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RTA board member Valarie McCall has a right to file a complaint against duty-exceeding Mayor Bibb

CLEVELAND, OH – If Mayor Justin Bibb had passed the Ohio Bar Association’s examination and obtained a license to practice law in Ohio before he decided to campaign for a job as Cleveland’s chief law enforcement officer; he might not be racking-up a felony-level list of federal and state laws he’s violating as mayor.  Nothing in Bibb’s background identified him as being prime time ready to manage a 6000 employee municipal corporation with a budget footprint that exceeds $2.5 billion. From his violation of Ohio’s campaign finance reporting laws, to those that invalidate his oath of office, Bibb is just days…

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Neighborhood Progress Inc’s Shaker Square deal is actually $37 million and not $12 million as it’s being falsely reported; and its records and meetings are not public in violation of federal and state laws

CLEVELAND, OH – When Asian Indian immigrant Tania Menesse served Mayor Frank Jackson for nearly two years as his director of community development it was her job to “monitor” the “subrecipients” of the block grant funds Cleveland receives from the United States Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD).  One of the subrecipients Menesse had a duty to “monitor” at least twice during her two years in the appointed public office was her current employer.  Neighborhood Progress Inc (NPI). Had Menesse monitored her current employer as required by federal laws Cleveland’s community development directors have not mastered and obeyed, then…

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HUD’s Inspector General must investigate the effects of the conspiracy between CMHA director Jeffrey Patterson and board member Robert Davis to obstruct East Cleveland’s appointment

CLEVELAND, OH – Attorney Robert Davis should have left the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) board in 2011 after I appointed him twice to serve as East Cleveland, Ohio’s representative in 2006 and again in either 2007 or 2008.  Instead he told me CMHA Executive Director Jeffrey Patterson and he agreed that they liked his presence on the governing body and he wanted to stay.  Each man ignored the statutory duties of their appointed public offices and conspired to remain silent through four expired terms. Patterson was supposed to alert two separate East Cleveland mayors and councils in 2011, 2014,…

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Councilman Kevin Conwell wants legal answers about the secret forced CoVid 19 vaccine mandates coming from Cleveland’s Communist-inspired municipal court judges practicing medicine without licenses

Cleveland Councilman Kevin Conwell simply introduced an illegal emergency resolution because he thought he was helping the disruptive students.  He did no homework.  Scheduled no hearings.  I'm willing to bet Conwell failed to discuss his illegal emergency resolution with the councilman whose ward is home to John Marshall High School.  Brian Kazy.  Conwell's lack of studiousness has been my greatest disappointment in him as a supporter of his first two campaigns for the job.  He doesn't even know the section of Ohio's general laws that explain why his "emergency resolution" is unlawful and reviewable by a court.

CLEVELAND, OH – It’s well established under Ohio law that the legislative authority of a municipal corporation determines the wages and classifications of all officers and workers but for the judges.  The judicial officer’s wages are established by the General Assembly of Ohio; but it’s the members of city council whose vote determines the size, scope of work and rate of pay and benefits of the municipal court’s workforce. Annually, the 13 elected judges of Cleveland’s municipal court must ask council to approve their budget, requests for workers and pay increases.  All these acts occur under duties found in constitutions…

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Politicians making “robocalls” to cell phones without a voter’s written permission are violating federal restrictions on using telephone equipment

CLEVELAND, OH – It’s the election season in Ohio and you’ve received a “robocall” from a candidate for elected office you’ve never met or given your cellular telephone number.  The call violates Title 47 of the United States Code, Section 227 under the heading “Restrictions on use of telephone equipment.”  The specific language prohibiting the political robocalls is found at 47 U.S.C. 227(b)(1)(A).  There’s a section in the law that authorizes victims of robo calls to sue for $500 per call. “b)Restrictions on use of automated telephone equipment.  (1)Prohibitions.  It shall be unlawful for any person within the United States, or any person outside the United…

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If an Ohio law says defendants are innocent until proven guilty and citizens have rights to defend themselves in life threatening situtations; then why did Euclid’s prosecutor file murder charges against Omnisun Azali before police, the coroner and BCI investigated?

CLEVELAND, OH – Omnisun Azali’s attorney, Jeffrey Saffold, says his client shot his wife to death after she started shooting first.  According to Saffold his client’s acts were in self-defense.  Mwaka Azali, the mother of Omnisun’s two children, was allegedly trying to take his life just like Calvin Williams’ late brother’s wife took his.  William Williams was shot to death in their Glenville home by a woman, Dana Johnson, who had been his wife. At the home the Azali couple shared at 144 E. 265th Street in Euclid, Ohio the city’s municipal court records and published reports are showing the…

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