Gitman is Bernie’s real Russian family name and he dogs Hitler not Stalin or Lenin

CLEVELAND, OH – For someone whose father was born in 1904 in an Eastern Front Russian Revolution and World War 1 battle site between Russians, Germans and Austrian Hungarians, the Democratic Socialist candidate for President of the United States of America is uncharacteristically silent about whose side his grandparents were on in Stopnica, Slopnice or wherever they’re supposed to be from in a Poland that didn’t exist as an independent nation until 1921. 

On Sanders’ Wikipedia page it reads that his father’s name is identified as Elias Ben-Yehuda Sanders.  He’s also been identified as Eli Sanders.  Only Eliasz Gitman appears in immigration records in the year and date of Sander’s father arrival.  All the other names are aliases.  Under which name was he granted “citizenship” if Sanders’ father was ever made a U.S. citizen?  It’s another question the U.S. Senator hasn’t answered.

Russian Eliasz Gitman immigrated to the U.S. in 1921 and may have believed he could take a job from an American citizen at a time when the country was segregated and Congress passed “We don’t want Russians” laws. No education. No skills and he couldn’t speak the language. He even taught his son a brand of politics the nation didn’t and still doesn’t want.

The addition of “Ben Yehuda” to the Sanders surname denotes a connection to Eliezer Ben Yehuda’s Hebrew “nationalist” movement as the father of modern Orthodox Hebrewism; and a way for Orthodox Hebrew nationalists to identify themselves to each other.  It also further connects the U.S. Senator’s father to Russia as Eliezer Yitzhak Perelman aka  Eliezer Ben Yehuda was also Russian.

In a discussion about Sander’s heritage on the “Ginger Jewish Genealogists” website the researcher like I did followed a geneological trail of published information from government records and news reports to track the known data about him.  One of the commenters from Poland appears to have information that his father was born in Slopnice instead of Stopnica. 

Stopnica is on Eliasz Gitman’s U.S. immigration records as his last place of residence before he immigrated to the U.S. through Antwerp in Belgium.  During World War II Antwerp was under the control of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich.  It was under German control when he left in 1921 just as Hitler became chairman of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterparte or National Socialist German Labour Party.  They were the NAZI’s.

There’s an 82 mile difference “north to south” difference between Slopnice and Stopnica that are each an hour from Krakow where Auschwitz existed as a World War II extermination camp that resulted in the death of 1.6 million Jews at the hands of someone’s Polish and German ancestors.  And for perspective Slopnice’s population today is 27.  Sanders visited the Soviet Union where his mother was born in 1988.  He visited his father’s Slopnice in 2013. 

Stopnica, not Slopnice, is where U.S. immigration officials documented as Eliasz Gitman’s last place of residence. The place was a major battle site during the Russian Revolution and World War 1 when he was a child.

Stopnica is within a “county-like” area called Limanowa that was the scene of a direct conflict in December 1914 between the Russian and Austro-Hungarian armies.  Sanders father would have been 10 when the Battle of Limanowa took place.  

How is Sanders not talking about his family and father’s World War 1 role in the Battle of Lodz?  It’s 135 miles from Stopnica.   What about the Battle of Galacia since Sanders’ Wikipedia page identifies it as the “area” where his father was raised?  Stopnica and Slopnice are in Galacia and not a word about how his grandparents and father were living in a Russian, German and Austrian-Hungarian occupied Poland during World War 1.  

There’s also another historical fact about “Galacia.”  Russian Vladimir Lenin’s “workers of the world” were uniting and dragging nation after nation into their Communist and anti-American agenda.  He’s the motivation for President Woodrow Wilson’s 4400 Russian round-up in 1919; and the deportation of 240 Russians aboard the USS Buford during the “Palmer Raids” J. Edgar Hoover led FBI agents to conduct for Attorney General Alexander Mitchell Palmer.  Both Wilson and Hoover were mixed-race Protestant Americans.

Russian Vladimir Lenin was a poor rabble rousing student in college and so was Russian Bernie Sanders. Communists turn their inability to build or create anything into a political reason to attack those who do.

Lenin had moved to Galacia in 1911 and was planning to take over the Social Democratic Labour Party at a conference in Prague in January 1912.  He’d been building “Bolshevik” networks across Europe and had just left Paris.  From Galacia and other places he was urging his followers to “loot the looters” and spread their Communist “workers of the world unite” message across the world.  

During the “Red Summer of 1919” here in the U.S. Lenin’s Russian followers had planned over 300 political and corporation assassinations after a series of anti-Black and anti-Protestant ethnic cleansing campaigns in almost 40 U.S. cities.  Former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt told Russian Samuel Gompers he’d have hunted them down for what unassimilable always-shit-starting Russian Jews and Eastern Europeans did to Black Protestant Americans in East Saint Louis, Illinois in 1917.  300 slaughtered Black Protestant men, women and children they called “strikebreakers.”  Burned homes and businesses; and the retaliation was misdirected at the wrong white people.

If in Russian, German and Hungarian-Austrian occupied Poland during the 1905 Russian Revolution and during World War 1, Sanders family from his perspective seems not to have played a role in any of Eastern Europe’s conflicts until 11 members of his family were killed during “Hitler’s” holocaust in World War II when he was living in the U.S. and unable to read.

Could Sanders’ father have been a child soldier?

Serbian Momcilo Gavric is two years younger than Sanders’ father and lived just 11 hours to the north of Stopnica.  Gavric was 7 in 1912 when his parents, three sisters and four brothers were hanged by the Austro-Hungarian 42nd Croatian Home Guard Infantry troops.  From  a Cleveland,Ohio perspective the Croatians were Dennis Kucinich’s people and the Serbians were George Voinovich’s. 

Gavric joined the 6th Artillery Division of the Serbian army for revenge.  By 8 he was made a Serbian corporal when Sanders’ Russian father was 10.

Momcilo Gavric was a 7 year old Serbian soldier when Bernie Sanders father lived 8 hours away at 9 in a war zone.

Between 1914 and 1915 when Sanders’ father was between 10 and 11, Russian forces were embedded deeply in Austrian Galicia and Bucovina until the German army “temporarily” kicked them out in 1915.  That year Germany took over Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Parts of Volhynia and Belorussia to put 40 percent of Russian Jews under Central Power control. 

Sanders’ father was also a cultural byproduct of the “three partitions” of Poland that had occurred between the three more powerful nations at its borders.  Russia took 46,332 square miles and 1.2 million people.  Prussia or the German side took 21,236 square miles and 1.2 million Poles.  The Austrian-Hungarians took 18,147 square miles and 1.2 million people that would have included Slopnice near Krakow and Sanders’ father’s alleged ancestral home.  To which “power” would his family have been loyal? 

More specifically, after years of Russian, German and Austrian-Hungarian military and citizen so-called armies killing Polish men and raping their women, and changing their old names to fit the language of their new nations, Eastern Europeans have no idea who they are ancestrally.

The Central Powers controlling the politics and armies around Sanders’ father were Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey (Ottoman Empire) and Bulgaria.  By 1917 Russia and Germany were fully-engaged in a bloody battle where Sanders’ father was now 13, allegedly Jewish and possibly displaced.  For perspective American Military University professor Mark Riggs‘ research has identified at least 150,000 “Jewish” soldiers in Adolf Hitler’s Nazi armed forces.

The type of murderously-sadistic men, women and child killing shit Gavric experienced was taking place all over Poland and the other European nations involved in “total war” activities.  Total war means every able-bodied man, woman and children had to fight.

Trying to find Bernie Sanders referencing the role his family played in “Poland” during WW1 is non-existent. There is much about his family history and the story he tells that does not add up.

The Yivo Institute for Jewish Research in its Encyclopedia described the harsh living conditions Sanders father and grandparents should have been living under in Slopnice, Stopnica or what would eventually be the nation of Poland after World War 1.

“The frequent movement of armies back and forth across this area over a four-year period disrupted the lives of all the region’s inhabitants. For Jews, however, the disruption was compounded by wide-spread uncertainty concerning their sympathies in the conflict—sympathies that were in fact subject to many competing pressures whose relative degree of influence shifted constantly during the course of the war. The tsarist Russian government in particular profoundly suspected Jewish loyalties. Although the onset of fighting witnessed not only an outpouring of patriotic statements in the Russian Jewish press but also the enlistment of nearly 400,000 Jews in the tsar’s armed forces (of whom some 80,000 served at the front during the 1914–1915 campaigns), Jews were quickly charged with treachery by some military leaders and right-wing politicians. Such charges gained credibility when, on 17 August 1914, the Supreme Command of the German and Austrian armies issued a proclamation in Yiddish exhorting the Jews of the Russian Empire to revolt and promising full equality for Jews in the event of a German victory; accusations of treachery became increasingly forceful following the Russian defeats at Tannenberg and the Masurian Lakes in late August–early September 1914. As a result, Russian military commanders frequently expelled Jews from towns and villages near the front lines and at times even took local Jewish leaders hostage to insure loyal behavior.”

Imagine more than 500,000 Russian Jews being expelled right next door to “Poland” and there’s no published reports among this nation’s foreign newspaper and television station owners about how all this Russian Revolution and World War 1 displacement affected Sanders father and grandparents. There’s no discussion of their roles on “any” side.  Sanders father and his grandparents would have been on one side or the other, victim or oppressor, if they were actually Eastern Front Russian Jews in Slopnice or Stopnica in 1904 when Eliasz Gitman was born. 

Take a closer look at Bernie’s Adolf Hitler story

Sanders cries when he tells how 11 uncles lost their lives in World War II.  It’s almost as if because he’s a U.S. Senator with Russian origins his relatives were the victims simply because they “may” have been Russian or German Hebrews. None of the Holocaust victims were ever murderers, thieves, rapists, child molesters, cheated on their wives or impregnated a daughter.  

From a completely “American” perspective no side of the World War 1 or World War II conflict Sanders’ Eastern European Russian, Polish or German ancestors fought and died for was acceptable.  This is especially if they were the “Socialist Democratic” Bolsheviks Lenin led in his attempt to takeover Socialist Democratic Labour Party from Galacia in 1912. 

Russian Bernie Sanders criticizes German Adolf Hitler for killing Polish Jews, but it was Polish Nazis who did the killing. At one time Josef Stalin sent 1800 to California to make their Jewish homeland.

Some “Polish” Jews sided with the emerging German Nazis against Russians and other ethnic groups during World War I.  This “treachery” is in part what led to Josef Stalin’s decision to begin expelling Russian Hebrews like Sanders “alleged” ancestors from the area.

Sanders was born September 8, 1941.  World War II began on September 1, 1939 and ended September 2, 1945 when the presidential candidate was four.  How he learned “politics is, in fact, very important” as a little kid who didn’t know how to read before the war ended is a story he’s never really explained.  Especially with uneducated Russian parents whose English skills he’s admitted weren’t sufficient enough for them to assimilate and succeed in this nation.

Sanders and other Russian Jews are highly-critical of Germany’s Hitler, but their Bolshevik “workers of the world unite” political consciousness is the same.  Hitler actually became the chairman of the Nationalist Socialist German Workers Party in 1921 until he was elected to lead the nation as president in 1932.  From a “labor” perspective he created jobs for Germans by exterminating Polish, Russian and other Eastern European and German Jews the same way Russian Israelis created jobs for themselves by displacing Palestinians.

Stalin of Russia was, like Sanders, a “Socialist Democrat” as the leader of Vladmir Lenin’s “Russian Social Democratic Labour Party.”

The truth is that Russian Stalin killed far more Russian and Eastern European Jews than Hitler’s German Auschwitz-like extermination camps, but Russians like Sanders only speak of Hitler.  

According to the Yivo Encyclopedia, the Germans during World War I were helped by Russian Jewish collaborators.  It’s one of the reasons Stalin expelled and then placed Russian Jews like Sanders alleged ancestors in gulags.  He didn’t trust them to remain loyal to the side that had allowed them to exist.  He saw them as trading loyalties to advance their own interests and not the nation that had protected them. This was especially so after the Eastern Command of Hungary and Austria offered them assistance to revolt against Russia. 

In the 1900’s through the 1960’s Americans reminded Russian, Polish and other Eastern European Jews that this was and still is an overwhelmingly majority Christian and Protestant nation at 85 percent or more. Bolsheviks who wanted to create a “middle class” for themselves were viewed as “Reds” or “Communists” in this “right to work” 92 percent majority nation. Russian Bolsheviks were disdained in America as Communists who were spreading organized crime, prostitution, gambling and homosexuality throughout the nation’s larger cities via Russian or Polish Jew Meyer Lansky. Lansky was born in Russia (Belarus like the owners of Advance Communications and the Plain Dealer) under the name Meier Suchowlański.

The irony is that Stalin was trying to find his Russian Jews a homeland and had sent them to settlements in Siberia, California and Palestine in 1947. It was in Palestine where Russian Jews succeeded in displacing Palestinians like they’d been displaced in Russia, Poland, Germany, Austria-Hungary and elsewhere.  Stalin described anti-semitism as being “reminiscent of cannibalism” and was against it as a practice.  

Hitler, in contrast, saw their control over Germany’s “middle class” from the same perspective of Dr. Alajos Kovacs.  He wrote The Jewish Population of Stony Hungary In the Light of Statistics” published by the United Christian Hungarian League in 1938.  It may explain why Gitman’s father felt compelled to leave in 1921. 

“Jews” or “Hebrews” were a self-segregating minority group that displaced Christians in the upper and middle classes in majority Christian Eastern European nations.  

“It is well known that the dominant role of the Jews in Hungary is not given by their number, but by their cultural and financial supremacy. The number is just the base; add, but not decisive. Occupational data suggests that this financial supremacy of Jewry has hardly been affected by the fact that it has been numerically depleted in the last decade, and even shows that it has even strengthened at the expense of Christian Hungarians,” Kovacs wrote.

47 percent of Hungary’s doctors, lawyers and engineers were Jews.  57 percent of the printers.  34 percent of the government civil service jobs were in Jewish hands; and so were 85 percent of the banking and financial services jobs. They controlled half the nation’s theaters and media jobs.

Kovacs saw Jews replacing Christian youth in the universities.  As they built up their own Jewish people they didn’t uplift the nation’s majority Christians which left the majority at the economic bottom of the nation’s they’d sacrificed and died to build.  This “middle class” Christian-displacement by Jews occurred in Austria-Hungary as well as Russia, Germany and the Slovenian nations that ultimately participating in discouraging them to leave or face extermination.

Stalin saw Russian and eventually Polish Jews as unassimably disloyal potential traitors.  Kovacs saw the wars that “de-populated” the Jewish presence in Eastern Europe as one that improved the lives of Christians.  

“The withdrawal of Jewish students from upper commercial schools is quite striking. In 1920 – 21 they were still 35.1%.  In 1935-36 they were only 18.9%.  In absolute terms, with a total increase of 1,700 people, their number has fallen from 2,875 to 1,870, a significant decrease. It is true that in recent years the influence of the war years has been greatest here, but the number of Christian students has even increased. In 1920 – 21, there were only 5,376 Christian students in upper commercial schools against 2,875 Jews, and by 1935 – 36 already 8,014 Christian students competed with 1,870 Jews. Thus, in the future, there will be relatively more and more Christian boys leaving the upper commercial cIass, and only two-thirds of the Jews will ever be.”

Sanders’ broke father arrived the year Congress passed a “no broke Russian” law

Sanders has publicly-claimed his father arrived here “without a nickle in his pocket” which is another strange fact since 1921 was the year President Warren G. Harding signed the Emergency Immigration Quota Act and sought to zero out Russian and Eastern European immigration to the U.S. until 1965.  Congress had resolved the problem with Chinese by enacting the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1899.  Immigration records show Eliasz Gitman actually had $25 when he arrived here from Antwerp; which back then was a lot of money. 

To get to Anthwerp in Belgium Sanders’ father had to travel nearly 900 miles from Stopnica through a anti-semitic Germany.  What’s notable about Stopnica is that at one point it was under Germany’s Nazi control with the help of Polish Jews who saw themselves as a buffer between the “other ethnics” they wanted to keep in line for the Germans.

The year Sanders’ father arrived in 1921 was two years before Henry Morgenthau, Sr., a German Jew, was sent to Poland by President Woodrow Wilson in 1919 to see for himsef if Polish Jews were being wiped out in Josef Stalin and Vladmir Lenin’s pogroms.  He returned with a report that a problem existed with certain “individuals” who didn’t like Jews, but he cleared the Russians who led Poland of orchestrating their mass deaths. 

Morgenthau summarized as follows:

“In considering the causes for the anti-Semitic feeling, which has brought about the manifestations described above, it must be remembered that ever since the partition of 1705 the Poles have striven to be reunited as a nation and to regain their freedom. This continual effort to keep alive their national aspirations has caused them to look with hatred upon anything which might interfere with their aims. This had led to a conflict with the nationalist declarations of some of the Jewish organizations which desire to establish cultural autonomy financially supported by the States. In addition, the position taken by the Jews in favor of Article 93 of the Treaty of Versailles, guaranteeing protection to racial, linguistic and religious minorities in Poland, has created a further resentment against them. Moreover, Polish national feeling is irritated by what is regarded as the “alien” character of the great mass of the Jewish population. This is constantly brought home to the Poles by the fact that the majority of the Jews affect a distinctive dress, observe the Sabbath on Saturday, conduct business on Sunday, have separate dietary laws, wear long beards, and speak a language of their own. The basis of this language is a German dialect, and the fact that Germany was, and still is, looked upon by the Poles as an enemy country renders this vernacular especially unpopular. The concentration of the Jews in certain districts or quarters in Polish cities also emphasizes the line of demarcation separating them from other citizens.”

300 Russian Jews had been killed.  50 Russian or Polish Jews were wiped out at one time in the Pinsk Affair in 1919 after being accused by Dr. Francis E. Fronczak, a Polish immigrant to the U.S., of helping the Bolsheviks take over the Russian government.  Russian and by then Polish Jews thought Morgenthau would open the door for more of their relatives to immigrate here in the 1920’s.  The  nation’s leaders didn’t budge until World War II and the slaughters were provenly-real. 

200,000 were let in at that time. Their admission instead of refused access this time was because of Morgenthau and President Franklin D. Roosevelt. 

But in 1921 there’d have been no “humanitarian” access for Sanders’ father as a Russian immigrant alleging that he was fleeing anti-semitic persecution.  Americans had grown weary of their violent labor organizing, prostitution, homosexuality, gambling, “Black Hand” organized crime and murderous attacks on Christian whites and blacks in cities like East Saint Louis, St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit, Boston and others. 

Russian Orthodox Jews are rabid anti-Christian and anti-Muslim segregationists as the world has witnessed their conduct in Palestine.  An estimated 285 million white Americans with pre-Civil War and American Revolution roots have African Slave DNA out of this nation of 320 million. Russians and Jews share the same 1.6 percent minority demographic at about 6 million.  It’s a reality that makes the comments the Russian who’s trying to buy the presidency, Mike Bloomberg, makes about Black Protestants being a minority in this nation … laughable.  

Sanders is Russian whether he admits it or not.  His mother, Dorothy Glassberg’s parents, were born in Russia.  The debate on whether or not they ever became citizens is still open; and there are allegations his mother wasn’t born in Brooklyn but in Russia.  In a 2015 campaign commericial Sanders said at 38 seconds said she was born and raised in New York city in 1912 during a very self-created anti-Russian period in U.S. history.

Sander’s father’s claim to have allegedly been born in Poland instead of Russia in 1904 might have helped in 1921 when he immigrated to the U.S.  After all the shit Bolshevik Russians had started following our Civil War in 1865, Americans were tired of violent labour strikes, attacks on the working rights of the Protestant majority, the organized crime, homosexuality and racism that Congress enacted laws to keep them out.  Sanders’ broke-azzed, unskilled and non-English speaking father from a Communist nation was not a desirable candidate for U.S. citizenship or an easy assimilation into American culture.  

The Socialist Democratic or Democratic Socialist brand of politics Bernie Sanders learned from his Russian parents that Vladmir Lenin encouraged his followers to spread was unwelcomed in the U.S. when his father arrived here in 1921. It is still unwelcomed and viewed as “un-American.”

In his book “The Five Black Presidents,” author J. A. Rogers described Harding as a “mixed-race” president.  His signature on the Emergency Immigration Act of 1921 reflected his real attitude about how violent Russians had treated the black side of his family tree. 

The 1921 immigration law Niles, Ohio native Harding campaigned on set a cap that based the number of Russians or Eastern Europeans allowed in to three percent of those who were already here and counted in the 1910 Census.   They had to be educated and skilled. 

Sanders’ father brought nothing America needed as a poor immigrant who eventually sold paint in the Russian ghetto he lived in New York during a period of “ethnic” and not just “color casted” segregation.  Even his child was a troubled high school and college student.  Sanders has introduced 80 immigration bills to bring in more aliens to take American jobs, or protect some perceived non-citizen right, and not a one has passed.

Russians were “included” as a small percentage of the 2784 people among all the Eastern European and Asian nations combined that were allowed into the nation in 1929.

In 1924, three years after Eliasz Gitman arrived in New York, Congress enacted another immigration law called the Johnson-Reed Act that reduced the total to two percent of the Eastern Europeans and Asians who were in the nation in 1890 when both their numbers were much smaller.  The 1929 admission for all Eastern Europeans and Asians combined was 2784 from that entire part of the world.  Russians should have represented a small percentage of U.S. immigration from 1899 until 1965; which makes it curious as to how the 33 serving between the U.S. House (21) and Senate (12) got to be so influential and large in the federal government’s presence.

Michael Bloomberg and Vladmir Putin-sized organized criminal Meyer Lansky was a reason American Protestants enacted laws to restrict the immigration of Russians to the U.S. Here the late “gangster” is being led to the booking desk by an American detective for vagrancy.

Even in 1950 Congress was concerned about the large Russian presence in the federal workforce and purged over 1000 of them in the Lavendar Scare  for being homosexuals they believed were national security risks.  It’s a question even President Donald Trump raised about Ukrainian Alexander Vindman and his twin brother both working up close in the U.S. government’s national security as foreign-born aliens who immigrated here from Russia.  There’s a video of one of the brothers saying they came from Kiev and another from saying from Russia.

Americans from 1899 through 1965 clearly expressed through Congress a desire to diminish the presence of Russians or Chinese aliens as they were not seen as “assimilable” into a nation whose pre-Civil and American Revolution “majority” of WASP’s, Black Protestants, Spanish and Portuguese Catholics and had been mixing for over 400  years.  And for the first time in this nation’s history none of the leading presidential candidates but U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden can say they have ancestors who were where here during the American Revolution, the signing of our Constitution; and our Civil War.  

Eric Jonathan Brewer

Cleveland's most influential journalist and East Cleveland's most successful mayor is an East Saint Louis, Illinois native whose father led the city's petition drive in 1969 to elect the first black mayor in 1971. Eric is an old-school investigative reporter whose 40-year body of editorial work has been demonstrably effective. No local journalist is feared or respected more.

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