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Cuyahoga Democrats ignored the National Security Act to support a top Ohio Communist party official, Rick Nagin, for leadership over a Democratic ward and to work for a US Senator, a member of Congress and a member of council

CLEVELAND, OH – In 1985 I interviewed Ohio Communist Party director Rick Nagin for my Cleveland Perspective radio show on WRMR AM850.  I wanted to know how a Communist in a nation where Communism has been outlawed since 1950 could operate so openly in an American city. Nagin is ethnically Russian, raised Jewish and has spewed the full Communist Party doctrine on his Facebook page and for the People’s World Daily online and print newspaper.  He had these words to say on People’s World Daily after his Tree of Life synagogue was attacked in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. “Private ownership of weapons…

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There’s a history Shontel Brown ignores as she violates the Logan and Espionage Act taking money from an unregistered Israeli agent

CLEVELAND, OH – The parts of American history that reveal our nation’s original intent towards Israel are left out of the storyline that President Harry Truman recognized the Government of Israel after illegal Russian, Polish and Ukrainian immigrants to Palestine raised $50 million inside the United States of America to arm themselves against them in 1948. With the help of $25,000 from Forest City Enterprises’ and illegal Russian alien Leonard Ratner, as well as illegal alien Russian gangsters Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Siegal, Micky Cohen and more, Russian terrorists Golda Mabovitch, Ariel Scheinerman and Menachem Biegun raised $50 million to create…

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Abolitionist John Brown’s descendant is called a racist for cutting off a US Army colonel’s microphone as he spoke of him on Memorial Day in Hudson Ohio

CLEVELAND, OH – Cindy Marsh-Suchan can trace her bloodline to the very founding of the United States of America through an ancestor named Peter Brown whose arrival in North America is dated between 1565 and 1625.  One of his much later grandson’s born in 1800 was named John Brown the legendary abolitionist of Harper’s Ferry fame.   His abolitionist affiliations include Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman. Cindy Marsh-Suchan knows this information from stories she’s heard within her family.  Her mother, Martha Marsh, shared the historic lineage with a reporter for the Columbus Dispatch in 2019.  That year Hudson, Ohio’s mayor was…

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Nina Turner’s Russian public relations partner has FBI, Manafort, Ukraine, Mueller and unregistered foreign agent problems

Russian Kirill Goncharenko is named in a federal lawsuit filed on October 7, 2021 that identifies him as a former Mercury Public Affairs principal. The claim is coming from another former principal, Fabian Nunez. He was once elected to California's General Assembly and served as its speaker. Both Nunez and Goncharenko have left Mercury Public Affairs, started new companies and are trying to take the clients of the business they built. Both are operating between offices in the USA and now London. The London location gives them the opportunity to avoid "some" U.S. Department of Justice scrutiny; or so they think. They'll be reported by the FBI to the Secret Intelligence Service aka MI6, the National Crime Agency and the Joint Intelligence Organisation. With citizenship and an office in the USA, neither Goncharenko nor Nunez will avoid their duties to report what they're doing in London to the United States Department of Justice as they made themselves even 'more" foreign conflicted by moving outside America. Goncharenko probably thought he was being smart. He's "hot." Anyone doing business with him is making themselves, or has already made themselves, part of an ongoing criminal investigation given the FBI raid on Oleg Deripaska's home. Paul Manafort was jailed from June 2018 until May 2020 when he was released for Covid. He was an unregistered foreign agent. Nina Turner may have saved herself a lot of trouble when she campaigned for Congress instead of spending her energy building AMARE Public Affairs with the investment backing she got from Kirill Goncharenko's now former Mercury Public Affairs. She's operating in a world where she doesn't have a clue about the depth of the trouble she could find herself involved in. Everything that glitters is not gold.

CLEVELAND, OH – Nina Turner may not realize how “in too deep” she is with her Russian investor’s Mercury Public Affairs company.  Maybe, however, she knows exactly what she’s doing as she appears to be “directed” into playing a role as a “similarly-named” affiliate of lobbyists and unregistered agents of foreign governments Communist-busting former Special Counsel Robert Mueller investigated. All the information I’ve shared below was available to the editorial staffs of the Russian-owned Plain Dealer and  The editorial slant of Russian media owners favor Russia as publishers, editors and controlled reporters intentionally omit information which makes the nation…

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Albert Einstein called Menachim Begin a Nazi terrorist when Leonard Ratner and Russian gangsters Siegel and Lansky armed him

CLEVELAND, OH – In a brief video posted on a YouTube channel called Toldot Yisrael, ex-Forest City Chief Executive Officer and Russian oligarch Albert Ratner is shockingly seen admitting his illegal alien father from Bialystoker, Russia, Leonard Ratner, criminally violated the Logan Act of 1799, the 1917 Espionage Act and other federal espionage laws in 1948 behind the back of President Harry Truman.  Ratner said his father “loaned” $25,000 to officials of the terrorist government illegal Russian aliens had created in Palestine called the “State of Israel.”  The interest payment was $7.   Rather identified the unregistered agent of the new…

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Gillum’s closeted homosexual lifestyle made him a national security blackmail risk had he won for Florida governor

CLEVELAND, OH – In 1954 President Dwight D. Eisenhower removed approximately 854 federal employees from working anywhere near the nation’s national security secrets.  Eisenhower did this under “the provisions of Executive Order 10450 of Apr. 27, 1953, appear at 18 FR 2489, 3 CFR, 1949-1953 Comp., p. 936, unless otherwise noted.” Exact language. This episode in history was dubbed by the media as “The Lavendar Affairs” because among the removed were a large number of homosexual men. The fact they were hired is evidence of the lack of discimination that existed at the time.  In a modern Christian nation sexuality…

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