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The “Levin” surname was associated with slavery but its anti-slavery Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall who’s name is under attack at CSU

CLEVELAND, OH – Two years ago a shit-starting Palestinian student at the John Marshall College of Law decided to launch an online petition to remove the legendary American Supreme Court Chief Justice’s name.  Mousa Hanna Kassis.  Why?  According to the son of recent immigrant arrivals from the Gaza, Chief Justice Marshall owned “200 slaves.” Palestinians enslaved Africans until 1948. Kassis quoted Gratz College president Paul Finkelman’s 2018 book entitled “Supreme Injustice: Slavery in the Nation’s Highest Court” as his only source.  Here’s where the dumb shit gets stupid. Kassis, now an attorney for the late David Brennan’s law firm, thanked…

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The 1989 White – Forbes race for Cleveland mayor showed the Caucasian political power structure that American Negro voters controlled the city

CLEVELAND, OH – For some odd reason political thinkers have attempted to compare Cleveland’s 2021 campaigns for mayor to the 1989 campaign that featured veteran Council President George Lawrence Forbes against his protege, State Senator Michael Reed White, in the general election.  That year two American Negroes prevailed in the mayoral primary election for the first time in the city’s history.  From my perspective it was a campaign which clearly affirmed that American Negroes living in Cleveland no longer had to call themselves “minorities” as the city’s largest ethnic demographic. The Forbes-White matchup was the first dramatic display of the…

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Jake Paul says a rematch with Tyron Woodley in Cleveland where he’s already sold out a stadium makes sense

CLEVELAND, OH – Mixed martial artist champion turned boxer Tyron Woodley is being “psyched” by Jake Paul with two tweets within an hour that appear to be designed to cause him some confusion that would delay his decision to tattoo “I love Jake Paul” on his body to keep their rematch deal. At 7:45 p.m. on August 30th Paul tweeted tattoo instructions to the boxer who hit him in the head so hard he fell into the ropes. An hour earlier at 6:35 p.m. the Cleveland native tweeted the words: Updated status: “Retired boxer.” Paul and Woodley entered the verbal…

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Kamala Harris laughing when asked about Afghanistan proves the Indian alien is not ready to lead the United States of America

CLEVELAND, OH – Vice President and Willie Brown’s cum queen Kamala Devi Harris comes across as silly.  The “cum queen” description comes from Judge Joe Brown.  Twice, recently, the Vice President of the United States of America laughed when confronted by reporters about serious matters of public concern involving the southern border crisis President Joseph Robinette Biden created and the same with his self-created Afghanistan debacle. Harris can’t explain the laughter because it would make her appear more unlike Americans than she already does as a daughter of Indian and Jamaican illegal immigrants born in 1964 and labeled a “Caucasian”…

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Rybka let an Albanian building department worker help a Communist Albanian alien organized crime figure and his kids complete demolition documents with federal dumping laws they couldn’t read in English

CLEVELAND, OH – When I worked as Cleveland Life’s editor in chief in 2001 our offices were across the street from the Plain Dealer’s at 18th and Superior.  The power went out right before September 11, 2001 that affected us, the Plain Dealer and other businesses within a couple of blocks.  The problem was sourced to the electrical panel in the basement of the building that houses our offices.  Ukrainian alien workers who knew no English had been hired by a sub-contractor working on the Plain Dealer’s renovation of its headquarters.  They couldn’t read the electrical schematics and had “guessed”…

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When Gary Norton pleaded guilty to the USDOJ; he agreed to tell everything about his and everyone else’s felony crimes out of East Cleveland city hall and a whole lot more

CLEVELAND, OH – Sing, Gary Norton, sing.  Hit the “high” notes to so they reach the ears of your “big boy” friends.  Sing it loud.   James Rokakis. Gus Frangos.  Cheryl Stephens. Michael Cardilli.  Brandon King.  Thomas Wheeler.  Darrell Moore.  Michael Smedley.   Y’all hear Gary?  He “sangin’.” A freelancer for WOIO once informed me that a request for Norton’s cell phone records revealed he made approximately 290 calls to the Plain Dealer during his first year in office.   Every politician reading the last sentence thinks its strange and even suspicious for a mayor to spend 290 and out of 365 days…

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