Brendan Sheehan

Gaige Grosskreutz’s testimony is the FBI’s confirmation that Antifa terrorists are an armed organized network of traveling terror mercenaries with criminal records

CLEVELAND, OH – American Negro Jacob Blake was shot by Russian “American” Kenosha, Wisconsin cop Rusten Sheskey on August 23, 2020.  Russian “American” Antifaschistische Aktion or Antifa anarchist Gaige Grosskreutz testified during American Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial that he and a friend were offering paramedic services at Antifa riots for 75 days prior to the August 25, 2020 night his arm was “vaporized.” Grosskreutz is not a resident of Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Kenosha or any of the other riot torn cities he told the court he had visited as a crisis medic for revolting terrorists.  He lives in West Allis.  He testified…

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Cleveland court bailiff gets a stroke 5 days after 1st Pfizer shot as judges Early leads order him to take the second or be fired

Judge Michelle Earley issued an order that threatens court workers with termination if they are not injected with the drugs she's prescribing.

CLEVELAND, OH – Cleveland Municipal Court bailiff Charles Morris experienced a stroke 5-days after he took the first of two Pfizer injections both the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have confirmed do not cure coronavirus or covid.  Coronavirus is the seasonal common cold and covid is the medical term for the flu.  Congress is investigating how the two viruses were “weaponized” during “gain of function” research Dr. Anthony Fauci approved American funds to be spent with scientists working for Communist China while he served as head of the National Institute of Health. Judges…

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Judge Larry Jones’ sudden death four weeks after he received the CoVid injection is being investigated by Cuyahoga County’s medical examiner

CLEVELAND, OH – As a 68-year-old man with known heart disease and a pacemaker installed in his body, the late Judge Larry Jones’ cause of death would be normally listed as “natural.” Jones was golfing in Florida with his wife and Clerk of Court Earle B. Turner when he died.   It was their golf party’s turn to tee up.  He hadn’t answered his wife’s calls.  Turner went to the room to get him and found Jones to be unresponsive.  Florida EMS workers said his pacemaker wasn’t firing. Jones was the third Cuyahoga County judge to die within 9 days.  Leading…

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Larry Jones becomes the 3rd Covid shot taking judge to die within 9 days as Sheehan and Early threaten healthy employees with termination for not taking the injections they prescribed

CLEVELAND, OH – News that Eighth District Court of Appeals Judge Larry Jones died without warning within 9 days of the deaths of two other judges has their colleagues in Cuyahoga and Cleveland courts quietly fearful that their rush to be injected with an unproven concoction of “immune stimulating” ingredients could make them next. Judge Nancy McDonnell died on September 28 at 62.  She was already living with an immune system weakened by the multiple ailments, surgeries and medications she was prescribed from lung transplants.  Judge Joseph Russo died unexpectedly at the age of 59 on October 2.  He was reported…

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Cuyahoga County’s Nazi-inspired Catholic judges enacted a permanent and forced CoVid 19 vaccine mandate for employees that is an offense against democracy

CLEVELAND, OH – The feature image I’ve shared from the FreeThoughtProject perfectly characterizes the un-American climate being created by Irish Catholic President Joseph Robinette Biden, Democrats and local anarchists holding elected offices.  This “forced vaccine” shit will never “get off” in the United States of America. The Catholic judges controlling Cuyahoga County’s courts have issued two forced CoVid 19 vaccination orders based on what they’re claiming as “obligations” instead of “statutory duties” and “constitutional authority.”  Irish Catholic County Prosecutor Michael O’Malley has followed suit.  They’ve decided without any legal authority to implement a new condition for employment in the courts…

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