Logan Act

Shontel Brown’s campaign took money to support Israel’s murderous use of US weapons to terrorize the Middle East and steal Palestinian land and homes

CLEVELAND, OH – The parts of American history that reveal our nation’s original intent towards Israel are left out of the storyline that President Harry Truman recognized the Government of Israel after illegal Russian, Polish and Ukrainian immigrants to Palestine raised $50 million inside the United States of America to arm themselves against them in 1948. With the help of $25,000 from Forest City Enterprises’ and illegal Russian alien Leonard Ratner, as well as illegal alien Russian gangsters Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Siegal, Micky Cohen and more, Russian terrorists Golda Mabovitch, Ariel Scheinerman and Menachem Biegun raised $50 million to create

11th Congressional District candidate’s pledge aid to Israel but nothing for American Negroes because no one asked and none thought enough to offer

CLEVELAND, OH – Contenders to replace former United States Representative Marcia L. Fudge on the Democratic Party side of the campaign have participated thus far in two forums.  The first was on March 11, 2021 during a Zoom forum hosted by the Jewish Democratic Council of America.  The second was before a live audience at the African American History Museum on March 27. Present at both forums were former State Senators Nina Turner and Jeffrey Johnson; former State Representatives John Barnes, Jr. and Bryan Flannery; Cuyahoga County council member Shontel Brown and Tariq Shabazz.  Republican contender Laverne Jones Gore told

HBCU’s targeted by unregistered Communist Chinese government agent Julia Wilson with help from Morgan State University’s president

CLEVELAND, OH – College and university presidents along with local school district superintendents and boards have been targeted for infiltration by the Communist Peoples Republic of China.  100 colleges and universities, and 42 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), appear to be targets of this covert espionage through diplomacy. Ohio United States Senator and Republican Rob Portman, in his capacity at the time as the Chairman of the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations (PSI), released a 196-page bipartisan report in February 2019 detailing how the Communist Chinese government was combining “covert operations with diplomacy” at more than 1000 American colleges, universities and

The Russian Johnson & Johnson CEO Ohio sued in 2019 for sending 50 million fentanyl doses to Cuyahoga county and more to the state reported $24.5 billion in 4th quarter earnings


CLEVELAND, OH – Russian “American” Alex Gorsky is the man in the feature image who leads Johnson & Johnson pharmaceuticals and supplies as its chief executive officer.  He earns over $20 million a year.  On January 26, 2021 he delivered a report to the board on Johnson & Johnson’s 4th quarter earnings.  Revenue after expenses was $22.48 billion.  Big Pharma.  There’s profit in price-gouging the poor for medicine.  I’ve shared a complete transcript of his call below. In 2019 Gorsky led Johnson & Johnson to settle $20 million in claims with Cuyahoga and Summit counties for all the fentanyl he

Putin’s Cleveland law firm, Jones Day, has closed its Moscow offices and immigrated the Russian who led it to D.C.

CLEVELAND, OH – If AdvanceOhio president Chris Quinn thinks readers are going to pay $100 a year to read cleveland.com, his reporters had better learn to find stories like those in EJBNEWS.  No intelligent person will pay to read plagiarized government news releases and paid client driven content. Squire Patton & Boggs global managing partner and attorney Fred Nance must not believe fat meat is greasy.  Seven figure earnings and a high-rolling global lifestyle from his Moreland Hills palace must have blinded Fred to the tea leave writings on the “Foreign Agents Registration Act” wall.  The Russia shit is over.

Eaton’s “Global Cleveland” continues Logan Act, Espionage Act and FARA violations he started in the 1950’s through ex-con Joe Cimperman

CLEVELAND, OH – Joe Cimperman is Global Cleveland’s president.   He’s also a convicted thief, indicted on 26 counts, whose vote on Cleveland city council misdirected funds intended for impoverished Cleveland neighborhoods to a non-profit that employed a girlfriend who became his wife before he resigned to lead Global Cleveland in 2016.  He also hasn’t stopped. Cleveland Heights resident Basheer Jones in June 2020 sponsored legislation Councilman Brian Kazy seconded to pay Cimperman’s organization $125,000 in annual “dues.”  Of course Kevin Kelly violated the city’s charter to pass the ordinance as an “emergency” providing for the usual operation of a “municipal

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