Christian-hating Indians begging for the US’s Covid vaccine doses were warned to stop drinking & eating coronavirus infected cow pee and dung

CLEVELAND, OH – When India’s Christian-hating Hindu prime minister, Narendra Modi, encouraged Indians to drink coronavirus infected camel or cow urine to build up their body’s immunity against the virus his words were an ignorant death sentence.  Many of the Third World nation’s “western trained” physicians were trying to get them to stop the unhealthy religious practice. Modi’s Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) even encouraged Indians to bathe in and eat cow shit.  Seriously.  The mixture is called Panchgavya and is a combination of cow milk, cow shit, cow urine, butter or what they call “ghee” made from cow

CoVid shot kills 21-year-old University of Cincinnati student and Ohioan John Francis Foley in 24 hours

CLEVELAND, OH – Do the math.  Between August 1, 2007 through November 30, 2020 the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) counted 3001 deaths from “all” vaccines.  47 percent of those vaccine deaths were attributed to children three and under.  From December 1, 2020 through April 13, 2021, federal health officials have identified 3005 deaths that are attributable to just the CoVid vaccines. This information won’t make it to the mainstream media that’s living off the $4 billion a “Big Pharma” spends annually on advertising.  Neither will the rest of the information I’m sharing in this story as Americans recklessly taking

A Greek animal doctor is the CEO of Pfizer as CoVid vaccine deaths in Israel are 40 times higher for the elderly and 260 times higher for the young as the corporation faces a criminal complaint in France

CLEVELAND, OH – Pfizer pharmaceutical’s CoVid vaccine is the exclusive two-shot dose being offered to Israeli citizens who are calling the deaths associated with it “the new Holocaust.”  Since December 2020 Israeli researchers are showing 1168 deaths per month among the elderly and those under 45 who have been vaccinated.  The CoVid survival rate for the unvaccinated is 99.97 percent.  Healthy people don’t need to be vaccinated to build up their immunity to the coronavirus. Alarmed Israeli scientists, Dr. Herve Seligmann and engineer Haim Yativ, want the vaccine trials on Israeli citizens using Pfizer’s untested two-shot drug halted.  Both scientists

Hey Morgan. The FDA and CDC are saying vaccinations should be halted because of blood clots connected to Johnson & Johnson’s one shot CoVid killer a week after your “take the shot” PSA!

CLEVELAND, OH – Before he played “God” actor Morgan Freeman played a street pimp nicknamed “Fast Black” in the film “Street Smart.”  When Freeman added his voice to those promoting untested CoVid vaccines he opened up a public service announcement with the thought that he was “trusted.”  Those of us who saw beyond his characterization of God saw an actor who once played a vicious pimp. Over 167 million Americans and people living in the nation allowed themselves to become guinea pigs for a CoVid vaccine the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved for emergency used based only on the

Cells from aborted babies, green monkey pus and formaldehyde are in the CoVid vaccines says the CDC

CLEVELAND, OH – With two-thirds of abortion clinics existing in American Negro neighborhoods, women and men who want to know where Planned Parenthood has been disposing of their dead children should know they’re being used to create CoVid vaccines.  Never has the slaughter of innocents been more profitable for the ghouls who lead pharmaceutical companies as some are expecting profits in excess of $15 billon off a rushed and untested vaccine.  American Negroes make up 14 percent of the United States population and 32 percent of aborted children since 1973. For people letting medical professionals inject the cells of dead

Shut up Mike. Ain’t nobody listening to your fake pandemic, veto over-ridden azz. You’re done!

CLEVELAND, OH – The next time Governor Richard Michael DeWine or a mayor or anyone else issues an “order” during the pandemic he created out of quack Dr. Amy Stearns-Acton’s lies last March 12, 2020 that elected official will be violating Ohio laws amended and created under Senate Bill 22.  Now economically-liberated business owners and citizens caged in fear in their homes can tell these reckless politicians, especially DeWine, to go fuck themselves. The Ohio Senate voted 23 to 10 on March 24, 2021 to override “King Richard’s” veto of Senate Bill 22.  The Napolean-sized despot had refused to accept

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