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Cleveland Clinic’s Croatian CEO’s confession that 1000 workers are CoVid 19 sick is evidence he’s criminally violated R.C. 3707.06

CLEVELAND, OH – If Cleveland Clinic’s Croatian chief executive officer had a full comprehension of the federal, state and local laws that control public health in the United States of America and Ohio 1000 health care workers would not be sick and he wouldn’t be following Governor Richard Michael DeWine or Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson’s “orders” through “proclamation.”  Only a tin pot politician who believes he’s ‘a Communist dictator thinks a public official elected under constitutions and laws gets to suspend them with “orders” during a bad cold and flu season.

Dr. Tomislav Mihaljevic has “criminal” trouble in the way he’s handled the hospital’s response to DeWine and ex-Ohio Health Director Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton’s pandemic.  Cleveland Clinic’s public relations contract with Advance can’t help.’s public relations specialists masquerading as journalists can’t lie their client’s deadly crimes against Ohioans into a “they did a good job” spin.  This is mass murder.

A natural born American hospital chief executive officer with knowledge of the federal and state laws governing “pandemics” they studied in the medical schools at our colleges and universities, not in Croatia’s, would know to review R.C. 3707.04 through R.C. 3740.53 to deal with the current pandemic as there are “very specific” instructions the physicians Mihaljevic’s supervising are required by law to follow or face criminal charges.  It’s why this lunatic mask wearing, social distancing and stay at home bullshit has “never” happened before in ANY pandemic in the history of this state.

Mihaljevic studied at the University of Zagreb’s school of medicine.  His older faculty advisers might have medically-experimented on some of the 2 million Serbian Holocaust victims during World War II.  The late Governor George Voinovich was Serbian.  Natural born American physicians – whose pre-Civil War families built this nation – study how this nation’s political and health leaders handled past pandemics, successfully, in our medical schools.  Letting aliens with no past perspective of this nation’s health history run U.S. hospitals is a recklessly, insanely and murderously irresponsible.

In this “fake pandemic” environment created out of a lie Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton told on March 12, 2020, which DeWine recklessly tweeted that one percent of the state’s 11.7 million residents were CoVid 19 infected, when the known facts were that the number was 13; there are five “unsuspended general laws” that makes the way Mihaljevic and the other two hospital bosses reacted … criminal.  This is particularly so because thousands of Ohioans died who expected the state’s health laws to be dutifully enforced by “oath sworn” public officers and hospital officials who had no other choice but to read, master, obey and apply them as written.  Death by ventilator.

All three of the top hospital chief executives in Cleveland have foreign origins. None obeyed R.C. 3707. Tomislav Mihaljevic leads Cleveland Clinic. Akram Boutros Ghali leads Metrohealth. Cliff Megerian leads University Hospitals. Their mishandling of the pandemic is a criminal offense that comes with civil forfeiture.

R.C. 3707.04 is the first unsuspended general law that guided two officials operating under the “supervision” of two health boards.  Terry Allan as Cuyahoga County’s health commissioner and Merle Gordon as the municipal corporation of Cleveland’s health commissioner.

The heading of the law neither DeWine, Jackson, Allan nor Gordon had any legal authority to suspend reads “Quarantine regulations.”  As the former mayor of a municipal corporation organized under Ohio’s laws and constitutions, I know the duties of mayors, governors and county executives is to see that all laws are enforced.  Compare the language in R.C. 3707.04 to what is publicly-known about the so-called acts DeWine, Jackson, Armond Budish and other law enforcement officers did by “proclamation.”

In time of epidemic or threatened epidemic, or when a dangerous communicable disease is unusually prevalent, the board of health of a city or general health district, after a personal investigation by its members or executive officer to establish the facts in the case, and not otherwise, may impose a quarantine on vessels, railroads, or other public or private vehicles conveying persons, baggage, or freight, or used for such purpose. The board may make and enforce such rules and regulations as are wise and necessary for the protection of the health of the people of the community or state, but the running of any train or car on any steam or electric railroad, or of steamboats, vessels, or other public conveyances shall not be prohibited.

A true copy of such quarantine rules and regulations shall be immediately furnished by such board to the department of health, and thereafter no change shall be made except by the order of the department or the board to meet a new and sudden emergency. Effective Date: 10-01-1953.

Every word or color-coded and underlined parenthetical phrase in the unsuspended general law, when read without interpretation, explains itself and is reinforced as a duty imposed upon the named officials with words like “may” and “shall.”  “May” means when the time is right the official has the authority to act.  “Shall” means to act and discharge the duty “as written” regardless of timing.  The official has no choice.

In law the concept is called “statutory interpretation.”  When the words of a general law are clear and unambiguous ,the intent of the legislative authority that enacted it is spelled out in its “instructions” and needs no interpretation.  The duty imposed on very specificly named public officers is to be applied as written.

Notice neither unsuspended general law gave any duty for a governor, mayor, city council, county executive, county council, county commission or school board to do.  No stores … either.  No sheriffs.  No judges.  No transit authority directors and boards.  Every act each official with duties that were not prescribed for them to perform committed a crime.

Terry Allan and Merle Gordon in their official capacity as commissioners did not personally inspect every case of an infection. They did not obey R.C. 3707 as instructed by the General Assembly to mitigate a pandemic. They engaged in criminal acts that cost lives. It was Mayor Frank Jackson’s duty to make sure every “official” standing with him obeyed R.C. 3707. He would have known had he read it.

Notice, too, that “quarantine authority” was granted “only” to the “board of health of a city or “general health district” to impose a quarantine on vessels, railroads or other public or private vehicles conveying persons, baggage  or freight.  The quarantine extended only to the specific vessel found to be infected “after a personal investigation by its [board of health] members or executive officer to establish the facts “in the case, and not otherwise.”  Notice the singular use of the word “case” and not “cases.”

R.C. 3707.04 places narrow definitions on specific category of quarantinable “vehicles” or “vessels,” and the type of “baggage” or “freight” the board of health (not governor, mayor, council and the other duty-exceeding criminals) can quarantine.  R.C. 3707.05 follows with even more restrictions under the heading, “Board of health must secure approval of department of health in certain cases.”

The board of health of a city or general health district shall not close public highways or prohibit travel thereon, interfere with public officers not afflicted with or directly exposed to a contagious or infectious disease, in the discharge of their official duties, or establish a quarantine of one municipal corporation or township against another municipal corporation or township, as such, without permission first obtained from the department of health and under regulations established by the department.  Effective Date: 10-01-1953.

The word “against” when it comes to municipal corporations in 1953 terms means “adjacent to” or “bordering.”  As R.C. 3707.04 is requiring health commissioners to “personally inspect” each case, written permission from the department of health, under the department of health’s regulations, is a mandatory duty.

Brandon King had no authority to “shut down” East Cleveland and copy Jackson just because the cities were bordered against each other.  Cleveland and Akron city council had no authority to enact mask and social distancing ordinances because each county was “against” the other.  Where does it say in the statute thus far, and it won’t elsewhere, that the idiots on Akron city council can limit the number of family members Americans can have in their homes on Thanksgiving and Christmas?

No physician reported Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Pinky Carr to the health board as a CoVid 19 carrier; so no one had the right to interfere with her official duties as a judge.

There’s also been the complaints of elected officials like Cleveland Municipal Court Pinky Carr that, as an uninfected judge, the “rights of her public office” were violated with the mass closures.  She once served as Cleveland Mayor Michael R. White’s assistant and director of law when I worked as one of his special assistants.  She was legally correct to keep her court open.   R.C 3707.05 instructed the board of health that it “shall not interfere with public officers not afflicted with or directly exposed to a contagious or infectious disease.”  

How “the case” of a reported infection is required to be identified is found in R.C. 3707.06 under the heading, “Notice to be given of prevalance of infectious disease.”  This is the “license losing” law that Mihaljevic, Akram Boutros Ghali and Cliff Megerian should have been obeying before they engaged in what can publicly be confirmed are duty-exceeding reckless acts of criminal misconduct that costs thousands of Ohioans their lives.  It makes them mass murderers.

(A) Each physician or other person called to attend a person suffering from cholera, plague, yellow fever, typhus fever, diphtheria, typhoid fever, or any other disease dangerous to the public health, or required by the department of health to be reported, shall report to the health commissioner within whose jurisdiction the sick person is found the name, age, sex, and color of the patient, and the house and place in which the sick person may be found. In like manner, the owner or agent of the owner of a building in which a person resides who has any of the listed diseases, or in which are the remains of a person having died of any of the listed diseases, and the head of the family, immediately after becoming aware of the fact, shall give notice thereof to the health commissioner.

(B) No person shall fail to comply with the reporting requirements of division (A) of this section.

(C) Information reported under this section that is protected health information pursuant to section 3701.17 of the Revised Code shall be released only in accordance with that section. Information that does not identify an individual may be released in summary, statistical, or aggregate form.  Effective Date: 02-12-2004.

Section A of R.C. 3707.06 set forth specific instructions for each physician and each person who attended a person with a known contagion.  Each person includes nurses, aides, lab techs, unit secretaries or anyone else with access to a patient’s medical history at every hospital, nursing home, group home in the state.  It imposes duties on landlords and family heads when a person dies of a contagion.  When division (B) of section 3707.06 “mandated” that “no person shall fail to comply with the reporting requiremets of division (A) of this section,” the General Assembly of Ohio enacted R.C. 3707.99(B) that made failure to complay in the manner spelled out as written criminal.

(B) Whoever violates division (B) of section 3707.06 or section 3707.48 of the Revised Code is guilty of a minor misdemeanor on a first offense; on each subsequent offense , the person is guilty of a misdemeanor of the fourth degree.  Effective Date: 02-12-2004.

What’s also a general criminal law working in the background that DeWine and Jackson’s “orders” don’t suspend is R.C. 3707.48.  It puts them both in the “obstruction of official” business crosshairs.  They’re also violating rights “under the color of law.”  The proclamations mayors are coming up with giving themselves the authority to spend money without council authority or public oversight is just downright criminal evil.

No person shall violate sections 3707.01 to 3707.50 or section 3707.53 of the Revised Code, or any order or regulation of the board of health of a city or general health district made in pursuance thereof, obstruct or interfere with the execution of such order, or willfully or illegally omit to obey such order.  Amended by 130th General Assembly File No. 12, SB 26, §1, eff. 5/28/2013.  Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .

Boards of health were to hear complaints of people who were infected.  DeWine was not supposed to flood health boards with complaints of people not wearing “masks.”  Each act of lunacy that existed outside R.C. 3707 is criminal.  No person shall violate sections 3707.01 to 3707.50 or section 3707.53 of the Revised Code!

R.C. 3707.06(A) instructs “each physician or person called to attend” each of the CoVid 19 infected Cleveland Clinic workers to report to the health commissioner within whose jurisdiction the sick person is found the name, age, sex, and color of the patient, and the house and place in which the sick person may be found.”

If you’ve read to this point then you know the social distancing, masks, and sheltering in place language is not written into R.C. 3707;’ and you know the law was violated. You know the violation of the laws caused mass panic, confusion, economic chaos and societal ruin. Richard Michael DeWine takes glee every day in reporting the number of CoVid 19 deaths but not the daily narcotic overdose deaths that will hit record numbers this year. He thinks the numbers prove him right when they prove he’s a criminal. A mass murderer of people and economies.

If each physician under Mihaljevic has discharged this duty, then both Allan and Gordon should now be discharging the duties of R.C. 3707.07.    According to Mihaljevic, 1000 Cleveland Clinic employees are CoVid 19 infected and living in homes whose occupants should be receiving at least 1000 documented personal inspection visits from the health commissioner of each county or municipal corporation where they are residents.  The heading for R.C. 3707.07 is, “Complaint concerning prevalence of disease – inspection by health commissioner.”

When complaint is made or a reasonable belief exists that an infectious or contagious disease prevails in a house or other locality which has not been reported as provided in section 3707.06 of the Revised Code, the board of health of a city or general health district shall cause such house or locality to be inspected by its health commissioner, and on discovering that such disease exists, the board may send the person diseased to a hospital or other place provided for such person, or may restrain him and others exposed within such house or locality from intercourse with other persons, and prohibit ingress and egress to or from such premises.  Effective Date: 10-01-1953.

What Mihaljevic and the city’s other two foreign hospital executives have each confirmed is that health care workers have been infected, healed and returned to work.  Some have been reinfected.  All have been exposing uninfected patients to their deadly and undisclosed contagions.

There is a process R.C. 3707.08 identifies that each “known” CoVid 19 patient was mandated by it to have experienced.  Written permission from the “board of health” and not a person’s “attending physician, employer or personal wellness check” was required before they left an infected home.  The heading for R.C. 3707.08 is “Isolation of persons exposed to communicable disease – placarding of premises.”

When a person known to have been exposed to a communicable disease declared quarantinable by the board of health of a city or general health district or the department of health is reported within its jurisdiction, the board shall at once restrict such person to his place of residence or other suitable place, prohibit entrance to or exit from such place without the board’s written permission in such manner as to prevent effective contact with individuals not so exposed, and enforce such restrictive measures as are prescribed by the department.

When a person has, or is suspected of having, a communicable disease for which isolation is required by the board or the department, the board shall at once cause such person to be separated from susceptible persons in such places and under such circumstances as will prevent the conveyance of the infectious agents to susceptible persons, prohibit entrance to or exit from such places without the board’s written permission, and enforce such restrictive measures as are prescribed by the department.

When persons have, or are exposed to, a communicable disease for which placarding of premises is required by the board or the department the board shall at once place in a conspicuous position on the premises where such a person is isolated or quarantined a placard having printed on it, in large letters, the name of the disease. No person shall remove, mar, deface, or destroy such placard, which shall remain in place until after the persons restricted have been released from isolation or quarantine.

Physicians attending a person affected with a communicable disease shall use such precautionary measures to prevent its spread as are required by the board or the department.

No person isolated or quarantined by a board shall leave the premises to which he has been restricted without the written permission of such board until released from isolation or quarantine by it in accordance with the rules and regulations of the department.  Effective Date: 10-01-1953.

Mihaljevic should be able to confirm through both Allan and Gordon, and the health commissioner of any other municipal corporation where an infected employee works, that the homes of 1000 Cleveland Clinic employees have been “placarded.” Allan and Gordon should be able to produce evidence that each “personally inspected” the 1000 homes.  Allan and Gordon should have evidence of the orders they wrote to each of what we’ve been told by Mihaljevic are 1000 CoVid 19 infected Cleveland Clinic workers instructing them to remain in their homes; and not to leave without written permission from the “board of health.”

Mihaljevic has no legal authority, nor does any Cleveland Clinic physician, possess the legal authority to allow a “quarantined Ohioan” to leave their home.  A Cleveland Clinic worker is still an American citizen under the jurisdiction of the Government of the United States of America; and not a hospital CEO from a once Nazi nation whose terrorists battled ours.

I have family who served in the United States Army during before, during and after World War II.  I served during Vietnam.  Cleveland Clinic’s board hiring an alien from a Nazi Holocaust nation is reckless and disrespectfully offensive.   Nearly 2 million Serbians are the real Holocaust victims.  This wouldn’t have happened if Serbian George Voinovich were alive.

Mihaljevic can’t hide the crimes the hospital has already committed by allowing “self-quarantined” Ohioans who work in the health care system to enter hospitals in the state without the written permission of the board of health.  It’s the same for every other hospital CEO in Ohio who disregarded R.C. 3707.01 through 3707.53.  They committed “known” and now provable criminal acts through their media reports and publishly-broadcast statements.  All the “hero” stuff was just an act of concealment of now known “felony” crimes against the inhabitants of Ohio whose lives were lost in this CoVid 19 Holocaust.

Attorney David Rowan screwed thousands of Cleveland Clinic physicians, and put the immigrants in jeopardy of deportation, for violating R.C. 3707.06.

Mihaljevic was failed in part by Cleveland Clinic chief counsel attorney David Rowan.  Why he has a law license is a mystery.  Rowan and Cosgrove deserve to be criminally prosecuted for the document they signed to close the $20 million deal with Gary Norton and attorney Ronald Riley that ended up with Huron Hospital’s demolition.  Council had instructed Norton in a resolution not to even have a conversation with the officials; let alone sign a contract.  Cosgrove and Rowan signed an agreement with Norton and Riley that “the city” agreed to the deal whether council did or not.

Rowan as an attorney with “Disciplinary Rule 1.13 duties to the organization; who had the responsibility to advise Mihaljevic and every other physician on obeying R.C. 3707 and not DeWine and Jackson’s orders. He should have warned Mihaljevic that in the United States of America, Ohio particularly, R.C. 2935.09 gives any citizen the authority to file a criminal complaint on knowledge when they know a law has been violated.

R.C. 2935.10 requires a judge that citizen elects to process the complaint to the prosecuting attorney.  R.C. 309.08 requires the prosecutor to prosecute “all complaints.”  R.C. 309.05 gives that same citizen with knowledge of a complaint a prosecutor did not prosecute the authority to remove him from office by filing a complaint with a judge he can also remove from office pursuant to R.C. 3.07.

In a nation where a federal law captioned “Misprision of felony” exists, that the Congress of the United States of America enacted under Chapter 18 of the United States Code, Section 4, mandates that any person with knowledge of a felony offense shall report it to a court of cognizable jurisdiction or a military or civil authority.”  In Mihaljevic’s case … Homeland Security.

The use of the word “shall” means the person with knowledge has no other choice but to report Mihaljevic’s felonious violations of this state’s health laws that ended up with Ohioans under Cleveland Clinic’s care being “murdered” by health care workers recklessly disregarding all of Title 37’s reporting instructions.

CoVid 19 infected Ohioans were supposed to be maintained in a “quarantine hospital.” That’s instructed in R.C. 3707.31.  It makes it foolish for ignorant mayors and councils to have allowed Cleveland Clinic and University Hospital to buy and tear down Huron Hospital, Mt. Sinai, St. Mary’s, St. Luke’s and more.  They could have been used for the “quarantine hospitals” R.C. 3707.31 required since the flu season occurs annually; and an influx of aliens in sanctuary cities is exposing natural born Americans and legal citizens to foreign viruses.  Lakewood city council is right to have kept their “municipal” hospital.

A municipal corporation may establish a quarantine hospital within or without its limits. If without its limits, the consent of the municipal corporation or township within which it is proposed to establish such hospital shall first be obtained, but such consent shall not be necessary if the hospital is more than eight hundred feet from any occupied house or public highway. When great emergency exists, the board of health of a city or general health district may seize, occupy, and temporarily use for a quarantine hospital a suitable vacant house or building within its jurisdiction. The board of a district within which is located a municipal corporation having a quarantine hospital shall have exclusive control of such hospital.  Effective Date: 10-01-1953.

If no facility is available for a “quarantine hospital,’ R.C. 3707.32 authorized Jackson and every other council and mayor of a municipal corporation to “erect temporary buildings” and destroy infected property if an infected property was beyond disinfecting.  What’s amazing about our laws is their easy-to-read “Dick and Jane” level simplicity.  The heading or R.C. 3707.32 simple. Even politicians graded on the curve in public schools should be able to understand it.  “Erection of temporary buildings by the board – destruction of property.”  

The board of health of a city or general health district may erect temporary wooden buildings or field hospitals necessary for the isolation or protection of persons or freight supposed to be infected, and may employ nurses, physicians, and laborers sufficient to operate them, and sufficient police to guard them. Such board may cause the disinfection, renovation, or destruction of bedding, clothing, or other property belonging to corporations or individuals when such action is deemed necessary by the board or a reasonable precaution against the spread of contagious or infectious diseases. Effective Date: 10-01-1953.

Where Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals and MetroHealth hospitals along with the others across the state have absolutely no escape from accountability, either criminally or civily, is found in R.C. 3707.49 a “Rowan” at every hospital should have advised them was a “cause of action” against the “corporation” if they did not obey all of R.C. 3707.  This was another Disciplinaruy Rule 1.13 duty he avoided.  Mihaljevic should be demanding Rowan’s law license be forever stripped.  The heading of R.C. 3707.49 is “Violation by a corporation – forfeiture.”

A corporation shall, for any violation, obstruction, interference, or omission mentioned in section 3707.48 of the Revised Code, forfeit and pay to the proper city or general health district a sum not to exceed three hundred dollars, to be collected in a civil action brought in the name of the board of health of such district. No proof of actual damages shall be required, but the court or jury, finding other facts to justify recovery, shall determine the amount by reference to all the facts, culpatory, exculpatory, or extenuating, adduced upon the trial.  Effective Date: 10-01-1953.

Readers should remember R.C. 3707.48’s instructions were also as simple.   “No person shall violate sections 3707.01 to 3707.50 or section 3707.53 of the Revised Code …”

Mihaljevic has a problem because skilled medical malpratice attorneys know the laws I know.  So do FBI agents, U.S. Attorneys and Homeland Security agents who lost loved ones during this CoVid 19 crime against Americans; and the administration of the President of the United States of America could be changing.  The mood of the country has drastically changed towards aliens.

The current President of the United States of America has made natural born Americans a bit more “nativist” as citizens like those in Ohio are dying unnecessarily in hospitals being led by foreigners like Mihajevic who don’t know, don’t seek to know and who evidence shows are recklessly disregarding our laws.

Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton’s medical board application includes her answering “yes” to being treated for emotional abuse, drug addiction and mental health. She claimed to have been homeless and lived in a Mahoning County park during the winter. Her mother, a Youngstown area social worker, called her daughter a liar. Everyone who’s read the laws shared in this article can compare them to what she “ordered.” Richard Michael DeWine should have accepted that Amy’s momma knew her lyin’ azzed child better than he did.

Since October 1, 1953 the state of Ohio’s method of handling pandemics has gone orderly until 2020.  35 percent of Ohio’s health care workforce is controlled by aliens and immigrants like Mihaljevic, here on a green card, who we can see are deteriorating the quality of our health care as well as affecting the longevity and quality of our lives.  Cleveland Clinic according to annual Medicare reports has a C-Diff problem.  One of the worst in the nations.  Workers don’t wash their hands and they are infecting patients with “staph.”

No Constitution has been suspended by an “order” or “proclamation” of any governor, mayor, council or other elected official in the State of Ohio.  You have a right to file criminal complaints against every criminal whose act violated a constitutional or statutory right.  You already know how to remove the prosecutors and judges who refuse to prosecute “all complaints.”

I worked as a Nursing Office Clerk at University Hospitals at 16 for Director of Nursing Madeline Pierk.  UH employed my cousin, Clyde Mines, and I as its first two male unit secretaries.  I was 17.  I served four years in the United States Air Force in administration at Randolph AFB, Udorn Royal Thai AFB at the 432nd USAF Hospital.  Brooks AFB at the School of Aerospace Medicine as an administrative assistant for Col. Richard Hansen, MD.  I prepared his disciplinary paperwork for the charges he filed against doctors under U.S. Department of Defense regulations.

Lt. Col. Gordon Gibson, MD. was my 432nd USAF Hospital commander during Operation Eagle Pull when South Vietnam was overrun by Communist China backed North Vietnam.  I enrolled at Xavier University’s hospital administration program in 1976; and decided against hospitals because I’d seen enough suffering and death.  I chose the equally depressing occupation of writing about suffering and death; along with public corruption.

Mihaljevic’s management of Cleveland Clinic is criminal.  In the military he would be court martialed for his misconduct in office for operating outside acts that were authorized by law.  In a “corporate” environment where the hospital’s board once included a conspiratorial-minded daily newspaper publisher, the story I’ve just shared will never be seen in the Plain Dealer or on  WKYC and Cleveland Clinic are both represented by Squire Patton & Boggs, who also represents the Russian Federation.  Forget “Tom Meyer.”  This level of insight is far above his “follow the azz in panties” intellect.

Despite all the “drowning down” of “real discussions going on by media outlets encouraging the DeWine and Amy Stearns-Acton lunacy, nothing changes what Americans who know the laws are doing and planning to hold lawbreakers like Mihaljevic and the others criminally and civily liable for their lawbreaking.  Rowan should have warned Mihaljevic not to be so quick to talk to reporters whose questions show their own ignorance of laws; and who are creating hours of “already captured” evidence against him.

Mass murderers who operated Nazi death camps fled Europe for Cleveland during World War I and II.  Mihaljevic might become the first European mass murderer to flee the United States back to Europe.  Cleveland Clinic’s board, officers and physicians require a full “federal” criminal investigation for the way they violated laws that cost natural born Americans and legal U.S. citizens their lives.

Was the President targeted by foreign anti-Trump Cleveland Clinic employees for a weaponized influenza “hit” at CWRU?


CLEVELAND, OH – American Nationalist President Donald Trump picked the most “Communist colluded,” foreign-influenced, Demcoratic-run city and locations outside of Communist China and Russia to show up for a debate with Joe Biden during a “flu” pandemic.  Did Biden refuse to look at him because he didn’t want Trump breathing in his direction?

Trump’s first presidential appearance in “shithole” Cleveland in 2016 became the site that launched a federal investigation of Russian collusion connected to his campaign when General Michael Flynn met here with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kisylak.  His second visit to the city at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) was the most convenient location in the world to execute a “weaponized influenza hit” during a pandemic.  Watch the video below.  President Trump and Melania appeared to be fine when in this video of them heading here for the debate.

56 percent of CWRU’s incoming class of freshman are foreign and from Communist China, the Middle East, India and Africa.  The “Blacks” aren’t really Americans or Christian.  More than a third of Cleveland Clinic’s health care workforce is foreign, undocumented, from Communist nations and some are engaged in espionage.  Trump’s U.S. Department of Justice under William Barr just indicted a Communist Chinese physician Cleveland Clinic employed for espionage. Dr. Qing Wang.  The hospital’s CEO is an immigrant from Croatia named Tomislav Mihaljevic who managed Cleveland Clinic’s “Saudi” operations.  Over one-third of its workforce is alien or immigrant; and some are undocumented.

There is an unexplained and undiscussed curiosity to Trump, First Lady Melania Trump and aide Hope Hicks being the only people infected as the closest to the president.  Chris Wallace (Wallik under his Russian family surname) has offered his perspective that Trump and his team arrived too late to take Cleveland Clinic’s coronavirus test.  The statement from the hospital advises every other guest not to worry; and that only the Trumps and Hicks were infected.

What’s been taking place since news of the viral attack on the President of the United States in Cleveland went global has been a “Cleveland Clinic did a good job” public relations campaign to disguise a possible assassination attempt as something else.  Even Governor Richard Michael DeWine has joined in the chorus of politicians and public figures praising Cleveland Clinic officials .

Cleveland councilman Blaine Griffin is a violator of the Logan and Espionage Act having joined councilwoman Jasmine Santana on a trip to Israel in 2018 where the two met with officials of the Government of Israel without authorization from the U.S. Department of State during Trump’s administration.  The Trump USDOJ has been the most relentless in pursuing Logan Act and Espionage Act violators.  Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson last year flew an Israeli flag over city hall.  That and his statutorily-unauthorized sister city relationship with the indicted racist mayor of a Soviet Israeli city violates the Espionage Act.

Griffin told WKYC reporters the  president’s family rejected multiple attempts by unknown Cleveland Clinic physicians and employees to give them masks to wear.  What Griffin did not say, and could not possibly know as an “official” spreading disinformation, is that none of the masks had been examined or analyzed by the president’s security team to learn if any toxins had been sprayed in them.  WKYC and Vladmir Putin’s Russian Federation are each represented by the Cleveland-founded and global law firm of Squire, Patton & Boggs.

Russian citizen Alexei Navalny has accused his nation’s president of a poisoning attempt.   In March 2018, the Government of Great Britain accused Putin’s administration of sending agents to poison father and daughter Sergei and Yulia Skripal inside its borders.  In 2017, North Korean Kim Jon Nam was assassinated by his brother, Kim Jon Un, when two women splashed a nerve agent in his face at an airport.

Cleveland Clinic is partially in Griffin’s ward as one of the hospital’s political puppets. His praise of Cleveland Clinic operates as an obstruction of the now ongoing investigation of “how” the President of the United States of America became infected with the coronavirus in Cleveland.  The coronavirus was upgraded to “terror” level by the Barack Obama administration in 2012.  Griffin had better learn to keep his mouth shut.  This is big boy shit that’s so far over his head he doesn’t see the comfortable federal prison bed in his future. What he’s identified to WKYC are the multiple attempts Cleveland Clinic employees may have made against the life of the president his family and staff; and he’s now a player in the cover-up.

Why did Cleveland Clinic employees even approach the president or his family; and who were they?  An attempt to enforce Cleveland’s unconstitutional mask “order” on the nation’s chief constitutional defender is a criminal act.  Cleveland Clinic’s employees, whoever they were and whatever their intent, had no legal authority whatsoever to approach the nation’s highest federal elected law enforcement officer to enforce either DeWine or Frank Jackson’s “mandatory orders.”

The same with CDC guideline enforcement.  The president runs that agency.  That agency doesn’t run the president.  No official of any government has the statutory authority to even “offer” an unmasked citizen of this nation a mask as it violates their 1st and 4th Amendment rights.  To know a citizen is not wearing a mask, a government official has to “search” a citizen’s face without a warrant even if it’s in plain view.   As there is no “law” requiring the wearing of a mask, there are no words in any statute that authorizes an official of any government to act.   Griffin sounds like a fool with his claim that Cleveland has a mandatory mask ordinance.  It’s unconstitutional but he struggles with the document’s first three words.

Americans would not know that religious and cultural wars are being executed inside the nation’s hospitals by foreign health care workers that makes the concept of “medical hits” real.  Lara Kollab was fired by Cleveland Clinic after she posted on Twitter that she’d give Jews or Russian Americans and Israeli visitors the wrong meds.  The Ohio Medical Board stripped the Palestinian woman of her license just this past August.   Over 30 percent of the nation’s physicians are foreign.  The majority are from Communist and anti-Christian nations in a majority Christian nation.  In those nations Christians are discriminated against, persecuted and slaughtered.

A website called “Bare Naked Islam” carried the Kollab story as a warning to its Russian readers who call themselves Jews that they should “Never use a Muslim doctor … especially if you’re Jewish.”  The warning for an 85 percent majority Christian nation carries a chilling “converse” perspective.  What if physicians and health care workers who are Communist Chinese, Russian Jews, Muslims and Hindu are behind the 200,000 deaths of mainly U.S. Christians due to “medical errors?” The Bare Naked Islam writer’s thinking offers the motive for a hit in Cleveland on Trump where one of the workers could have intentionally infected themselves to infect the masks and his family.

“The late General Omar Suleiman’s 2012 death in Cleveland Clinic made some news because of his international prominence.  There are nuances to how Egypt’s former vice president and director of the Egyptian Intelligence Services died here; and who was around him at the time of his death which created a global drama and accusations that former CEO Delos Cosgrove may have orchestrated a medical assassination for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).  200,000 people annually die of “medical errors” in this nation.  The most prolific serial killers and assassins are in the health care industry.

Suleiman’s death came during tests at Cleveland for Hereditary Amyliodosis.   The tests include drawing blood, pissing in a bottle, being bone scanned and a biopsy of the infected organ if necessary.  As Egypt’s equilvalent to the director of the CIA, in a military-controlled government, Suleiman was tight with Israel and a thorn in the side of Palestine’s Hamas.  He had led the Rendition program with the CIA and Israel’s Mossod as they kidnapped and delivered suspected terrorists to him to be questioned through torture.

Two months before his death, Cleveland Clinic hired former FBI Special Agent Gordon Snow who had served as Director of Counterintelligence for the Middle East during the time James Comey worked with President George W. Bush’s U.S. Attorney General, John Ashcroft, and approved waterboarding and sleep deprivation for nearly 8 days as a method of torture.  The two were on the same counter-terrorism mission.

Snow’s departure from the FBI in 2012 came abruptly to an end on May 4, 2012.  He was hired by Cleveland Clinic on May 14, 2012.  Suleiman died during Cleveland Clinic testing, with his bodyguard present, on July 19, 2012.

Egypt’s suspicions were raised as Suleiman’s friend, Fareed Zakaria, made note that Prince Nayef bin Abdulazziz had died one month before Suleiman; and three months after being treated by Cleveland Clinic. Zakaria had been the first director of Egypt’s Intelligence Services.  The deaths of two prominent “Arabs” within a month of each other – after being treated by “Middle East-influenced” Cleveland Clinic – was just too suspicious.  Snow remains on Cleveland Clinic’s staff.

Just like Cleveland Clinic appears to be “guiding” its political puppets to support its employees threating the security of the president, his family and “already tested” members of his staff, Cosgrove in 2012 took the “extraordinary” step of going public with the reason for Suleiman’s death.  He released the man’s health diagnosis and everyone reading knows Cosgrove violated the Health Information Patient Portability Act’s privacy requirements.  That’s exactly what U.S. Department of State information officer Patrick Ventrell told me when I asked him about the “official” cause of death.  He said Suleiman’s health information was HIPPA-protected.  Ventrell could offer me no section of the federal law that gave Cosgrove the authority to release it.

A 2003 report of the United Kingdom’s Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, titled “Influenza as a Bioweapon,” found its way into the U.S. National Institute of Heatlh’s datebase under the National Center for Biological Information.  The report was authored by four physicians connected to the University of Texas’ Health Center in Houston.  The physicians were Scott Lillibridge, Mohammad Madjid, Parsa Mirhaji and the late Ward Casscells.

Lillibridge was the founding director of the Centers for Disease Control’s Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Program.  Madjid is a cardiovascular expert.  Parsa is a “computational biology” expert.  Cascells died of prostate cancer in 2012 after a war-time physician’s career in the U.S. Army took him to serve as President George W. Bush’s Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health.  He was also a cardiovascular expert and the son of Noble Prize winning cardiologist.  His father of the same name invented arthroscopic surgery.  Make note that two of the physicians on the team are cardiologists.

The conclusions of the four speciality-focused experts was a warning that the U.S. was not prepared to be “hit” by the possible “aerosol transmission of influenza” that “requires up to 27,000 times fewer virions to induce equivalent disease.”  They cited “international transmission” as being “increasingly frequent” connected to the influx of foreigners and alleged U.S. citizens repeatedly entering and leaving our borders while engaged in “personal” and unauthorized interactions with the officials of foreign governments.  The most important discovery of the team was that it wasn’t the flu that killed.  It was the “heart attack” the flu caused that killed afterwards.

“Influenza is usually transmitted by direct contact but can also be transmitted by aerosol (e.g. on a passenger plane).  Indeed, international transmission is increasingly frequent. Notably, aerosol transmission of influenza requires up to 27 000 times fewer virions to induce equivalent disease.  Taken together with the fact that influenza virus is readily accessible and may be causing more deaths than previously suspected, the possibility for genetic engineering and aerosol transmission suggests an enormous potential for bioterrorism.”

The team studied the high number of strokes and heart attacks that came after the Spanish Flu in 1918 and identified the influenza virus as the reason.  The number of dead tripled when the later heart attack and stroke deaths were counted among those who died after surviving the flu.  They warned of the possibility of “malicious genetic engineering to create more virulent strains” of the Spanish Flu virus since its “genome” had been “copied.”   Their specific concern in 2003 was for another terrorist attack like the one that occurred on September 11, 2001.

“Sequencing of the genome of the 1918 Spanish influenza virus is nearly complete; once it is published, unscrupulous scientists could presumably utilize candidate virulence sequences.  Recently, the possibility of synthesizing an infectious agent solely by following instructions from a written sequence has moved from theory to practice.”

Over the past year,  foreign-born Mihaljevic has been adding to Cleveland Clinic’s research staff on infectious diseases to study “all areas of virology/microbiology relevant to human disease.”  The new Florida hires at the Cleveland Clinic Florida Research and Innovation Center, and this is according to its announcement, will “closely collaborate” with the scientists at the Lerner Research Institute and its network of 190 labs.”

The applications are going to a woman born in Germany by the name of Michaela Gack.  Somehow she just left high school in Germany to study at Harvard that prefers educating foreigners instead of this nation’s natural born citizens. I make no accusation relative to Gack.  I’m simply offering a perspective of the type of people in this nation with the ability and a possible motive to execute an agenda.

One of the area’s Gack is studying, with the help of the Vilcek foundation owned by Czechslovakian immigrants Jan and Marica Vilceck, is “to identify the precise steps by which viruses override the human immune system.”  The Vilcek grants only go to immigrants living in the U.S. and they don’t want our nation’s immigration laws enforced.  The words below are some very aggressive anti-Trump words from the anti-natural born American grant funders of the Cleveland Clinic employee who may reflect her funder’s anti-natural born American attitude.

“President Trump’s intent to suspend immigration runs contrary to the long-established tenet that America is a land of immigrants and is inimical to the overwhelming evidence that immigrants are an asset for this country. A high proportion of essential workers in our communities—in healthcare, in food service, and in public transportation—are immigrants. Data from the Migration Policy Institute indicates that seventeen percent of heatlhcare workers, and twenty-eight percent of physicians and surgeons in the United States are foreign-born.”

Jan Vilcek is rich because he invented a drug called Remicade.  It’s supposed to treat people who have autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, but it’s been ending up killing the people receiving it. The Trump administration’s oversight of the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has resulted in Vilcek, a Russian Jew, having his drug called “dangerous” for the way it’s maiming and killing Christians and others in this majority Christian nation.  Barack Obama gave this man an award in 2011.

With nearly 30 percent of the nation’s medical scientists, physicians and health care workers being foreign, Communist, atheist because of Communism or from an anti-Christian or anti-American nation, and in control of a Christian nation’s health care system, Trump and every other American who doesn’t favor illegal aliens could be slaughtered by an undocumented health care worker.  So the idea of the Trump family and entourage refusing the masks from unidentified individuals is a matter of “security protocol” that’s now being played up by Communist-minded Democratic and Republican anti-Trump politicians as a “refusal” to obey “orders” he knows are unconstitutional.

I make no accusation relative to Vilcek.  I’m simply offering a perspective of the type of people in this nation with the ability and a possible motive to execute an agenda.  Vilcek’s foundation advertises that it  does not provide any grants to a natural born American. Only immigrants. It seems insane for a Christian nation’s entire medical apparatus to be under the control of Communist Russian and Chinese anti-American and anti-Christian aliens.

Historically, during this nation’s push to remove disruptive Russian and Eastern European Bolshevik illegal immigrants who, after arriving here illegally began infiltrating their agenda into the nation’s politics, there appears to have been medical assassinations carried out against prominent U.S. political and civil rights figures who wanted immigration laws enforced when foreigners were heavily in involved in our health care.  I’ll offer two as an example.  American Negro Booker T. Washington and President Warren G. Harding.

Harding in author Joel A. Rogers “The 5 Negro Presidents” is identified as one of the five among our American Negro people who “passed for white.” Eastern Europeans see all American blood as impure irrespective of our skin tones because the majority of us who are the majority are mixed from over 500 years of living together.  The premise of this nation is based on “three races” as observed in the state laws and local ordinances of southern cities.  Negroid, Caucasoid and Mongoloid.  South Carolina ex-Governor and Asian Indian Nikki Haley didn’t like this nuance of southern living as she was forced to declare herself to be among the Caucasoids instead of the Mongoloids as an Asian Indian based on her racial characteristics.  Skin color, hair texture, thickness of lips, shape of nose, chin, blood type, etc.

Mr. Washington died on November 14, 1915.  His blood pressure was high.  220 over 120.  Mr. Washington was in New York city when his elevated blood pressure caused him to faint.  He was taken to an immigrant doctor whose alleged name was “William Bastedo.”  Let’s go with the reality that most Eastern European immigrant identities at that time were false as the man’s name exists in no medical or immigration records I’ve searched.  “Bastedo” is not one of the Mayflower names.  Nor is it a last name that is reflective of the White Anglo Saxon Protestant founders of the nation or seen as indigenous. [NOTE: My late Aunt Helen Brewer worked for Mr. Washington’s Negro Business League chapter in Cleveland for 25 years.]

The immigrant “doctor” gave Mr. Washington “radium water” that if under a regulated formula would have contained one microm each of radio isotopes 226 and 228.  This quack shit was used on him before it was manufactured under the name “Radithor” by William Bailey; a non-physician Harvard drop out.  Foreign doctors like Bastedo in New York and New Jersey prescribed it to unsuspecting politicians and “industrialists” like Pittsburgh Mayor and steel manufacturer Eben Byers.

After Bastedo poisoned Mr. Washington with the radium water, our leader got on a train as his health grew worse back to his own Tuskegee people in Atlanta.  He died and they learned from his autopsy that the radiated water Bastedo gave him had obviously begun burning up his organs.  Byers took 1400 doses of that shit and died a few months later.  An American who wanted this nation’s immigration laws enforced as he sought to hire southern American Negro workers immigrating from the south was dead.  Congress enacted the Espionage Act two years after Mr. Washington’s death.

Like Trump, Mr. Washington wanted the nation’s immigration laws enforced and this nation’s natural born citizens, the one’s whose ancestors built it, uplifted.  His words and presence made him an immigrant target in a city where foreigners controlled health care when he became sick.  Read his 1895 words from the Atlanta Compromise on September 18, 1895 from your perspective “today.”

To those of the white race who look to the incoming of those of foreign birth and strange tongue and habits for the prosperity of the South, were I permitted I would repeat what I have said to my own race, “Cast down your bucket where you are. Cast it down among the eight millions of Negroes whose habits you know, whose fidelity and love you have tested in days when to have proved treacherous meant the ruin of your firesides. Cast down your bucket among these people who have without strikes and labor wars tilled your fields, cleared your forests, builded your railroads and cities, and brought forth treasures from the bowels of the earth, and helped to make possible this magnificent representation of the progress of the South.

Congress responded to Mr. Washington by amending the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1899.  No more than 73 immigrants from all of Eastern Europe and Communist Asia were allowed in the nation all the way through 1940.  So the overwhelming of Russians and Eastern Europeans claiming a legal presence here are not.

President Wilson McKinley was on board.  A Russian from Cleveland by the name of Leo Czolgosz left Fleet and Todd Avenue for Buffalo, New York, after a meeting in Cleveland with illegal Russian immigrant Emma Goldberg, expressed his dissatisfaction by assassinating McKinley in 1901.  Griffin didn’t know the first three words of the U.S. Constitution; so this level of Cleveland history exists well beyond his scope of knowledge until now.  Hi Blaine.  It is absolutely foolish to get in the middle of what could be yet another Cleveland conspiracy in association with the possible attempted assassination of the president.

The “Anarchist Exclusion Act” of 1903 was enacted by Congress after the Russians plotted and executed McKinley. It was during this period that Mr. Washington became “tight” with U.S. presidents who understood clearly who was loyal to the nation and who was not. By the time he died of poisoning in 1915, the literacy rate of American Negroes had elevated from zero percent in 1865 to more than 40 percent.  70 percent by 1940.  98.4 percent by 1970.  American Negroes and Christian White Anglo Saxon Protestants were taking “back” over the nation’s highest professions from the undocumented immigrants who had arrived here illegally with fake names, fraudulent documents, cover stories and aid from inside conspirators.

One of the Americans on the same page as Mr. Washington’s 1895 Atlanta Compromise was President Harding.  Mr. Washington was half-white.  One of Harding’s great-grand parents was an enslaved American Negro.  Like Washington, irrespective of his interactions with the Ku Klux Klan here in Ohio, Harding had grown weary of disruptive Eastern and Southern European immigrants when he signed the Emergency Immigration Quota Act of 1921.  That cemented the Chinese Exclusion Acts numbers of no more than 73 immigrants from all parts of those nations per year.  No Chinese.  That law didn’t sit well with Dr. Raymond Lyman Wilbur.

From the beginning of his tenure as Stanford University’s president in 1916, Wilbur’s inaugural address at his installation expressed the anarchist view that he wasn’t on board with federal immigration laws that kept the “Occidentals” out.  That was then the name for Asians.

“Here in California the product of the mingled races of the Occidental world meet on the ever nearer border of the Orient.  Who can foresee what this will mean in moral, mental and spiritual development?  A great intellectual and artistic future seems to open before us.  Let us here at Stanford welcome it, freeing ourselves as heretofore  from the tyranny of precedent, of the past, except in so far as the past has shown the right principles of conduct and discovered facts.  Let us be conservative in holding to that which is good and true and essential, and above all to justice, but radical in our willingness to receive and understand the new while discarding promplty the trivial and transient. We can be free to give that legitimate scope to acive minds essential in order to make a university.”

This “anarchist” thinking put Wilbur at odds with President Woodrow Wilson and his successor, Warren G. Harding.  So when Harding suffered a heart attack in California one of the doctors “inserted” on his medical team was Wilbur.  Wilbur had never treated him before, but he was alleged to have been a cardiologist.  Someone gave Harding a “stimulant” that induced the heart attack that killed him.

CWRU president Barbara Snyder’s 56 percent foreign enrollment would put her politically at odds, like Wilbur was with President Wilson, with Trump.  Trump wants natural born Americans educated.  Snyder wants to educate everybody but natural born Americans.

Trump and his family were totally outnumbered and surrounded by pro-immigrant and undocumented worker co-conspirators in “sanctuary city” Cleveland.

Russian moderator Wallace’s debate role is internal Russian election interference


CLEVELAND, OH – I’ve been in candidate debates where the moderator was doing their worst to suppress my performance like Bruce Martin did in East Cleveland in 2005 when I campaigned successfully for mayor.  He even said my time was up “early” as he tried his best to cut off an answer that showed the unpreparedness of his candidate, Gladys Walcott.  

I was in the same position as President Donald Trump,as someone who’d never held elected office, competing against someone who’d been in office for a dozen years.  I thought of him and that debate when I observed Russian American moderator Chris Wallace; and agreed with Trump that the FOX News host was helping career politician Joe Biden.  Like the audience in the room during my debate: everyone saw it.  I shredded my opponents with 84 percent of the vote.

Trump made specific reference to the Logan Act and Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and his receipt of a bribe from the mayor of Moscow in comparison to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s indictment of Paul Manafort, Rick Gates and others.  New York U.S. Attorney Dana Boente said last year the Logan Act and Espionage Act were tools the U.S. Department of Justice intended to keep in its prosecutorial toolbox; and the “memories” of the violators were on full display in the city where the initial investigation of Russian interference in our elections began in 2016 during the Republican National Convention.

Wallace didn’t touch the “Moscow” reference Trump made to the bribe Biden’s son took, or his reference to the Logan Act, as his July 16, 2018 interview with the President of the Russian Federation, and delivering him a “national defense secret,” is a prime example of the law being violated.

Wallace’s mother, father and their parents are all Russian immigrants or children and grandchildren of Russian immigrants.  You know them as NBC journalist Mike Wallace or “Wallik” and NBC producer Norma Kaplan or Kaphan as the name her father, Ludvig Kaphan, used when he immigrated here at 5 in 1891. 

Their presence may or may not be legal based on the Chinese Exclusion acts and Emergency Immigration Quota Acts that were enacted between 1892 and 1929. For some reason a conversation like this is not supposed to be “politically correct” when discussing who may or may not be selling out their fellow American citizens to violent foreign interests.

Like another son of a Russian immigrant who entered the nation under a fake name, Bernie (Gitman) Sanders, Wallace travelled to “Mother Russia” to meet with President Vladmir Putin in 2018 under the guise of conducting an “interview.”  Journalists are not officials of the U.S. government authorized to meet with the officials of foreign governments or deliver them information under the Espionage Act codified as Title 18 of the United States Code under Chapter 37; sections 791 through 799 inclusively.         

Wallace can claim the interaction with Putin and deliverance of national defense secrets was connected to his “occupation” at FOX, but this is the U.S. and not Israel; and  Israel’s “Basic Laws” as a nation without a constitution that says its people can engage in any occupation anway they want does not apply here.  Being a journalist doesn’t give any citizen “extra” rights to violate laws under the 1st Amendment or any section of the Bill of Rights.

In his FOX interview with Putin in 2018 for his Australian and Communist Chinese-connected employer, Wallace possessed a copy of the report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller; and gave the official document of the United States government, one of its national defense secrets, to the Communist government official. 

Wallace asked him questions about the official U.S. government document and delivered his answer, as propaganda, to the citizens of the United States of America. The “communication” about the nation’s national defense secret and the Putin meeting violated the Logan Act.  The unpatriotic FOX employee also violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act by not registering as a propaganda agent of the Russian government.

Wallace, additionally, committed an act of treason by delivering Putin the secrets Mueller identified in his special report about the elections his 12 military intelligence agents in the GRU or “General Staff” tampered with when they created the Internet Research Agency.  The indictment of the 12 Russian agents, Putin’s government has not delivered for trial, accused several intelligence units of engaging “in cyber operations that involved the staged releases of documents stolen through computer intrusions.”

What’s particularly important is the identity of Wallace’s employer.  FOX is owned by Australian Rupert Murdoch; a close Putin friend.  Putin and Wendy Deng, a Communist Chinese woman, were alleged to have dated.  Deng is Murdoch’s ex-wife.  Murdoch was also in on the December 2016 $11.4 billion Rosneft sale after Trump won the presidency.  Christopher Steele shared that the late Marc Rich’s Glencore handled the transaction. I met Rich’s widow, Denise, at a party in the Hampton’s.

Anyone who saw the first Communist Chinese Jackie Chan film “Rush Hour,” with Chris Tucker, will remember the the Asian influence on the Australian and Negro characters in the film shot in Hong Kong.  China from Australia is the distance between New York and California.  About 800 miles from Communist-influenced and purge-minded Indonesia.  There are 26 million Australians compared to over 1 billion Communist Chinese within “fucking” range of each other like Murdoch and Deng.  About 5 percent of Australians who are “white” are mixed with Chinese blood.

Jared Kushner is Russian American. Wendy Deng is Communist Chinese and Australian Rupert Murdoch’s ex-wife. Foreign friendships in one’s private life without care for the future creates relationships that in government could be detrimental for the nation’s national security as a direct pipeline to Russian President Vladmir Putin she’s supposed to be fucking.

Agriculturally, Australia’s land is so unfertile they can’t eat without Communist China’s food.  They’re also so outnumbered they’ve already been taken over by China’s purchase of millions of acres of its infrastructure.  There’s nothing the outnumbered Australians can do about it as neighbors of Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea.

The Logan Act of 1917 was enacted by Congress and signed by President Woodrow  Wilson with the specific intent of making it a federal crime for “anyone” but an “authorized” official of the U.S. government to communicate with another nation’s government officials for any reason.  It came during a time when Russian Bolshevik Communists were engaged in a series of violent “Red Summers” that tore up 40 U.S. cities and resulted in hundreds of U.S. deaths, assaults, vandalism and looting. Trump referenced 40 “hit” U.S. cities during the Red Summer II rerun of 2019-2020.

These Russian and Eastern European Bolshevik anarchists had plotted over 300 cowardly assassinations of politicians, industrialists and social commentators who opposed them as their plans were discovered by U.S. Attorney General Alexander Mitchell Palmer and FBI Special Agent John Edgar Hoover.  4500 illegal Russian and Eastern European immigrant anarchists were rounded up. 

Democrats set the ground rules for how they went after President Donald Trump, his family, friends, infiltrated his campaign and impeached him using all the techniques they’ve now taught him. Joe Biden spoke to Americans as if we’re all in agreement with him that Trump is a clown, the election is over and he’s our guy. In truth he looked like he was about to break down and cry over all the shit he knows Trump knows about him and his family that’s about to be exposed. Hunter Biden must have been hitting the crack pipe hard to look more fucked up than his father.

240 were deported aboard the USS Buford in 1919 and the immigration quota acts became constant limits on the legal immigration of Russians to the nation.  The Ku Klux Klan organized large chapters in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Indiana in the same manner as the “Proud Boys” to handle the local community containment of anarchist violence.

I heard Trump say two words in reference to Biden’s defense of his son’s bribe money from the Moscow mayor.  “You’ll see.”  If Wallace or Wallik, as his father’s real Russian surname identifies him, fully understood the conversation Trump was having in a “statutory” light; he’d have seen in the acts he identified in connection with the Biden’s as a pattern of criminal behavior.

He said Biden’s son, Hunter not Bo, was kicked out of the U.S. Navy after he tested positive for cocaine.  All true.  Crack to be specific.  He looks like a fiend.  Trump said Biden’s son didn’t have a job until his father became Barack Obama’s vice president.  True again.

The Burisma claim is true.  The Moscow bribe money is true.  The baby with the stripper is true.  Biden’s kids reflect the family values of a man who stole another man’s Russian wife for himself.  Even Biden’s running mate’s husband is Russian; and her values appear to be the equivalent of his as she humiliated Willie Brown’s wife in public.

A Russian American with no prior experience in elected office did not use the U.S. Constitution or a federal law to have any discussion with candidates for president of the United States of America. He just made up a bunch of ridiculously-uninformed questions that would make any trying to answer them look as foolish as the person who asked it.

Even the selection of Cleveland, where Trump initially got in trouble over the Russian shit, was a strange choice for the debate; but for the fact it’s a shitty-run Democratic city he can use as an example of loser leaders for the rest of the campaign.  It looks like a return to the scene of an international crime against him.

Barbara Snyder, as Case Western Reserve University’s outgoing president, welcomed the audience.  The university’s foreign enrollment this year is a despicable 56 percent.  The Soviet-controlled and influenced Cleveland Clinic hired a Croatian immigrant, Tomislav Mihaljevic, to serve as its chief executive officer. 

The Egyptians accused that hospital’s staff of medically assassinating its former vice president and spy boss, Omar Suleiman, in June 2012 while he was in the nation for tests for amyliodosis.  It makes me wonder if part of Trump’s presence here was to gather intelligence.

There’s Russian inteference in the U.S. elections both abroad and internally.  There’s Chinese interference in the U.S. elections both aboard and internally.  The secure election is one where voters go to the polls and neighbors can challenge who’s one of them and who’s not. 

It’s one where “poll watchers” watch the pollworkers in Russian-controlled and influenced “local” precincts and elections boards across the nation; and where anarchists infiltrated inside the Democratic party’s poll working and precinct apparatus have the final say in some states whether the ballots are counted or tossed.

I know every criminal at the elections board here in Cuyahoga by unprosecuted deed.  I know  Basheer Jones doesn’t live in Cleveland, received $6000 in donations between Russian Americans Milton Maltz and Tim Wuliger; and none were prosecuted for the election law violation.  Local “Russian” interference in an election comes in all ways beyond what’s in existence at the national level.  It all starts at home.

Wallace was not only a lousy choice for a moderator: he was a conflicted choice as an Espionage and Logan Act violator for his interview with Putin.

Wallace opened the debate in Cleveland by saying he’d prepared the questions, without help, and none were shared with the candidates or their campaigns in advance.   That didn’t happen with his Putin interview.

The thought he sought but failed to convey was the questions from his research were so pointedly -specific that the answers to them were not going to be leaked to give one side or the other an advantage.

President Donald Trump attended Rev. Darrell Scotts’ church in Cleveland Heights with Michael Cohen and General Michael Flynn. His friends and supporters were then indicted under pressure from the Democrats for having conversations and business dealings with foreign government officials in violation of the Logan and Espionage Acts; as well as money laundering. What about Hunter Biden?

What Wallace delivered in his “top secret” questions to Trump and Biden is nothing.   Greenhouse gases?  Paris accord?  Race relations in the broadest sense, and Biden’s answer was anti-semitism is wrong, and I was like “oh give me a break.  What’s up with all this we love Russians so much shit in the United States of America?”  Oh.  Joe’s wife’s Russian. I forgot. Of course she talked to him before the debate.  Kamala Harris’ husband is also Russian and with an office in Moscow.  Russian influence, internally, is a domestic problem.

The duties of the president’s job are found in the U.S. Constitution, United States Code and U.S. Code of Federal Regulations.  All free and available online. The federal government is funded by tax dollars and comes with a budget.  Annually the different agencies of the U.S. government are audited and reports are shared with Congress.

Trump in his official capacity as president, has a White House website full of his executive orders, speeches; and a PACER search will reveal the litigation his administration has filed or defended since his term in office.  Biden’s records are in the National Archives.

Wallace’s questions appear to have come from FOX News headlines and his own personal interests.  It might have been his gift to Putin as a “thank you” for the 2018 interview.  Why anyone thinks it’s a good idea to let moderators who have never held an elected or appointed public office interview candidates for elected offices with duties defined by laws they haven’t read is a mystery.  But here was Wallace debating with Trump instead of shutting up and letting him and Biden go at it during the first chance Americans got to see the two together in Cleveland.

As someone who has campaigned for and won an elected office, I’ve done the debate thing like Trump and Biden with “journalists” whose questions, like Wallace’s, have nothing to do with the job.  I don’t remember the questions Rick Walker asked me on behalf of the City Club during my campaign for Cleveland mayor in 2017.  I guarantee he did not study Cleveland’s charter, ordinances, Title 7 of the Revised Code of Ohio or read the city’s budget, state audits and state auditor’s management letters as his guide. 

I have no expectation that the next debate’s moderators will prepare themselves better than Wallace did; and actually spend some time studying the job.  I think all will have an “agenda” that is not designed to encourage patriotism and confidence in this nation’s elections.

The best question was one Wallace asked that got an answer from Trump I thought as an ex-mayor he should have further explored had he understood it.

The discussion of the California fires brought a Trump insight that the solution was in “forestry management.”  All I could think of was Forest Hill Park in East Cleveland that John D. Rockefeller owned and lived in as he became the world’s first billionaire.  I walked every inch of it and his answer about the amount of dead trees all over California’s parks was something I’d never heard a president ever say; but I knew he was right and his answer was brilliantly insightful.

When I took office on January 1, 2006, Rockefeller’s old 288 acre estate had not been maintained in years.  The grass during the spring months had hit over 7 feet tall.  Deer roamed the park and so did foxes, wild turkeys and other animals that were not normal to the area. 

This was the view of John D. Rockefeller’s old estate from my 19th floor apartment as East Cleveland’s mayor. I understood President Donald Trump’s point, exactly, as he discussed “forestry management” as a way to deal with California’s annual wild fires.

We’d relocated to the city in 1969, so I’d seen the park when it was pristine and then subsequently ravaged.   An ex-mayor from Nigeria used it to dump dead trees the city removed from the streets.  Independence Excavating dumped  construction debris the DeGeronimo’s moved from University Circle construction sites in the early 2000’s.

The rotting trees and tall grass would catch on fire.  The animals that weren’t natural to an area so densely-urban started killing off animals that were.  The extra vegetation created extra ragweed that for some made the air, especially for asthmatics, difficult to breathe.

What it appears Trump was trying to explain to Wallace – in terms so clear he did could not understand them – was that even the greenhouse gas problem, like the California forest fire problem or East Cleveland’s park problem, could be corrected by “forestry management.” 

It’s why Trump  could ask Biden, as the ex-vice president spoke of problems that had existed  during his time with Barack Obama and in the U.S. Congress, 47 years in all, “why didn’t you do something about it?” The fires in California occurred during all 47 years of Biden’s presence in Congress; and his answers to questions weren’t answers but a memorized stump speech.

Had Wallace not been operating on an agenda, he might have used his contacts with former presidents to ask them questions about the job that are so specific that only a person who has held it or been close to it would know.  The “forestry management” answer could have come from any of the past presidents if they’ve been paying attention.

Australian Rupert Murdoch owns FOX NEWS and the Wall Street Journal; and he and Putin are “boys.” Chris Wallace works for Murdoch. The rumor is Putin’s been fucking Murdoch’s ex-wife, Wendy Deng, and all is good in the world between them.

Questions like that would have generated a higher level of discussion between two experienced men both in business and government.  Such questions would have elevated those of us who were forced to suffer the ridiculous ones born from Wallace’s over-inflated sense of knowledge he doesn’t possess about the job of President of the United States of America.

I’ve seen debates since President John F. Kennedy debated President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s vice president, Richard Nixon in 1960.  I’ve never seen a moderator so uninformed and poorly-prepared.   

Americans were robbed.  All I saw was an idiot journalist who’d never even been elected to the job of a precinct committeeman looking stupid as he tried to argue with the President of the United States of America.  I wouldn’t expect anything less than from a grandchild of Russian immigrants whose ancestral nation’s rulers are interfering “internally” in U.S. elections so that they’re in the position to take ours over from “within.” 

Five Russian Americans just campaigned for U.S. President.  33 serve in the U.S. Congress.  12 in the U.S. Senate and 21 in the U.S. House of Representatives.  Trump can forget me taking a vaccine created by the Russian leading Johnson & Johnson.  He also leads the manufacture of fentanyl that’s been killing Americans all over the nation.  They’re 1.6 percent of the U.S. population and not all legally.

Yes.  There is “internal” Russian influence inside the U.S. that is intefering not only with this nation’s elections, but in every other area of American life.  This is the “Communist agenda” the President of the United States of America “appears” to be fighting.  Wallace’s presence appears to be disruptively-intentional and undermining.

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