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Cleveland’s Caucasian mayoral hopefuls are having a hard time collecting the 3000 signatures needed to get on the ballot

CLEVELAND, OH – So far none of the Caucasians seeking the 3000 signatures needed to get on the ballot for mayor of Cleveland have delivered petitions to the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.  American Negroes Zack Reed, Justin Bibb and State Senator Sandra Williams have filed.  There have been no filings, yet, from Irish Catholic Cleveland council president Kevin Kelley or former United States Representative and Croatia Dennis Kucinich.

Sources say former Cleveland Clerk of Court Benny Bonnano, an Italian American, has a team circulating petitions on the west side as a possible “sneak” entry into the race.  Voters will know for sure he’s a candidate if Bonanno delivers petitions by the June 16, 2021 filing deadline.

Former Cleveland Councilman Zack Reed told EJBNEWS that collecting signatures to get on the ballot for mayor in 2021 was much tougher and expensive than in 2017. All of the candidates, myself included, had access to numerous community festivals and events that drew large crowds. Not so coming out of a pandemic. Where circulators were being paid $1 to $3 per signature this year’s costs were as high as $10 per signature. Under state election laws candidates for mayor in non-chartered cities only need 45 signtures to gain a spot on the ballot. That’s what I collected in East Cleveland. Cleveland’s charter since prior to the 1930’s has required candidates to gather 3000 signatures. Voters should reduce the signature requirement in the charter to allow more ballot access.

Ward 7 councilman and former South Euclid and Cleveland Heights resident Basheer Jones has not filed … either.  The word on the streets is they’re all having a hard time collecting signatures.  Voters can only sign one petition.  Jones is the first councilman in Cleveland history voters tried to recall three times during his first year in office.

Cleveland’s politics is unlike that of many other American cities because of the large number of foreign-ancestried and foreign-born residents living in and around it.  It’s a town as “balkanized” or divided as some of the Eastern European nations from which the majority of Caucasians living in the city have ancestral ties.

Unlike the nation’s southern states and Ohio’s southern cities, Cleveland is very “Eastern European” ethnic and less White Anglo Saxon Protestant.  The Eastern European ethnics in the area didn’t leave their old country divisions, class conflicts, fondness for Communist labor unions and ethno-religious wars behind.

They didn’t assimilate as they were advised by President Woodrow Wilson in 1917.  They brought their Third World conflicts and “don’t come into my neighborhood” ethnic divisions to the United States of America.  It explains why the Caucasian candidates in Cleveland don’t really have a “White vote” they can count on to win.  From the perspective of playing to a “political base” Caucasians with Eastern European roots are too ethnically divided to have one.

The late David Brennan, an Akron attorney and the founder of Hope Academy / Lifeskills charter schools, told this writer that as an Irish Catholic their political mantra when voting is to look for the Irish Catholic candidate first and then the Catholic and the Democrat when voting.  Brennan’s board chairman, Robert C. Townsend, II, supported this writer and publisher’s Cleveland Challenger newspaper with full page advertisements from 2002 through 2005 before my election as East Cleveland’s mayor.

Cleveland’s population estimate for the 2020 census is roughly 380,000.  Since 1980 the city’s American Negro population has been near or exceeded 50 percent.  With an historical 11 percent undercount of American Negro citizens since World War II, a U.S. Census official with former President William Jefferson Clinton’s administration, Everett Ehrlich, told this writer that a true count of Cleveland’s population would show the American Negro population in 2000 at or exceeding 60 percent.

Even using the 2020 Census estimate of 380,000 that’s 190,000 “plus” American Negroes at 50 percent.  Following American Negroes the city’s major ethnic groups include German (9.2%), Irish (8.2%), Poles (4.8%), Italians (4.6%), and English (2.8%).  The non-major ethnic groups are French, Wales, Scots, Croatian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Slovenian, Russian, Hungarian and more.  Cleveland is not a “majority minority” city.  It’s majority American Negro like in Atlanta, Georgia.

I served as Cleveland Life’s Editor in Chief in 2001 and wrote this story about the candidates in the race to replace Mayor Michael Reed White. U.S. Rep. Stephanie Tubbs-Jones had contemplated running for the seat but decided against it. We talked and I told Stephanie she’d just been elected to replace U.S. Rep. Louis Stokes in Congress and that American Negroes had lost the prosecutor’s office to William D. Mason after she left it for Congress. Attorney James Draper did not prevail in that campaign. Stephanie, with strong encouragement, opted to back Raymond Pierce which pissed off Jane Campbell.

4.5% of Cleveland’s population is foreign-born as of 2020.  41% of the 4.5 percent were born in Europe, 29% of the 4.5 percent were born in Asia, 22% born of the 4.5 percent were born in Latin America, 5% of the 4.5 percent were born in Africa and 1.9% of the 4.5 percent in the North America that includes Canada and Nova Scotia.  Mexicans and Puerto Ricans make up roughly 10 percent of Cleveland’s population.

Without support from the American Negro voter there is no Caucasian candidate with an ethnic political base large enough in Cleveland to prevail over a strong American Negro candidate.  None of the Caucasian candidates seeking the job has an affiliation or friendly history with the city’s largest ethnic demographic as they’ve played to their ethnic political bases and not the larger community.

Kelley is Irish Catholic with relatives from the southern part of Ireland; but half the city’s 32,000 Irish are Irish Protestant from the northern part of that foreign nation.  Anyone familiar with Ireland’s political history knows Irish Protestants and Irish Catholics have been at war with each other and it’s spilled over into U.S. politics.

Frank Jackson made Jane Campbell Cleveland’s last Caucasian mayor in 2005 with the help of the intense coverage from my Cleveland Challenger newspaper. After I distributed over 1 million copies of the newspaper between 2002 and 2005, and exposed the truth about her administration the Plain Dealer and television stations were hiding, it was anybody but Jane. I attended Jackson’s announcement at Cuyahoga Community College.

There’s a racist ordinance on Cleveland’s books right now that requires contractors to identify if they’re doing business with the northern or Protestant part of Ireland that Kelley has not sought to repeal.  It’s one of the reasons British Petroleum left the city and the headquarters the corporation built on Public Square.

British Petroleum purchased Standard Oil founded by White Anglo Saxon Protestant John David Rockefeller, Sr.    The world’s first billionaire lived in East Cleveland and was a Christian abolitionist.  The last 28 years of Rockefeller’s life were spent as the only Caucasian member of the Ormond Baptist Church in Florida.

Foreign politics that had nothing to do with America drove his company out of Cleveland and cost Clevelanders with no interest in Irish politics jobs and opportunities.  All that Irish Republican Army Sinn Fein bullshit should have been left in Ireland.

Kucinich is Croatian and the late United States Senator and Cleveland Mayor George Voinovich was Serbian.  The Croatians and the Polish operated the Nazi extermination camps for Adolf Hitler during World War II; and the Catholic churches in the city hid fleeing World War II Nazi war criminals in them.  More than 230,000 of Voinovich’s Serbian countrymen were “holocausted” by Croatian Nazis known as the Ustase along with 35,000 Roma Gypsies and 30,000 Russian, Polish and Ukrainian Jews.

Ed Lohn was one of the worst police chief’s in modern Cleveland history as Cleveland’s last white mayor, Jane Campbell, let the cops he supervised go on a killing rampage like Brandon King is doing in East Cleveland. Stories like those I published in Cleveland Challenger weren’t being told by the Plain Dealer and the television stations; and Clevelanders learned not to trust them. In 2003 I published my first anniversary edition of Cleveland Challenger and mailed 197,000 copies of this issue to “every” Cleveland household. The Plain Dealer’s home delivery around this time was less than 40,000 on both sides of town. The story I wrote about Lohn’s overtime abuse was investigated by attorney Danny Williams. Williams told me how Campbell personally directed the committee to remove Cleveland Challenger as the source of the information and to insert a story that had nothing to do with overtime misuse written by a Plain Dealer reporter.

There are no pictures of Kucinich and Voinovich that I’ve ever found or seen of them shaking hands even though both men are Caucasian and have surnames that end in “ich.”  In Congress both advocated for the political interests of their ancestral homelands which placed them in eternal conflict with each other … politically.

Kucinich didn’t fare well in the Plain Dealer after Serbian Alex Machaskee became its publisher.  From Voinovich’s and Machaskee’s perspective, Kucinich’s people exterminated members of their “back home” family.

The late Cleveland Mayor Carl Burton Stokes told me Machaskee and Voinovich’s mothers were “cousins” from the same Serbian village.  I was the last journalist to interview Stokes before his death.  The story was published in my Political Reporter in 1996.  We hung out on Prospect Avenue at the hat store across the street from Mike the Hatter while he was sick with cancer and was purchasing a hat.

Kucinich is also known for his two appearances on Russia Today or RT as a guest who blamed the United States government he was supposed to loyally serve for working against Russian interests.   RT is the Russian Federation’s English-language propaganda television network registered with the United States Department of Justice as foreign agent under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.  The Kremlin’s television network is known for paying its “American” guests.

Kucinich’s top congressional office aide, a Russian ethnic named Rick Nagin, was once chairman of the outlawed Ohio Communist Party.  Nagin is now a Communist masquerading as a Democrat as his affiliation with the Communist Party violated the National Security Act of 1950.

Ukrainian John Demjanjuk or “Ivan the Terrible” is notorious in Cleveland history for hiding here after World War II while building a family and working at the Ford Motor Company plant in Brookpark. Demjanjuk served in the Red army at the Trawniki concentration camp, the Sobidor extermination camp and the Treblinka extermination camp in Poland.  The Poles were prominent in Hitler’s Wehrmact and the largest number of Poles and Slovenians in America immigrated to Chicago and Cleveland.

The most game-changing election in Cleveland history came in 1989 when George Voinovich chose not to seek re-election as mayor after then State Senator Michael Reed White decided to challenge him. Both White and Cleveland’s longest-serving council president, George Forbes, prevailed in the primary election against three Caucasian candidates. White went on to win.

The majority of Russian, Polish and Ukrainian Jews in the Cleveland area are not Nazi death camp or Holocaust survivors since some arrived here after the Civil War ended in 1865.  Former Forest City Enterprises chairman Albert Ratner’s Russian father and uncles arrived in the United States of America, illegally, beginning in 1905 long before Hitler’s rise to power.  Hitler was 16 years of age when Charles Ratner aka Kalman Ratowzer arrived in our nation from Russia under a fake name and with fake documents.

It’s this torturous and bloody history of Eastern European politics brought to Cleveland that doesn’t lead to a unified “white vote” in northern cities that is not the same in the more WASP-controlled south.  Eastern Europeans have a more “pure blood” consciousness in a nation where WASP’s and American Negroes have co-mingled bloodlines for over 400 years.  Under the “one drop rule” there’s an estimated 280 million American Negroes in the USA.

What has been a reality of Cleveland politics since then State Senator Michael Reed White challenged Voinovich for mayor, and the Serbian politician decided not to seek re-election, is that either one or both of the leading candidates to serve as the city’s chief law enforcement officer has been an American Negro.  Bonnano was a mayoral candidate in 1989 along with Irish Catholic Tim Hagan and Slovenian Ralph Perk, Jr.

I told White in 1989 that the numbers showed how the race in the general election would be between him and then Cleveland city council President George L. Forbes.  White, initially, thought Bonanno would pick up the “White vote” to compete against Forbes.  As one of his advisors during that campaign I recommended that he back off his attacks on the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority because he was becoming a “one issue” candidate. I encouraged him to spend more time cultivating the west side vote.

Kevin Kelley obstructed Clerk of Council Patricia Britt from accepting 22,000 signatures from registered Cleveland voters who wanted to decide yes or no on the $88 million he had enacted an “emergency” ordinance to give Dan Gilbert to renovate the Quicken Loans Arena. Standing next to him are two American Negro members of council. Phyllis Cleveland and former member Terrell Pruitt. Pruitt was Nina Turner’s choice to lead Ward 1 after she abandoned the job for a seat in the Ohio Senate. Imagine a U.S. soldier and an American Negro standing silently by while an Irish Catholic anarchist obstructs hard fought for voting rights for American Negroes. 

When he invited me to his first campaign organizational meeting White wanted to know how I got more west side than east side votes during my 1983 campaign for a seat on the Cleveland school board.  As a Clevelander who’d lived on both sides of the city I knew the west side wasn’t as “White” as it was being portrayed.  My estimates then and now are that the city’s west side is at least 30 percent American Negro.  I also understood the ethnic divisions between Caucasians and found support from white voters who didn’t have an ethnic or religious candidate they felt compelled to support.

When White decided not to seek re-election in 2001 I’d just left his administration as a special assistant and was working as the editor in chief of Cleveland Life.  The Plain Dealer’s Brent Larkin ranked the leading candidates as being Jane Campbell, Tim McCormack, William Denihan with American Negro attorney Raymond Pierce placing dead last.  I’d predicted a race between Pierce and Campbell.

Rev. Otis Moss of Olivet Institutional Baptist Church played the role of a political spoiler when he spoke in a radio commercial for Campbell telling American Negroes not to judge her by the color of her skin; and that her mother had been affiliated with Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.  The church she attended had done nothing more than invite King to speak and Campbell, at 12, participated in a ceremonial “march” after the service.  With his help and that of political strategist Angela Woodson, enough American Negro voters crossed the line to give her a one-term victory.

Woodson didn’t get a job and Campbell’s only American Negro cabinet hire was attorney James Draper as safety director.  She later gave Rodney Jenkins a job as community relations director for which she fired him for allegedly sexually harassing Lorna Wisham.  She gave Wisham the job Jenkins held.

Campbell became a one term mayor to then Cleveland council President Frank Jackson because of her hiring practices and the way she allowed police to terrorize American Negroes, Puerto Ricans and ethnic Caucasians like an unarmed Stanley Strnad.  Strnad was shot four times in the back by Daniel Jopek.

The Brown Report publisher Kimberly Brown is seeking to replace Joe Jones in Ward 1 on city council. Jones is backing Kevin Kelley for mayor though he has not yet collected enough signatures to earn a spot on the ballot for the job. Brown told EJBNEWS during a recent conversation that she personally witnessed Cleveland voters in the Lee Harvard shopping center refusing to sign Kelley’s petition.

The Campbell administration’s reckless management of the city’s police department resulted in two federal investigations for uses of deadly force and the mistreatment of American citizens in the city’s jails.  While she was propped up by the Plain Dealer and the television news stations, I published over 1 million copies of Cleveland Challenger during her administration that highlighted her mismanagement.  By the time Jackson campaigned against her in 2005 it was “anybody but Jane.”  Jackson has kept the mayor’s job in the hands of an American Negro since 2006.

In the 2017 campaign for Cleveland mayor, one where I was a candidate, the top three candidates were American Negroes and Jackson faced off against Reed.  Now Reed is the front runner to replace Jackson while Williams and Bibb are battling for the second spot.

From a pure ethnic perspective, I see absolutely no path to a victory based on the numbers for Kelley, Kucinich or Bonanno (if he enters the race) to win.  None of the three Caucasians have the popularity or political support to split the American Negro vote; and the city’s American Negro majority has no interest in risking another Campbell.

Kelley is also offensive to other Caucasians for his voter suppressing role in criminally-obstructing two referendums.  Each time he pissed off over 22,000 registered Cleveland voters who’d signed petitions to challenge council’s decision to invest $88 million to renovate the Quicken Loans Arena for Dan Gilbert; and another more than 20,000 voters who wanted to reduce the size of council and shrink the legislative authority’s pay.

Child killing children of immigrants didn’t get away with slaughtering an American child as media obscures their family’s immigrant backgrounds

Aiden Leos was shot to death by Marcus Eriz.

CLEVELAND, OHMarcus Anthony Eriz’s surname of “Eriz” is originally associated with two nations.  Turkey and Brazil.  Wynne Lee is the child of aliens from Taiwan.  She’s of Chinese ancestry and according to President Joseph Robinette Biden that makes her a model minority and a potential victim of anti-Asian violence.  Biden and his Indian vice president, Kamala Devi Harris, seem not to care about the violence Asians and other immigrants are bringing to American lives.

Adding two more names, faces and deeds to the immigrants the United States Congress was warned in 2010 were killing 12 natural born Americans daily, the two children of aliens are now in a California jail and headed to a tax dollar-wasting trial for their roles in the slaughter of 6-year-old American Aiden Leos.  It’s amazing how in the United States of America reporters like WKYC’s Mark Naymik, with Slovenian backgrounds, will gleefully describe American Negroes as “Black” while writing nothing about the race or ethnicity of other editorial subjects.

Marcus Anthony Eriz’s family will go through hell for the rest of their lives in the United States of America as information about his brutal killing of an American child grows. He’s kneeling on the left and clasping his best friend and younger brother’s hand.

As more aliens have entered the nation since the GAO report to Congress in 2010, the number of Americans they’re killing has grown beyond the estimated 4380 annual death toll “reading” citizens of the nation learned of during the administration of then President Barack Obama.  Biden and alien-loving “Progressives” like United States Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez want to increase the “dead American” body count by allowing even more illegal aliens into our nation.

Eriz and Lee have been charged by California state prosecutors for each of their roles in slaughtering Leos on May 21, 2021.  Lee was driving her Volkswagen Golf SportWagon north on 55 Freeway in Orange, California when Eriz decided to shoot into the car Aiden’s American mother, Joanna Cloonan, was driving in the highway’s commuter lane.  Lee had recklessly changed lanes in front of Cloonan’s Chevrolet Sonic and the child’s mother “flipped her the bird” or the “middle finger.”

Marcus Eriz’s Facebook page is full of images of him shooting. The top middle image features a semi-automatic weapon on the roof of a pick up truck like it’s an assault vehicle.

According to California Highway Patrol investigators an outraged Eriz shot into Cloonan’s car and killed the child who was sitting in a seat built for his safety.  The little boy didn’t make it to the school where his mother was taking him to learn.  Had this nation’s immigration laws been strictly obeyed and enforced by disloyal “American” politicians and bureaucrats, Aiden and the more than 50,000 Americans aliens have killed since Congress was warned in 2010 might still be alive.

Neither of the two children of immigrants appear to have learned a saying common in American culture that “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”  The two appear to have seen an American woman they wanted to exterminate in anger as Eriz ignorantly shot into Cloonan’s car and snatched the life from her child.

Marcus Eriz’s father, Johnnie Joe Eriz, posted this picture on Facebook that features two co-workers at the Nuggest restaurant in Weaverville, California.

Eriz, 24, and Lee, 23, are a couple.  Instead of the child of Chinese aliens from Taiwan reporting the savage she shared a Costa Mesa home with to police or the California Highway Patrol, she kept her mouth shut and aided in concealing his sick crime.  So much for the false thought that Asians are model, law-abiding minorities.  They can’t be “model minorities” if there are more than 100,000 of these criminals entering the nation illegally every year.

Americans looking for insights about the deadly couple are not getting it from the immigrant-descended journalists and bloggers covering the story of Aiden’s death.

Johnnie Joseph Eriz’s Facebook page features an image of his youngest son and the mother of his children. Take a look at his response to the question, “Who’s the young man?” Johnny responds that “she ” is his “young son.”

Eriz’s Instagram and Facebook page features insights about himself and members of his family.  His father and mother’s names are Johnnie Joseph Eriz and Anadilia Rosalinda Eriz now Anadilia Firestein.  They lived in Weaverville, California.  She’s now in Wayside, Oregon.  Johnnie Joseph Eriz is employed at The Nugget restaurant as a cook in Weaverville.

Marcus Eriz describes his United States Army veteran brother, Johnnie, as his “best friend.” A picture their father featured of his uniformed youngest son and mother on his Facebook page describes him as a “she.” There’s also a post on Johnnie Joseph Eriz’s Facebook page that announces the date of an event in Brazil.  The name “Eriz” is found in abundance in the South American nation.

Guns and aliens don’t mix. Americans have no idea who’s among the millions of immigrants and illegal aliens in the nation. Marcus Eriz appears to have been training to kill.

Marcus Eriz was employed as an automobile body repairman at Platinum Collision Centers Dos Lagos in Corona, Riverside County, California. His social media page includes pictures and videos of him shooting handguns, semi-automatic rifles and trap shooting with his uniformed “brother.”  His aim was proficient.  One image includes a picture of his semi-automatic weapon on the roof of a pick-up truck in the style of an assault vehicle.

A reporter from the Orange County Register, Brian Rokos, authored a June 8, 2021 story about Lee that described her in heroic-like terms for “conquering depression” and looking for a “brighter future.”  Pushing the Asians are a “model minority” theme the Orange County newspaper featured a picture of Lee reading a book.

100,000 Chinese immigrants from Communist China or Taiwan are entering the United States of America illegally … annually. It makes the majority criminals instead of model minorities. According to President Joseph Robinette Biden they’re to be welcomed. Biden has a form of dementia from all his cancer medications. Wynne Lee’s parents claim to be from Taiwan. Her mother’s last name is “Huang.” Assumably she’s Mrs. Huang. There’s a story about these Chinese immigrants that doesn’t add up.

The Rokos surname is short for the Polish surname of Rokosz.  It’s a newspaper that typically features only mug shots of Americans who kill.  No sympathetic “puff” pieces.

An astute reader can see in the publication’s portrayal of Lee that an “angle” is emerging of her being an unfortunate soul who fell in with the wrong person because she was culturally pressured into suicidal thoughts Chinese parents who wanted her to be “model minority.”  American Negro children have been indoctrinated for generations to “be a credit to the race.”  Cultural “expectations are nothing new.

The Kaiser Health Network mentioned that Wynne Lee missed 47 days of school but neglected to inform its readers that her parents had been considered for criminal charges because of the truancy.  Here Wynne Lee is shown with her mother, Maggie Huang, and brother, Kevin.  The photo is fairly used for educational purposes and was taken by Heidi de Marco for the Kaiser Health Network.

A 2015 feature story in a publication published by the Kaiser Health Network focused on an interview of Lee saying she tried committing suicide and “cut” herself to numb the pain of her life, depression and family’s cultural expectations beginning at age 12.  She wanted to die. California is a death penalty state and “self-immolation” is associated with Buddhism in China and Taiwan; and Hinduism in India.  It gives the suicidal person a chance to be reborn into another life.

In her journal Lee quoted the words of an Iranian author, Tahereh Mafi, who calls herself an American and writes books for children that have made it to the New York Times best seller list.

“‘And even when you’re ready to let go. When you’re ready to break free. When you’re ready to be brand-new. Lonliness [sic] is an old friend standing beside you in the mirror. … Loneliness is a bitter, wretched companion.’” 

After the Government Accounting Office revealed in 2010 that immigrants were killing 12 Americans daily, the federal agency returned the next year with an assessment of how much it’s costing American taxpayers to arrest, prosecute and incarcerate them.

The amount of information about Lee’s family isn’t as abundant as Eriz’s.  Her mother’s name is Maggie Huang and she has a younger brother named Kevin.  The Kaiser Health Network story doesn’t mention her father’s name: only his being employed for a manufacturing company.  There’s no mention of their date of arrival, whether they entered the nation legally or when they applied for citizenship and under what circumstances.

California prosecutors became involved in Lee’s life when she missed 47 days of school and her “model minority” parents were questioned and threatened with jail about the truancy.

Congress “excluded” the Chinese for admission into the United States of America beginning in 1882 with the Chinese Exclusion Act.  The exclusions also included Eastern Europeans from Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Croatia, Serbia, Belarus and more.  The two non-English speaking immigrant groups were viewed as “unassimilable” by Congress for being unable to fit into the unique culture of America.

The nation’s first immigration law in 1790 identified English speaking Caucasians and “Africanists” as the people who would be welcomed for admission.  President John Quincy Adams saw America as an English language nation with Americans being the language’s most eloquent speakers.

Blaine Griffin and Jasmine Santana took the trip to Israel and she returned with a desire to implement its extermination-minded economic development plans in Cleveland

CLEVELAND, OH – When Ward 14 Councilwoman Jasmine Santana accepted the Cleveland Jewish Federation’s Logan Act and Espionage Act violating trip to Palestine, as arranged by Thomas and Joann Adler’s Civil Leadership Mission to Israel, she returned gushing over how “amazing” she found the racistly-apartheid “Jewish state.”  The Hispanic Cleveland politician found two foreign programs she learned of there to be “fascinating” and implementable in Cleveland.

According to Santana, Israel’s approaches to economic and community development were “innovative.”  She must not have counted the Palestinians whose stolen homes are part of its “community development” effort among those “at risk and disadvantaged populations” Israel’s programs helped.  She couldn’t wait to try and “implement” two programs she found to be “impactful” in Cleveland.

Ward 4 Councilman and American Negro Blaine Griffin took the federal espionage law violating Cleveland Jewish Federation-sponsored trip, too.  On his Facebook page Griffin even sported a yarmulke in Polish that’s also known as a kippah in Hebrew.  It’s a skullcap worn by “Orthodox” Russian, Polish and Ukrainian Jewish men in their synagogues and at home.  In Israel the Orthodox Jews are the “land and home stealing” Nazis and white supremacists from Russia, Poland and the Ukraine who have since 1948 been exterminating Palestinians to implement the “community development” innovations Santana found so fascinating.

Ward 14 Councilwoman Jasmin Santana traveled to Cleveland “sister city” Be’it Shean in Israel where a drone was shot down near its Syrian border during Israel’s war on Palestinians in the way of the Jewish nation’s economic development plans for arriving Jewish settlers with Brooklyn accents.  Ward 4 Councilman Blaine Griffin fell in love with Israel’s way of living … too.

They’re the same Eastern European ethnics who joined with Irish Catholics on July 6, 1917 to “exterminate all the niggers” out of East Saint Louis, Illinois.  It’s where I was raised from the age of two.  More than 1000 dead American Negro men, women and children, according to a Congressional investigation, as these illegal and unassimilable aliens decided they didn’t want to compete with American Negro men and women for work.  So they assembled an armed mob of terrorists to burn up their homes and businesses; and to kill them.

What Eastern European Catholics and Jews did to American Negro men, women and children in East Saint Louis is the “Holocaust” that should matter to Americans.  Read, again, about who were the targets of the “Reds” during the “Red Summers in over 40 U.S. cities between 1917 and 1919.

President Woodrow Wilson should be remembered as a hero for assigning U.S. Attorney General Alexander Mitchell Palmer and FBI Director John Edgar Hoover to round up 4500 Eastern European anarchists and sending 240 to President Josef Stalin’s Russia aboard the USS Buford in 1919.  President Theodore Roosevelt should also be better remembered for telling American Federation of Labor founder and Russian alien Samuel Gompers he would have sent federal troops to hunt down the Eastern Europeans who’d engaged in the East Saint Louis Holocaust.  Roosevelt said he didn’t  care about the affairs of Russia in the face of the divisive violence and acts of terror Eastern Europeans had brought to American shores.

The entire world in real time is getting an idea of how Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose Polish family name is “Miliekowsky,” envisions “community development” on land stolen from Palestinians beginning in 1948.  Santana’s effusive praise of Israel’s economic development plans as a model for Clevelanders is thinking that is beyond dangerous for any loyal American citizen rooted in American history and culture.  There is nothing under the Israeli government Netanyahu leads, and the way he leads it, that is “implementable” in the United States of America.  I’ve shared videos below of scenes in Palestine the “infiltrated” mainstream media won’t.

Israel is a government which operates on a Torah-based “white supremacist caste” that places Russian, Polish and Ukrainian “Jews” on top.  In America they’re an ethnic group once excluded for admission as immigrants for being unassimilable anarchists.  The original biblical Jews are Ethiopian.

The Torah consists only of the first five books of the Old Testament or the Five Books of Moses.  The Penteteuch consists of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.  Out of the Torah or Penteteuch are 613 “commandments” Jews practice that are called “mitzvots” embedded within their 9 Basic Laws.  Mitzvots 504 through 516 deal with the issue of slavery.   Mitzvot’s 476 and 477 are being violated in the Netanyahu government’s eviction of Palestinians from their homes.

Mitzvot 476 instructs Jews “not to covet and scheme to acquire another’s possession.”  Mitzvot 477 instructs them “not to desire another’s posession.”  The scriptural guidance in the Torah is Exodus 20:14 and Deuteronomy 5:18.  The Jewish settlers coveting, desiring and scheming ways to acquire Palestinian homes have obviously disregarded these mitzvots.

There is no constitution in Israel: only nine “Basic Laws” and nothing about them even comes close to the detail of the Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights.  The Israeli equivalent to the United States Code is the Sefer HaChukkim; but it’s, again, based on the Torah.  It is a religious government based on five out of 66 books of the Bible that is completely incompatible with anything we’re accustomed to inside the Christian-dominated United States of America.

We have a Congress.  They have a Knesset.  Israel’s judiciary consists of religious or rabbinical courts in the “Jewish” state and only an Israeli national can serve as a judge.  No portion of Israel’s “Basic Laws” or form of governance in its rabbi-controlled courts is compatible with any aspect of government in the United States of America.  Laws everywhere in our nation prohibit religious control of anything.

More specifically, according to the Israel Democracy Institute in January 2021, one-third of the complaints against the rabbi-run courts are justified so not even Israelis are getting justice under that limited “Old Testament” confusion.  In the Orthodox community of the Jewish nation that includes Russian, Ukrainian and Polish Jews living in the U.S. a married woman can’t have sex with her husband until their rabbi checks the color of the discharge on her panties when she’s menstruating.  Some go further by sticking a finger inside her.    It’s a practice in the Torah found in Leviticus called tohorat ha-mishpachaIn English the term interprets to “menstruation and family purity.”

 Leviticus 15:19 and 24: “If a woman has an emission, and her emission in her flesh is blood, she shall be seven days in her [menstrual] separation, and anyone who touches her shall be tamei [a bearer of tum’ah] until evening…And if any man lie with her at all and her [menstrual] separation will be upon him, he will be tamei (impure) for seven days….”

Leviticus 18:19: “Also you shall not approach a woman in the tum’ah of her [menstrual] separation, to uncover her nakedness.”

Leviticus 20:18: “And if a man lie with a menstruating woman and reveal her nakedness, and she revealed the fountain of her blood, both of them will be cut off from among their people.”

Unlike Israel’s Israeli Defense Forces the armed forces of the United States of America are not used against its citizens.  Americans would not fund police to purchase skunk water to spray on us to break-up a protest.  We don’t send storm-troopers in the form of heavily-armed SWAT cops to evict American citizens from properties. We don’t condone citizen mobs entering neighborhoods to destroy homes and beat the occupants to death.  They’d die doing that shit here or if they tried it, again, like in East Saint Louis.

Consider that Israel’s rabbi-run Supreme Court ruled in October 2013 that the ethnic identifier “Israeli” could not be substituted as a nationality for “Jewish.”  According to rabbi judges, there is no such ethnic identity as “Israeli.”  The religious state recognizes only Jews, Arabs and Druze’s even though the dominant Jews are ethnically from Russia, Poland, Ukraine.  Smaller numbers of Eastern European Jews are from Romania and or Russian, Polish and Ukrainian ethnics from the United States of America.

In the U.S. Russian, Polish and Ukrainian Eastern European ethnics who practice Judaism have been lobbying the Congress through organizations like the Anti-Defamation League to declare people who follow their faith, ethnically, as “Jewish” like in Israel.  These Eastern European ethnics would be the only group in the U.S. labeled by their religion instead of their ethnic origins.

This photo posted by the Palestinian Information Center is an example of Israel’s extermination-minded economic development “innovations” as it uses the Israeli Defense Forces to destroy and displace human beings they don’t want living near them.

The re-labeling American Jews are seeking is a Zionist concept that Jews wherever they live are not under the control of the laws of the nation of their residency.  They are citizens of the Jewish nation.  The rabbis in the Israeli supreme court wrote the following words in rejecting the idea that classifications should consider ethnicity and not religion in 2013.    The rulings of Israel’s supreme court are of no consequence in the United States of America.

First, since it is reasonable to assume that a person cannot have two nationalities, this change would compel Jewish citizens of Israel to choose between being “Israeli” and “Jewish.” Most Israeli Jews would be forced into an impossible predicament: we see ourselves as both Jewish and Israeli, and one does not exclude the other.

Second, if the nationality of Jewish citizens of Israel were to be classified as “Israeli,” the implication would be that Judaism is not a nationality for them but is solely a religion. This idea is antithetical to the fundamental doctrine of Zionism and its main thinkers, from Herzl to Ben-Gurion, who saw Zionism as the national movement of the Jewish people.

Third, if the nationality of Jewish Israelis is defined as “Israeli” rather than “Jewish,” then the “national” bond we believe binds together Jews in Israel and Jews in the Diaspora will be severed.

The responsibility of the State of Israel for world Jewry is an important expression of the fact that Israel is not an ordinary democratic state, but also a “Jewish state.” Though we may be divided by geography and citizenship, Israeli and American Jews—and their brothers and sisters around the world—are members of one nation.

Thus, it is imperative for the State of Israel to distinguish between citizenship and nationality. Israeli Jews and Israeli Arabs share a common citizenship. They are both Israeli, and are therefore entitled to and must be accorded the same civil rights. But they are not members of the same nation.

As EJBNEWS has previously reported, members of the Cleveland city council Kevin Kelley has presided over have been engaging in foreign affairs in violation of federal espionage laws.  The duties of municipal corporations are found in Title 7 of the Revised Code and Article 18 of the Constitution of Ohio.  None give local elected officials anywhere in the state foreign affairs duties.  They’re all given duties to ensure that federal immigration laws are obeyed and enforced … locally.  Among the duties Kelley, Santana and Griffin are sworn to discharge is to keep illegal aliens and undocumented workers off the city’s payroll and from being awarded public contracts.

What council has also done is fund the Global Cleveland program convicted former councilman Joseph Cimperman manages with federal block grant funds.   $150,000 to create a “sister city” relationship with Be’it Shean Israel that is not under the authorization and oversight of the United States Department of State.  The Jackson and Kelley leadership team even honored Global Cleveland’s request to fly the Israeli flag above Cleveland city hall for a photo opportunity the foreign government could use for propaganda. Cimperman can’t keep his hands off money Congress earmarked for the poor.

Cleveland Public Library director Thomas Felton violated the Espionage Act when he authorized Be’it Shean officials who met with Mayor Frank Jackson to receive a library card.  Library cards have access to national defense secrets.

If Kelley, Santana and Griffin were loyal to the Constitutions of the United States and Ohio, and the federal, state and local laws they swore to uphold and obey in their oaths of office the Cleveland Jewish Federation’s offer of a trip to Israel would have been rejected.  They also would have reported the individuals arranging it to the United States Department of Justice as unregistered agents of a foreign government.
Council president Kevin Kelly stands in front of a statue of Catholic Polish Pope John Paul II whose birth name is Karol Józef Wojtyła; and who appointed gang-banging Theodore Edgar McCarrick to the office of Cardinal. McCarrick is the ex-cardinal accused and investigated for having sex with priests, his nephews and of pedophilia. Kelley hasn’t taken the lead in repealing an ordinance council enacted at Pat O’Malley’s request that requires contractors to pledge they’re not doing business with Irish Protestants of Northern Ireland. Cleveland’s Irish population both Protestant and Catholic is about 25,000 to 30,000. So Kelly’s got nothing for Irish Protestant or White Anglo Saxon Protestants who are German, English, Scots, Welsh, Canadian. He might have a shot at the French and Eastern European Catholics. At half Cleveland’s population there are approximately 188,000 American Negroes. The majority of us are from Protestant Christian families whether we’re in church or not. Kelly didn’t protest an Israeli flag being flown over Cleveland city hall or advise his council colleagues that foreign affairs was not within the duties of the public offices they hold. He sees Clevelanders in the same light as the Israeli’s see Palestinians when it comes to policing. He wants cops chasing through the streets of Cleveland and other cities to catch “the bad guys.” Anyone hurt in the pursuits is “collateral damage.” He must have taken the trip to Israel … too.

The only way for Santana to implement anything she learned in Israel in Cleveland would be for Ohio and the United States of America to become a Jewish state and nation; and for Americans to allow ourselves to be treated like Palestinians.  Santana’s in the wrong country with her fascination for Zionist-conceived economic development innovations.

White Anglo Saxon Protestant Christian men organized the Ku Klux Klan in free state Ohio after 1915 not to terrorize American Negroes, but to help in the enforcement of federal laws that kept out the anarchist Eastern Europeans and Roman Catholics who had been among the excluded beginning with the Chinese Exclusion Acts of the 1890’s.  In Akron they controlled every political office.  The violence in some cities in the southern states was not associated with the Ku Klux Klan in Protestant Christian cities up north.

Ohio had been a free state from the beginning in 1801 and one mentioned in the Articles of the Confederacy that refused to send enslaved Negroes back to a plantation even if they’d killed someone.  The KKK didn’t want the organized crime, labor unions, labor strikes, prostitution, gambling, drugs, pornography and homosexuality that involved children which came with the Eastern European “Jewish” presence in the state.  The world’s biggest pornography and sex toy empire was led by the late Reuben Sturman, a Russian, in Cleveland.

Israel’s malicious and violent community development “innovations” appears similar to the 3rd party tax liens Greek American James Rokakis asked the Ohio General Assembly to implement as well as Croatian Dennis Kucinich’s 1978 request to Cleveland city council to convert the city’s housing ordinances from civil to criminal.  Before Cleveland city council in 1978 backed Kucinich’s extermination-minded legislation request, housing and building violations came with court appearances and fines and not 1st degree misdemeanors and jail time.

The criminalized housing and building ordinance Kucinich sought and received was used to drive American Negro Winston Willis off East 105th Street like they’ve been used to wipe out American Negro home ownership and property investments throughout the city Palestinian-style.  By 1994 Russian Lee Fisher used the office of Ohio’s Attorney General to board up “drug houses.”  People who’ve lost their homes through local government treachery are angry when they see someone else with what should have been their investment; or an empty lot where their home once existed.

Ex-Forest City Enterprises chairman Albert Ratner, the son and nephew of illegal Russian aliens who lied their way into the United States of America with fake credentials, once told Crain’s Cleveland Business during an interview the city and county should be “less Black.”  How about less Russian, Polish and Ukrainian?  It’s obvious to anyone paying attention that Cleveland’s east sid residents are intentionally being starved of services and burned out.

This photo from the Palestinian Information Center shows a Palestinian woman making spaghetti for her family after their home was destroyed by Israeli Defense Forces in the Gaza. When Israel’s economic development plans are complained about by the citizens being displaced the Israeli government labels them “terrorists” and sends in the troops to silence them.

The savage brutality the Netanyahu administration is showing the world about the extermination-minded consciousness of an anti-semitic Jewish nation under Russian, Polish and Ukrainian control is remniscent of the Nazis in Germany.  Islam is a semitic religion.  So is Christianity.  So is Samaritanism.  So is Judaism.  What’s happening in Israel is a semitic-on-semitic crime.  It was Poland and Ukraine where Nazi death camps existed.

There is nothing America’s laws or culture has in common with Israel that Santana is allowed to implement in Cleveland based on the laws associated with the elected office she holds. Neither she nor Griffin or Cimperman are authorized by federal laws to enter relationships or even communicate with the officials of foreign governments.

If federal prosecutors in the United States Attorneys office for the Northern District of Ohio were loyal and committed to the enforcement of this nation’s espionage laws the unregistered foreign agent’s activities of the Cleveland Jewish Federation would have long ago been shut down.  The elected and appointed officials who took the foreign trips would have been interrogated upon their return. The Israeli Defense Forces wouldn’t have a 160,000 man, woman and child presence of “friends” in the United States of America.

There is nothing associated with Global Cleveland’s unauthorized involvement in U.S. foreign affairs that lets the organization have access to federal, state and local tax dollars designated for municipal corporations organized under Ohio’s constitution and laws. Cleveland council president and political anarchist Kevin Kelly misled the council to appropriate $150,000 to deliver to the organization managed by convicted ex-councilman Joseph Cimperman.  There is no constitutional or statutory authorization granting Cleveland officials the authority to desecrate the flag of the United States of America by flying the Israeli flag underneath it above Cleveland city hall.

What’s happening in Palestine is a complexity beyond the comprehension of local elected officials whose on the job conduct shows they barely comprehend the duties of the public offices they hold.  Some can’t even recite the first three words of the United States Constitution they swore to uphold.  With no legal duties associated with foreign affairs that authorizes a local elected official to comment about the issues of another nation they shouldn’t.

Santana will have an opponent in AM/FM radio broadcast station owner and ex-Councilman Nelson Cintron.  U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s relatives own businesses in Ward 14.

Cleveland Councilman Kenneth Johnson tells EJBNEWS he’s appealing his suspension from council and seeking re-election to Ward 4

CLEVELAND, OH – Ward 4 Councilman Kenneth Johnson says he intends to appeal the Supreme Court of Ohio’s decision to suspend him from serving on Cleveland city council at the request of Ohio Attorney General David Yost.  Johnson’s attorney in his criminal trial, Myron Watson, told him when Yost’s office filed for the suspension that he was not prosecuting the case and had no legal authority to request it pursuant to the section of the law the attorney general asked the Supreme Court to review.

Section 3.16 of the Revised Code of Ohio gives a prosecutor prosecuting an elected official who has been indicted on felony charges the option of seeking their suspension from discharging the duties of a public office.  Johnson is being prosecuted by the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio after being indicted by a federal grand jury for alleged violations of the United States Code.

Assistant Ohio Attorney General Julie Pfeiffer, on behalf of Attorney General David Yost, submitted false information to the Supreme Court of Ohio that federal Title 1 funds from HUD are used to pay Cleveland city council’s monthly expense account reimbursement.

If Yost were prosecuting Johnson the criminal charges the Cleveland councilman is facing would have come from the Ohio Revised Code.  R.C. 3.16 reads as follows:

(B)(1) If a public official is charged with a felony in a state or federal court and if the attorney general, if the attorney general is prosecuting the caseor prosecuting attorney with responsibility to prosecute the case determines that the felony relates to the public official’s administration of, or conduct in the performance of the duties of, the office of the public official, the attorney general, if the attorney general is prosecuting the case, or prosecuting attorney with responsibility to prosecute the case shall transmit a copy of the charging document to the chief justice of the supreme court with a request that the chief justice proceed as provided in division (C) of this section. If the attorney general or the prosecuting attorney transmits a copy of the charging document to the chief justice, a copy also shall be sent to the attorney general if the prosecuting attorney transmits the copy to the chief justice or to the prosecuting attorney of the county in which the public official holds office if the attorney general transmits the copy to the chief justice.

Twice in the unsuspended general law above, written in plain and unambiguous English, Yost was instructed as to when the Ohio Attorney General could excercise the authority granted the public office he holds in R.C. 3.16.  “If the attorney general is prosecuting the case” needs no interpretation as it clearly instructed Yost and the state’s supreme court justices that his suspension request was “duty exceeding.”  Bridget Brennan is the United States Attorney with the authority to have requested Johnson’s suspension as the attorney general prosecuting the case.

Acting United States Attorney Bridget Brennan of Pittsburgh wrongly believes federal funds were used to reimburse Cleveland Councilman Kenneth Johnson for expenses associated with work performed by Garnell Jamison. HUD funds make up less than one percent of the total $2.5 billion under Cleveland city council’s influence and control.

Yost’s suspension announcement was immediately used by the Plain Dealer and without question since the newspaper and website are taking credit for the 17 stories ex-blogger Mark Naymik wrote about Johnson’s monthly expense account as the cause of his indictment.  Naymik’s name figures prominently in Garnell Jamison’s complaint to the United States Department of Justice’s Office of Public Integrity about the prosecutors who sought charges against him.  Both men are considering calling Naymik and AdvanceOhio vice president Chris Quinn as witnesses.  AdvanceOhio is a marketing firm that sells journalism services to clients.

Jamison told EJBNEWS how Naymik’s belief that city council’s monthly expense account is funded with federal dollars from the United States Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) is absurd.  Jamison and Johnson see Brennan as hanging her hat on a non-existent hat rack when they repeat claims that HUD dollars are used in council’s monthly expense account.  Cleveland city council and Mayor Frank Jackson oversee in excess of $2.5 billion in public funds.  The $21 million Cleveland’s been receiving from HUD represents less than one percent of the funds the city’s officials oversee.

The false claim was even repeated in Yost’s suspension request by assistant Attorney General Julie Pfeiffer.  Yost, as the former Ohio Auditor of State whose audits of Cleveland’s financial records for 8 years never identified any co-mingling of the city’s general operating funds with federal block grant funds, appears to have allowed Pfeiffer to submit a claim before the Supreme Court of Ohio he knew was not true.

Ohio Attorney General David Yost,, the state’s last auditor, knows from his 8 years of auditing Cleveland’s financial records that the general fund and not any grant dollars from HUD is being used to pay council’s monthly expense account reimbursement; and that Julie Pfeiffer’s claim in her pleading before the Supreme Court of Ohio that HUD dollars are funding it is a lie.

Pfeiffer’s request before the Supreme Court of Ohio made the false claim similar to Brennan’s that Title 1 of the Housing & Community Development Act of 1974 authorizes block grant money disbursed by the United States Department of Housing & Urban to be used as “reimbursements to council members for actual expenses.”  Jamison’s indictment rests solely on the false claim that the money he received from city council’s expense account was co-mingled with federal dollars.

As EJBNEWS previously reported, had Pfeiffer been directed by Yost to examine page 83 of the Cleveland city council’s 2020 budget, Pfeiffer would have learned that every dime of the legislative authority’s $244,800 for “Expense Account Reimbursement” comes from the city’s “general fund.”  The same with Brennan had federal prosecutors looked beyond Naymik’s uninformed reporting for the Plain Dealer and to the language of HUD’s grant management agreement with Cleveland and Yost’s audits for guidance.

Inside city hall sources are pointing fingers at council president Kevin Kelley – one of the Plain Dealer’s trained poodles – for Yost’s “hit” on Johnson.  Kelley’s seeking the job of Cleveland mayor and wants the Plain Dealer’s endorsement.  His back door conspiracies with other officials are legendary in how he’s obstructed two successful petition drives to halt council’s expenditure of $88 million to renovate the now empty Quicken Loans Arena Lebron James left when he joined the Los Angeles Lakers; and the charter change to shrink council’s size and wages.

Kevin Kelley is seen by city hall insiders as so much of a panderer to the reporters and editors of the Plain Dealer and they believe he backdoored Kenneth Johnson to get him out of the council seat to appease the newspaper in exchange for an endorsement.

City hall insiders point to how Kelley is throwing Johnson to the wolves instead of defending him or remaining neutral.  Kelley is pitching the same solutions as those calling for Johnson to step down.  If a probate county judge gets to appoint Johnson’s replacement, let it be someone a handful of Ward 4 special interests want to finish out his term who promises not to seek the job.  Let it not be anyone Johnson wants.

Johnson told EJBNEWS he is seeking to be re-elected and to prevail in his criminal trial.  Yost has already confirmed in 8 successive audits of Cleveland’s finances that director of finance Sharon Dumas did not co-mingle federal funds to pay council’s monthly expense account out of Title 1 community development block grant money from HUD.

There are a multitude of federal and state laws and regulations, as well as

Former AdvanceOhio political consultant and blogger Mark Naymik is being accused by Kenneth Johnson and Garnell Jamison of spreading reckless and maliciously false information about them.  Naymik’s name features prominently in Jamison’s complaint of prosecutorial misconduct to the USDOJ’s office of professional standards.  Naymik now reports for WKYC.

budgets and audits, which exist in agreement with Johnson and Jamison that not a dime of council’s monthly expense account money was or  is paid with federal block grant funds.  Johnson has 14 days to appeal the Supreme Court of Ohio’s acceptance of the false information the state’s top judges were supplied by Yost’s subordinate.

Cuyahoga County Probate Court Judge Anthony Russo, meanwhile, has been assigned by the state to handle the selection of Johnson’s replacement should the decision to suspend him from discharging the duties of the public office to which he was elected stands.  Below is language from the Probate Court’s website about the replacement process.

Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 3.16(E)(4) the Cuyahoga County Probate Court will accept applications for appointment to Cleveland City Council, Ward 4, by mail or email, beginning today, April 22, 2021 through May 7, 2021. Applicants must submit a statement of interest listing the reasons they are interested in the position; their goals if appointed; and why they believe they are the best candidate for the position. A resume and three references should also be included.

This information should be submitted to Presiding Judge Anthony J. Russo, Cuyahoga County Probate Court, Room 221, 1 Lakeside Avenue West, Cleveland OH 44113 or by email to Sue Schwarten, Administrative Assistant to Presiding Judge Anthony J. Russo, at Communication regarding this appointment will be accepted only from applicants for the position, not from any other persons or organizations on the applicants’ behalf.

Zack Reed has a better shot at Cleveland mayor than Kevin Kelley; and no one knows the others

CLEVELAND, OH – Since Irish Catholic Kevin Kelley announced his plans to replace Frank Jackson as Cleveland’s mayor the city’s voters have been searching for another choice.  Cleveland’s vote-suppressing imitation of the legendary “Willie Lynch”  is arguably the most un-Democratic and offensive candidate to “ever” seek the job.

Voters saw his mindset on full display in front of a Washington Park gazebo with councilmembers Blaine Griffin, Kevin Bishop, Martin Keane and Kerry McCormack as his backup singers during a news conference.  A Caucasian woman had been injured during a carjacking in Tremont; assumably by American Negro or Hispanic youth.  The implied message from this quintuplet of non-reading civil rights violators was simple.

“Put your hands on another white woman and we’ll send the cops to chase you down. Lynch mob and slave catching style.  Any resident who dies along the chase is “collateral damage.”

Councilmembers Martin Keane and Kevin Bishop appear to be on the Kevin Kelley bandwagon as they joined his lynch mob-styled news conference after an elderly Caucasian woman was carjacked. With all the unsolved homicides in Ward 2, Bishop’s silence about the deaths of American Negroes as he backed Kelley’s call for more police pursuits won’t play well with East side voters.

This dude and his politically-foolish supporters must have taken the trip to Israel and been indoctrinated into believing Americans can be treated like Palestinians.  Whoever is seeking to replace them on city council should find themselves with plenty of support after their shared and shameless display of racism and self-loathing.

Some Cleveland and non-Cleveland residents breathed a sigh of relief from Kelley’s political lunacy when American Negro Zack Reed announced he was running for the mayor’s job again.  For some Reed offers a familiar face and the hope for the city’s American Negro voting majority that they won’t be as dogged as they were under Jackson and Kelley.  He may even reverse Jackson’s hiring practice of letting non-residents control 85 percent of the city’s jobs; and giving American jobs to alien or immigrant workers who can’t prove they’re legal.

The comfort for Reed among some Cleveland voters is that they think they know him.  Warts and all.  The expectation is that he’ll offer no surprises unless the job goes to his head and he changes.  Though he won 2nd place and the right to challenge Jackson in 2017, his biggest mistake during that race was in accepting an endorsement from the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association when voters were educating themselves to reject police union-backed candidates.

Reed also wanted to elevate police chief Calvin Williams when a growing number of Cleveland voters wanted him fired.  After EJBNEWS revealed how the married Williams was living with a Cleveland cop with whom he’d fathered two children, the Cleveland mayoral contender reached out to make known his dissatisfaction with Jackson’s double-dipping police chief. Williams’ wife filed for a divorce last May 2020.

Retired and double-dipping Cleveland police chief Calvin Williams’ extra-marital affair with a Cleveland cop he “stations and transfers” under R.C. 737.06 has him too busy worrying about his personal shit instead of solving homicides and fighting crime “constitutionally.”  Zack Reed wants him to retire to his home in Berea with his family where he lives safely under another police chief and mayor.

During his conversation with EJBNEWS, Reed said Williams should be fired for failing to address problems with violence and unsolved homicides.  Williams preference for Berea as a residence instead of Cleveland where he works demonstrates his interest in raising his family in a safer city than the one he protects; and one with better schools than those his boss, Jackson, oversees with Kelley.  Williams’ family can walk or drive Berea streets without fear of reckless police high speed chases Kelley wants that threatens their lives and safety.  20 percent of school-aged children in Berea aren’t contemplating suicide like they are in Cleveland.

Reed should have no problem with the other potential contenders; especially Basheer Jones who has served illegally on the Cleveland city council as an initial resident of South Euclid before he relocated with his family to Cleveland Heights.  After stealing from Cleveland taxpayers as a non-resident for the past three years, the Jaguar driving Jones just relocated to the city in December 2020.  Instead of seeking the mayor’s job he should be facing criminal prosecution.  The Political Action Committee his one Cleveland and two suburban supporters have created will end up being investigated for “money laundering” his large, single-sourced donations that violate the $1500 limits set by Cleveland’s charter.

Outside of his family and friends, the voting public doesn’t know Justin Bibb.  State Senator Sandra Williams is also largely untested as a municipal candidate. Anyone pushing a campaign for mayor on social media isn’t campaigning.

For those who don’t know that RT is Russia Today Dennis Kucinich looks like just another guest instead of a propagandist favored by the Russian Federation’s English-language television news station. Russia Today or RT is required to register with the United States Department of Justice as a foreign agent. This shit makes Kucinich look like a disloyal-to-American-interests “plant.”

Former United States Rep. and Croatian American Dennis Kucinich’s two, 2-year terms as the city’s mayor before he was defeated by then Lieutenant Governor and Serbian American George Voinovich was seen as a disaster.  It will be difficult for Kucinich to get past his being seen as too “unregistered foreign agent” conflicted with his being a guest on Vladmir Putin’s RT or Russia Today.

There are those who haven’t forgotten his role in criminalizing the city’s housing ordinances to help University Circle developers and Cleveland Clinic officials steal Winston Willis’ E. 105th Street properties where the William O. Walker building sits largely unused.  His assigning Cleveland police to investigate George Forbes and 8 American Negro members of council for bringing carnivals to east side wards still leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of east side voters with longer memories.

If Reed plays his cards right he should make it to the runoffs again.  With his announcement that he’s going for mayor, he’s diminished Kelley from the status of an early front runner to now fighting with the other potential contenders for the number two slot.

Shalira Taylor is running for council in Cleveland Ward 12 and is asking how Kelley got them a raise and suppressed the vote to reduce council during a federal election

CLEVELAND, OH – Fresh off a campaign to represent the 11th Congressional District in the United States Congress, Shalira Taylor has set her sights on acquiring a seat on Cleveland city council in Ward 12 in 2021.  Slavic Village is not majority Slavic anymore.  It is majority American Negro.  Like Murray Hill and North Collinwood, the Eastern European immigrants from Russia, Poland, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and Hungary who populated Ward 12 or Slavic Village violently resisted the word “integration.” Today they have no choice but to live in an integrated ward.

Before he died in 1980, Call & Post Publisher & Editor William O. Walker told me during an interview that five Cleveland wards with seats occupied by Caucasian candidates could be acquired by American Negroes.  He criticized council reduction plans as way to suppress the city’s growing American Negro majority population.

The real American Negro census of Cleveland is 60 percent of 390,000.  That’s 244,000.  German Americans are 2nd at 9.9 percent.  Irish Americans – Protestant and Catholic – are 8.8 percent.  Every other ethnic group is a tiny minority.  An American Negro candidate can win in all 17 of the city’s wards.  Information like this has never been shared this way by the Russian owners of the Plain Dealer and

What Mr. Walker lamented in our discussion in 1980, as the last journalist to inteview him before his death, was that the American Negroes he saw entering council from the late 1970’s and 1980 would not seek to increase “Black” representation as none had a background in “civil rights.”  Taylor appears to be the first in Ward 12.

In studying the Revised Code of Ohio, Cleveland’s charter, ordinances, budgets and audits to learn the statuory duties of a member of council, Taylor said she like other Clevelanders questioned how voters who wanted to vote yes or no on reducing the body and shrinking the pay ended up with “that” vote “suppressed,” and the charter change tying council’s percentage increases to the highest percentage they vote to give a public employee union was approved.  

She knew Cleveland residents had successfully gathered the 22,000 signatures needed to put the charter reduction and pay raise on the ballot; and that they were delivered to the Clerk of  Council and validated by the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.  What she doesn’t and wants to know is how the charter change was removed from the ballot after the circulator admitted he missed the statutory withdrawal deadline.

Last February 11, 2020, Cuyahoga County Board of Elections official Mike West released a “Media Advisory” that the unit of state government organized under Title 35 of the Revised Code of Ohio had received “official notification” that the two Cleveland charter amendments have been withdraw [sic].”  He misspelled the word “withdrawn.”

The letterhead identified the members of the board as Jeff Hastings, Inajo Davis Chappell, Robert S. Frost and David Wondolowski.  Anthony Perlatti was and is the director. Shantiel H. Soeder is the deputy director.  The announcement intended to withdraw Issues 3 and 4 from the March 17, 2020 federal primary election in which locally voters were asking for a special election to seeking to reduce Cleveland city council from 17 to 9 and cutting the public office’s pay.

If Tony George and William Ritter were questioned by United States Department of Justice prosecutors and Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the two will explain their discussions with Cleveland council president Kevin Kelley.  West will explain how the information was delivered to him for publication as a media advisory. 

What Taylor and other Clevelanders know from past experiences with Kelley’s obstruction of the Quicken Loans Arena referendum know is the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections did not have the legal authority to remove the charter changes from the ballot.  What Taylor and other Clevelanders are questioning is how?

Pursuant to R.C. 3519.08(A), Ritter had to ask the Secretary of State and not Cleveland city council or the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections to withdraw the petition.  Ritter had already publicly-admitted that he missed the deadline for personal reasons. 

“Notwithstanding division (I)(2) of section 3501.38 of the Revised Code, at any time prior to the seventieth day before the day of an election at which an initiative or referendum is scheduled to appear on the ballot, a majority of the members of the committee named to represent the petitioners in the petition proposing that initiative or referendum under section 3519.02 of the Revised Code may withdraw the petition by giving written notice of the withdrawal to the secretary of state.

Ritter failed to give written notice to the Secretary of State prior to the 70th day before the March 17, 2020 primary election.  Had Ritter intended to comply with R.C. 3519.08(A) he would have withdrawn with a written request to the Secretary of State prior to January 7, 2020 as required by general election laws for municipal corporations found in R.C. 731. 

Section 15 of Cleveland’s charter clearly affirms that in addition to its instructions, the general laws of the state apply when it comes to local elections. Two sections of Ohio law guide municipal elections.  R.C. 731 and Title 35.

Section 15 of Cleveland’s charter language is below and readers should observe the last sentence’s instructions to council is to enact ordinances “against corrupt practices.”

“All elections provided for by this Charter, whether for the choice of officers or the submission of questions to the voters, shall be conducted by the election authorities prescribed by general law of the State; and the provisions of the general election laws of the State shall apply to all the elections except as provision is otherwise made by this Charter, and except further that the Council may, by ordinance, provide measures to promote and insure the purity and integrity of the ballot, and against corrupt practices in elections. (Effective November 4, 2008) “

A story written by Cleveland Scene’s Sam Allard reveals Ritter appears to have learned he’d failed to perform the duties of a petition circulator when he missed the prior to the 70th day before the election withdrawal deadline by 24 days.  Instead of living within the limits of R.C. 3519.08(A), Ritter appears to have held secret meetings with Kelly and others to concoct a scheme to obstruct it.

The only official Bill Ritter can ask to withdraw the petitions to shrink council is the Secretary of State.

On February 7, 2020, Kelly introduced Resolution 197-2020 as an “emergency ordinance” to “repeal Ord. No. 41-2020 passed January 6, 2020 authorizing submission to the electors of the City of Cleveland of an initiative petition proposing to amend the Charter of the City of Cleveland by amending Section 27, relating to salary and attendance of Council members; and to repeal Ordinance No. 42-2020, passed January 6, 2020, authorizing the submission to the electors of the City of Cleveland of an initiative petition proposing to amend the Charter of the City of Cleveland by amending Sections 25 and 25-1, relating to dividing the City into wards and reapportionment of wards.” 

The problems with Kelly’s “single emergency ordinance” are numerous.  He should have enacted two separate ordinances to deal with each charter issue as “one subject” separate.  This derelict act on Kelley’s part violated R.C. 731.19.  “Subject and admendments of bylaws, ordinances and resolutions.”  

“No ordinance, resolution, or bylaw shall contain more than one subject, which shall be clearly expressed in its title. No bylaw or ordinance, or section thereof, shall be revived or amended, unless the new bylaw or ordinance contains the entire bylaw, ordinance, or section revived or amended, and the bylaw, ordinance, or section so amended shall be repealed. Each such bylaw, resolution, and ordinance shall be adopted or passed by a separate vote of the legislative authority of a municipal corporation and the yeas and nays shall be entered upon the journal.”

This omission is just further evidence of a corrupt practice in violation of Section 15 of the Charter.  It also dragged election board officials into felony “Misconduct” violations of R.C. 3599.16.

Misconduct of member, director, or employee of board of elections – dismissal.  No member, director, or employee of a board of elections shall:  (A) Willfully or negligently violate or neglect to perform any duty imposed upon him by law, or willfully perform or neglect to perform it in such a way as to hinder the objects of the law, or willfully disobey any law incumbent upon him so to do;  (B) Willfully or knowingly report as genuine a false or fraudulent signature on a petition or registration form, or willfully or knowingly report as false or fraudulent any such genuine signature;  (C) Willfully add to or subtract from the votes actually cast at an election in any official returns, or add to or take away or attempt to add to or take away any ballot from those legally polled at such election;  (D) Carry away, destroy, or mutilate any registration cards or forms, pollbooks, or other records of any election;  (E) Act as an election official in any capacity in an election, except as specifically authorized in his official capacity;  (F) In any other way willfully and knowingly or unlawfully violate or seek to prevent the enforcement of any other provisions of the election laws.  Whoever violates this section shall be dismissed from his position as a member or employee of the board and is guilty of a felony of the fourth degree.  Effective Date: 01-01-1983 .

Investigators will see further evidence of Kelly misusing the authority of the council president to introduce his emergency ordinance as a special privilege to Ritter’s unlawful and obstructive request to the legislative authority instead of the Secretary of State on February 7, 2020.  Was he told that Frank LaRose would not question the local obstruction to his authority?  Did LaRose even know?   The City Record of Cleveland council’s did not show it being passed on February 7th.  West’s announcement from a “statutory elections authority under Ohio laws” is dated February 11th. 

Cleveland city council did not have a “regular” meeting scheduled for February 17, 2020.  The election board’s next meeting was February 19, 2020.  The board did meet on January 22, 2020; but it came nine days before Ritter’s withdrawal request announcement.  

So there was no “official communication” Kelley could have delivered to the elections board in the form of an agenda and minutes about a resolution that had not been voted on by Cleveland city council.  Kelley seeking to enact his “election obstructing” resolution as an “emergency” is another act of voter suppression. 

All ordinances and resolutions of council are subject to a referendum of the city’s voters if petitions are delivered challenging any that has been enacted within that time period.  Kelley’s use of the “emergency” enactment procedure on all legislation is tautological and illegal.

“Emergency Measures.  An emergency measure is an ordinance or resolution for the immediate preservation of the public peace, property, health, or safety, or providing for the usual daily operation of a Municipal department, in which the emergency is set forth and defined in a preamble. … no measure making a grant, renewal or extension of a franchise or other special privilege, or regulating the rate to be charged for its services by any public utility, shall ever be so passed. (Effective November 4, 2008)”

There is no discussion in any public record associated with Ritter’s request, and Kelley’s seek to enact it as an “emergency,” that would give Cleveland electors “a meaningful opportunity to determine” whether “their representatives did have valid reasons for the necessity of declaring that the ordinance was an emergency.” State ex rel. Moore v. Abrams, 62 Ohio St.3d 130, 580 N.E.2d 11 (1991), 

Kevin Kelley obstructed Clerk of Council Patricia Britt from accepting 22,000 signatures from registered Cleveland voters who wanted to decide yes or no on the $88 million he had enacted an “emergency” ordinance to give Dan Gilbert to renovate the Quicken Loans Arena. Standing next to him are two American Negro members of council. Phyllis Cleveland and former member Terrell Pruitt. Pruitt was Nina Turner’s choice to lead Ward 1 after she left for the Ohio Senate. Imagine a U.S. soldier and an American Negro standing silently by while an Irish Catholic anarchist obstructs hard fought for civil voting rights for American Negroes. Cleveland is an attorney. Disgraceful.

It’s already been well-settled by the Supreme Court of Ohio that, “Section 7, Article XVIII of the Ohio Constitution authorizes municipal corporations to adopt and amend a homerule charter.   Sections 8 and 9 of Article XVIII prescribe the procedures for adopting and amending a charter. State ex rel. Semik v. Cuyahoga Cty. Bd. of Elections (1993), 67 Ohio St.3d 334, 336, 617 N.E.2d 1120, 1122.”

It is clear from the plain words of the Constitution, the cases applying the Constitution, and the statutes that the policy of the law is to favor the right of citizens to amend the charters of the municipalities in which they live. For that reason, the law does not, among other things, give a city council the right to act as a quasi-judicial body and substantively attack citizens’ rights to place charter amendments on the ballot.

On petition of ten percent of the electors, the legislative authority of the city must “forthwith” authorize by ordinance an election on the proposed charter amendment. In a unanimous opinion we recently followed well-established law and held that the authority of a city council in determining the sufficiency of a petition is limited to the form of the petition and does not include substantive matters. Morris v. Macedonia City Council (1994), 71 Ohio St.3d 52, 641 N.E.2d 1075; see State ex rel. Polcyn v. Burkhart (1973), 33 Ohio St.2d 7, 62 O.O.2d 202, 292 N.E.2d 883.”

West’s “news release” identifies acts of “neglect of duty, malfeasance, misfeance, or nonfeasonce in office, on the part of the board and its employees; and it identifies willful violations of Title 35.  Pursuant to R.C. 3501.16 on the surface of his news release alone, and the implications of criminal acts it reveals, the Secretary of State may remove or suspend “any member of the board of elections, the director, deputy director, or any other employee of the board” for what it clearly affirms are Title 35 violations of law.

“The secretary of state may summarily remove or suspend any member of a board of elections, or the director, deputy director, or any other employee of the board, for neglect of duty, malfeasance, misfeasance, or nonfeasance in office, for any willful violation of Title XXXV of the Revised Code, or for any other good and sufficient cause. Except as otherwise provided in section 3501.161 of the Revised Code, vacancies in the office of chairperson, director, or deputy director shall be filled in the same manner as original selections are made, from persons belonging to the same political party as that to which the outgoing officer belonged. If those vacancies cannot be filled in that manner, they shall be filled by the secretary of state.”

What neither Kelly nor the board can do is identify the specific section of Cleveland’s Charter or Title 35 of Ohio’s Revised Code that authorizes the legislative authority of a municipal corporation, and not the Secretary of State, to remove the two issues from the ballot and using a statutory “emergency ordinance enactment” process to do so.  The board can’t cite a section of Title 35 that authorized them to accept the withdrawal and to comply with Kelley’s vote suppressing acts during a federal election.

Shalira Taylor says the voters of Cleveland deserve answers.

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