Larry Jones becomes the 3rd Covid shot taking judge to die within 9 days as Sheehan and Early threaten healthy employees with termination for not taking the injections they prescribed

Health Director Terry Allan must order the bodies of the three dead judges to be autopsied to learn if they were injected with MRNA Covid vaccines; and if the inflammation inducing injections worsened already existing medical conditions

CLEVELAND, OH – News that Eighth District Court of Appeals Judge Larry Jones died without warning within 9 days of the deaths of two other judges has their colleagues in Cuyahoga and Cleveland courts quietly fearful that their rush to be injected with an unproven concoction of “immune stimulating” ingredients could make them next.

Judge Nancy McDonnell died on September 28 at 62.  She was already living with an immune system weakened by the multiple ailments, surgeries and medications she was prescribed from lung transplants.  Judge Joseph Russo died unexpectedly at the age of 59 on October 2.  He was reported to have a substance abuse problem.  Jones had been stricken with a heart disease that required his use of a pacemaker.  He died on October 7.   [NOTE: Jones was my late father’s councilman.  I’m personally saddened by his passing as our conversations would often include stories about his interactions with my father at his home dating back to 1979.]

Judge Nancy McDonnell died on September 28, 2021.

The trio of now deceased judges were among those between Cuyahoga and Cleveland courts who had “ordered” employees and attorneys they interacted with to be injected with immune system stimulating “Messenger Ribonucleic Acid” or MRNA ingredients or face termination.  The MRNA ingredients combined by Pfizer and Moderna that court employees are being ordered to be injected with have failed to be validated by any study as “disease eradicating vaccines.

At most the two pharmaceutical corporations have created an annually-evolving flu booster shot.  The effect of the shots on CoVid or the flu, allegedly, last no more than two months and not forever as vaccines were originally intended.  What’s compelling about the deaths of three allegedly vaccinated local judges in less than 14 days are the assumptions that can be raised about the effect of the immune stimulating MRNA combination of ingredients on their already existing and serious health conditions.

To people outside the medical profession the idea of a stimulated immune system sounds good when it comes to battling viruses and diseases.  The belief is that the more stimulated the immune system the better the body is able to fight viruses and diseases.  The science is described as “immunotherapy.”  A stimulated immune system is described as “inflammation.”  MRNA injections are designed to “induce inflammation.”  So is immunotherapy in the treatment of cancer.

In an article entitled “The dark side of immunotherapy” published on the National Center for Biological Information’s website, medical researchers studying the form of treatment outlined the numerous problems associated with it.  They confirmed the words below the National Cancer Institute chose to describe how an enhanced immune system can ravage the body.

Cuyahoga County Health Director Terry Allan should order the bodies of the three deceased judges to be autopsied.

“Immunotherapy can cause side effects, many of which happen when the immune system that has been revved-up to act against the cancer also acts against healthy cells and tissues in the body. “

What The dark side of immunotherapy” researchers affirmed was that once inflamed the stimulated immune system would hyperprogress existing diseases, reactivate certain diseases and worsen the outcomes of certain malignancies.  Since law and medicine have their own languages I’ve cut and pasted the exact language medical researchers used to describe perils of an enhanced and unmanaged immune system.

These therapies generally work by relieving inhibition of activated T-lymphocytes in lymph nodes and peripheral tissues, resulting in enhanced lymphocyte activation and propagation of T-cell mediated destruction of normal cells expressing self-antigens and induce inflammatory and auto-immune responses leading to irAEs. Clinically, irAEs may manifest as distinct symptoms with respect to organ involvement, pattern of onset, and level of severity which may lead to severe and even life-threatening complications in patients that may necessitate early termination of an otherwise beneficial treatment. Up to 95% of patients receiving immunotherapy may experience irAEs mainly due to immune dysregulation targeting normal tissue antigens. In initial reports, the organs most frequently involved were the skin (pruritus and cutaneous rash), joints, thyroid, and gastrointestinal tract (colitis and diarrhea). Subsequently, irAEs were identified in the liver (autoimmune hepatitis), non-thyroid endocrine glands (hypophysitis and adrenal insufficiency), lungs and nervous system (myasthenia gravis and encephalitis). Finally, myositis/myocarditis, nephritis, and even hematological irAEs were reported. Interestingly, irAEs may be idiosyncratic as different drugs and doses used for different cancers may result in different adverse events of unpredictable severity.”

In the language above researchers referenced how life threatening complications to patients “may necessitate early termination of an otherwise beneficial treatment.”  The language identifies the ongoing and evaluative nature of the relationship between a “patient” and their medical practitioner.  An enhanced immune system requires a physician to monitor the patient for changes that might require the “treatment” to be terminated.

Judge Joseph Russo died on October 2, 2021.

What’s happening with the CoVid flu injections of immune stimulating ingredients is that healthy people who are not being treated by a physician for an auto-immune disease are being injected by unknown individuals who are not their physicians with MRNA ingredients to stimulate immune systems that don’t need stimulating.  They’re then not “monitored” with tests after the injections to see how their bodies are reacting.

Millions of people have been injected with ingredients alleged to be a vaccine whose blood, urine and organs were not tested prior to the injections nor afterwards to ascertain any metabolic changes in their bodies.  Vaccinated people across the world are abruptly dropping dead from inflammatory diseases they didn’t have before the so-called vaccines “permanently stimulated” an immune attack on healthy cells.

The NCBI website features an article entitled, “Mechanisms of over-activated innate immune system regulation in autoimmune and neurodegenerative disorders” that describes the net of a permanently stimulated immune system.  What it also explains is how the body’s innate immunity destroys an annually-mutating flu virus.  CoVid is the name for the flu that annually kills between 300,000 and 700,000 people.  The subheading for the information I’m sharing from the report is “Adaptive immunity to influenza virus.”  Again, I’ve used the exact medical terminology used by the medical researchers.

“Innate and adaptive immune responses significantly protects the host from influenza viruses and are important for the production of strong antibody responses. After influenza virus infection, the innate immune system is critical for recognizing and removing vaccinated cells while also coordinating an adaptive immunity through an antigen-specific antibody reaction and providing long-term protection from the viral infection.  Upon recognition of viral antigens and interaction with cognate CD4+ T-cells, naïve B-cells are activated. Some of the activated B-cells quickly differentiate into short-lived plasmablasts. Although other activated B-cells migrate to the follicles of secondary lymphoid tissues and undergo a germinal center reaction, the plasmablasts produce the first wave of virus-specific antibodies in humans. If plasmablasts are derived from memory B-cells, the numbers of plasmablasts peak in the periphery at about 7 days post-infection. A small number of activated B-cells, however, will only differentiate into long-lived plasma cells, which migrate and resides in the bone marrow to produce antibodies, which provide the long-term serum antibody level and are associated with the defense against pathogen infection and disease. Another portion of the primarily activated B-cells differentiate into memory B-cells, which do not release antibodies and remain in the periphery for immune surveillance, but they are long-lived and can be reactivated to become plasmablasts during infection for the production of new antibodies and further memory B-cells. Overall, the adaptive immunity-derived antibody response to influenza virus infection is relatively broad and long-lived; however, influenza viruses can deviate from the adaptive immune responses over time owing to their high mutation rates and antigenic flexibility.”

In private conversations with judges about the forced injection threats they’ve created through “orders” EJBNEWS has learned that the discussions led by administrative judges and Democrats Brendan Sheehan and Michelle Early weren’t based on science.  Both benches consist of older judges with immune weakening ailments and aging parents for whom they’re caring.

Democratic Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Michelle Earley signed an order” demanding that court workers either be injected with MRNA concoctions manufactured by Pfizer or Moderna; or lose their jobs.

A judge who criticized the forced injection orders said their colleagues didn’t want people spreading viruses to “them.”  So to protect “their lives” healthy court workers and attorneys must be injected with inflammation inducing concoctions created by Pfizer and Moderna.

The three deceased judges were Democrats.  Republican Governor Richard Michael DeWine will more than likely replace them with three members of the Republican Party.  They won’t be as willing to back the Communist influence the Democrats have been pedaling since illegal and once excluded aliens gained control of the party.  Any American with pre-Civil War roots to our nation is persona non grata with immigrant-loving Democrats and we’re the 280 million, plus, majority.

The two Republicans on Cleveland’s municipal court – Judge Marilyn Cassiday and Judge Nathaniel Hudak – voted against the forced injection mandates. Judge Pinkie Carr chose not to attend the meeting that resulted in the forced injection vote.  The deaths have created a cynical political solution to the forced injections Sheehan and Early are pushing.  Their Republican replacements.

What already immune-weakened Democratic judges don’t want is the people they’re forcing to make a life and family threatening decision praying for their demise before their deadline.  There’s something to be said for “spiritual energy.”  Thoughts are, indeed, and do become things.  Though everyone doesn’t practice voudou or santeria there are people who do.

Democratic Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas Judge Brendhan Sheehan is not a physician to any court employee he’s prescribing to medicate themselves with MRNA “vaccines” created by Pfizer and Moderna.

The past year in Cleveland among my contacts has been like “The Walking Dead.”  It’s almost daily that someone I know has died.  Larry was always Larry to me.  I was always Eric.  The titles didn’t matter.  I’ll miss him.

Roland Sommerville died over the weekend.  Stanley Miller’s gone. Darryl Pittman’s gone.  Marcus Gould’s gone.  All within the past two or three months.  We Baby Boomers are headed home to the Lord.  It’s okay.  No one makes it out alive.  Every generation is … next.

The forced injection mandates from the courts is a bad idea.  Three dead and assumably “vaccinated” judges in less than two weeks is more than a coincidence.  It’s empirical evidence that I believe requires Cuyahoga County Health Director Terry Allan to order their bodies to be autopsied by Medical Examiner Thomas Gilson.

If the three deceased judges obeyed their own “orders” there is evidence in their deaths of vital importance to the court workers they “ordered” to be injected with two specific MRNA concoctions Pfizer and Moderna have claimed are disease eradicating vaccines.

Eric Jonathan Brewer

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