Pfizer’s CEO, a veterinarian, wants the world to believe he received both his CoVid vaccine shots within 5 days instead of the recommended 21 to travel to Israel

Pfizer's CEO wasn't raised on President George Washington's never tell a lie story as an alien animal doctor from Greece now leading a global pharmaceutical corporation manufacturing a vaccine that doesn't eliminate the virus it's supposed to be killing

CLEVELAND, OH – On March 7, 2021 the Jerusalem Post published a story written by “staff” that Pfizer Chief Executive Officer Albert Bourla’s trip to meet with officials of the government of Israel was cancelled.  The Greek immigrant veterinarian who leads the CoVid vaccine manufacturing pharmaceutical company had not received his second vaccination shot.

Animal doctor Bourla made the “no second shot yet” announcement on March 5, 2021.  On the day of his announcement the Daily Mail of the United Kingdom or Great Britain was reporting that he’d received his first CoVid vaccine injection with his wife in New York.

There’s nothing about Albert Bourla that looks trustworthy enough to let his words be those that leads Americans to Pfizer’s two shot vaccine that does not prevent CoVid like vaccines are supposed to do. He’s a veterinarian. Bourla’s a pet doctor. A farming animal doctor. A zoo doctor. Not a doctor educated on the diseases of humans.

Five days later Bourla is featured in a March 10, 2021 tweet on his social media account that he’s received his second shot.  That’s five days between his first and second shot of Pfizer’s BioNTech vaccine.”; and three days after he cancelled his trip to Israel on March 7th for allegedly not being fully-vaccinated.  The feature of the story I’ve written is from Bourla’s Twitter page.

The image associated with the tweet is of Bourla and a person in a lab coat with a needle.  The image doesn’t show the animal doctor being injected.  A video would have been “partially” more authentic because he could have been injected with nothing more than a saline solution.  The date of his “allegedly” first injection was five days earlier according to the Daily Mail.  According to the Centers of Disease Control the minimal number of days recommended between Pfizer’s first and second shot is 21 and not five.

According to this foreign media news story Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla received his first CoVid injection on March 5, 2021. The second injection was on March 10, 2021. Pay close attention to the days and dates in the Daily Mail in contrast to the Jerusalem Post.

The Jerusalem Post staff story carried Bourla’s excuse in December 2020 that he didn’t want to “jump the line” and was waiting for his “age group” to be called as the reason he delayed being vaccinated while risking the “lives of and health of others.”  Bourla is 59 with a date of birth of in Greece of October 21, 1961.  He is not an “American” even though he’s allowed to live in New York while employed for Pfizer.

For whatever reasons corporations are not hiring Americans as CEO’s whose names are associated with those that date back to the Mayflower, the American Revolution and our Civil War.  Like the Russian CEO leading Johnson & Johnson he’s a child of “Holocaust survivors.”  Russians were excluded with the Chinese and Asian Indians in the Chinese Exclusion Acts beginning in 1882; and now the vengeful excluded’s have infiltrated into the deepest corners of American society.

According to the Jerusalem Post story it wasn’t just Bourla who was not vaccinated when he announced the trip was being cancelled on March 5, 2021.  No one from the Pfizer delegation headed for Israel had received the second shot before his photo op visit 15-days before indicted ex-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s failed attempt to be re-elected.

The Greek immigrant “veterinarian” who leads Pfizer wants Americans to believe he’s so anxious to receive the CoVid vaccination the corporation manufactures that he received two injections within 5 days instead of the recommended “minimum” of 21 days. He looks like he’s “about” to be injected but who’s to say from this photo that Bourla was injected with Pfizer’s 2nd vaccine shot. The “Bourla’s” of the world will say and do anything to anyone for a dollar.

Bourla was actually advised to stay out of the nation until after the election was over.  Netanyahu said he was coming with a delegation to open a manufacturing plant in Israel.  If he’s operating under American laws instead of those of his native land then Bourla and Netanyahu would be having no conversations under the Logan Act and Espionage Act.

Foreign access to the secrets in vaccines being injected into American bodies threatens our nation’s “national defense.”  Greek immigrants to the United States of America have no special rights to talk to foreign leaders just because they work for a “global” corporation.

Based on two foreign media sources Pfizer’s animal doctor CEO claims to have been administered the corporation’s CoVid vaccine within 5 days instead of the minimally” recommended 21 days between injections.  According to Pfizer the second injection should not be administered before the 21 days are up.

A second shot can be extended out to 42 days and that’s what the corporation’s researchers have shared with the Food & Drug Administratoin (FDA) and the CDC.   The Pfizer CEO who did not want to “jump the line” by taking his corporation’s vaccine in December 2020 now wants Americans to believe he’s taken two shots in 5 days, and not 21 days, within three days after he cancelled a trip to Israel for political reasons.

The CEO of Pfizer is a Greece-born veterinarian. Seriously. The guy leading the corporation manufacturiing vaccines for humans is an animal doctor. NBC news man Lester Holt knows as a Baby Boomer like me that vaccines were supposed to be one and done. He wanted to know why the animal doctor leading Pfizer is pushing an annual vaccine instead of a one and done treatment that prevents the disease. More specifically, if CoVid vaccinated people are still getting the common cold and flu then the treatment should not be called a vaccination.  It should simply be called an annual treatment for the common cold (coronavirus) and flu (covid) like Nyquil or Tylenol.

If Bourla knew he was being injected with the Pfizer’s corporation’s CoVid vaccine within three days after cancelling his trip to Israel his allegedly “unvaccinated” status was no issue.  The trip could easily have been postponed for four days.  Bourla not knowing in advance about Israel’s travel restrictions for unvaccinated travelers to the nation seems odd since his corporation’s one of the terrorist nation’s pharmaceutical suppliers.

Israel’s National Party or Achrayut Leumit CEO Oshi Elmaliach, according to the Jerusalem Post, said that “Mr. Bourla’s participation in photo-op events with the prime minister may constitute aiding and abetting a prohibited election campaign and is a criminal offense.”  

His politicking in Israel for Netanyahu would have been a crime in the USA … too.  Bourla has already violated the Logan Act and Foreign Agents Registration Act that corporate CEO’s should not be ignoring.  Former United States Attorney General William Barr warned “legal counsels” in writing not to violate either.  It’s up to lawyers in organizations to correct or report the individual violators whose acts harm the organization according to Rule 1.13 of the American Bar Association’s Code of Professional Responsibility.

Bourla doesn’t come across as trustworthy.  His background as a veterinarian could be stellar, but something seems extremely “stupid” about a corporate board that would make a pet doctor Pfizer’s CEO during an allegedly “human” pandemic.

Eric Jonathan Brewer

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