Politifact-Poynter Institute’s horrible fact checking is shown in its claim that Nikki Haley’s “Nikita Khrushchev” quote did not exist in any variation when it does

Poynter Institute's Politifact consistently shares disinformation and should not be viewed as a reliable source of information by any American

CLEVELAND, OH – On October 5, 2020 former United Nations Ambassador and Asian Indian Nikki Haley posted what she claimed was an indirect quote from the late Russian President Nikita Khrushchev on her Instagram page.

Khrushchev 60 years ago….”Your children’s children will live under communism. You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright; but, we will keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you will finally wake up and find you already have Communism.”

Here’s what Kruschchev actually said on Face the Nation June 2, 1957.

If you are acquainted with history and know how one social system was changed and another social system took its place.  You will know that the old capitalist system in our country has been replaced by the Socialist system.  And I can prophesize that your grandchildren in America will live under Socialism.  And please don’t be afraid of that, your grandchildren will not understand how their grandparents did not understand the progressive nature of a Socialist society.

For her choice of words Politifact editors affiliated with the Poynter Institute decided to investigate to learn if Haley was speaking truth.   As soon as you criticize “Mother Russia” in the United States of America the Soviet reporters go “oh no you didn’t” crazy.

An Eastern European “reporter” by the name of Madison Ciopek conducted the investigation and found Haley’s statement to be “False.”  Below is Ciopek’s thinking after her erudite research.  I’m only joking.  Her supercilious thoughts are not erudite.  Ciopek’s last name is associated with Austria-Hungary before Russia grabbed its piece.

Apart from one anecdotal claim from an individual whose story was inconsistent, there is no evidence Khrushchev said any variation of this quote.

Pro-Russian disinformation.

Ciopek’s main source was a book called “They Never Said It: A Book of Fake Quotes, Misquotes, and Misleading Attributions.”  She’s the Millenial example of a genius.

Ciopek drew the conclusion Haley didn’t know what she was writing and Poynter Institute / Politifact editors sent their censorship referral to Facebook.  Who the fuck knew that dumb fuck Mark Zuckerberg was using the Poynter Institute as a fact checker?  That’s dangerous and Ciopek’s “curve graded” fact checking is evidence of it.

EJBNEWS readers have already read a variation of the quote Ciopek couldn’t find.  Khrushchev promoted “socialism” to the American people twice.

On July 24, 1959 President David Dwight Eisenhower’s vice president, Richard Milhouse Nixon, traveled to Moscow for a cultural and trade fair between the two nations where he and Khrushchev held a “kitchen debate.”  They were actually in the model of an American made kitchen and we were trying out color televisions for the first time … nationally.

The first color televisions existed only in New York in 1953 because of its built-up broadcast towers and signals.  Nixon made Khrushchev look “country” which made the Soviets look backwards even though they’d beaten us to space with the Sputnik’s 1957 launching.  He was replaced 5 years later in 1964 with Leonid Breshhnev for the next 18 years.  Ciopek could have actually done some learning if she had made the acquisition of knowledge instead of defending Communism and Mother Russia her goal.  Everytime I see someone calling themselves an American and attacking a critic of Russia I see an “unregistered foreign agent.”

It’s obvious from how she butchered his words that Haley didn’t watch Khrushchev’s June 2, 1957 “Face the Nation” interview from his office in Moscow.  She’s an ex-South Carolina governor and Ambassador to the United Nations.  She served three terms in the state’s general assembly and has an accounting degree from Clemson University.  Accounting is a precise discipline.  If a number is off the bottom line is wrong.  It’s no different with facts.  Haley’s not supposed to get busted, nationally, on a fact she should have verified at her level.

Frank Stanton produced the Khrushchev show for Face the Nation.  Three Russian Jewish “reporters” without authority from the United States Department of State conducted the interview in Khrushchev’s Moscow officeDaniel Louis Schorr, Bernard Joseph Cutler and Stuart Novins.

The trio and Stanton had no authority under the Logan Act to initiate the request for an interview.  Reporters have no “extra rights” to conduct interviews with foreign leaders under the guise of “free speech” to spread the foreign leader’s propaganda to citizens of the United States of America.

The interview was played, nationally, for an hour on June 2, 1957.  Khrushchev’s words were interpreted.  When people like the late President Ronald Reagan and others who were responsible civic-minded adults during that time quote Khrushchev they are quoting words they heard on television in 1957.  Ciopek seems to think she can sift through history and discredit our “long gone” political leaders as liars based on a fucking book called “They Never Said It: A Book of Fake Quotes, Misquotes, and Misleading Attributions.”  Paul F. Boller, Jr. and John George.

I was four years old.  I remember Khrushchev as Russia’s president until 1964 when I was 11.  President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated a year earlier, a day after my 10th birthday. I knew he didn’t like Communists.

Russian immigrant reporter Mike Wallace (aka Wallik) interviewed American Logan Act violator Cyrus Eaton about his Thinker’s Lodge in Pugwash, Nova Scotia on May 17, 1957. In it he described yet another example of a quote from Nikita Khrushchev about America’s grandchildren living under Socialism. That was his exact quote with the Face the Nation reporters a month later on June 2, 1957. With fairly minimal effort I’ve found two instances that disprove Politifact – Poynter Institute’s false claim that no variation of Nikki Haley’s inartful quoting of Khrushchev exists. He didn’t say Communism like she did. He said Socialism. His prophesy was wrong.

I remember when Khrushchev launched the Sputnik satellite in 1957; and I remember our government responding with a push to increase math and science literacy in our schools when I was a child.  They didn’t want the Russians to out-compete us.  Three years later Americans “allegedly” sent three men to the moon.  By the time I reached the 7th grade our government wanted us learning what they called “new math” in our East Saint Louis, Illinois schools. No curve grading … either.  An “A” was a score of 95 to 100.

Haley’s Asian Indian parents were not allowed in the United States of America in 1957.  She was born 15 years later on January 20, 1972 after her parents arrived and overstayed their visas like Kamaladevi Harris’ parents.   Y’all older folk may remember all the sexy clothing the strippers wore back in the 1970’s.  There was a catalogue called “Exotica International” that carried it.  That was Haley’s mom and dad.

My generation lived with the aftermath of Khrushchev’s “pro-Socialism” speech like the rest of Americans who have no interest in Socialism or Communism.    Anyone who wants to live under that shit can leave.

Individuals like Bernard “Gitman” Sanders who descended from illegal Russian aliens – like Schorr, Cutler and Novins – heard their “Soviet” leader’s words and started their “Hippy commune” push to infiltrate his thinking into our democracy.  Shortly after Sanders’ election as mayor of Burlington, Vermont he traveled to Russia like Schorr, Cutler and Novins and set up a “Sister City” relationship with the Kremlin appointed mayor of Yaroslavl.

Madison Czopek comes across as a disinformation agent. She takes a truth and twists it. When it comes to checking facts, the Poynter Institute’s “Politifact” should be disbanded. It’s fact checking editors and writers have no real perspective on how to verify past events in American life. I don’t believe they care. I don’t trust the Poynter Institute’s fact checking. Americans should not either.

The majority of Russian Jewish-led or cash-influenced political districts across the United States have Russian or Israeli Sister City relationships the United States Department of State has not approved.  Russian President Vladmir Putin in a recorded speech said the original 85 percent of Communist Soviet leaders in Russia were Jewish. That was a lot of power for a less than two percent minority.

On July 28, 1960, the night he accepted the Republican Party’s nomination for President of the United States of America against Kennedy, Nixon either intentionally or unintentionally misquoted Khrushchev.   “When Mr. Khrushchev says our grandchildren will live under communism, let us say his grandchildren will live under freedom.”  In part, however, Nixon was correct about Khrushchev’s grandchildren.

Khrushchev’s daughter, Rada Nikitichna, immigrated to the United States of America with her own daughter.  So Khrushchev’s daughter and one granddaughter lived under capitalism.  The Khrushchev grandchild who remained in Russia died in 2017 in Moscow 17 years after the Soviet Union collapsed and Russia embraced a form of Western capitalization.  She was hit by a train.  Yulia Khrushcheva

Khrushchev adopted his granddaughters as his daughters after his son, Leonid, was killed and his daughter-in-law was jailed for espionage for 5 years.  He said in 1957 that the Soviet Union would remain forever after its 1917 formation.  It collapsed in 1990.  73 years of Communism in Russia.  America.  1776 and counting.  Don’t fuck with us.

The information I’ve shared would be facts known to the older Americans Ciopek called herself factchecking and discrediting for Poynter Institute / Politifact.  This child’s Politifact piece rewrote history based only on how much she had the limited depth to learn.

Khrushchev was the age of my grandparents so when he said to Americans “through” the Face the Nation reporters that their grandchildren would live under Socialism he was referring to me at the age of 4.  I’ve been a Republican and a Democrat but never a Socialist or a Communist.  I enlisted in the United States armed forces and volunteered for duty near a war zone in Thailand to join our fight against it.

Politifact has partnered with Facebook to verify facts.  But who’s verifying the alternate facts Politifact’s team of bloggers call themselves disputing?

I don’t know why politicians like Nikki Haley don’t just do the research to prove their own words and discredit self-annointed fact checking journalists and bloggers who think they’re smart and are not.  There’s nothing un-American about proving half-azzed media liars like Ciopek lack the intellectual capacity to be in the information dissemination business.

Eric Jonathan Brewer

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