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The media is lying. 78 percent of Cleveland voters are Independents, only 19 percent are Democrat; and I will beat Shontel Brown in November!

CLEVELAND, OH – Propaganda is being circulated by Cleveland and national reporters that the city’s voters are 78 percent Democrat. That crazily false statistic is supposed to make it easy for United States Representative Shontel Brown to defeat me as a Republican candidate for Congress on November 8, 2022.  The truth is Americans who voted for Democratic Party candidates made up only 19 percent of Cleveland’s 246,893 voters after the results were in from last year’s mayoral and congressional elections. 78 percent of Cleveland voters are Independent or “unaffiliated” with a political party.  Independent voters in Cleveland and every suburb are…

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IRS complaint filed against City Club of Cleveland and Ohio Debate Commission for not scheduling and cancelling Republican candidate forums

Censorship minded free speech pretenders like the City Club of Cleveland are finding themselves facing IRS complaints for intervening in political campaigns. Daniel Peter Moulthrop is the president of the City Club who scheduled a forum about the direction of the Republican Party with the two founders of Republicans Against Trump.

CLEVELAND, OH –  As the manager of a 501.c3 non-profit organization that receives tax deductible contributions, chief executive officer Daniel P. Moulthrop, an award winning journalist according to his biography, is supposed to know the federal Internal Revenue Service (IRS) laws the City Club of Cleveland cannot violate.  The Berkeley University graduate has been on the job since 2013 or 9 years.  If he has not mastered the limited number of federal laws and regulations that apply to his $182,000 a year job after 9 years,  Moulthrop’s answer to his board once they learn of and read the IRS complaint…

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Nina Turner starts another “grassroot” campaign for Congress with out of town handlers who don’t know 11th Congressional District voters

Nina Turner is the target of negative advertising coming from a pro-Israeli PAC backing Shontel Brown.

CLEVELAND, OH – Round II of Nina Turner’s first campaign loss as a Democrat to “no name” Shontel Brown has begun.  Her Nashville, Tennessee campaign manager, Kara Turrentine, is sending out email that includes a telephone number with the “615” area code.  Campaign offices are in ultra-liberal Cleveland Heights and Lakewood.  Turrentine can’t tell any 11th Congressional District resident who calls her how to travel through the county to reach them.  So much for “good thinking.” During the 2021 Democratic Party primary campaign to replace United States Housing & Urban Development Secretary Marcia Louise Fudge in Congress, residents of the…

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Kyle Rittenhouse’s white male hating alien “reporter” attackers tried to lynch an American with their divisive lies and foreign distortions of facts

CLEVELAND, OH –  MSNBC commentator Joy Reid’s father was an alien studying in our nation from the Congo in Africa and her mother was an alien from British Guyana.  Reid is the name she took from the father of her three children.  Her real birth name is Joy Ann Lomena.  She is not an American Negro.  Neither is a South African illegal alien working on the Daily Show and doing business in America under the name of Trevor Noah. Both should be investigated by Immigration and Naturalization Services.   Noah should be arrested, prosecuted, jailed, stripped of his illegal earnings and…

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Nina Turner’s Mercury Public Affairs investors lobbied to have sanctions lifted off the price-rigging, aluminum hoarding Russian oligarch whose homes FBI agents raided


CLEVELAND, OH – A Russian billionaire client of former 11th Congressional District candidate Nina Turner’s Amare Public Affairs investors has expectedly found his home raided by law enforcement agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).  In January 2021, EJBNEWS reported how Mercury Public Affairs had “FBI, Manafort, Ukraine, Mueller and unregistered foreign agent problems.”  The January 2021 EJBNEWS report drew the connection below to the relationship between RUSAL Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Oleg Deripaska and Turner’s Mercury Public Affairs partners. “Turner, like the unregistered foreign agents the FBI is investigating, sought to portray that Americans, particularly Ohioans, were not interested…

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Shooter targets home of Progressive Akron politician Tara Mosley 3 months after her nephew shot a mother of four to death

Akron Councilwoman Tara Samples has introduced tampon legislation similar to Cleveland Councilwoman Jazmin Santana's.

CLEVELAND, OH – The “truth” being left out of the story about the home of Akron Councilwoman Tara Mosley’s mother being shot at twice is the date of the first shooting.  July 5, 2021. That night the Progressive politician and her mother were harboring a fugitive at 1290 Seventh Avenue who Akron police wanted for killing a woman in front of her children.  Her name was Occa Onia Bernice Edison and Franklin Delano Lewis is her killer.  He’s the councilwoman’s nephew and it was his grandmother’s home that’s now been targeted twice with a very deliberate message. When police arrived at…

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