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Does this picture of Kyiv look like Putin’s armed forces are losing his military operation against Zelenskyy to de-nazify and de-militarize Ukraine?

CLEVELAND, OH – The Russian Federation military operation that began on February 24, 2022 against Ukraine’s “nationalist” government is being reported as a failure by the media outside Russia that’s censoring”national security” information to Americans.  According to the Russian Federation’s TASS News Agency, President Vladmir Putin’s de-militarization and de-Nazification of Ukraine from the “nationalist” government Volodymyr Zelenskyy leads is proceeding as planned. The images I have published of Ukraine’s destruction come from a news site named Radio Free Europe.  Its writers and photographers visually confirm the Russian Federation’s perspective that the clock is ticking on Zelenskyy and his nationalist government. …

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Asian assassin who plotted to kill Biden, Obama and Clinton is from a tribe of violent Hmong “child war fighting” families who aided the CIA

CLEVELAND, OH – Mainstream and social media, and search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, appear to be burying stories of Asians and other aliens or “immigrants” who have engaged in an all out individual and organized crime war on Americans as mass shooters, child killers, rapists, assailants and now would-be presidential assassins. The latest Asian “organized” criminal is Tauchuan Brillion Xiong of Merced, California.  He’s “Hmong” with origins to Laos like the Minneapolis cop who casually stood and watched Derek Chauvin choke George Floyd to death.  Tua Thao. From a cultural, economic and a political perspective, the Hmong grew…

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Cleveland court bailiff gets a stroke 5 days after 1st Pfizer shot as judges Early leads order him to take the second or be fired

Judge Michelle Earley issued an order that threatens court workers with termination if they are not injected with the drugs she's prescribing.

CLEVELAND, OH – Cleveland Municipal Court bailiff Charles Morris experienced a stroke 5-days after he took the first of two Pfizer injections both the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have confirmed do not cure coronavirus or covid.  Coronavirus is the seasonal common cold and covid is the medical term for the flu.  Congress is investigating how the two viruses were “weaponized” during “gain of function” research Dr. Anthony Fauci approved American funds to be spent with scientists working for Communist China while he served as head of the National Institute of Health. Judges…

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Feeble-minded Biden’s incoherent handling of Afghanistan reminds me of living as a US soldier in Thailand during the fall and evacuations of Vietnam’s Saigon and Cambodia in 1975

CLEVELAND, OH – From August of 1974 until August of 1975 I was serving my nation at the 432nd United States / Royal Thai Air Force Base in Udorn, Thailand.  Sawadee.  The military base served as the main staging site for the Central Intelligence Agency’s “Air America” operation. I was assigned to the 432nd USAF Hospital as a Medical Administration Specialist to Outpatient Clinics as a 21-year-old sergeant.  My alternate job was as a Security Police Augmentee.  That was for personal safety.   Check my military records.  I graduated #1 in my Basic Military Training Class at Lackland Air Force Base in…

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1.1 million Americans can’t enter colleges because CWRU & others educate foreigners

Who knows if Suha Abushamma is still in Cleveland Heights after the city council enacted legislation to keep the Saudi Arabian alien benefitting from free medical school training Cleveland Clinic gave her and not a Cleveland Heights student.

CLEVELAND, OH – Cleveland Clinic’s ex-Chief Executive Officer, Delos Cosgrove, and the board used their combined muscle to immigrate Saudi Arabian citizen Suha Abushamma here in violation of President Donald Trump’s 2017 travel ban on seven Muslim-led nations.  Cleveland Clinic was anxious to have the 26-year-old non-U.S. citizen return for the free scholarship she’d been given to attend their medical school to become a physician.    Over 1.1 million foreign students a year are being admitted to the classsrooms of colleges and universities in the United States of America where they’re taking away higher education opportunities natural-born American citizens should…

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