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Herdman took a city worker without Mayor Jackson’s knowledge and used him to entrap Christian American Negro contractors

CLEVELAND, OH – Sometime before the November general election in 2017, I met with Mayor Frank Jackson and asked if he knew U.S. Attorney Justin Herdman had been using a supervisor in the building department to entrap unsuspecting American Negro contractors.  My recollection is our meeting occurred right after the 2017 primary campaign for mayor I decided to challenge him in.  He described my residency take down of Jeffrey Johnson as “cold” as he ripped him as unworthy of holding public office.  I agreed.

I had shared with Frank that at a campaign stop on Lorain Avenue how Ronald O’Leary expressed knowledge of some lower employee level “cooperation” with FBI agents.  The investigations appear to have been initiated by ex-President Barack Obama’s administration on or around the year 2013.  Scumbag James Comey was the FBI’s director.

Obama appointed a Russian American, Steve Dettelbach, to prosecute majority Protestant Christian and Catholics in the office Herdman now holds in the U.S. Attorneys office for the Northern District of Ohio.  Comey basically did the same shit through Dettelbach to Jackson that he did to the Trump campaign; and in the same city where all the Russian collusion began in 2016 during the Republican National Convention.

Jackson transferred Rufus Taylor from his job as a building department supervisor shortly after I shared the criminal misconduct that was obstructing his administration behind his back as the city’s chief law enforcement officer.  Taylor should have taken his interactions with the FBI directly to the city’s chief law enforcement officer.

What it appears Comey and Dettelbach initiated was what the FBI’s Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide (DIOG) describes as a “full criminal investigation” that targeted Taylor and majority American Negro Christian or Muslim demolition contractors and employees. The indictments “loosely” claim the demolition and board-up funds were all federal; but as a former mayor who has managed and supervised departments of community development, building and housing under federal, state and local laws and ordinances I know it’s not true.  I also served as one of former Mayor Michael Reed White’s special assistants and know the laws that guide Cleveland’s building department.

I have recently reviewed the DIOG’s the USDOJ has issued since 2008.  I’ve known as a journalist since 1981 that the conduct of FBI agents is guided by manuals.  The “guides” or manuals function for FBI agents in the same manner as the rules and regulations of police departments, but differently.  Every federal government agency guides employees through well-explained and statutorily-cited manuals any lawyer defending a client who hasn’t read them can’t defend their client … competently.

Every mandated instruction to FBI agents and U.S. Attorneys is connected to a federal law citation that makes a violation of a “procedure” a federal crime for the FBI agent or U.S. Attorney who violated it.  The rules of the Superintendent of Ohio Highway Patrol are closer in substance to the FBI’s DOIG.  Police department regulations across the board are not as none I’ve read supports a law enforcement act with a statute.

The DIOG affords each American citizen Herdman has investigated the opportunity to meet with federal prosecutors and FBI agents in recorded discussions to validate that the full investigation was authorized by law; and that the “federal law required” steps to protect their constitutional rights are authenticated in the documents Congress instructed investigating FBI agents to create and maintain.  Race and religion are supposed to be factors in the full investigations Dettelbach initiated and Herdman’s been conducting of mostly American Negro and Christian contractors the Jackson administration attracted, and council authorized, to interact with the administrative employees FBI agents appear to have been obstructing to entrap.

The DIOG prohibits federal prosecutors and FBI agents from ever coercing or threatening a citizen with prosecution to gain compliance; and it’s language in the manuals that provide an “affirmative defense” for every threatened American citizen.  So when criminal defense attorneys are offering a threat of conviction the federal prosecutors can’t, as their non-reading and lazy azzes are trying to get some quick cash for a plea deal their client could have got from a public defender, they’re doing the job for the prosecutor instead of asserting their client’s right.

There’s a section in the DIOG that deals with the required documentation of “tripwire” and “liaison” interactions with American citizens who don’t know they’re being investigated when FBI agents speak to them. The tripwire contacts are direct.  The liaison interactions are those that involve people like the plants James Comey directed inside the campaign of President Donald Trump.  Both are required to be recorded and documented.

The attorneys of every “losing” criminal defendant appears not to have first confirmed that the agents who engaged in a “full investigation” and obstruction of the unsuspecting Jackson administration were “authorized by federal laws” to conduct it.  Section 7.4 of the DIOG instructed both Dettelbach and Herdman, along with Anthony, that they had limited authority to investigate employees and contractors so low on the totem pole they are absolutely no threat to the nation’s national security.

The bigger national security threats are the lawyers Herdman left as a partner at Jones Day. He pocketed over $1.3 million to tide him over as they conduct deals with Vladmir Putin’s administration from their Moscow office as unregistered agents of the foreign government. Why Jackson doesn’t use Cleveland police to enforce federal espionage laws R.C. 737.11 gives them the authority to enforce is a mystery.  Especially at Cleveland Clinic and Case Western Reserve University.  Immigration laws … too.  Me and Squire, Patton & Boggs global managing partner Fred Nance would have a different relationship.

As all defending American citizens appear to have accepted plea deals negotiated between federal prosecutors and FBI agents they have never met as their accusers, none have been able to learn it Dettelbach, Herdman and the FBI’s “full investigation” of them was authorized by law.

Prior to his encounter with FBI agents and federal prosecutors conspiring behind Jackson’s back “under the color of law,” Taylor in 2013 had earned enough credibility to be promoted by the mayor to supervise other building inspectors.  I spoke to the pastor of his Protestant Christian church who called the American Negro “elder” a “good man.”

His personnel records show Taylor had a problem the Jackson administration was trying to resolve with his credentials; and those of the other building inspectors the city had learned of in 110 pages of complaints from the Ohio Building Authority.  Taylor could not validate the credentials from his municipal government employment in Mississippi. 5 other inspectors had cited property owners without credentials that had voided their citations.  No housing court had the legal authority to act on the complaint of an uncertified “law enforcement officer.”  Judges don’t confirm that prosecutors have oaths of office and law enforcement officers are credentialed before presiding over their charges.

City personnel records and email show the American Negro contractors Herdman appears to have “targeted” had been complaining to Ed Rybka, Damien Borowski, Thomas Vanover, O’Leary and Ayonna Donald about Taylor not showing up for inspections and asking for money to discharge the duties of his public employment.   Pursuant to Ord. No. 615.11 he was “soliciting.” A first degree misdemeanor.  A conviction comes with termination and a prohibition from working for the city for 7 years.   Their complaints coincide with the period of time when it appears from 2013 through 2017 that Taylor was being directed away from discharging official duties by federal agents.

Jackson had implemented a requirement that building department employees complete annual financial disclosure statements to identify any gifts; or if they had been offered or received money from contractors.  Taylor had turned in no statements and was being actively disciplined for his supervision dereliction.  No trial means he was never asked if federal agents instructed him not to deliver the records.

Jackson aide Valarie McCall had taken a hard line on employees accepting “any” gifts, including food, from vendors.  Personnel records show the Jackson administration building an administrative case against a civil service protected worker that would prevail during an appeal as Taylor’s FBI supervised misconduct was heading him towards termination.

Since Taylor and the majority of the  American Negro vendors who have already been convicted were terrorized into plea bargaining, neither Dettelbach nor Herdman has had to validate their “authority” to launch a full criminal investigation of a municipal employee they were corrupting into obstructing the city’s official business under the color of law.  No criminal defense attorney has thus far obtained records as undelivered by Herdman as exculpatory evidence to validate what I know to be easily-discredited false information in indictments.

In Taylor’s indictment he’s accused of giving one winning bidder information that would let them underbid the lowest bidder; and being paid $5000 in exchange for that vendor being the top bidder.  Had his attorney validated the FBI agent’s facts and required DIOG investigatory records, he would have seen that the information in the indictment is wrong when compared to the city’s records.  The winning bidder declined the city’s award.  The Jackson administration then chose the next bidder.  Taylor had nothing to do with the winning bidder’s decision.

The second lowest bidder was the vendor from whom Taylor got the $5000; who also had nothing to do with the winning bidder’s decision to decline.  An indictment of the second bidder for winning an award that came from circumstances beyond their “luck of the draw” control would be a malicious prosecution as even the source of funds for the demolition was not federal.  I would argue that any federal prosecutor or FBI agent who knows Herdman has been orchestrating “color of law” violations of rights against American citizens is themselves engaged in the 18 U.S.C. 241 and 242 conspiracy; and has a duty to report pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 4 “misprision of felony.”  One of the FBI agents has clearly articulated to a defendant that he does not think Herdman has the authority to go forward and has expressed an interest in testifying to that fact.

Ohio mayors who appoint safety directors and police chiefs have the authority to enforce federal criminal laws pursuant to R.C. 737.11. It’s a “state’s right” feature in the 10th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America that gives  “states” the authority to determine “who” enforces federal laws “inside municipal corporations.”  Section 7.4 of the DIOG required Dettelbach and Herdman to have Jackson’s request for assistance in writing.

The police force of a municipal corporation shall preserve the peace, protect persons and property, and obey and enforce all ordinances of the legislative authority of the municipal corporation, all criminal laws of the state and the United States, all court orders issued and consent agreements approved pursuant to sections 2919.26 and 3113.31 of the Revised Code, all protection orders issued pursuant to section 2903.213 or 2903.214 of the Revised Code, and protection orders issued by courts of another state, as defined in section 2919.27 of the Revised Code. 

Enforcing “all” of the “criminal laws of the United States” gives “municipal police” the legal authority to enforce immigration, espionage, racketeering and public corruption laws.  It also gives municipal police “concurrent” authority over federal investigations as it makes them, and not the Ohio Highway Patrol or county sheriff, the highest law enforcement authority “inside” the municipal corporation.  No other category of law enforcement officer under any Ohio law has “federal criminal law” enforcement authority but municipal police.

Had Jackson’s administration determined that a crime had been committed in Cleveland with the munincipal corporation’s funds, he had every right of his office as the city’s chief law enforcement to officer to discharge the duty of ensuring they were prosecuted under municipal ordinances. Then their fates would have been decided by a jury made up of the “actual” citizens of Cleveland where they reside or do business.  It is pure racist and anti-Protestant Christian evil for Herdman to obstruct the mayor and the city’s majority Protestant Christian American Negro controlled municipal court from using its own laws to prosecute offenders they choose not to ruin lives with felony federal convictions.

Herdman’s USDOJ news release summarizes the acts Taylor engaged in while his lawyer said he was under the FBI’s supervision; and that his personnel records show Jackson was actively and disappointingly trying to correct during the same period in time.  In the mayor’s mind I know he was thinking that he’d given a “brother” an opportunity;  and the man was failing. The truth is it may not have been his fault.

The USDOJ’s news release announcing Taylor’s indictment included a series of convolutions about a home rule municipal government’s statutory operation that could have been explained had either Dettelbach or Herdman scheduled a meeting with Jackson instead of corrupting his “Democratic run city” behind his back.  Read from the USDOJ’s news release.

Taylor was employed by the City of Cleveland as Chief of its Demolition Bureau. He was responsible for assigning “board-up” of vacant properties to contractors, emergency demolition jobs, and conducting inspections, which had to take place before a contractor could be paid, among other duties.

Taylor and a person identified in the charges as Contractor 1 met in November 2013 to discuss a demolition job on Parkwood Drive. The two agreed that Contractor 1 would pay Taylor $8,000 in cash in return for Taylor putting Contractor 1 on the bid listContractor 1 was awarded the bid. Contractor 1 gave Taylor approximately $3,000 in cash on Dec. 4, 2013. Contractor 1 paid Taylor the additional $5,000 by November 2015.

Taylor notified Contractor 1 about an emergency demolition job on East 123rd Street and Coltman Road around October 2015. Taylor asked Contractor 1 for $12,000 in exchange for notifying Contractor 1 about the job.  Contractor 1 was awarded abatement work for the premises but never paid Taylor the $12,000.

Taylor provided bid numbers to Contractor 2 for a pending demolition job on Cedar Avenue around Aug. 20, 2015. Contractor 2 paid Taylor approximately $5,000 in cash in exchange for this information around Oct. 26, 2015.  On May 7, 2016, Taylor provided Contractor 2 the names of companies bidding on a demolition job on East 130th Street. On May 10, 2016 – the last day of the bid – Taylor called Contractor 2 and informed Contractor 2 of the then-current lowest bid on the project.  Contractor 2 gave Taylor approximately $500 in cash on May 25, 2016. Taylor contacted Contractor 2 on July 21, 2016 and said he needed some “stacks.” Contractor 2 gave Taylor approximately $300.

As reporters covering the USDOJ and local governments operate under the same lack of understanding of municipal government as federal prosecutors and FBI agents, Herdman gets away with offering a statement like the following without close examination.  “Public contracts should go to the most qualified bidder, not the best connected. We will remain vigilant and public employees who take bribes will be brought to justice.”

Is this a suggestion that other city workers are being entrapped into committing corrupt acts with vendors in full investigations that are equally unsupported by probable cause?  What makes his statement even more ridiculous is that every demolition vendor has been “qualified” by the city through its own administrative processes under ordinances enacted by council and unsuspended general laws of the state his full investigation obstructed.

During American Negro and Christian Carl Stokes’ terms as mayor Cleveland’s building and housing ordinances were “civil.”  Property owners paid fines.  No jail.  Croatian American and Catholic Dennis Kucinich asked the other Eastern European and Catholics on council to “criminalize” the city’s housing ordinances at the same time American Negro Christian home ownership was growing around 1978.

I was working for the Call & Post under Mr. William Otis Walker in his production department typesetting and laying out pages in 1978; and as a photographer.  The newspaper at the time consisted of 110 American Negro workers gathering news, producing and printing newspapers in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Toledo, Youngstown, Akron and Dayton.  City council consisted of 33 part-time members who served two-year terms and earned $15,000 a year.  George Forbes earned $25,000 as council president.

The demolition and board-up unit’s sources of funds are varied.  Taylor’s wages would have been paid from the general fund.  Because the city has so many property fires a considerable amount of emergency demolitions and board-ups are covered with insurance funds from private owners.  Frank has asked council for general funds to cover demolitions.  Grants from Cleveland Clinic have covered demolition.

A block grant funded demolition has special requirements Jackson does not have to comply with for the others.  HUD will approve a drawdown of block grant funds for a demolition project under federal laws if the property is inspected for asbestos and the state confirms it has no historic value.  Public bidding is a requirement.

HUD expects “direct entitlement” cities like Cleveland and East Cleveland to obey federal laws as well as state and local ones with every annual agreement.  Some HUD expenditures require a review of the “permissible uses” of federal funds in circulars released by the U.S. Office of Management & Budget. Each HUD-funded contract must come with the documents that show authorization from council in the form of a resolution, to the newspaper advertisements for the bids all the way to those records created to prove the site was inspected and the contractor dumped in the appropriate EPA-certified landfill.

There’s also one more federal regulation an OMB circular requires the city to use as an administrative tool that would determine if Taylor’s wages or duties were connected to any federal funds.  A “time allocation sheet.”  If Taylor was working on any federally-funded project the portion of his wages paid with federal funds would have to be proved in a time allocation sheet that documented the hour he started and ended working on a federally-supported activity.

If any step is missed HUD orders the city to reimburse it for the demolition and board-up drawdown from the general fund.  FBI agents would not know if a step was missed until after the federally-funded demolitions were reviewed by HUD and audited.

HUD would have no legal authority to review demolitions where federal dollars were not used because federal laws require block grant funds to be “segregated.”  No co-mingling.

Cleveland is audited, annually, by the Ohio Auditor of State under that official’s duties identified in Title 119 of the Revised Code of Ohio.  An audit of federally-funded activitiues is required in a Consolidated Annual Financial Report or CAFR as any mayor who understands municipal finance knows.  Frank also has an “internal auditor” who reviews activities funded below the $5 million threshold.

Had the state auditor issued any “findings for recovery” against the mayor’s administration for misspending federal dollars, Ohio law requires the findings to be forwarded to the county prosecuting attorney within 90 days. The only statutory “red flags” came from the disciplinary steps Jackson’s administration was taking to correct Taylor’s obstruction of official business while he was being directed away from discharging the duties of his public employment by malicious federal agents.

I’m using very specific terminology I know is contained in the documents I’m describing because Herdman’s investigation would have required this level of “confirming” specificity to prove if anything Taylor did was connected to federal dollars before he asked for the indictments. Anything less would be negligence since he said HUD’s inspector general was involved and knows the laws and regulations I’ve referenced.

What’s compelling is that under the Obama administration Jackson’s administration was “made” to look corrupt by FBI agents Comey initially directed until Trump fired his azz.  These are the same two pieces of shit who joined with Eric Holder to create the largest internet child porn website in the world to entrap pedophiles.

Frank should review the DIOG and ask Herdman for all the records his office and the FBI created in connection with the Taylor and contractor investigation.  Council should take the records and hold a public hearing with subpoeanas.  Just like Congress.  Bring in Comey, Dettelhach, Herdman and Anthony for questioning.  Question the contractors.  Question the city workers.  All in public.

The contractors should demand access to the information the USDOJ and FBI created under their names in the “system of records” associated with the investigation.  It’s a right pursuant to the 1974 Privacy Act codified as 5 USC 552a.  Their are rights within the 1974 Privacy Act that authorizes every citizen to have access to the information the federal government stores on them in a system of records; and to review, challenge and demand corrections.

Congress was warned as recently as 2015 by the Government Accounting Office about the inaccuracy in the FBI’s criminal records databases that affects over 50 percent of the citizens whose information is stored in it.  It’s why 8 million mostly American Negroes are denied employment annually.

After obtaining and reviewing the USDOJ and FBI’s records, the contractors should request a meeting with U.S. Rep. Marcia Fudge to discuss their findings.   Comey’s filthy law enforcement ethics infected Northeast Ohio. The stench of it has to be identified and dealt with in a complaint to the FBI’s Inspector General; and a federal “color of law” criminal investigation if evidence of violations in the DIOG are connected to evidence of violated constitutional rights.

Russian moderator Wallace’s debate role is internal Russian election interference


CLEVELAND, OH – I’ve been in candidate debates where the moderator was doing their worst to suppress my performance like Bruce Martin did in East Cleveland in 2005 when I campaigned successfully for mayor.  He even said my time was up “early” as he tried his best to cut off an answer that showed the unpreparedness of his candidate, Gladys Walcott.  

I was in the same position as President Donald Trump,as someone who’d never held elected office, competing against someone who’d been in office for a dozen years.  I thought of him and that debate when I observed Russian American moderator Chris Wallace; and agreed with Trump that the FOX News host was helping career politician Joe Biden.  Like the audience in the room during my debate: everyone saw it.  I shredded my opponents with 84 percent of the vote.

Trump made specific reference to the Logan Act and Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and his receipt of a bribe from the mayor of Moscow in comparison to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s indictment of Paul Manafort, Rick Gates and others.  New York U.S. Attorney Dana Boente said last year the Logan Act and Espionage Act were tools the U.S. Department of Justice intended to keep in its prosecutorial toolbox; and the “memories” of the violators were on full display in the city where the initial investigation of Russian interference in our elections began in 2016 during the Republican National Convention.

Wallace didn’t touch the “Moscow” reference Trump made to the bribe Biden’s son took, or his reference to the Logan Act, as his July 16, 2018 interview with the President of the Russian Federation, and delivering him a “national defense secret,” is a prime example of the law being violated.

Wallace’s mother, father and their parents are all Russian immigrants or children and grandchildren of Russian immigrants.  You know them as NBC journalist Mike Wallace or “Wallik” and NBC producer Norma Kaplan or Kaphan as the name her father, Ludvig Kaphan, used when he immigrated here at 5 in 1891. 

Their presence may or may not be legal based on the Chinese Exclusion acts and Emergency Immigration Quota Acts that were enacted between 1892 and 1929. For some reason a conversation like this is not supposed to be “politically correct” when discussing who may or may not be selling out their fellow American citizens to violent foreign interests.

Like another son of a Russian immigrant who entered the nation under a fake name, Bernie (Gitman) Sanders, Wallace travelled to “Mother Russia” to meet with President Vladmir Putin in 2018 under the guise of conducting an “interview.”  Journalists are not officials of the U.S. government authorized to meet with the officials of foreign governments or deliver them information under the Espionage Act codified as Title 18 of the United States Code under Chapter 37; sections 791 through 799 inclusively.         

Wallace can claim the interaction with Putin and deliverance of national defense secrets was connected to his “occupation” at FOX, but this is the U.S. and not Israel; and  Israel’s “Basic Laws” as a nation without a constitution that says its people can engage in any occupation anway they want does not apply here.  Being a journalist doesn’t give any citizen “extra” rights to violate laws under the 1st Amendment or any section of the Bill of Rights.

In his FOX interview with Putin in 2018 for his Australian and Communist Chinese-connected employer, Wallace possessed a copy of the report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller; and gave the official document of the United States government, one of its national defense secrets, to the Communist government official. 

Wallace asked him questions about the official U.S. government document and delivered his answer, as propaganda, to the citizens of the United States of America. The “communication” about the nation’s national defense secret and the Putin meeting violated the Logan Act.  The unpatriotic FOX employee also violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act by not registering as a propaganda agent of the Russian government.

Wallace, additionally, committed an act of treason by delivering Putin the secrets Mueller identified in his special report about the elections his 12 military intelligence agents in the GRU or “General Staff” tampered with when they created the Internet Research Agency.  The indictment of the 12 Russian agents, Putin’s government has not delivered for trial, accused several intelligence units of engaging “in cyber operations that involved the staged releases of documents stolen through computer intrusions.”

What’s particularly important is the identity of Wallace’s employer.  FOX is owned by Australian Rupert Murdoch; a close Putin friend.  Putin and Wendy Deng, a Communist Chinese woman, were alleged to have dated.  Deng is Murdoch’s ex-wife.  Murdoch was also in on the December 2016 $11.4 billion Rosneft sale after Trump won the presidency.  Christopher Steele shared that the late Marc Rich’s Glencore handled the transaction. I met Rich’s widow, Denise, at a party in the Hampton’s.

Anyone who saw the first Communist Chinese Jackie Chan film “Rush Hour,” with Chris Tucker, will remember the the Asian influence on the Australian and Negro characters in the film shot in Hong Kong.  China from Australia is the distance between New York and California.  About 800 miles from Communist-influenced and purge-minded Indonesia.  There are 26 million Australians compared to over 1 billion Communist Chinese within “fucking” range of each other like Murdoch and Deng.  About 5 percent of Australians who are “white” are mixed with Chinese blood.

Jared Kushner is Russian American. Wendy Deng is Communist Chinese and Australian Rupert Murdoch’s ex-wife. Foreign friendships in one’s private life without care for the future creates relationships that in government could be detrimental for the nation’s national security as a direct pipeline to Russian President Vladmir Putin she’s supposed to be fucking.

Agriculturally, Australia’s land is so unfertile they can’t eat without Communist China’s food.  They’re also so outnumbered they’ve already been taken over by China’s purchase of millions of acres of its infrastructure.  There’s nothing the outnumbered Australians can do about it as neighbors of Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea.

The Logan Act of 1917 was enacted by Congress and signed by President Woodrow  Wilson with the specific intent of making it a federal crime for “anyone” but an “authorized” official of the U.S. government to communicate with another nation’s government officials for any reason.  It came during a time when Russian Bolshevik Communists were engaged in a series of violent “Red Summers” that tore up 40 U.S. cities and resulted in hundreds of U.S. deaths, assaults, vandalism and looting. Trump referenced 40 “hit” U.S. cities during the Red Summer II rerun of 2019-2020.

These Russian and Eastern European Bolshevik anarchists had plotted over 300 cowardly assassinations of politicians, industrialists and social commentators who opposed them as their plans were discovered by U.S. Attorney General Alexander Mitchell Palmer and FBI Special Agent John Edgar Hoover.  4500 illegal Russian and Eastern European immigrant anarchists were rounded up. 

Democrats set the ground rules for how they went after President Donald Trump, his family, friends, infiltrated his campaign and impeached him using all the techniques they’ve now taught him. Joe Biden spoke to Americans as if we’re all in agreement with him that Trump is a clown, the election is over and he’s our guy. In truth he looked like he was about to break down and cry over all the shit he knows Trump knows about him and his family that’s about to be exposed. Hunter Biden must have been hitting the crack pipe hard to look more fucked up than his father.

240 were deported aboard the USS Buford in 1919 and the immigration quota acts became constant limits on the legal immigration of Russians to the nation.  The Ku Klux Klan organized large chapters in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Indiana in the same manner as the “Proud Boys” to handle the local community containment of anarchist violence.

I heard Trump say two words in reference to Biden’s defense of his son’s bribe money from the Moscow mayor.  “You’ll see.”  If Wallace or Wallik, as his father’s real Russian surname identifies him, fully understood the conversation Trump was having in a “statutory” light; he’d have seen in the acts he identified in connection with the Biden’s as a pattern of criminal behavior.

He said Biden’s son, Hunter not Bo, was kicked out of the U.S. Navy after he tested positive for cocaine.  All true.  Crack to be specific.  He looks like a fiend.  Trump said Biden’s son didn’t have a job until his father became Barack Obama’s vice president.  True again.

The Burisma claim is true.  The Moscow bribe money is true.  The baby with the stripper is true.  Biden’s kids reflect the family values of a man who stole another man’s Russian wife for himself.  Even Biden’s running mate’s husband is Russian; and her values appear to be the equivalent of his as she humiliated Willie Brown’s wife in public.

A Russian American with no prior experience in elected office did not use the U.S. Constitution or a federal law to have any discussion with candidates for president of the United States of America. He just made up a bunch of ridiculously-uninformed questions that would make any trying to answer them look as foolish as the person who asked it.

Even the selection of Cleveland, where Trump initially got in trouble over the Russian shit, was a strange choice for the debate; but for the fact it’s a shitty-run Democratic city he can use as an example of loser leaders for the rest of the campaign.  It looks like a return to the scene of an international crime against him.

Barbara Snyder, as Case Western Reserve University’s outgoing president, welcomed the audience.  The university’s foreign enrollment this year is a despicable 56 percent.  The Soviet-controlled and influenced Cleveland Clinic hired a Croatian immigrant, Tomislav Mihaljevic, to serve as its chief executive officer. 

The Egyptians accused that hospital’s staff of medically assassinating its former vice president and spy boss, Omar Suleiman, in June 2012 while he was in the nation for tests for amyliodosis.  It makes me wonder if part of Trump’s presence here was to gather intelligence.

There’s Russian inteference in the U.S. elections both abroad and internally.  There’s Chinese interference in the U.S. elections both aboard and internally.  The secure election is one where voters go to the polls and neighbors can challenge who’s one of them and who’s not. 

It’s one where “poll watchers” watch the pollworkers in Russian-controlled and influenced “local” precincts and elections boards across the nation; and where anarchists infiltrated inside the Democratic party’s poll working and precinct apparatus have the final say in some states whether the ballots are counted or tossed.

I know every criminal at the elections board here in Cuyahoga by unprosecuted deed.  I know  Basheer Jones doesn’t live in Cleveland, received $6000 in donations between Russian Americans Milton Maltz and Tim Wuliger; and none were prosecuted for the election law violation.  Local “Russian” interference in an election comes in all ways beyond what’s in existence at the national level.  It all starts at home.

Wallace was not only a lousy choice for a moderator: he was a conflicted choice as an Espionage and Logan Act violator for his interview with Putin.

Wallace opened the debate in Cleveland by saying he’d prepared the questions, without help, and none were shared with the candidates or their campaigns in advance.   That didn’t happen with his Putin interview.

The thought he sought but failed to convey was the questions from his research were so pointedly -specific that the answers to them were not going to be leaked to give one side or the other an advantage.

President Donald Trump attended Rev. Darrell Scotts’ church in Cleveland Heights with Michael Cohen and General Michael Flynn. His friends and supporters were then indicted under pressure from the Democrats for having conversations and business dealings with foreign government officials in violation of the Logan and Espionage Acts; as well as money laundering. What about Hunter Biden?

What Wallace delivered in his “top secret” questions to Trump and Biden is nothing.   Greenhouse gases?  Paris accord?  Race relations in the broadest sense, and Biden’s answer was anti-semitism is wrong, and I was like “oh give me a break.  What’s up with all this we love Russians so much shit in the United States of America?”  Oh.  Joe’s wife’s Russian. I forgot. Of course she talked to him before the debate.  Kamala Harris’ husband is also Russian and with an office in Moscow.  Russian influence, internally, is a domestic problem.

The duties of the president’s job are found in the U.S. Constitution, United States Code and U.S. Code of Federal Regulations.  All free and available online. The federal government is funded by tax dollars and comes with a budget.  Annually the different agencies of the U.S. government are audited and reports are shared with Congress.

Trump in his official capacity as president, has a White House website full of his executive orders, speeches; and a PACER search will reveal the litigation his administration has filed or defended since his term in office.  Biden’s records are in the National Archives.

Wallace’s questions appear to have come from FOX News headlines and his own personal interests.  It might have been his gift to Putin as a “thank you” for the 2018 interview.  Why anyone thinks it’s a good idea to let moderators who have never held an elected or appointed public office interview candidates for elected offices with duties defined by laws they haven’t read is a mystery.  But here was Wallace debating with Trump instead of shutting up and letting him and Biden go at it during the first chance Americans got to see the two together in Cleveland.

As someone who has campaigned for and won an elected office, I’ve done the debate thing like Trump and Biden with “journalists” whose questions, like Wallace’s, have nothing to do with the job.  I don’t remember the questions Rick Walker asked me on behalf of the City Club during my campaign for Cleveland mayor in 2017.  I guarantee he did not study Cleveland’s charter, ordinances, Title 7 of the Revised Code of Ohio or read the city’s budget, state audits and state auditor’s management letters as his guide. 

I have no expectation that the next debate’s moderators will prepare themselves better than Wallace did; and actually spend some time studying the job.  I think all will have an “agenda” that is not designed to encourage patriotism and confidence in this nation’s elections.

The best question was one Wallace asked that got an answer from Trump I thought as an ex-mayor he should have further explored had he understood it.

The discussion of the California fires brought a Trump insight that the solution was in “forestry management.”  All I could think of was Forest Hill Park in East Cleveland that John D. Rockefeller owned and lived in as he became the world’s first billionaire.  I walked every inch of it and his answer about the amount of dead trees all over California’s parks was something I’d never heard a president ever say; but I knew he was right and his answer was brilliantly insightful.

When I took office on January 1, 2006, Rockefeller’s old 288 acre estate had not been maintained in years.  The grass during the spring months had hit over 7 feet tall.  Deer roamed the park and so did foxes, wild turkeys and other animals that were not normal to the area. 

This was the view of John D. Rockefeller’s old estate from my 19th floor apartment as East Cleveland’s mayor. I understood President Donald Trump’s point, exactly, as he discussed “forestry management” as a way to deal with California’s annual wild fires.

We’d relocated to the city in 1969, so I’d seen the park when it was pristine and then subsequently ravaged.   An ex-mayor from Nigeria used it to dump dead trees the city removed from the streets.  Independence Excavating dumped  construction debris the DeGeronimo’s moved from University Circle construction sites in the early 2000’s.

The rotting trees and tall grass would catch on fire.  The animals that weren’t natural to an area so densely-urban started killing off animals that were.  The extra vegetation created extra ragweed that for some made the air, especially for asthmatics, difficult to breathe.

What it appears Trump was trying to explain to Wallace – in terms so clear he did could not understand them – was that even the greenhouse gas problem, like the California forest fire problem or East Cleveland’s park problem, could be corrected by “forestry management.” 

It’s why Trump  could ask Biden, as the ex-vice president spoke of problems that had existed  during his time with Barack Obama and in the U.S. Congress, 47 years in all, “why didn’t you do something about it?” The fires in California occurred during all 47 years of Biden’s presence in Congress; and his answers to questions weren’t answers but a memorized stump speech.

Had Wallace not been operating on an agenda, he might have used his contacts with former presidents to ask them questions about the job that are so specific that only a person who has held it or been close to it would know.  The “forestry management” answer could have come from any of the past presidents if they’ve been paying attention.

Australian Rupert Murdoch owns FOX NEWS and the Wall Street Journal; and he and Putin are “boys.” Chris Wallace works for Murdoch. The rumor is Putin’s been fucking Murdoch’s ex-wife, Wendy Deng, and all is good in the world between them.

Questions like that would have generated a higher level of discussion between two experienced men both in business and government.  Such questions would have elevated those of us who were forced to suffer the ridiculous ones born from Wallace’s over-inflated sense of knowledge he doesn’t possess about the job of President of the United States of America.

I’ve seen debates since President John F. Kennedy debated President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s vice president, Richard Nixon in 1960.  I’ve never seen a moderator so uninformed and poorly-prepared.   

Americans were robbed.  All I saw was an idiot journalist who’d never even been elected to the job of a precinct committeeman looking stupid as he tried to argue with the President of the United States of America.  I wouldn’t expect anything less than from a grandchild of Russian immigrants whose ancestral nation’s rulers are interfering “internally” in U.S. elections so that they’re in the position to take ours over from “within.” 

Five Russian Americans just campaigned for U.S. President.  33 serve in the U.S. Congress.  12 in the U.S. Senate and 21 in the U.S. House of Representatives.  Trump can forget me taking a vaccine created by the Russian leading Johnson & Johnson.  He also leads the manufacture of fentanyl that’s been killing Americans all over the nation.  They’re 1.6 percent of the U.S. population and not all legally.

Yes.  There is “internal” Russian influence inside the U.S. that is intefering not only with this nation’s elections, but in every other area of American life.  This is the “Communist agenda” the President of the United States of America “appears” to be fighting.  Wallace’s presence appears to be disruptively-intentional and undermining.

Two Cleveland law firms are major players with the Putin administration in Moscow

CLEVELAND, OH – An exclusive EJBNEWS investigation has uncovered that two global law firms headquartered in Cleveland have contracted with oil companies and a bank owned by the Russian government without first registering under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) with the U.S. Department of Justice (USDOJ).

Attorneys Stephen J. Brogan and Frederick R. Nance lead the law firms of Jones Day and Squire, Patton & Boggs. Both firms have offices in Moscow minutes from Russian intelligence and the Kremlin. Both firms have worked for the Russian government’s oil companies without registering as foreign agents as required by the Foreign Agents Registration Act. Both are headquartered in Cleveland where Trump and Cohen could interact freely with unregistered foreign agents of the Russian government to discuss anything they wanted.

Nothing about the Cleveland law firms of Jones Day LLP and Squire, Patton & Boggs LLP representing the Russian government is hidden. In fact, each firm boasts of handling multi-billion dollar mergers, sales and cross-border transactions for the Russian government and other foreign nations for decades.

A search of the FARA page on the USDOJ website reveals neither firm has registered as an active or terminated agent for the Russian government and the majority foreign interests they serve  since 1966.  Failing to register as a foreign agent under FARA carries up to a 5-year prison sentence and $10,000 in fines. Registration with the USDOJ is required 10 days upon receipt of an “engagement” or contract.

One of the criminal elements of a FARA violation is the “foreign agent” receiving “tens of millions of dollars” in undisclosed compensation to represent foreign governments and not reporting it to the USDOJ.

Lawyers for Jones Day led by attorney Stephen J. Brogan, and Squire Patton & Boggs that employs Global Managing Partner Frederick R. Nance openly explain on their websites and in news releases how they have served the Russian government as contracted legal counsel since before ex-KGB spy boss Vladimir Putin became his nation’s president in 2000.  Jones Day is the world’s leading “mergers and acquistions” law firms.

Right on its website Squire Patton Boggs of Cleveland identifies its Moscow office and connection to the Russian Federation. What’s not identified is the firm’s private activities on behalf of the Russian Federation in the U.S. since it’s never registered as a foreign agent of the Russian government under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Jones Day and Squire, Sanders & Dempsey were founded in the 1890’s and handled Standard Oil’s legal affairs for world’s first billionaire and East Cleveland, Ohio resident John D. Rockefeller.  With more than 125 years of representing the world’s largest oil companies, Russian officials sought legal insights from the two Cleveland law firms that built the legal game for the world’s oil industry through their Standard Oil experiences.

Former Squire, Sander & Dempsey chairman Thomas Stanton started doing business with former Soviet bloc nations in the 1990’s as they sought to privatize for profits when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. The Russian government through its oil and banking interests were and have been Squire, Sanders & Dempsey clients for decades.

Like President Donald Trump’s “executive orders,” Russian President Boris Yelstin issued a series of “presidential decrees” that sought to restructure Russia’s complex system of more than 300 state and private owned oil companies.

Yelstin and later Putin wanted to stabilize state-owned Rosneft through a series of acquisitions, mergers and IPO’s that brought private investments to its highly-disorganized and unstable “people-owned” oil and gas utility companies. The disorganization was so stark the mayor of Moscow wanted the city and not the national government to deliver oil for fuel and heating to its residents and businesses.

Read how Jones Day describes the lawyers in its Moscow office as being fully-integrated, globally, with its 2500 attorneys around the world. Now imagine 14 Jones Day attorneys or more working for the Trump administration; and some serving as U.S. Attorneys in places where Putin’s U.S. interests are doing business. How does this firm’s attorneys not violate the Logan Act and the Espionage if they represent both the U.S. government and the Russian Federation at the same time?


Both Jones Day and Squire Patton & Boggs today have Moscow offices less than a 20 minute walk from the Kremlin. Attorney Sergey Treschev leads Squire Patton & Boggs’ Moscow office.

Jones Day opened a Moscow office in 2004 and assigned Russian-born attorney Vladimir Lechtman to manage it. His biography shows Lechtman earned a juris doctorate from the University of Texas in Austin in 1987.

Lechtman’s biography showcases an attorney with an extremely impressive background of knowledge in the international oil industry from a Russian-government perspective.

He’s led the Cleveland law firm’s Moscow office to handle more than $70 billion in transactions beginning in 2003. He also led Jones Day lawyers in an $18 billion merger of BP and TPK for the Kremlin and Putin. His biography rightfully boasts that it was the largest oil company merger of its time.

Records on file with the UDSOJ do not show Jones Day in 2003 informing the U.S. government that lawyers in its Moscow and Cleveland offices were foreign agents of the Russian government within 10 days of receiving a contract as required by the FARA.  In contrast Squire, Patton & Boggs has been registered under FARA to represent the Palestinian Authority since 2014.


Vladmir Putin hired Goldman Sachs and both Jones Day and Squire Patton & Boggs represents Goldman Sachs on its various deals with foreign governments just like the two law firms represents foreign governments. All three share a building in Moscow that’s also shared with officials of the Russian Federation; and they’re all only a `5 minute walk from the KGB. 30 minutes t the Kremlin. And none are registered as foreign agents of the Russian Federation; and they all have employees deeply embedded in the Trump administration. Goldman Sachs partner Steve Mnuchin, a Russian American, runs the U.S. Treasury.

There are 214 terminated and active FARA registrants who have served or serve the Russian government. Jones Day and Squire, Sanders & Dempsey and Squire, Patton & Boggs are not among them.

Jones Day is registered with the Clerk of Congress pursuant to the Lobbying Disclosure Act (LDA) as a lobbyist for the Gazprom Bank of Moscow. Congress, however, specifically required “lobbyists” to register under the FARA if the client is a “government.” Recent LDA filings do not show income being generated by Jones Day since Congress sanctioned Gazprom Bank as an agent of the Russian government after Putin invaded the Ukraine in 2014.

U.S. Senator Charles Grassley leads the Senate Judiciary Committee and shared his thoughts in July about the type of defiance the two global law firms are engaged in with other private Americans and corporations that have failed to register as “foreign agents” with the USDOJ.

“The basic idea is transparency.  Foreign propaganda and lobbying should not be underground, but out in the open.  In general, FARA doesn’t make these activities illegal.  It just says you have to register with the Justice Department,” Grassley wrote.  “FARA is a public disclosure law.  The government, and the people, need to know if foreign governments, political parties, or other foreign interests are trying to influence U.S. policy or public opinion.”

White House Counsel Don McGahn was a partner in the law firm of Jones Day that represents Vladmir Putin and Goldman Sachs. While in the Trump administration one of McGahn’s duties was to help the president select Supreme Court justices while the employer he returned to in March 2019 after leaving Trump continued to represent Vladmir Putin. So now McGahn’s back with Jones Day and free to communicate with the law firm’s global network of 2500 attorneys in nations like Russia without his firm ever registering as a foreign agent of the Russian Federation while he worked in the White House around the nation’s defense secrets. Putin’s law firm’s partner left the U.S. with a Supreme Court justice or two for life.

According to the USDOJ’s FARA investigations manual, enforcement of the federal law would be handled by the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio in Cleveland where both law firms operate their global headquarters.

Investigations would be referred to local FBI offices. FBI agents can initiate FARA violation investigations on their own. What’s clear is individuals and firms representing foreign governments and foreign political parties are not exempt from the mandatory requirements of registering as foreign agents within 10 days of entering an agreement.

What’s clear in the defiance and lack of enforcement is that federal, state and local elected officials who’ve interacted with lawyers from Jones Day and Squire Patton & Boggs about U.S. policy towards Russia have not known since at least the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 that they may have been receiving advice and campaign contributions from unregistered agents of the Russian government.

Cleveland Clinic’s Abu Dhabi website explains in bold detail how the Cleveland hospital corporation entered an agreement with the state-owned Mubadala Development Company in 2006 to further the government of Abu Dhabi’s vision.

Attorney Steve Dettelbach was President Barack Obama’s appointee to the U.S. Attorney’s office for the Northern District of Ohio at the time of the agreement.

Russian Americans Steve Mnuchin and Jared Kushner both belong to AIPAC and have dual-loyalties to the U.S. Kushner’s family collects rent from low-income U.S. citizens and uses it to build a hospital in their family’s name to support Russian Israelis living on Palestinian land. Mnuchin’s former investment firm, Goldman Sachs, has been contracted with Vladmir Putin’s administration for years to promote Russia to western investors like Trump and the Kushners. No boundaries exist between these relationships though this nation has espionage laws that clearly establish boundaries Special Counsel Robert Mueller confirmed Russians are violating.

It was Dettelbach’s duty to ensure Cleveland Clinic complied with the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) when he stood in the hospital’s auditorium and declared corruption to be over in Cuyahoga County in 2013.

Even in 2010 while he was boasting about the number of corporations with CEO’s who had signed an anti-bribery pledge, the Cleveland Clinic CEO backing him, Delos Cosgrove, was an individual he should have been investigating as a possible foreign agent of the United Arab Emirates for violating FARA as they co-founded the Northeast Ohio Business Ethics Coalition. The irony of their relationship makes the entire event seem like a surreal joke.  The irony grows worse as the thought that the law firm who’s CEO, Stephen J. Brogan, was going to employ Justin Herdman at Jones Day after he helped Dettelbach prosecute fake terrorists instead of real unregistered foreign agents was also supporting the anti-corruption pledge while an unregistered agent of the Russian government.

Now that President Donald Trump appointed Herdman in June to serve as the area’s chief federal prosecutor the former Jones Day “partner” has not taken a cue from Special Counsel Robert Mueller to enforce the law locally against his former employer.

Americans don’t know what Jones Day, Squire, Patton & Boggs or Cleveland Clinic are doing as potential unregistered agents of foreign governments. Federal prosecutors who should be investigating and prosecuting unregistered foreign agents are joining their law firms as “partners” or serving them as “clients” and “employees.”

Federal records show President Donald Trump appointed 14 Jones Day lawyers in January 2017 to serve in his administration while the firm has an office in Moscow 1548 feet from the Kremlin. The 14 lawyers who worked for Putin and the Kremlin’s contract law firm now occupy key policy and law enforcement offices inside the White House; and now one is the federal prosecutor for Northeast Ohio.

The foreign agent gangs all here. Jones Day, Squire Patton, Boggs, Goldman Sachs are all interchangeably connected to Canton, Ohios Diebold and electronic voting. All operate out of Moscow offices in the same buildings as the Russian Federation: their client. Diebold officials were investigated by the USDOJ for bribing Russian government officials to place its ATMs in the foreign governments banks at the same time its unregistered foreign agents were selling electronic voting equipment to count votes in this nations elections.

Don McGahn, Trump’s national campaign legal advisor and now White House counsel, was a Jones Day partner while the firm continued its Moscow operations during the president’s candidacy.
This past July U.S. Senator Charles Grassley, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, ripped into the U.S. Department of Justice (USDOJ) for not enforcing the “Foreign Agent Registration Act” that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is using to prosecute three of President Donald Trump’s campaign officials.

Just like the corporations and LLP’s led by Cosgrove, Brogan and Frederick R. Nance of Squire, Patton & Boggs did not register with the USDOJ and inform Americans that they served the interests of the governments of the United Arab Emirates and Russia, Paul Manatos, Rick Baker and George Popodapoulos did not register as foreign agents of Russia and the Ukraine.

Grassley in July referred to a report from the USDOJ’s Inspector General which revealed that federal prosecutors didn’t understand FARA or how to enforce it.

When he obtained the federal grand jury’s support to indict Manatos, Baker and Popodapoulos, Mueller issued a statement that Manatos’ FARA violation constituted a “conspiracy against the United States, conspiracy to launder money, unregistered agent of a foreign principal, false and misleading FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act) statements, false statements, and seven counts of failure to file reports of foreign bank and financial accounts.” Americans are supposed to know how much foreign money is being funneled into the U.S. to influence policy and where it’s going.
The U.S. DOJ’s FARA manual gives federal prosecutors two options for enforcing the law. If DOJ or FBI special agents examine the filings and the records of a “registrant” and come across a deficiency they can resolve the problem administratively. Corporations and firms like Jones Day and Squire Patton & Boggs that fail to file are to be referred to the FBI for a criminal investigation.

According to the U.S. DOJ’s FARA obligations, registration is mandatory.

Iowa U.S. Senator Charles Grassley has been a near-single voice calling for the U.S. Attorneys across the nation to enforce espionage laws like the Foreign Agents Registration Act. The problem for U.S. Attorneys is their former law firm employers are the unregistered foreign agents.

“An agent must register within ten days of agreeing to become an agent and before performing any activities for the foreign principal. No person shall act as an agent of a foreign principal unless he/she has filed with the Attorney General a true and complete registration statement and supplements. Unless he/she is exempt from registration under the provisions of this Act.”

More specifically, the FARA exemptions on the USDOJ’s website do not appear to apply to the two law firms or Cleveland Clinic.  FARA’s exemptions exclude diplomats and officials of foreign governments if they’re properly recognized as such by the U.S. Department of State. Individuals whose activities are purely commercial or religious, scholastic, academic, scientific or involving fine arts are exempt.

Persons soliciting “aid” funds for medical, food and clothing to ease human suffering are exempt. Lawyers representing foreign principals in U.S. courts are exempt as long as the representation doesn’t include them trying to influence policies.  Grassley blasted USDOJ officials for sending notices to FARA violators instead of prosecuting as Congress required.

“The dirty little secret is that lots of people across the political spectrum in Washington have skirted their FARA registration obligations for years with little to no accountability.”

A Russian American candidate for POTUS in “this” political climate? Mike Bloomberg’s nuts.

NEW YORK, NY – The sentiment in the United States of America went “Cold War” hard in 2016 during the presidential debate between candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton when she called him “Putin’s puppet.”  

That comment and the Christopher Steele dossier late U.S. Senator John McCain delivered to the FBI for an investigation of Trump’s connections to Russian oligarchs brought the word “Communism” back to the nation’s consciousness. She also refocused the nation’s attention on “the Reds” or Eastern Europeans from Russia President Woodrow Wilson sicced the FBI on between 1919 and 1920 during what then was known as “the Palmer Raids” conducted by U.S. Attorney General Alexander Mitchell Palmer. 

The idea that ex-New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the grandson of Russian immigrants with an office in Moscow, is campaigning for President of the United States of America seems out of place for this very hard core anti-Russian nation.

According Russian President Vladmir Putin’s Kremlin-based website page he was accompanied on his New York visit in September 2003 by Russian American ex-New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Eastern Europeans from Russia, Belarus, Poland, Hungary and other “Soviet” nations had begun arriving on U.S. shores in the 1880’s and were starting to embed themselves in the nation with their “unions” and “socialist” thinking.   Among them was Bloomberg’s Russian grandfather and mother from Belarusia.  Writer Dmitry Sudakov for PRAVDA.RU wrote in 2009 that Bloomberg speaks Russian.

Bloomberg’s grandparents and parents in 1919 were President Wilson’s “Mexicans” when comparing the nation’s thinking at that time to Trump’s thinking now about immigration and who was immigrating here.  President Theodore Roosevelt was even more hard core against Bloomberg’s alien grandparents’ ethnic brethren when he signed the Anarchist Exclusion Act of 1903 specifically targeting Russians as being unwelcomed. 

The late president’s decision came after Leon Czolgosz, the son of Russian immigrants living in Cleveland at Tod and Fleet Avenue, traveled from that city to Buffalo, New York to assassinate President William McKinley on September 6, 1901.  The priest at St. Stanislaus Catholic Church on Cleveland’s east side told the New York Times he thought Czolgosz was a Polish Catholic instead of the “anarchist” label that was associated with Russians from Russia; and those from Russian-occupied Poland and Belarus who followed Judaism as a religion.

How is that municipal corporations across the USA are creating relationships that cause for the exchange of domestic security, technology and infrastructure outside the supervision of the U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Department of State? When Russian President Vladmir Putin visited New York city to address the UN in 2003 he toured the city’s fire training academy. There he discussed a “continued partnership” between U.S. and Russian fire services in a relationship that appears to have been created outside the supervision of the U.S. Department of State and U.S. Department of Justice. Despite being a billionaire with an office in Moscow,Bloomberg must register with the U.S. Department of Justice as an agent of the Russian government if his business interests include undisclosed contracts and interactions that require him to place, like Donald Trump, his business interests along with that of the Kremlin’s ahead of U.S. interests.

With this nation being politically inflamed against Russia and the Kremlin’s now proven interference in U.S. elections, Bloomberg’s timing as a Russian American presidential candidate seems “planted” odd.  Especially since he appears to already have interacted with Putin from his September 2003 visit to New York and an address to the 58th assembly of the United Nations during George Bush’s presidency; and since his news organization has lavished extremely non-critical coverage of his alleged interference in U.S. elections from its Moscow office. 

Where Trump sought a presence in Russia, Bloomberg already has an embedded presence in the Eastern European nation through his business and a non-profit called the Skolkovo Foundation funded by the Russian Federation.  

In April 2014, FBI Assistant Special Agent Lucia Ziobro wrote a warning the Boston Business Journal published which revealed her and another agent’s suspicions that Skolkovo, through its U.S. offices and Kremlin funding, was a way for the Russian government to access sensitive or classified research. 

Just last month on October 22, 2019, Bloomberg hosted a global technology conference at the Skolkovo Innovation Center in Moscow to its Open Innovations Forum.  One of Bloomberg News’ role in the conference was to moderate a discussion about “smart cities” using Russian-created facial recognition technology to fight crime and pay bills.  

Bloomberg News’ editor in chief John Micklethwait is a British citizen who works for the New York based publication influencing U.S. elections and politics on his green card as a non-voting alien.  Micklethwait interviewed Vladmir Putin on September 1, 2016 and didn’t touch on his interference with U.S. elections though it was already suspected. Bloomberg News owner and possible Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, like Donald Trump, will have “Russian” conflicts as a Russian American doing business in his grandfather and grandmother’s place of birth.

When he visited New York and Bloomberg, Putin’s presidential website reveals the ex-mayor gifted the leader of his family’s ancestral homeland with an antique honorary battalion chief’s helmet and another one made of Gzhel porcelain when they met at the American Fire Services Academy on September 25,  2003.  Putin said he hoped Russian and U.S. fire services would “step up their partnership.”  Putin’s publicists described Bloomberg as “accompanying” his ancestral countryman on the visit.  Five pictures of Putin in New York with Bloomberg are displayed on the Russian Federation website.

While the interaction between Bloomberg and Putin during the Russian president’s New York visit might seem ceremonial, the ex-mayor founded and owns Bloomberg LP, which owns Bloomberg News.  In “that” capacity Bloomberg’s editor-in-chief, John Micklethwait, was assigned to interview the foreign leader on September 1, 2016 right before the U.S. presidential elections.  Not a word of the Bloomberg interview touched on the Russian president’s already suspected election interference on behalf of Trump.

Though he’s armed with $51 billion in wealth as the world’s 18th richest person, Bloomberg is Russian American, already-connected to the Russian government and Putin in a nation that’s moving hard in the direction of Cold War “McCarthyism” against Russia. 

With his anti-gun rhetoric Bloomberg as a presidential candidate is going to sound like a Russian, Communist plant.

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