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Mike Smedley goes into hiding after EJBNEWS exposes a video of him naming Cuyahoga county council woman Cheryl Stephens as his “Mike Riley” hookup

CLEVELAND, OH – The day after Christmas 2020, Michael Smedley went into hiding and stopped showing up for work at East Cleveland city hall … again.   Gary Norton had been indicted along with Vanessa Veals on December 14, 2020.  Twelve days later, the day after acknowledging the celebrated birth of Yeshua the Christ on December 25th,  I published a November 2018 audio recording of Smedley’s conversation with Ward 2 residents on my EJBNEWS website December 26th. Smedley’s recent disappearing act is the same as the behavior that drove him into hiding when he told residents of Ward 2 in East

Endorsed by the Plain Dealer, Gary Norton and his police chief’s secretary got too power and money hungry with East Cleveland cash

CLEVELAND, OH – The benefit to being a Plain Dealer endorsed candidate for elected office is that the newspaper’s publisher and editors assign reporters to keep the politician’s image looking like the one their endorsement created and concealing their crimes.  Its editors don’t want the people to know they don’t know a damn thing about government and their endorsements should have been ignored. As many stories as this town’s reporters have “stolen” and continue to steal from my publications without attribution, they didn’t “steal” any of those I wrote clearly demonstrating that Gary Alexander Norton, Jr. is a criminal.  It’s

Prosecutor leaked video I sent to FBI of McDonald asking for drugs the mayor is obstructing council from investigating

CLEVELAND, OH – A federal law I know is codified at 18 U.S.C. 4 instructs anyone with knowledge of a federal crime to report it to court of cognizable jurisdiction or a civil or military authority; or face up to three years in prison for “misprision of felony.”  So when I obtained a copy of the video last week of law enforcement officer impersonator Larry McDonald asking an OPOTA-certified law enforcement officer for some of the drugs he’d seized during an arrest I forwarded it to a Special Agent at the Federal Bureau of Investigtion (FBI) that handles public corruption.

King’s proclamation says he suspended all federal, state and local laws so he can spend the city’s money

CLEVELAND, OH – East Cleveland Mayor Brandon King and his team must have been smoking and snorting up some good shit when they crafted a July 7, 2020 “proclamation” that suspended all laws so they could spend the city’s money; and receive cash gifts and grants under no laws without council’s permission.  The proclamation is a “criminal tool.”  King’s proclamation claims the document is authorized by constitutions and laws, but I guarantee he can identify no section of any constitution or law that authorizes such an inventively-creative piece of bullshit.  Jungle rule. Had this snorting-azzed idiot, and the unsworn private

An armed private citizen impersonating a cop kidnapped and jailed Justyn Anderson


CLEVELAND, OH – Had Judge Will Dawson obeyed the instructions in R.C. 2935.09 and 2935.10 when he received Justyn Anderson’s criminal complaint naming 24 private individuals like Larry McDonald for impersonating a law enforcement officer, he would have protected the constitutional rights of East Cleveland’s 96 percent American Negro residents over a year ago.  An armed McDonald operating on some Papa Doc Duvalier “Tonton Macoute” bullshit, would not have been allowed to kidnap the American citizen who filed the complaint against him and charge him with “disorderly conduct” for not “shutting up” when he told him to do so.  

State repeated to East Cleveland in January not to jail ANYBODY in that unhealthy filth

CLEVELAND, OH – American Negroes in the city of East Cleveland should run this filth out of city hall immediately. Law enforcement officer impersonator Scott Gardner’s conspiracy to obstruct the official business of the municipal corporation of East Cleveland, while unlawfully discharging the duties of a law enforcement officer with no police credentials as a result of two felony “plea deal” convictions, reflects only that no constitutional oversight exists in Ohio.  The Buckeye State under Governor Richard Michael DeWine might as well be a Communist nation in East Europe.   There’s a 13-page letter dated January 30, 2020 to Gardner

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