jeffrey Johnson. What he has is access to $1.2 million in funds former councilman TJ Dow was able to compile to build a recreation center at the old Little Africa site on Superior Avenue. There’s no resolution showing if any of the $1.2 million was invested with the East Side Market. Cleveland councilmen and women illegally split HUD block grant dollars 17 ways and pledge them to projects far outside the limits of federal laws and regulations. Linda Hudacek told them in 2000 it was illegal but they didn’t listen. The feds need to take a real close look at how John Anoliefo’s moving Famicos money at the “individual” requests of council members.

I interviewed Nagin for my 1985 “Cleveland Perspective” talk show on AM850 WRMR.  He was the head of Cleveland’s Communist Party in a nation where the National Security Act of 1950 and the Communist Control Act of 1954 outlawed Communism.  He also ran the office of Dennis Kucinich, the son of an illegal Croatian immigrant, when he served in Congress.

Kucinich interviewed Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad for FOX in violation of the Logan Act of 1799 and the Espionage Act of 1917.  Journalists have no authority to communicate with a foreign government’s officials simply because they’re journalists.  Kucinich’s interview with Assad was exactly the type of disregard for the nation’s laws the Communist Control Act of 1954 identified as justification for criminalizing the political party Nagin led; and that Russian Bolshevik Bernie Sanders, another child of illegal aliens, is trying to infiltrate into the nation under the guise of his “Progressives.”

It seems a feeble argument for Johnson to use Bryant’s skin color and false claim about his radicalism as justification for his criminal violence against him with him taking money from Nagin; and for Cleveland taxpayers picking up the costs of the litigation and damages for his assault.  Bryant, unlike Johnson, was looking out for the poor when he was questioning police chief Michael McGrath at the Glenville YMCA about the 137 bullet slaughter of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams in East Cleveland in November 2012.

Johnson snatched the microphone from Bryant and committed his assault, unchecked against the American citizen, right in front of McGrath.  This was supposed to be the meeting council members like Johnson claimed gave the Cleveland public the opportunity to speak about their acts during city council meetings and as public officials; instead of allowing them to speak about their acts during city council meetings like in every other city.  The only “radicals” at the public meeting were Johnson and the police chief covering up for killers.

Federal law enforcement officers are not perfect and like local police make mistakes.  The investigatory environment they operate in is more specific and geared towards protecting rights while at the same time investigating criminals.

Fayne’s got a conviction from 2019 that came right after he got the East Side Market open.  It involves him and a cop being accused of stealing a dead man’s home by the dead man’s mother.  Now this.  He also has a past.  He wants to have some type of future.

He’s the first piece to fall in this network of criminals and all I’ve done is follow the public records.  The FBI has a guy with a past who wants a future; and he’s on record as passing money around to politicians who ignored duties to investigate his fake invoices and gambling habit.  The story I see unfolding is not going to be pretty.  The net the FBI and USDOJ is casting is wide.

The easiest job in the United States of America is that of an elected or appointed public official administered an oath of office to obey two constitutions, federal, state and local laws that are free and online; and written in plain English that requires no interpretation.  The problem is getting curve graded politicians and bureaucrats to read and obey them as written in plain English.

At least Jeff’s parents don’t have to be embarassed at their lazy-azzed and self-entitled son fucking up again.  His wife’s smart enough to cut her losses.  She’s filed for an annulment.

[All photos fairly used for educational purposes].

Dewine let thousands among Ohio’s 32,000 cops make arrests with expired OPOTA credentials and has told no mayor

CLEVELAND, OH – Beaver Creek, Ohio police officer Sean Williams’ Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy (OPOTA) credentials expired on December 31, 2013. On January 1, 2014 he was  still discharging the duties of a law enforcement officer and carrying a weapon in violation of an unsuspended general law of the state that ordered him to stop. 

Had Beaver Creek city manager Mike Cornell discharged the duties of that office Williams should have been terminated on January 1st of that year without any rights as an employee for voluntarily-surrendering his OPOTA credentials.  Instead, Beaver Creek police chief Dennis Evers continued to “station and transfer” the law enforcement officer impersonator on various assignments throughout the city as if he were operating with unexpired OPOTA credentials. The problem with Evers assigning Williams anywhere is that his own training had lapsed after 2007.  The chief was also impersonating a law enforcement officer. 

Dennis Evers was impersonating a law enforcement officer as Beaver Creek, Ohio’s chief of police. Evers was allegedly cleared of having sex with underaged girls by former Beaver Creek, mayor Scott Hadley.

Prior to that year Chasing Justice founder Mariah Crenshaw said Evers had taken every type of training that existed. After that year … nothing.  From then until he retired in 2015 after helping Williams conceal his own training, Evers was a law enforcement officer impersonator conspiring with Williams to conceal their expired credentials from the city manager and council.

Williams, like every Ohio law enforcement officer impersonator operating with expired credentials throughout the state, continued to submit time cards, collect a check, use medical benefits and accrue pension earnings as if he were authorized by law to do so. Evers approved.  On the streets he wore a uniform, weapon, drove public safety vehicles, accessed the FBI’s NCIC database through LEADS, stopped citizens, searched citizens, arrested citizens, jailed citizens, sought charges against citizens and testified them into prison.  Citizens complained.  Evers concealed.

On August 5, 2014 “ticking time bomb” Williams drove a public safety vehicle to Walmart in response to a malicious 911 call about an American Negro man waving a weapon around and pointing it at people.  From the time he got the call until he arrived at Walmart, no information Williams received from any source, including the malicious caller, provided him with details that John Crawford was committing a crime.  All he heard was a black man had a weapon; and reacted to a bias “under the color of law” to assassinate him in a nation where the U.S. Constitution guarantees every American Negro citizen of this nation a right to bear arms.

By the time Williams shot Crawford to death, Ohio’s general assembly had already codified R.C. 9.68 as an instruction he had not been trained on that an American Negro man with a gun was not probable cause.  Every Ohioan has a right to bear arms either openly without a license; or concealed with it.  Gun possession in this 2nd Amendment nation is not “probable cause.”

Did retired Beaver Creek city manager Mike Cornell know his police chief, Dennis Evers, and Sean Williams were discharging law enforcement officer duties with expired OPOTA credentials? Governor Richard Michael DeWine was responsible for the training and the notices, did he alert or conceal the information from Cornell?

Crawford’s family settled in March 2020, but from until the day he was slaughtered until now, Greene County prosecuting attorney Steven Haller has withheld exculpatory evidence that Williams was not only stealing from Beaver Creek’s taxpayers, he was not authorized to discharge a law enforcement officer’s duties or carry a weapon.  The law had told him to stop and he had recklessly refused.

Beaver Creek just settled for $1.7 million with the Crawford family for what they knew at the time of their claim.  The discovery of the concealment of Williams’ OPOTA credentials opens up another avenue of grievance for them to redress with its criminally-conspiratorial officials; and to demand a federal investigation into the conspiracy that deprived them of knowledge that Williams was nothing more than an armed, thug, cop impersonator. 

Greene County is where Governor Richard Michael DeWine’s law career began as an assistant prosecuting attorney.  It was his job to make sure Williams was trained in his official capacity at the time as Ohio’s attorney general.

What DeWine had done with the $64 million the Ohio General Assembly appropriated for training was use it to test the rape kits he’d promised during the campaign against Richard Cordray for the job in 2010.  This reckless, duty-exceeding lunatic’s campaign promise was not a factor when the general assembly appropriated money to train police.  The conspiracy to conceal Williams and Evers’ expired credentials was aided by DeWine’s derelict way of supervising the agency he assigned Mary Davis to direct. 

Instead of quaranting infected Ohioans as R.C. 3707.08 instructed him to do, Governor Richard Michael Dewine quarantined the state. Instead of spending $64 million the General Assembly of Ohio appropriated to train police. He spent it on testing rape kits. Instead of alerting Ohio’s mayors as the “appointing authority” of police officers that their OPOTA credential expired. DeWine sent the notices to the chiefs and cops whose credentials expired; and concealed the notices from the state’s mayors.

The “cease” letter DeWine should have supervised Davis to deliver to Beaver Creek’s city manager, and every other city’s mayor, never arrived about Evers and Williams in his home county.  DeWine and Davis were operating on an “honor system” instead of enforcing the instructions laid out by the General Assembly as a duty of the office he held in Senate Bill 281.  It’s the same reckless shit this lying, lunatic, idiot did when he disobeyed the state’s 26 pandemic mitigating laws and opted for his own set of rules that included social distancing, wearing a mask and cancelling a federal election because this jackazz panicked during the common cold and flu season. 

The letter Cornell should have received from DeWine would have been on a letterhead that bore his name. When DeWine said he wouldn’t indict the cops who gunned down Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams in East Cleveland in 2012, he was covering for himself with his claim that the fault did not all belong to the police. This criminal in office should be charged, arrested, prosecuted, convicted and sentenced for life to the bottom of the ocean in a submarine to be forever forgotten as an example of public service in Ohio.

Thanks, again, to DeWine, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson does not know he has negotiated collective bargaining agreements with so-called Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association (CPPA) presidents Jeffrey Folmer and Steve Loomis.  Neither does Cleveland council president Kevin Kelly as he’s presided over Cleveland council meetings to approve the negotiated agreements.

Had chiefs of police  and safety directors Calvin Williams, Michael McGrath and Martin Flask in all their public employee iterations not concealed the “cease” letters DeWine’s office did send to them from Jackson and the council’s safety committee, Folmer and Loomis would have been arrested and prosecuted when they showed up to negotiate.  They really should have been arrested for showing up at every crime scene that involved a cop who gunned down yet another unarmed American citizen.

Jeffrey Folmer’s excuse for not maintaining OPOTA credentials will more than likely be that he was not a cop but a union official being paid to pretend he was a cop; when he was impersonating one all along. Arrest him … Frank.

The same with Scott Gardner in East Cleveland, Michael Cardilli, Larry McDonald, Kenneth Lundy and 24 others.  The same with the entire roster of police working for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.  Chief of police Dennis Hill is not even certified by OPOTA to work as an armed security guard. Beachwood chief of police Kelly Stillman’s uncertified. All of the police at Rocky River and Maple Heights are uncertified.  Maple Heights Mayor Annette McMillan Blackwell is inflamed.

“I’ve attended all these meetings with Squire, Patton & Boggs serving as the lawyers for the Cuyahoga County Mayors & Managers Association and this topic has never been discussed,” she told EJBNEWS.  I know she’s correct as a former mayor and member of that same association.  The same with the National League of Cities and the U.S. Conference. Nothing from the Ohio Municipal League and nothing as an instruction from the Auditor of State.  Nothing from the Ohio Attorney General’s office DeWine led for 8 years in the form of an “opinion.”

Police chiefs, prosecutors and judges across Ohio are all players in a right now real time conspiracy with Attorney General David Yost to conceal from the state’s mayors and councils how they’ve allowed private citizens with no credentials to discharge the duties of law enforcement officers and wear weapons.  Local officials have no idea about the potential avalanche of lawsuits they’ll face once the millions of Ohioans uncertified police interacted with or arrested find out.

Between January 1st and December 1st of every year, law enforcement officers in Ohio must receive 24 hours of training.  December 31st, every law enforcement officer in Ohio is required to “cease discharging the duties of a law enforcement officer and wearing a weapon” without exception.  The e-online “training” is not training.  Ex-Canton Mayor William Healey is not a certified trainer.  His credentials, too, expired.  Judge Richard McMonagle wants this information sealed. Bullshit … Dick.  Shame on you “Jamie.”

Steve Loomis was impersonating a law enforcement with expired OPOTA credentials when he sat at the table with President Donald Trump; and when he’s participating in “federal” consent decree meetings as he steals from Cleveland’s taxpayers and obstructs official business.

These are but some of the discoveries Chasing Justice founder Mariah Crenshaw made when she mailed 900 public records requests to Ohio police chiefs and got over 200 returns to defunct police departments on the Ohio Attorney General’s list.  Crenshaw wanted to see their OPOTA training records.  Many did not have them.  They thought OPOTA did.  OPOTA officials reminded them of language in the statute that made it their duty to keep and provide to the public under the state’s open records laws their own training records. 

24 East Cleveland police officers have already resigned as Crenshaw has filed an injunction to close it; something the city’s director of law should have done pursuant to R.C. 733.57 when police avoided the “public duty” of maintaining their certifications.  East Cleveland’s police chief, Scott Gardner, has been twice convicted on felony indictments he plead to misdemeanors.  R.C. 2923.43 prevented him from ever holding OPOTA credentials again. So Gardner and other uncertified East Cleveland cops created an elaborate scheme to conceal their cease orders with fake training they submitted to the state with alterned names.  Kenneth Lundy was once Kenneth DiSalvo in Toledo.  Gardner alters his middle initial in public records; or omits it.

OPOTA executive director Dwight A. Holcomb in a letter on October 15th instructed every police chief or safety director responding to Crenshaw’s request to obey the state’s open records laws found in R.C. 149,43 of Ohio’s Revised Code.  They were instructed to consult with their law directors and the sections of the Revised Code of Ohio they had duties to obey.  In conversations with state officials, Crenshaw said it’s their perspective the duty to “cease discharging the duties of a law enforcement officer and wearing a weapon” is on the law enforcement who refuses to stop when they know their OPOTA credentials expire on December 31st.

Every prosecuting attorney who presented grand jury or other charges against an American citizen, that came from a private citizen impersonating a law enforcement officer with expired OPOTA certifications, aided in a federal, felony “color of law” conspiracy against that citizen’s rights.  The 1994 Violent Crime and Law Enforcement Control Act was upgraded from misdemeanors to felonies by Congress.  Sections 241 and 242 were written specifically with the intent to let the “criminal justice system” know conspiracy against rights under the color of law was a felony crime that came with up to 10 years in prison and death sentences.

What’s taking place under the noses of unsuspecting mayors and members of council is the biggest conspiracy against their rights in the history of Ohio.  Please who have been impersonating law enforcement officers across Ohio will see these laws identified in their federal indictments as citizens learn their rights were violated by them. There is a “death penalty” provision for law enforcement officers whose “color of law” deprivation of civil rights causes deaths like Williams’ did. The words are actually quite chilling as they reflect Congress’ mood about the quality of law enforcement in the nation.

241. Conspiracy against rights .  If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; or  If two or more persons go in disguise on the highway, or on the premises of another, with intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege so secured, They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, they shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

242. Deprivation of rights under color of law.  Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or to different punishments, pains, or penalties, on account of such person being an alien, or by reason of his color, or race, than are prescribed for the punishment of citizens, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

The problem, today, as it was when Sentate Bill 281 was enacted on March 2006, was who Holcomb sent the letters.  He addressed it to “law enforcement executives” instead of to the “appointing authorities” identified in the Ohio general law he has a duty to obey and enforce.  Holcomb’is the Executive Director of OPOTA and it’s now his duty to ensure that OPOTA’s laws are obeyed as written.  The individuals he’s addressed the letters to are evidence he did not deliver it to the “appointing authority” identified in the unsuspended general law he has a duty to obey and enforce. Right now every mayor in Ohio should be demanding a meeting with Yost. They should also “immediately” be removing  uncertified police from their payrolls. They have no employment rights without the certifications.

The correspondence with the police chiefs instead of the mayors is an act of dereliction of duty for which Holcomb should be criminally prosecuted,along with obstruction of official business, for obstructing a right of the mayor’s office.  He’s exceeded the authority of his public office by intentionally directing his communication to the wrong official as he has a duty to know the appointing authority is who he should be sending the notice.   

Part of the problem is a General Assembly whose state senators and representatives don’t hold hearings on the laws they’ve enacted to immediately learn how they were implemented. They don’t investigate to learn if bureaucrats have replaced clearly-articulated laws with their made-up policies to criminally-circumvent discharging the mandatory duties described laws.  The use of the word “shall” before any set of instructions in a law makes the instructions “mandatory” and gives the official instructed no other choice but to discharge the duty was written in plain English.

The “police chiefs”are not the “appointing authorities” Senate Bill 281 identified when the General Assembly of Ohio passed legislation to set firm standards and add money for police, sheriff and highway patrol trooper training on March 2006.  The “elected” sheriff is the “appointing authority” for deputies.  The county executive is the appointing authority where the sheriff is appointed.  In cities supervised by city managers that official is the appointing authority for police.

The duties of chiefs of police are found in R.C. 737.06, and they are to “station and transfer” police officers under the rules and regulations of the safety director.  Pursuant to R.C. 733.02 the safety director can’t implement a rule without the mayor’s approval as the chief law enforcement officer of the municipal corporation.  No police chief has “contract signing authority” that can “bind a municipal corporation” to any agreement.  The participation agreement to use the NCIC / LEADS criminal records history databases police chiefs are signing with the Ohio Highway Patrol are illegal and obstructive as the mayor’s signature belongs on that document. 

Ohio’s mayors and city managers must demand that Attorney General David Yost meet with them immediately in Columbus, en masse, to discuss the effects of hundreds of thousands of “color of law” arrests of American citizens by armed private citizens who were instructed to cease discharging a law enforcement officer’s duties and wearing a weapon on January 1st of each year if they did not receive 24 hours of approved mandatory training the previous year. Yost must instruct Dwight Holcomb to address all correspondence to the appropriate appointing authorities and not to the gotdamned, conceal-minded police chiefs and the cops who are involved in and covering-up their crimes. There should be thousands of fewer cops on the streets in Ohio today if the laws are being obeyed. Thousands of arrests should be voided. Thousands of convictions overturned. Billions in stolen fees, fines, court costs, lawyer fees and lost income should be returned to the arrested. Thousands of law enforcement officer impersonators should soon be facing federal, criminal prosecutions.

As a former elected mayor of a federal plan chartered municipal corporation, I know the duties of the “office” of mayor under the state’s general laws are found in R.C. 733.03 under the “Officers” chapter. I served, dually, as the director of public safety to discharge that officials duties pursuant to R.C. 737.02 and 737.06.

The mayor’s duties are in Section 113(A) of East Cleveland’s charter where I served.  The heading of R.C. 733.03 as an unsuspended state general law is “General powers of mayors in cities – merger of certain departments.”  As the mayor of a “chartered” municipal corporation the duties of the office I held are in the oath of office I was administered by former Commissioner Peter Lawson Jones on January 1, 2006.  Non-charter Ohio cities give contract signing authority for the police and fire department to the safety director.  No laws lets a police chief sign anything other than his OPOTA certification. R.C. 733.06 explains below.

Under the direction of the mayor, the director of public safety shall be the executive head of the police and fire departments and the chief administrative authority of the charity, correction, and building departments. He shall have all powers and duties connected with and incident to the appointment, regulation, and government of such departments except as otherwise provided by law. He shall keep a record of his proceedings, a copy of which, certified by him, shall be competent evidence in all courts.  Such director shall make all contracts in the name of the city with reference to the management of such departments, for the erection or repair of all buildings or improvements in connection therewith, and for the purchase of all supplies necessary for such departments.

The General Assembly’s plain English instructions to every classification of law enforcement officer in the state was clear in Senate Bill 281.  Either keep your training current or don’t discharge the duties of a law enforcement officer and wear a weapon.  Minimum training was set at 24 hours a year.  Deadlines were set as January 1 through December 31st. 

Chasing Justice founder Mariah Crenshaw has exposed the the most massive conspiracy to violate the Constitutional rights of American citizens in U.S. history as she’s uncovered that thousands of Ohio police officers are operating as armed private citizens with no training and credentials; and in violation of state law that instructed them on January 1st to cease discharging the duties of a law enforcement officer and carrying a weapon if they did not receive 24 hours of approved mandatory training the previous year.

Training had to be pre-approved by the director of the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy.  Completed no later than December 15th.  Conducted by a certified trainer with sign -sheets for each employee attending.  The state reimbursed when training was mandated.  Regardless of whether training was mandated in any given year; pre-approved training of the appointing authority’s choice by a certified trainer was a minimum of 24 hours a year. Within 30 days after the training the proof was required to be submitted to OPOTA.

Those who missed training for extenuating circumstances had to ask the “appointing authority” to ask the executive director in writing for an extension no later than December 15th.  By December 31st, if the training was not completed, the law enforcement officer voluntarily surrendered their OPOTA certification.  They were on January 1st to “cease discharging the duties of a law enforcement officer and wearing a weapon.”  There were no required “warnings” any official was required by any law to further alert the law enforcement officer to stop. 

The law gave them an “individual duty” to discharge on their own.  It’s just like the citizens they were stopping and citing for expired license plates, expired drivers licenses or “lapsed” automobile insurance.  The difference, however, is in the driver’s class of minor misdemeanor crime for operating with expired credentials; versus the felony crime the armed law enforcement officer impersonator committed by operating with expired OPOTA credentials when they stopped and cited the driver.

Without OPOTA credentials they were nothing more than armed and potentially-violent thugs kidnapping unsuspecting Americans off the streets, jailing, prosecuting and ruining lives. Every dime they caused an American citizen to pay for a fine, court costs, jail reimbursements and more was money judges and prosecutors were aiding in their conspiracy to steal.

Infiltrated Russians and Communist agents are embedded in Ohio’s election machinery


CLEVELAND, OH – When Russian American Bob Urosevich of Election Systems & Solutions started his big push to sell electronic voting equipment in Ohio, a friend asked me to meet him in Columbus to see if I was interested in joining the sales and consulting team.  We talked.  Urosevich’s ‘Russian ancestry bothered me as I see all Russians from my “born in 1953” perspective as Communist.  Unshakeable Cold War remnants.  I enlisted for this nation’s “proxy wars” against Russian and Chinese communism.

Robert Urosevich, the man I met, is speaking.

I entered the U.S. Air Force in 1972.  It was five years after the Soviets controlling Israel killed 34 U.S. sailors aboard the USS Liberty in June 1967.  The Isreali Defense Forces, backed by a Mossod our Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) describes as this nation’s greatest espionage threat, intentionally slaughtered Christian U.S. sailors, goyim to them, to deceive President Lyndon Johnson into attacking African Egyptians during its 6-Day War.  171 U.S. sailors were wounded. 

This was three months after a Russian alien, Solomon Isadore Neuhaus, purchased the Plain Dealer.   After a year in Thailand 80 miles south of the South Vietnamese border in Udorn at the CIA’s “Air America” base in 1974-75, as Communist China-backed North Vietnam overran South Vietnam to turn the entire nation Communist, I fully understood why we didn’t want that shit here while serving during “Operation Eagle Pull.”  I served during Mayaguez Incident at the end of Cambodia’s civil war.  My girlfriend was a Cambodian Communist living in Udorn.

Some of the older Americans I served with, who enlisted or were drafted into this nation’s armed forces in the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s, had been born from 1910 and up.  Those on the civilian side earlier.  Some had served through World War II, the Korean War and Vietnam.  My military commanders fought Communists, Fascists and Nazis.

Their relationship to what to some seems like an ancient anti-Communist past was close to them and me in our conversations.  Their thinking co-mingled with mine as I looked to them for U.S. Department of Defense guidance on foreign policy.  They thought the Soviets in Israel should have been wiped off the planet for their 2nd treacherous attack on “Christian” U.S. citizens aboard the USS Liberty in 1967. That “greatest ally” shit is nothing more than propaganda.

I’d also been born in Cleveland, but my father relocated us to the St. Louis – East Saint Louis (Missouri/Illinois) area when I was two.  I turned 16 a few months after he relocated us back to Cleveland.  I was raised and educated in a completely different environmental consciousness than the one that existed, as an example, under the editorial influence of the Call & Post, Plain Dealer and Cleveland Press than in Cleveland and Ohio.

Russians where I was raised had joined with Eastern European Catholics to burn up over 100 homes and slaughter more than 300 American Negro men, women and children as they fled from them in 1917.  My father drove an ambulance for the Nash family whose members lived through that violent bloodshed.  It’s a town where every American Negro raised in it comes out with a “never again” consciousness.

So here I was sitting in a car with a Russian who’d created a company that would make “voting in America” easier while he, of course, made a profit.  What I saw was an “infiltration” in my discussion with Urosevich; but I didn’t know how.  I declined.  I also saw an “eventual” FBI investigation.  By the time agents visited my friend years later he wasn’t in the physical or mental condition to discuss anything with them.

The “team” I have knowledge of included former Ohio Secretary of State and Attorney General Anthony Celebreeze, Jr., former Governor John Sununu, Call & Post editor John Lenear and others.  Arnold Pinkney was on another team with a different vendor as a lobbyist; as he sought to get the “project managers” contract with the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections Robert Bennett led.  They’re all dead. So is my friend.  The Plain Dealer published a picture of me and Robert C. Townsend, II sitting behind Tony and then Cleveland Mayor Michael White when he campaigned against George Voinovich for governor.  I was on Anthony’s local campaign team.

I know Sununu pitched South Carolina.  I know who sold Chicago and Ohio.  I know from later conversations that Walden O’Dell was taking trips to Moscow on a regular basis during all this; and that no one connected the potential espionage dots as he led the company to consume 70 percent of the electronic voting equipment market.  In real time it was not possible. 

There’s a Russian former Diebold employee in Calgary, Canada named Dmitry Papushin who email show in the early 2000’s was “fixing” technical difficulties in U.S. elections connected to final vote counts.   I know why Trumbull County’s Michael Sciorintino – when he worked for the elections board as its deputy director – pushed to have the bid he was encouraging the board to support then encouraged them to toss it after I called him.

My friend called before he died and shared some of his insights on what I’d been writing about Diebold based on his faded recollections.  He had served in the Navy during the USS Liberty massacre and was not happy about the “Russian” thing around our elections.  “Eric.  I know for a fact they can tamper with the machines.”

I provided the information I have along with a cache of Diebold’s internal email to U.S. Rep. Marcia Fudge when she chaired Congress’ house committee on elections.  Rutgers University had uploaded the Diebold email.  I downloaded the documents before Jones Day filed an action to have the site removed.  Marcia told me Homeland Security got involved when I encouraged her to send subpoeanas to the chairman of the electronic voting equipment companies.

Electronic voting has created a chilling reality where Diebold of Canton, Ohio can be investigated for bribing Russian government officials to put its ATM’s in the Russian Federation’s banks at the same O’Dell was leading a team of “sales consultants” to sell electronic voting equipment to U.S. Secretaries of State.   

Over 800 U.S. corporations have offices and do business in Moscow.  They all meet with Putin in St. Petersburg … annually.  Dozens from Ohio.  TRW, Parker Hannefin, Parker Aerospace, Jones Day, Squire, Patton & Boggs, Diebold. 

Timken of Canton has three offices in Russia.  Its bearings carry the Russian Federation’s railroad cars that transport its all-terrain attack vehicles. The chairwoman of the Ohio Republican Party is the wife of Timken’s very Russian-aligned chairman.

Former U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio, Steve Dettelbach, a Russian American, investigated Diebold for the Securities & Exchange Commission for the bribery.  What he did not do was learn if O’Dell gave Vladmir Putin’s officials access to Diebold’s electronic voting technology. This is an issue I shared with Marcia.  I see Dettelbach’s failure to connect the two as intentional.

Russia’s constitution comes down hard on foreign bribery.  There’s no “published” evidence in Russia and its own-language publications of the Russian Federation prosecuting O’Dell for bribing its government officials.  The same with the other two nations Diebold officials bribed. Not a peep inside a Russia with an KGB spy boss leading it who would see and exploit the advantage.

I know Jones Day and Squire Patton & Boggs represent Diebold as well as the Russian Federation from their offices in Moscow a 15 minute walk from the KGB.  I know neither firm has registered as a foreign agent of the Russian government with the U.S. Department of Justice, ever, pursuant to the Foreign Agents Registration Act. 

I know Jones Day sued a prosecutor in California to keep him from discussing his concerns about electronic voting security flaws.  I know Russian laws for attorneys are not the same as they are here; and that those not involved in “advocacy” proceedings can have their offices visited and files removed especially since they’re “foreign.”

Russians own the Plain Dealer in Cleveland Ohio.  The same law firm of Squire Patton & Boggs that represents the Russian Federation also represents WKYC and the Cuyahoga County Mayors & City Managers Association.  Cuyahoga County’s executive, Armond Budish, is Russian “American.” 

Mayor Frank Jackson recently flew a Soviet Israeli flag over Cleveland city hall.  Convicted offender Joe Cimperman connects Soviet and other foreign government officials to local government officials all in violation of the 1917 Espionage Act in plain sight of U.S. Attorney Justin Herdman. 

Once here unchecked funds from foreign “investors” end up as campaign donations to local and national candidates without the statutory and mandatory look at donors by the organized crime gang violating Title 35 at the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections and the county prosecutor’s office.

I know for a fact the board never investigated money from Nigerian “investors” connected to the late Nigerian ex-President Olusegon Abusanjo that made its way to Emmanuel Onunwor during our 2001 competition for mayor of East Cleveland.  I know Emmanuel met with Nigerian president Sani Abacha and Abusanjo after he replaced him in violation of the Espionage Act. All this was shared the FBI agents I met with, and Dettelbach and Benita Pearson as assistant U.S. Attorneys, when I testified in their three trials with Nate Gray.

The indicted Russian Ukrainian who owned 55 Public Square and other local properties donated to Trump.  I have every confidence he donated, locally; but the Title 35 duty to investigate will never be performed by Brent Lawler as he violates election laws to create fake campaign committees he sends to the Ohio Elections Commission.

Criminal election bureaucrats like Lawler in Cuyahoga County can attack democracy with  “policies” that replace and suspend “general laws” as he did by not referring Judge John P. O’Donnell to the county prosecutor after he violated R.C. 3517.10 and 3517.11(D) three times; and entered office without turning in campaign finance reports.  This type of election theft occurred with 62 candidates under Lawler and former director Jane Platten.  Frank Jackson’s among the election thieves and so is Ed Fitzgerald.  

The network of checks and balances that once existed in U.S. elections, when voting was for one day, are “now” being obstructed with automatic voter registration that comes with drivers licenses, early voting for 30 days prior to an election and mail-in voting.   The residency and citizenship challenges that were customary at the polls – before all the “convenience” laws were enacted under the guise of  increasing turnout – have made U.S. elections less secure and turnout worse. 

Illegal aliens are in the U.S.acting as if they have “rights” when they don’t; and they want to vote in our elections when they have no legal right to exist in the nation.  In New York state the general assembly has enacted a law that will let its illegals vote against the president who wants to enforce the federal laws that removes them. Governor Mario Cuomo also wants the federal dollars that comes with the “illusion” that his illegal voters are citizens.  He also wants to keep one of two Congressional seats that in the last census should have gone to Ohio.

25 percent of New York’s residents and workers are either immigrants or undocumented thanks to the “sanctuary” policies oath sworn elected officials implemented to suspend their duty to enforce immigration laws. They’ve got all-immigrant unions in New York with no natural born Americans as members negotiating “wages and benefits” with local governments.  Scott Stringer, New York’s Russian “American” comptroller, recently paid $2 million in federal tax funds to undocumented workers he said were owed unpaid “prevailing wages.”  That shit is insane.

Robert Mueller’s report of Russian interference with the U.S. elections was supposed to be the “impeachment tool” Congress used to evaluate Trump through the lens that he received foreign election help.  Russian Americans U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff and U.S. Senator Jerald Nadler diverted the nation’s impeachment thoughts to Trump delaying the sending of arms to the first Russian Jew to lead the Ukraine in a nation with a growing Nazi presence. 

33 Russians serve in the U.S. Congress.  12 in the Senate and 21 in the House of Representatives.  For me Schiff and Nadler’s “diversion” was an intentional ploy not to discuss election security. The Democratic Party from my perspective is too “foreign infiltrated” to be trusted.

From my perspective the “Russian interference” in U.S. elections is an “internal” national security matter as the majority of Russians in Congress and the nation cannot confirm their ancestors’ presence here is legal as an immigrant group Congress once lawfully “excluded” with the Chinese.   

Consider that Forest City Enterprises ex-chairman Albert Ratner’s father and 7 uncles aren’t the only illegal Russians who entered the nation with fake names, forged credentials and false cover stories. Ratner brags about his illegal alien father’s violation of the Espionage Act and Logan Act as he secretly conspired with officials of the Government of Israel in 1948 to donate $25,000 that aided them in purchasing arms to take over Palestine.  Russian Golda Meir or Mabovitch was also in the nation violating espionage laws to raise money from other Russian illegals.

Six years later, the power the Soviets in Israel gained from the illegal Ratner seed money was used in the 1954 Lavon Affair’s plot to kill Americans in Egypt. This was the first deception of the U.S. government the Soviets engaged in to convince this nation its citizens were under attack by African Egyptians. The surviving families of the dead and wounded USS Liberty soldiers should see in the Ratners the horrible effects of an illegal alien presence of conspiracy-minded people. 

U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar admits “now” her Russian ancestors were illegal immigrants.  Five Russians joined by Bernie Sanders, Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, Klobuchar and Soviet Pete Buttigeig just campaigned for president of the U.S.  There’s no evidence that Sanders’ name-changing father, Eliasz Gitman, immigrated here legally.   

The methodology for achieving secure Ohio’s elections is written into the state’s revised code as found in Title 35.  In it are the “civil rights” of Ohio citizens to challenge the residency and citizenship of the people who actually live and vote in the precincts that mail-in voting obstructs.  Citizens at polling locations voting in-person are in the most efficient position to know who’s a resident of the precinct or not; and are in the best position to investigate and confirm. 

I’ve used these Ohio and local laws mail-in voting will obstruct to challenge the residency of then Twinsburg resident Jeffrey Johnson as he campaigned  for mayor of Cleveland served illegally on city council in 2017.  The board accepted his lie of the intent to return to Ward 8 while he was married and living with his family in Twinsburg.  He returned to Cleveland to Ward 4 in near Shaker Square. The elections board Inajo Chappelle Davis led did not obey the law. 

Consider that as an Ulmer & Berne attorney, Davis doesn’t know Woody Woods Estates being sold “as is” by the firm’s CMHA client violated Title 37 of the Housing Act; or that the officials of the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) are mandated to always obey its Consolidated Annual Contributions Contract with HUD. If incompetence is demonstrated in an appointed official’s professional life, giving that person authority on a governing board with a duty to know the laws that secure elections is why 62 candidates who violated R.C. 3517.10 were allowed to violate R.C. 3517.11(d).

I’ve consistently exposed non-Cleveland resident Basheer Jones and non-East Cleveland resident Brandon King for holding offices as a councilman and a mayor in cities that are not where they live. Despite being sent this information there’s been no voluntary investigation by election officials who can’t possibly claim ignorance.  If these laws are at least “supposed” to work to hold natural born Americans accountable, they must not be diminished to benefit illegal aliens. Election laws must be more widely-known by all voters so they can know when the election officials they trust should not be trusted; and when voters claiming to be neighbors are not.

Mail-in voting obstructs every “accountability tool” each state with laws that call for enforcement at the polling locations has enacted in state laws and local “home rule” ordinances.  It obstructs the “civil rights” of the citizens of a community whose precinct is used, legitimately, to determine census and funding allocations.  Illegal aliens voting by mail from empty houses no  one will verify violates a legitimate resident of the precinct’s civil rights; and it violates the constitution by allowing them to vote.

The idea of “sanctuary cities” should be seen in their most offensive light by natural born Americans who get no sanctuary from the abuses of their government’s elected and appointed officials.  They get “sanctuary” from police chases while natural born Americans are chased to death.  Is it now a suggestion from these sanctuary politicians that illegal aliens and even legal immigrants have sanctuary from our challenging their right to vote like we do other citizens?  Insane.

Mail-in voting obstructs state “challenge” laws.  So does registering a person to vote just because they apply for a drivers license. The only citizens who should be heard during this year’s discussions about the nation’s immigration laws are its natural born citizens and legal residents.  No one else. 

The only voters who should be choosing local, state and national elected officials to serve in public offices are its natural born citizens and legal residents.  No one else.  The only way to protect America is for the constitutions and laws that give citizens rights to be used by the citizens whose right it is to use them; and no one else. 

From my perspective, any elected or appointed official who is advocating for illegal immigrants and undocumented workers is violating their oaths of office, engaged in obstruction and theft.  They should be criminally prosecuted under state “color of law” laws and more;  and the “advocacy” words they’ve publicly-expressed used as evidence of the public duties they’ve avoided in their criminal trials.

As I’ve explained my military experiences,  my perspective of President Trump is that he’s the nation’s “commander and chief.”  I visit the White House website to learn his unfiltered thoughts and read his executive orders.   My sources of information are more forensic than CNN, FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC and all that “controlled” and unsourced nonsense.

Trevor Noah, a South African colored of half-Russian and Xhosa “all Communist descent,” is not any person I want delivering information in the U.S.   He can take his non-funny, fake news, immigrant-azz back to South Africa.  This infiltration, at even its macro level, is insane.  Personally, I’d like to see him prosecuted for violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act.  

Voting rights belong to natural born Americans and legal citizens … only.  No mail-in voting.  Return to paper ballots.  One day voting worked beautifully and we had higher turnouts.

Communism and slavery exist in Kamala Harris’ anti-Christian “untouchables” India

CLEVELAND, OH – The television station that uses the same Squire, Patton & Boggs law firm as the Russian Federation, WKYC or TV3, recently broadcast a report featuring Pakistani American Subodh Chandra endorsing Indian-Jamaican U.S. Senator Kamala Harris’ quest to lead the nation as Irish Catholic Joe Biden’s Democratic vice president.   

The red Hindu bindi dot on Kamala Harris’ forehead and the garb her family is wearing all reflect to some extent her upper caste Brahman  upbringing. The African woman Indian scumbags trafficked into the nation and sold into prostitution is in the “untouchables” or lower caste of Indian society.

“I mean she’s the polyglot of all that America can be and she just represents pure positivity.”  Those are the words this “leftist meritocrat” chose to describe his fellow Asian Indian from nations that openly embraced Russian Josef Stalin and Chinese Mao Tse Tung’s Communism. They’re both Asian Indian, but Chandra’s origins are in Hyderabad, Pakistan and Harris’ in India.

The Cleveland school district tried an experiment with Asian Indian teachers that resulted in superintendent Eric Gordon realizing he’d made a mistake when the immigrants were asked how they’d discipline children.  “We’d beat them.”  Not in this fucking country.  Our parents would kill an immigrant for touching their children. 

Communist India has a caste system that sees Africans and also Christians at the bottom.  It’s the same in Pakistan, so this means India and also Pakistan are still “segregated” in 2020.  Today.

This looks like a list of countries whose immigrants Americans should want to restrict.

According to the Global Slavery Index, 18 million people are enslaved in India.  The website’s operators modified the number from 18 million to 8 million; but it’s still the worst nation in the world for ongoing slavery despite claims that a “caste system” no longer exists. 

Of course the greatest number of lower caste enslaved in both nations are “African” and “Christian.”  The untouchables.  Women from Africa are trafficked to India to serve as prostitutes.  Children as servants and mine workers. The same with African men.

Slavery in Pakistan is different and less.  The concept there is called “debt bondage” or “bonded labor” where a person pledges labor in exchange for the payment of a debt they never seem to pay off.  It’s a slavery life sentence for some. Pakistan ranks 6th out of 167 nations for slavery; and that’s also according to the Global Slavery Index.

These are not topics I’ve ever heard Harris or Chandra publicly-discuss about their ancestral nations; or why natural born Americans should elect the children of immigrants whose parents, grandparents and great-grandparents are not rooted in our nation’s constitution, rights and culture.

Ohio and particularly Cuyahoga County voters know nothing of what Chandra’s mother and father (and grandparents) did in Pakistan that led them to the United States of America and Norman, Oklahoma.  For all anyone knows Chandra’s parents’ cover story, documents and his birth certificate could be as fake as those Albert Ratner’s father and uncles used to enter the nation illegally from Russia when they were “excluded.” It’s the same for Harris.  Who has thoroughly investigated “her family’s” role in Indian affairs now and in the past; and what perspective do they have about “Christians” in an 85 percent majority Christian nation?

While India openly embraced and continues to embrace Chinese Communism, Pakistan outlawed it in 1954 the same year as the U.S.Congress with the Communist Control Act.  The U.S. has generally sided with Muslim Pakistan instead of Hindu and Communist-loving India.  India currently has Communist members in its local and federal governments.  Which side were Harris’ mother and ancestors on in India?  The same with Chandra’s family in Pakistan?

Indian Communists are celebrating 100 years in power next month; and control the entire state of Kerala.

Today in Pakistan, Christians make up two percent of the population and fill 80 percent of the “manual” sewer cleaning jobs.  They’re sentenced to death for “blasphemy” and are constitutionally prohibited from serving as president, prime minister and as a judge. Chandra’s Pakistani brothers and sisters don’t appear to appreciate “polyglots.”

Hindus are the majority in India; so the anti-religious violence there is against Christians and Muslims that’s been and currently being promoted by its prime minister, Narendra Modi.  In India the Christian “Dalits” are the “untouchables.”  Harris’ mother considers herself to be a Hindu “Brahman” from the “upper caste.”  32,000 Christians were killed during the month of May 2020 in anti-Christian nations, according to a Gatestone Institute report.

Chandra filed a complaint against Russian immigrant Taily Ortz for challenging Barack Obama’s citizenship, so questions about the backgrounds of immigrants in this nation are an issue with him.  The following words are his from a October 2009 Scene magazine article

As a native-born American myself (Oklahoma’s pretty American, don’t you think?), I think it is time to stop questioning our fellow Americans’ citizenship credentials based on race, names or ethnicity. It’s 2009, and Voinovich, Chandra and indeed “Taitz” are as American as names as “Allen,” “Redfern,” “Strickland,” “Dann” or “Brown.” We are not going to become the free-market meritocracy of a nation to which we profess to aspire until we make it unfashionable to suggest otherwise. By the time my third-generation-American sons are adults, I hope to have driven a few of the laps to run the tread out on those old tires.

What is listed under Chandra’s education accomplishments on his Linked In page is Stanford University and Yale Law School.  High school is Norman High.  He doesn’t identify an “elementary” school.

The question is how did he enroll in the Ivy League schools since I know he plays the “minority” game and has done so with me.  He told me he wasn’t a “brother” but a “cousin.” Minority set-aside and affirmative action benefits were intended to remedy the effects of Jim Crow segregation that had nothing to do with recent “minority” immigrants.  Nigerian American Emmanuel Onunwor arrived in the nation in 1983 and applied for a federal college grant as an “African American.”  He was indicted for grand theft by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Like India, Pakistan has a caste system that operates based on birth. It’s like the “meritocracy” Chandra wants to become with, of course, him on top because he’s just oh so exceptional. LOL. No one marries outside their “caste” in Pakistan. Until 1947 Britain ruled both Pakistan and India; and of course they were at the top of the caste.  So the Pakistanis and Indians who saw themselves in the “upper caste” of their own people felt they were privileged to associate with whites. It’s confusing when they meet 13th generation American Negroes who make them feel inferior. It’s earth-shattering for immigrants to meet the “consciousness” descendants of an American Negro man like Dr.George Washington Carver who figured out 326 ways to use a peanut Pakistanis and Indians used for “chikki” and kung pao chicken. What? Not a single American Negro on his law firm staff off Samaria Rice’s money.

Chandra’s never, to the best of my knowledge, publicly-shared his parents immigration papers in a demonstration of transparency to prove they’re legal immigrants during campaigns for Ohio Attorney General and Cuyahoga County prosecuting attorney.  The same with Harris. If their parents were here illegally and gave birth to their son or daughter, then the U.S. v. Wong Kim Ark case of 1898 does not apply. Every immigrant’s child does not become an American citizen simply because they’re born in the U.S. They have to be “legal.”

There was only one question the Supreme Court of the United States considered in the Wong Kim case, but illegal aliens here under lies and fake passports use it to “steal” citizenship rights for themselves as if it applies to them all when it doesn’t.  The question below is the “only” one the Supreme Court answered in 1898.

“Whether a child born in the United States, of parent[s] of Chinese descent, who, at the time of his birth, are subjects of the Emperor of China, but have a permanent domicil and residence in the United States, and are there carrying on business, and are not employed in any diplomatic or official capacity under the Emperor of China, becomes at the time of his birth a citizen of the United States.” 

The nuances of the relationship between majority Hindu India and majority Muslim Pakistan is like the difference between Ohio and Michigan … geographically.  But since 1947 these next-door-nuclear neighbors have warred with each other four times; and they’re still not friends. Last February 2019 Muslim Pakistanis on a suicide mission killed a convoy of 40 Indian Hindu soldiers.  So when they’re not fucking over Christians they’re fucking over each other.

Hyderabad where Chandra “says” his parents are from was a separate Indian “princely state” within the 8 different prince-run states that developed its own economy, military, culture and identity as mainly Hindu and Muslim; but the majority Hindus and Muslims weren’t running their own states.  Pakistan’s “prince” had the option of aligning with India or going alone in 1947 when the British left.  They went “majority Muslim” alone.

What happened during the “Partition” when Britain left in 1947 was that the “Muslim League” pushed Pakistan to become the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and India became the Republic of India.  Pakistan’s government is somewhat “theocratic” or heavily-influenced by its Muslim religious clerics.  In 2011 Mumtaz Qadri assassinated Pakistani Governor Salmaan Taseer for speaking in defense of a Christian woman accused of commiting adultery.

Broken down it means these folk are on some whole ‘nother level shit when it comes to fucking around on each other.  Husbands and wives put “hits” on each other.  Seriously. An Indian motel owner in Warren, Ohio asked a man who patronized my restaurant to assassinate his wife.  I told him to report whoever the fuck it was to the FBI.

Pakistan did experience an ethnic and religious slaughter in 1947 that has as its origins the same truth of every nation were tiny ethnic and religious minorities infiltrate the highest levels of another nation’s political, economic, social, academic, media and entertainment infrastructure; and gain control of the majority of its “national interest” decision-making functions.    Once the ethnic and religious majority realizes their national and religious interests are no longer being represented, the majorities act to take back over and the minorities violently resist. 

Being the wrong religion in majority Muslim Pakistan or majority Hindu India could get you killed. America was founded by Christians. The nation is 85 percent Christian. Unlike these Pakistani men, we’re not ending up in a Muslim, Hindu or Godless immigrant’s mass grave. God, guns and country. Not EVER willl this shit happen to us in America.

The violently resisting minorities identified as “the resistance” are then over-whelmed by the sheer weight of the majority in a way that causes them to flee until that nation’s “national identity” is restored in its institutions.  The “resistors” in Eastern Europe have been met with death camp extermination and mass graves.  The same in India and Pakistan.  

The net effect of this type of violence is that people from either side, depending upon their means, flee.  Some flee to escape the slaughter.  Some flee to avoid being held accountable for their role in the slaughter. 

We know Cleveland’s Catholic community provided shelter for Communists and Nazi war criminals during World War II.  We know Russian Bolsheviks like the Ratner family lied their way into the U.S. under fake names, with forged credentials and the help of traitors “inside” our local and national governments. 

U.S. Senator and Russian American Amy Klobuchar now admits her grandparents entered the nation illegally.  We know Treblinka, Poland death camp operator John Demjanjuk or “Ivan the Terrible” hid in Cleveland. We know Armenian Murad Topalian worked as a Cuyahoga County Community College administrator when federal agents raided his storage unit in Bedford because he’d been investigated for planning and executing bombings and assassinations of other Armenians inside the USA.

This is one of the survivors of Pakistan’s “Razakar” Muslim militia that in 1948 wiped out over 200,000 non-Muslims in the nation when they “partitioned” from India. Same year the Russians took over Palestine. Photo fair use for educational purposes.

In Hyderabad that city experienced several “revolutions” or “rebellions.”  One that began in 1945 was called the Telangana Rebellion police had to crush like President Donald Trump has to crush the Antifa and BLM revolters in Oregon and other U.S. cities Communist mayors let take over.  Telangana during World War II was run by “feudal lords” who the Communists wanted out of power.

The feudal lords  had organized 4000 villages.  Communists were successful in taking over 3000.  They took 10,000 acres of land and distributed it to peasants.   There are estimates that from the takeover to the recapture, over 200,000 Indians from Hyderabad were slaughtered by the time normalcy returned in 1951.  The nuances of what took place in Hyderabad, where Chandra says his family is from, are more profound when more closely examined.  

There was an extermination-minded Pakistani militia called the Razakar founded by Muslim Qasim Razvi.  Straight up Nazi-like fascists. They slaughtered people and dumped bodies in mass graves.  They raped women.  They mutilated able-bodied Hindu men with machetes for pure perverse pleasure. 

Lawyer Qasim Razvi created the evil Razakar militia that terrorized and slaughtered non-Muslims in Pakistan. So many Communist revolutionaries have law or legal backgrounds. Vladmir Lenin, Marc Ratner, Qasim Razvi. All were kicked out of their nations for Communist agitating. Now we have a lawyer in Cleveland named Subodh Chandra of Pakistan who thinks Americans are striving to be the “meritocracy” that he envisions based on his back home “caste system.” According to the last U.S. Census there were 518,116 people who identify as Pakistani inside the nation. That’s 0.157 percent of the U.S. population of 330 million; of which 85 percent are Christian. In Ohio there are 5131 Pakistanis out of a population of 11.7 million. Immigration was capped at 3% in the USA …. intentionally. And we’re a total war nation … intentionally. It means WE are all armed. Any militias in this nation will led by Christians who love God, liberty and believe deeply that “thou shalt not kill.” America doesn’t let people like Razvi build up domestic militias inside it.

A lone survivor told his story to The Hindu newspaper.  Natural born Americans don’t know Muslims aligned with Adolph Hitler’s Nazi’s, Josef Stalin’s Communists or the Communists led by Mao Zedong.  The Razakar in Pakistan decided an editor’s coverage of their activities wasn’t favorable and cut off his hands.

This is that Hindu – Muslim shit that from our perspective is on a whole different level.  What Chandra’s parents would have answered on their immigration forms were questions related to their family’s “possible” role during the Telangana Rebellion or other rebellions; and whether they were involved in militias. 

Chandra told Scene magazine the vision he has for the U.S. is a “meritocracy.”  Sounds like another “caste” system and Harris is his conduit “inside” a U.S. federal government caste reserved for Americans with only this nation’s cultural perspective embedded within their consciousness.  We’ve had only had this publicity-hound’s words to evaluate about his background as he endorses fellow Asian-Indian Harris for vice president as Joe Biden’s running mate.

I published the Cleveland Challenger during Jane Campbell’s administration as mayor.  Twice a month. Chandra was her director of law.  Anthony Jordan worked “under” Chandra as the city’s prosecuting attorney during a time when I know he wanted to prosecute the criminals inside the Cleveland division of police.  Anthony and I talked “often” and I covered his battles with the chief of police, Edward Lohn.

I obtained a copy of the letter Chandra received from the U.S. Department of Justice on July 25, 2002.  What I know is he didn’t give a copy of it to Anthony, he didn’t deliver it to Frank Jackson as the president of council; and he didn’t deliver it to Zack Reed as chairman of council’s safety committee.  He didn’t give it to James Draper, Campbell’s safety director.  I did. I gave it to all of them.

The letter was from Steven Rosen who identified criminal misconduct in the way Cleveland police were investigating their killings.  Witnesses were told to leave.  Evidence was not collected.   All were “prompted” to say “I felt in fear of my life” as the justification for shootings.  Bob Beck was the CPPA president obstructing the crime scene investigation like Jeffrey Folmer does today. 

This is all information Anthony, Sanford, Frank and Zack needed to know to discharge the duties of their official offices and Chandra, in his official capacity as Cleveland’s municipal director of law, withheld it from them as they were making decisions about the data they “were” receiving from the Campbell administration; which was that all the problems the USDOJ identified were being corrected.  

It offends me to see Chandra profiting off Tamir Rice’s death as Campbell’s former chief prosecuting attorney.  Had he been hard core dilligent about implementing the first two US DOJ reports maybe Samaria Rice’s son, Tamir, would still be alive because he’d have prosecuted cops whose abuses were found in the 600 incident reports from the US DOJ’s third Cleveland police investigation.

The same laws he’s using to exploit his American Negro clients for money were in effect when he was Campbell’s law director.  All the same nuances of police acts he can now identify as wrong for profit were wrong when the taxpayers were paying him to defend their constitutional rights “inside” the Campbell adminstration.

The entire consciousness of being a natural born American is about our roots; and that natural born conversation makes immigrants and their children who don’t want to discuss their foreign roots and how they arrived here uncomfortable.  

We talk about our “elementary schools” and “kindergartens.”  We talk about our parents, grandparents and family history before the Civil War; especially those of us on both sides of the slavery question. We have annual family reunions to discuss and share our family histories in this nation as we connect our ancestors to others.

America is not “aspiring” to be the “meritocracy” Chandra envisioned on his own.  We’re already formed as a nation and that’s the problem with immigrant thinking. What we’ve formed into doesn’t fit appear to fit Chandra’s agenda as he’s entered American universities, political parties and governments and acquired access to this nation’s national defense secrets.  

If you were a resident in Cleveland in 2003 you got a copy of this newspaper in your mail. I mailed 197,000 copies to every residential household in the city. 225,000 total. Everyone in town knows I used this newspaper to make Jane Campbell a one-term mayor. So who benefitted? Frank Jackson.

Harris didn’t protect the constitutional rights of Christian Americans as a California prosecutor. Chandra didn’t protect them as a Cleveland municipal prosecutor.  Merit in the USA is not based on resumes and the inappropriate use of “big” words to make one “appear” intelligent.  It’s based on accomplishments that come from Christian sacrifice, giving and devotion to uplifting one’s fellow man and woman in the spirit of our Lord and Saviour … Jesus Christ.

Chandra and Harris haven’t uplifted anybody but themselves while in the USA; and at the expense of this nation’s majority Christian and charitable majority.  If “justice” was his interest then Harris would not be his candidate as she is not mine as a 13th generation American Negro.  Nothing in her resume shows any love for my people but Willie Brown and Montel Williams’ dicks. She didn’t even respect Brown’s wife and family or the “thou shalt not commit adultery” commandment.

I know Subodh Chandra very well by his work during Jane Campbell’s administration as the publisher of Cleveland Challenger.

I’m the Descendant of Slaves and Democrats are backing a candidate for vice president whose great-grandfather owned Jamaican slaves; and whose Indian countrymen are the worst in the world for current slavery.  They also embrace Communism and a level of religious racism that comes with a discrimination that we don’t.  If we lived like their ancestors do and families do, our Constitution would have prevented Hindus and Muslims from living in this Christian nation; and neither would be or have been on an American ballot for elected office.

Like Harris, I’m a polygot.  I cuss in multiple languages.

Here’s “go fuck yourself” in Urdu. خود بھاڑ میں جاؤ

Here’s the same in Hindi. जाओ खुद चोदो

Google Translate.  Easy peasy.  Polyglot 101.

Trump impeached over not arming same Ukraine an Ohio donor helped Putin invade


CLEVELAND, OH – Lt. Col. Alexander Semyon Vindman and his twin brother Yevgeny both worked for the U.S. Department of Defense when Russian President Vladmir Putin invaded the Ukraine in 2014 and President Barack Obama issued executive orders that signalled no support for the act.  It seems odd the noise the Russian or Ukrainian-born U.S. “soldier” made about President Donald Trump not moving as fast as he wanted to get arms to the Ukraine’s first “Jewish” president.  He could have made the same noise about Canton, Ohio steel magnate Ward Timken’s corporation actually supplying steel to Putin’s Russian Federation’s armed forces that invaded it. 

Donald Trump met a lot of new people he didn’t know once he decided to seek the presidency. A lot of people he didn’t know sent him money and didn’t tell him how they earned it; and who gave it to them.

Timken’s “Timken Steel” in Canton, Ohio appears to have operated as an unregistered agent of the Russian government that supplied railroad bearings and other steel products to the Kremlin “Ministry of Defense’s” railways during the invasion of the Ukraine.

It is those railways in this exclusive video footage obtained by EJB NEWS that shows Russian tanks and combat vehicles being moved on steel bearing-supported flat cars to invade the Ukraine’s Luhansk in 2014.  If Vindman had screamed about Timken like he did Trump he might have offered the president a different insight on one of  his donors.

In Russia the construction, maintenance and security of the nation’s railways during the Soviet Union were under the control of the Railway Troops of the Russian Federation until 2004. In 2004 Putin signed a presidential decree placing the Railway Troops of the Russian Federation under the Ministry of Defense. It’s found in Federal Law of 29.06.2004 N 58-FZ.

Timken’s father, Ward, Sr., provided rail products to the Soviet Union prior to its collapse. His son provides rail products to the Russian Federation. Proof of their deep Russian ties came from the words of Timken group president Christopher Couglin when he announced a Timken joint venture with the European Bearing Corporation in March 2014. Couglin was explaining how the Canton, Ohio corporation intended to supply its steel products to Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

“We’ve been conducting business in this area of the world for decades and directly supporting customers in Russia for more than 20 years,” Coughlin told writer Robert Brooks of American Machinist.

President Barack Obama reacted immediately to Putin’s invasion with three executive orders between March 7 and March 20, 2014 that blocked the property of persons thought to have participated in it. All Russians.

Russian tanks and combat vehicles were delivered by railway cars to the streets of the Ukraine where over 6000 men, women and children were killed.

It’s not immediately known if any of the blocked Russians were connected to Timken but the intent of Obama’s directives were clear. This nation did not support Putin’s invasion of the Ukraine.

That didn’t phase Timken.  He, along with CEO Raymond T. Betler of Wabtec, joined Roman Savushin’s United Wagon Company joint venture in 2014 to supply even more bearings to the corporations that built rail cars and products used by Russia’s Ministry of Defense.

It is inconceivable to think that lawyers for Jones Day and Squire, Patton & Boggs – who even now represent President Vladmir Putin and Timken – never advised Ward that selling steel products used by Russia’s defense ministry may have represented a conflict with the United States government in 2014. But neither law firm has registered as foreign agents despite more than three decades of each representing the Kremlin’s oil and banking industries.

Timken has spent millions lobbying the U.S. government and its officials without ever disclosing its contracts with Russian corporations doing business with the Russian Federation and its Ministry of Defense.

Jane Timken, a registered Ohio attorney, knows or should know her husband’s partners are contractors of the Kremlin’s Ministry of Defense and that Putin is his backdoor payroll sugar daddy. All this would have been known had either Timken complied with the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) that’s not been enforced by the U.S. Department of Justice until Special Counsel Robert Mueller started using it.

The definition of “an agent of a foreign principal” found in 22 USC 611(c)(1) that Mueller has used to indict and convict Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, George Papadopoulos and Michael Flynn seems tailor-made for the unregistered foreign agent Timken and his wife who’s in control of the Ohio Republican Party.

(c) Except as provided in subsection (d) of this section, the term ‘‘agent of a foreign principal’’ means— (1) any person who acts as an agent, representative, employee, or servant, or any person who acts in any other capacity at the order, request, or under the direction or control, of a foreign principal or of a person any of whose activities are directly or indirectly supervised, directed, controlled, financed, or subsidized in whole or in major part by a foreign principal, and who directly or through any other person— (i) engages within the United States in political activities for or in the interests of such foreign principal; (ii) acts within the United States as a public relations counsel, publicity agent, information-service employee or political consultant for or in the interests of such foreign principal; (iii) within the United States solicits, collects, disburses, or dispenses contributions, loans, money, or other things of value for or in the interest of such foreign principal; or (iv) within the United States represents the interests of such foreign principal before any agency or official of the Government of the United States; and
(2) any person who agrees, consents, assumes or purports to act as, or who is or holds himself out to be, whether or not pursuant to contractual relationship, an agent of a foreign principal as defined in clause (1) of this

The words that could trouble the Timken’s deal with the collection and disbursement of funds to support the politics of their relationship with the Russian government’s business entities.

EJBNEWS searched the U.S. Department of Justice’s website for the name “Timken” to see if any individual or corporation that bore the name had ever registered. The search query returned with a “no.”

The Timken Company Good Government Fund is a political action committee that’s registered with the Federal Elections Commission. Attorney Sean Hartong is the treasurer who disburses funds that have been collected 1648 times in the names of the same repeat Timken employee contributors. He works for Timken and writes the checks to candidates committees his employer is backing across the nation.

Jane Timken in her capacity as Ohio Republican Party chairperson is on the record calling Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation of Trump and his connection to Putin – her husband’s financial benefactor – “obstruction.”

U.S. Rep. Jim Renacci is a Timken “puppet” who’s curiously called for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to wrap up his investigation of unregistered Russian foreign agents operating in the nation. Now let’s think about Ohio’s GOP being led by a woman whose married to a man with three offices in Russia; and whose steel and rail bearings supplies the Russian Federation’s armed forces with its military muscle. She’s leading the party to support Trump while her husband supports Russia’s government in the background. She’s donated to Trump, members of Congress, the Ohio General Assembly, county officials and municipal officials while she manipulates an entire political party without anyone knowing her husband’s passport’s got “Russia” stamped all over it. Maybe he flies privately. Either way. Trump’s in trouble for not arming the Ukraine that the Ohio GOP chairwoman’s husband helped Vladmir Putin invade.

Of all the state’s Republican federal representatives U.S. Rep. Jim Renacci appears to be the most Timken-loyal of the group. U.S. Senator Rob Portman took Timken money but blasted Trump for his Putin ass-kissing performance in Helinski. The same with U.S. Rep. Mike Turner and Governor John Kasich.

But Renacci as of September 2, 2018 was featured on a Columbus, Ohio television station calling for Mueller to wrap up his investigation and lying that it was supposed to stay “small.” It’s obvious he didn’t read Order 3915-2017 from Deputy U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein.  Mueller’s duties were to investigate any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump; and any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation; and any other matters within the scope of 28 C.F.R. § 600.4(a).”  The word “small” as Renacci claimed is non-existent. 

In his September 2, 2018 WCMH (NBC4) television appearance Renacci said Mueller has not discovered “collusion” between the Trump campaign and agents of Russia.

His statements were made in total oblivion to the truth that his primary funding benefactors violated the FARA by never disclosing their business relationship with the Russian government-controlled railroad industry.

Timken wouldn’t be as wealthy if his family corporation’s steel earnings were restricted to the U.S.  So their dollars earned from nation’s outside this one are funneled back to Canton, Ohio.  His wife, Jane’s, control of the Ohio GOP gives her national access and direct access to the President of the United States of America.  Her husband has Putin’s ear and those of his agents.

The wealth derived from foreign governments makes Timken’s interests and fortunes co-mingled with that of the foreign governments with whom his corporations do business.  The profits of his enterprises with these foreign governments are being used to support not only his wife’s control of the Ohio GOP, but the near exclusive string of Republican elected officials and candidates begging him for money. 

This writer was friends with former Ohio Secretary of State Anthony Celebreeze, Jr.  Celebreeze told of a visit he made to Timken where he shared a company of the corporation’s original charter filed with the state.  He said Timken told him he wanted nothing to do with Democrats.

Ward Timken’s website advertises his family corporation’s three offices in Russia.

Trump has said people he had not previously known showed up out of nowhere and tied themselves to his campaign for President of the United States in 2016. An internet search of the names Trump and Timken appears to show their first “public” interaction was when Putin’s steel vendors scheduled a fundraiser for him in Stark County where they lived. EJBNEWS could not locate any internet connections to the Trump and Timken names prior to 2016.

The Trump fundraiser paid big dividends for the  allegedly unregistered Russian agents because after he won and backed Jane for state party chairperson it gave them control of the Republican party in a political swing state. From inside the party Jane Timken has used her power to promote a “political bench of candidates” who don’t criticize her husband’s close ties to the Kremlin and questionably anti-American business practices.

The Federal Elections Commission’s July 2018 filings show both Jane and Ward Timken donated $2700 each to Trump’s campaign committee and another $25,000 a piece to his inaugural committee. Timken stood with Trump when he signed an executive order placing restrictions on imported steel back in March 2018.

U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio Justin Herdman fails to protect the POTUS, members of Congress and other key and state political office holders from being influenced by foreign players because he doesn’t enforce the Foreign Agents Registration Act. This dereliction of duty has made northern Ohio and the rest of the state a source of unprosecuted espionage with all the major players taking money and even paying bribes to foreign government officials to do business. Imagine the chairman of Diebold was bribing Russian government officials from their Moscow office at the same time they were installing electronic voting equipment in counties across the nation.

It is inconceivable to think that any “direct” conversations he’s had with Trump as a candidate or as president didn’t include discussions about sanctions against Russia he appears to be ignoring that affected his business. Such conversations would violate FARA and open the door for Mueller to investigate both Timkens’.  Trump’s conversations with Timken could have been unwitting.

Cleveland seemed like an unlikely location for the Republican National Convention in 2016 especially since Northeast Ohio is so Democrat. But logistically it was the best location for the convention since Ohio has 9 major corporations like Timken, Diebold, Wabtec and Parker Hannifin with offices in Moscow and elsewhere in Russia.

Putin’s law firms of Jones Day and Squire, Patton & Boggs are headquartered out of Cleveland. It was a convenient location for the colluders Mueller investigated to collude.

EJB NEWS asked a well-placed Republican source where Russian Ambassador Sergey Kisylak might have been hosted when he met Michael Flynn in Cleveland; and the answer was “check with the Timkens.”

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