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Read Ohio Criminal Rule 11 and the “pleas, rights upon plea” rights that come with every arrest to understand why Basheer Jones’ disappearing arrest records made Judge Dawson curious

CLEVELAND, OHIO – I have published Ohio Criminal Rule 11 in its entirety at the bottom of this story so readers will fully-understand the relevancy behind the question I asked East Cleveland Municipal Court Judge William Dawson about the status of Ward 7 Councilman Basheer Sudan Jones’ case.  Jones was arrested by two East Cleveland police officers on April 19, 2019.

Jones was charged with “improper handling of firearms in a motor vehicle.”  The offense was a 4th degree felony violation of Section 2923. 16 of the Ohio Revised Code.   The incident report East Cleveland’s cops generated doesn’t identify the reason for his “arrest without a warrant” or the basis for the search of the Cleveland politician’s vehicle.  Jones was a suspect of something and they found what had been claimed was an improperly handled gun during a search of his vehicle.

Unsworn private attorneys Willa Hemmons and Heather McCollough appear to be cooperating with an East Cleveland police scheme to obstruct Judge William Dawson from dismissing and deciding the outcome of arrests.

Dawson wrote to EJBNEWS that Jones was not brought before him as required of municipal law enforcement officers in Section 2935.05 of the Revised Code of Ohio.

“There is nothing in our court system which leads me to assume that it never resulted in a formal charge by the prosecutor’s office,” Dawson wrote.  “I am saying he was never arraigned before me for those charges.”

Section 2935.05 of the Revised Code of Ohio exists under the heading, “Filing affidavit where arrest without warrant.”  The statute makes reference to another statute within it, R.C. 2935.03, that describes every category of Ohio law enforcement officer authorized to arrest and / or pursue without a warrant.  R.C. 2935.05 gave the individuals discharging law enforcement officer duties pursuant to R.C. 737.11 very specific “mandatory” instructions to follow during every arrest.

Basheer Jones was arrested by East Cleveland “cops” John E. Hartman and Michael Woodside, and someone other than Judge William Dawson called themselves “dismissing” the case.

When a person named in section 2935.03 of the Revised Code has arrested a person without a warrant, he shall, without unnecessary delay, take the person arrested before a court or magistrate having jurisdiction of the offense, and shall file or cause to be filed an affidavit describing the offense for which the person was arrested. Such affidavit shall be filed either with the court or magistrate, or with the prosecuting attorney or other attorney charged by law with prosecution of crimes before such court or magistrate and if filed with such attorney he shall forthwith file with such court or magistrate a complaint, based on such affidavit.”

East Cleveland Councilwoman Juanita Gowdy has confirmed to EJBNEWS that police under twice-indicted felon and law enforcement officer impersonator Scott Gardner’s management “dismissed” the gun charges against Jones.   That’s the information she acquired from self-employed attorney Heather McCollough discharging the duties of a prosecuting attorney without an oath of office; and handling undisclosed private cases on the side.

Gowdy has promised to fire McCollough and attorney Willa Hemmons as East Cleveland’s next mayor.  She’s campaigning to replace Richmond Heights resident Brandon King.

Council Vice President Juanita Gowdy confirmed that Cleveland councilman Basheer Jones’ arrest was “dismissed” by the police and not at the request of the prosecutor to Judge William Dawson.  Judge Dawson expressed concern about the violation of R.C. 2035.05 to EJBNEWS.

Jones was charged, apparently only by the police and not the city’s prosecutor or judge, with “improper handling of firearms in a motor vehicle.”   The offense was a 4th degree felony violation of Section 2923. 16 of the Ohio Revised Code.

The incident report East Cleveland’s cops generated doesn’t identify the reason for the arrest or the basis for the search of the Cleveland politician’s vehicle.  Jones was a suspect of something and they found what cops claimed was the improperly handled gun he had a right to possess and transport.

The record of Jones’ April 19, 2019 arrest appears to have still been entered in the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) criminal records history database Ohio police can access through the Law Enforcement Automated Data Systems (LEADS) portal.  That’s where Lake County Sheriff’s deputies found Jones arrest records when they denied his request for a concealed carry permit on December 26, 2019.

A warrantless arrest by a law enforcement officer or private citizen triggers 4th Amendment rights under the Constitution of the United States of America that are implemented into practice through Ohio Criminal Rule 11 and other criminal and civil rules of procedure.  The only way to adjudicate an arrest is in an open court before a judge, magistrate or jury.  Any dismissal Jones sought or was given should have been upon request of the prosecuting attorney – either McCollough or Hemmons – before Dawson.

State laws require judges to strip cops who are indicted for felonies and plead to misdemeanors of their OPOTA certifications. They’re done as a cop forever in Ohio. Scott Gardner’s been indicted and convicted twice for felonies in separate counties between 2013 and 2014; and he hasn’t stopped working. He’s even submitted fraudulent documents to OPOTA to so he doesn’t have to stop stealing from East Cleveland taxpayers and running the police department like an organized crime gang with Larry McDonald.

What’s pathetic is Jones is campaigning for mayor of Cleveland to hold office as the city’s chief law enforcement officer; and he’s accepting side deals to avoid the embarassment of an arrest instead of fighting for constitutional rights East Cleveland cops violated.  What’s clear is his constitutional rights were violated with the arrest and he was too cowardly to fight for them.

If he won’t fight for his own rights he won’t fight for anyone else’s if given management of the police department and city prosecutor’s office.  There’s no police reform legislation bearing his name as a councilman.

East Cleveland police under King’s twice-convicted police chief, Gardner, and the crew of non-Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy certified organized criminals impersonating law enforcement officers they manage, have been accused of making arrests go away in exchange for special favors.

They’ve had their child. Sergeant Dominique King is not pregnant at the time. But imagine filing a complaint against Larry McDonald with internal affairs and it goes to his baby mama.

Hemmons cut a side “cash for dismissal of charges” deal with the five Cleveland police supervisors charged with dereliction of duty in the Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams pursuit and slaughter inside East Cleveland.  Larry McDonald offered to get charges dismissed against a woman he wanted to date; and in exchange for dinner.

Kenneth DiSalvo changed his name to Kenneth Lundy after he resigned from the Hamilton County Sheriff’s department.  In the other county he told a jailed female American citizen he’d give her food in exchange for showing him her breasts.  He now works for King as a commander.

It’s been alleged that arrest records are disappearing for cash, car titles, drugs and sex.  A citizen complaining to East Cleveland’s internal affairs officer about McDonald gets “sergeant” Dominique King with whom he has a child.

The prosecutor’s office did not review or rule on McDonald’s shooting of Vincent Belmonte in the back of the head after he snatched off his bodycam. A “committee” of law enforcement officer impersonators cleared him of Belmonte’s shooting.  There are no controls over these law enforcement officer impersonating criminals.

Judge Dawson and the council must investigate what are clearly criminal acts surrounding warrantless arrests that individuals wearing law enforcement uniforms and carrying weapons are engaging in on East Cleveland streets.  Jones’ arrest coupled with Dawson’s questions about what happened to it offers the best evidence for an investigation’s launching point into what transpired between him and the police.

Who intervened on his behalf?  What was the favor or deal?

Read Criminal Rule 11 below.

Rule 11 – Pleas, Rights Upon Plea
(A) Pleas. A defendant may plead not guilty, not guilty by reason of insanity, guilty or, with the consent of the court, no contest. A plea of not guilty by reason of insanity shall be made in writing by either the defendant or the defendant’s attorney. All other pleas may be made orally. The pleas of not guilty and not guilty by reason of insanity may be joined. If a defendant refuses to plead, the court shall enter a plea of not guilty on behalf of the defendant.
(B) Effect of guilty or no contest pleas. With reference to the offense or offenses to which the plea is entered:

(1) The plea of guilty is a complete admission of the defendant’s guilt.
(2) The plea of no contest is not an admission of defendant’s guilt, but is an admission of the truth of the facts alleged in the indictment, information, or complaint, and the plea or admission shall not be used against the defendant in any subsequent civil or criminal proceeding.
(3) When a plea of guilty or no contest is accepted pursuant to this rule, the court, except as provided in divisions (C)(3) and (4) of this rule, shall proceed with sentencing under Crim.R. 32.
(C) Pleas of guilty and no contest in felony cases.

(1) Where in a felony case the defendant is unrepresented by counsel the court shall not accept a plea of guilty or no contest unless the defendant, after being readvised that he or she has the right to be represented by retained counsel, or pursuant to Crim.R. 44 by appointed counsel, waives this right.
(2) In felony cases the court may refuse to accept a plea of guilty or a plea of no contest, and shall not accept a plea of guilty or no contest without first addressing the defendant personally and doing all of the following:

(a) Determining that the defendant is making the plea voluntarily, with understanding of the nature of the charges and of the maximum penalty involved, and if applicable, that the defendant is not eligible for probation or for the imposition of community control sanctions at the sentencing hearing.
(b) Informing the defendant of and determining that the defendant understands the effect of the plea of guilty or no contest, and that the court, upon acceptance of the plea, may proceed with judgment and sentence.
(c) Informing the defendant and determining that the defendant understands that by the plea the defendant is waiving the rights to jury trial, to confront witnesses against him or her, to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in the defendant’s favor, and to require the state to prove the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt at a trial at which the defendant cannot be compelled to testify against himself or herself.
(3) With respect to aggravated murder committed on and after January 1, 1974, the defendant shall plead separately to the charge and to each specification, if any. A plea of guilty or no contest to the charge waives the defendant’s right to a jury trial, and before accepting a plea of guilty or no contest the court shall so advise the defendant and determine that the defendant understands the consequences of the plea.

If the indictment contains no specification, and a plea of guilty or no contest to the charge is accepted, the court shall impose the sentence provided by law.

If the indictment contains one or more specifications, and a plea of guilty or no contest to the charge is accepted, the court may dismiss the specifications and impose sentence accordingly, in the interests of justice.

If the indictment contains one or more specifications that are not dismissed upon acceptance of a plea of guilty or no contest to the charge, or if pleas of guilty or no contest to both the charge and one or more specifications are accepted, a court composed of three judges shall:

(a) determine whether the offense was aggravated murder or a lesser offense; and (b) if the offense is determined to have been a lesser offense, impose sentence accordingly; or (c) if the offense is determined to have been aggravated murder, proceed as provided by law to determine the presence or absence of the specified aggravating circumstances and of mitigating circumstances, and impose sentence accordingly.
(4) With respect to all other cases the court need not take testimony upon a plea of guilty or no contest.
(D) Misdemeanor cases involving serious offenses. In misdemeanor cases involving serious offenses the court may refuse to accept a plea of guilty or no contest, and shall not accept such plea without first addressing the defendant personally and informing the defendant of the effect of the pleas of guilty, no contest, and not guilty and determining that the defendant is making the plea voluntarily. Where the defendant is unrepresented by counsel the court shall not accept a plea of guilty or no contest unless the defendant, after being readvised that he or she has the right to be represented by retained counsel, or pursuant to Crim.R. 44 by appointed counsel, waives this right.
(E) Misdemeanor cases involving petty offenses. In misdemeanor cases involving petty offenses the court may refuse to accept a plea of guilty or no contest, and shall not accept such pleas without first informing the defendant of the effect of the plea of guilty, no contest, and not guilty.

The counsel provisions of Crim.R. 44(B) and (C) apply to division (E) of this rule.

(F)Negotiated plea cases. When a negotiated plea of guilty or no contest to one or more offenses charged or to one or more other or lesser offenses is offered, the underlying agreement upon which the plea is based shall be stated on the record in open court. To the extent required by Article I, Section 10a of the Ohio Constitution or by the Revised Code, before accepting the plea, the trial court shall allow an alleged victim of the crime to raise any objection to the terms of the plea agreement.
(G) Refusal of court to accept plea. If the court refuses to accept a plea of guilty or no contest, the court shall enter a plea of not guilty on behalf of the defendant. In such cases neither plea shall be admissible in evidence nor be the subject of comment by the prosecuting attorney or court.
(H) Defense of insanity. The defense of not guilty by reason of insanity must be pleaded at the time of arraignment, except that the court for good cause shown shall permit such a plea to be entered at any time before trial.

Pharrell’s gun-licensed, security company owning cousin was killed by a Virginia Beach cop whose bodycam the police chief says was turned off

CLEVELAND, OH – Virginia Beach city council and the city’s National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) chapter are seeking answers for why a police officer with his bodycam turned off shot singer Pharrell Williams’ cousin through marriage to death on March 26, 2021.  Virginia Beach city council scheduled a special meeting for March 30, 2021 to discuss the drama that dragged their city into the national “police killing” spotlight.

Two people were killed at Virginia Beach’s Oceanfront on March 26, 2021.  Eight were injured.

The dead are Donovan Lynch and reality star Deshayla E. Harris, 29, of Norfolk.  She appeared on the “Bad Girls Club” and went by the pseudonym “Firecracker Fashionista” on the Oxygen network show.  Lynch is Pharrell’s cousin through marriage.  The popular recording artist is from Virginia Beach.

Lynch was shot to death by an unnamed Virginia Beach police officer.  Harris was shot to death by a stray bullet.  Lynch’s shooting is drawing controversy because police mischaracterized his presence at the crime scene to justify the shooting.

According to the Virginia Beach police department he was “brandishing” a handgun in a “threatening” manner.  According to a witness police are lying.  Lynch’s weapon was not in his hand.  It’s the same conceal-minded thinking Scott Gardner exhibited when he told the media words Larry McDonald did not use when he turned off his bodycam and shot Vincent Belmonte in the back of the head in East Cleveland, Ohio.

Lynch’s father, Wayne Lynch, told Virginia Beach’s WAVY NEWS that his son owned a security company and he was licensed and permitted to carry his 9mm Rutger concealed.  No evidence has been presented that Donovan Lynch was involved in the shootings that injured 8 bystanders and killed Deshayla Harris.  Police have not even said his weapon was discharged.

What’s interesting to this writer from a Cleveland perspective is in seeing the Virginia Beach NAACP calling for a “civilian review board” similar to one that’s existed in Cleveland since the 1980’s that doesn’t give citizens the desired “police accountability” results.  Like in Ohio the Virginia Beach chief of police, Paul Neudigate, has deflected the deadly force investigation to Virginia’s “state police.”  Below are NAACP President Karen Hills-Pruden’s thoughts on the police shooting.

The Virginia Beach NAACP Branch was pleased to hear during today’s City Council Special Session that the investigation into the shooting death of Mr. Donovan Lynch will be handled by the Virginia State Police. This branch was not pleased with the previous statement by Chief Neudigate stating that a gun was found in the vicinity of the incident. His failure to also state that Mr. Lynch was a legally licensed gun owner was an attempt to shift the perception of the public’s view toward Mr. Lynch. The police department has access to gun permit/licensure information, so the Virginia Beach Branch NAACP has no reason to believe the intent was other than malicious. This is one of the reasons an external agency was requested by the branch.

Furthermore, Chief Neudigate complaints of understaffing, equipment preferences, and equipment on back order is nothing new. The police force has been understaffed for years. However, the Virginia Beach Branch NAACP will not allow our focus to be watered down by those organizational objectives.

Our inquiry is two-fold . Why was Mr. Donovan Lynch shot on March 26, 2021? And why did the police officer who shot Mr. Donovan Lynch not activate his Body-Worn Camera?

Virginia’s “general assembly” is called a “house of delegates.”  Its “state senators” and “state representatives” are called “delegates.” Delegate Jay Jones of Norfolk called for a Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring to conduct an independent investigation into the shooting.  Herring agreed with his opponent in the June 2021 primary election primary election and ordered one.

DeShayla Harris, 29, was an innocent Oceanfront bystander when she was shot to death on March 26, 2021.

Below is Jones’ statement.  He wants in part an end to qualified and sovereign immunity for law enforcement officers.

“The Virginia Beach community deserves answers to the horrendous shootings that occurred this weekend. Body cameras are designed for transparency into police conduct – specifically situations like what happened over the weekend – to provide a clear record of interactions with the public it serves in the field.

“It is unconscionable that the body camera worn by a police officer involved in a fatal shooting was not activated, and I am calling on the Attorney General to use his full investigative authority to determine what went wrong here. We need far better accountability and transparency, and the families of those killed by police, in Virginia Beach and across this country, deserve answers.

“Despite the shooting taking place on Friday, the officer has yet to be interviewed by the Virginia Beach Police Department. This is further evidence for why we must reform our law enforcement practices, including ending qualified and sovereign immunity, but also demand more transparency and hold law enforcement to appropriate standards.

“No one is above the law, including those tasked with enforcing it. Although the Civil Rights Division I proposed this past session would have had investigative and enforcement authority over a situation just like this, it was killed for politically motivated reasons by supporters of Mark Herring in the legislature.

“Nevertheless, I trust that the Attorney General will investigate this matter and use the office to make police reform a much larger priority than it has been for him during his time in office. I pray that he won’t play politics with justice and the lives of our citizens. Now is the time to put the full weight of the office behind your new rhetoric.”

Despite the direction the politicians are taking the discussion about his son’s death in, Wayne Lynch wants answers and justice.  He wants his son’s named cleared of the smear Virginia Beach cops attempted.

Singer Pharrell Williams shared his thoughts on Instagram about his cousin being shot to death by a Virginia Beach cop on March 26, 2021.

Juanita Gowdy’s running for East Cleveland mayor because voters are disgusted with Richmond Heights resident Brandon King’s lying and stealing

CLEVELAND, OH – Council Vice President and East Cleveland Sunrise publisher Juanita Gowdy is counting on the truth that the voters of East Cleveland know more than a few things about Mayor Brandon King that disgusts them as she challenges him for the “chief law enforcement officer”s job he holds illegally as a Richmond Heights resident.  Elected officials under Ohio laws must be residents of the community they’re elected to serve.

For the past nearly two years, Gowdy and East Cleveland Sunrise co-publisher Justyn Anderson have been distributing their 5000 circulation newspaper to every household, door-to-door, providing information-starved voters and residents with details about the “dirty dealings” taking place inside the King administration.  Gowdy and Anderson told EJBNEWS they got the idea to spread regular doses of the truth from the East Cleveland Challenger and the East Cleveland Tattler. 

Brandon King created a proclamation in August claiming he had the authority to suspend the U.S. Constitution, federal laws, Ohio’s constitution, state laws, East Cleveland’s charter and ordinances. He must have been snorting some good shit when he signed it. Crazed and communist-inspired thinking like this is the reason East Cleveland voters should remove this two bit dictator from Richmond Heights out of city hall.

King and his friends were and are robbing the city blind while making up lies to deceive residents who thought they could trust him, Gowdy said.  “We had to do something when his administration started losing $50 million lawsuits we know voters will never be able to pay.”

Gowdy said residents now know King doesn’t live in the city and lied about his residency when he ran for council and then mayor. King doesn’t live at 1735 Elsinore Road in a rowhouse apartment his brother resides in that’s been raided twice for drugs.

1735 Elsinore is where several King brothers fraudulently claim to live in Sheldon King’s apartment so they can vote in the city in violation of election laws, according to Cecil King.  Sheldon King is the brother convicted for drug dealing and child endangering from inside the apartment the mayor’s voting address claims adult King men with families share.  The mayor and his brothers must not have been at the apartment and left Sheldon to take the hit for the King organized crime family during the raids.

Residents of Elsinore Road know Richmond Heights resident Brandon King does not at 1735 with his adult brother; and neither do the other adult King men voting illegally from Sheldon King’s address.

Gowdy said residents now know King is a hot-tempered thief who’s employees like Michael Smedley and Melran Leach,  along with ex-mayor Gary Norton, are either being criminally-investigated or named in federal indictments for crimes in public office.  Numerous residents know King received a subpoena from the Ohio Ethics Commission for records associated with his selling office supplies to city hall as part of an ongoing criminal investigation.

Gowdy said King’s chief of police, Scott Gardner, was twice-convicted for felonies he pleaded down to misdemeanors that makes him ineligible to be certified as a law enforcement officer, according to section 737.02(2)(a) of the Revised Code of Ohio.  Gardner was indicted back to back by two prosecutors between Cuyahoga and Medina county in 2013 and 2014.

Gowdy said King would have made himself look like a hero to East Cleveland residents had he fired him after Norton failed to do so.  The heading for the law is “Felony conviction precludes or terminates employment.”

(2)(a) The director of public safety shall terminate the employment of a chief of police, member of the police department, or auxiliary police officer who does either of the following:  (i) Pleads guilty to a felony;  (ii) Pleads guilty to a misdemeanor pursuant to a negotiated plea agreement as provided in division (D) of section 2929.43 of the Revised Code in which the chief of police, member of the police department, or auxiliary police officer agrees to surrender the certificate awarded to the chief of police, member of the police department, or auxiliary police officer under section 109.77 of the Revised Code.

Gowdy told EJBNEWS that had King fired Gardner like a state general law requires, so many residents the police the unfit “chief” stations and transfers have been pursuing and shooting to death might still be alive or uninjured.  The members of the city’s Civil Service Commission resigned in February after not operating lawfully since 2016.  None of the police hired or promoted have been appointed through Civil Service testing.   That list includes Larry McDonald who removed his bodycam before shooting Vincent Belmonte in the back of the head.

Back shooting Larry “Pacman” McDonald was laid-off by this writer as East Cleveland’s mayor and twice-convicted Scott Gardner was twice-suspended by me as I was building a case to fire him in 2009. Cuyahoga County prosecuting attorney Michael O’Malley indicted him on felony tax charges and so did Medina county’s back-to-back between 2013 and 2014. After pleading to two misdemeanor Gardner should never have been allowed to remain a police officer by Gary Norton or Brandon King under Ohio law.  McDonald shot Vincent Belmonte in the back of the head after he removed his bodycam.

The state Civil Service Commission is investigating the Civil Service law violations and King has been warned to take the investigation seriously.  Gowdy said Gardner will have no future with East Cleveland as his two convictions mean the private security company owner should have long ago been fired.

Gowdy said once elected she’s going to follow the model the Brewer administration implemented by making public employee accountability and an obedience to federal, state and local laws a mandate.  Without all the police pursuits, violence towards citizens and police killings, Gowdy said East Cleveland residents remember how crime in every category was reduced by 40 to 70 percent between January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2009.

During an interview, Gowdy told EJBNEWS how she disagrees with demolishing homes that could be renovated with the same money.  Instead of demolishing 125 homes like King is planning as a way to direct more no-bid contracts to his friends, she wants them renovated and sold at cost.

“If it costs $25,000 to renovate a home in our landbank we can sell it for $25,000 and reinvest the money into another property and resell it at cost … too,” Gowdy said.   “The “D” in “HUD” is “Development” and not “Demolition.” She wants resident homeowners to have access to HUD dollars to help with their repairs.

Gowdy said she disagreed very strongly with former Mayor Gary Norton’s decision to aid Cleveland Clinic’s plan to close Huron Hospital in 2011; and to be paid $8 million in exchange for losing the income taxes that came from its 1100 workers.  300 of the hospital’s workers were residents and the closing emptied the apartment buildings surrounding the hospital for workers who could walk next door or across the street to work.

Council has not authorized funding for a job called “chief of staff” that Michael Smedley claims to hold. He’ll be fired an investigated by a new mayor and administration. He might also face criminal prosecution for the crimes he’s committed in office. Smedley was named in Kenneth Tyson’s indictment.

Gowdy blasted Norton for taking the $8 million and spending it as he pleased.  Norton didn’t spend a dime of the money for new service vehicles to plow or repave and clean the city’s streets and parks; or for new fire safety equipment.  Norton spent nothing for tree trimming equipment in a city full of trees.

Gowdy wants council and the residents once she’s mayor to support a small property tax to build a free fully-equipped emergency room for residents who would pay only $1 a year for every $1000 in property value.  $25 a year on a $25,000 home.

With the $25 million the city is getting from the federal government, Gowdy wants the current council and a new one to use a portion of the money to build the emergency room and the small tax would fund it.  The emergency room would be free to residents with no health care.  Whatever Medicare, Medicaid or a person’s  health care coverage paid would cover the additional costs.  Residents would have no “out of pocket” costs.  Non-residents would be required to pay.

“We have to consider putting physicians instead of untrained EMS workers on our ambulances.  We have residents being shot and beaten; or involved in car crashes that causes serious injuries,” Gowdy said. “The nearest emergency room is University Hospitals and more of our people are dying after Huron Hospital and its gunshot wound trauma center closed.  Free emergency room care would add an extremely affordable value to being an East Cleveland resident and increase the desire for people to live in our city.”

Not a single public safety worker administered first aid to Vincent Belmonte when Larry McDonald shot him in the back of the head. They only checked his pulse as his breathing and heartbeat slowed to a standstill. Juanita Gowdy believes physicians can be afforded to ride EMS squads instead of poorly-trained EMS workers.

Gowdy also wants a portion of the money to be spent on upgrading all the equipment in the city’s service department that Norton did not upgrade with the $8 million in Huron Hospital closing dollars he wasted.  She wants the baseball diamonds improved in the parks as well as the tennis courts.

“Our residents lived a much better suburban lifestyle with greater health amenities before criminals took over our government,” she said.

During her first year on city council, after winning in 2019, Gowdy has been investigating problems with King’s management of the municipal workforce as well as his contracting and compliances problems.  She’s found that King has not been administering oaths of office to employees and delivering the oaths to the council clerk.

This has been a problem issue, particularly, for the city’s law department King lets private attorney Willa Hemmons leads.  Neither attorney has obtained the approval of or reported to council before they initiated or responded to litigation as required by Ohio laws.  Hemmons is a resident of Beachwood who has no legal authority to discharge the law director’s duties as a private contract attorney.  Gowdy said the ate Almeta Johnson was the last person qualified under Ohio law to serve as the director of law.

Brandon King and Mansell Baker voted with Thomas Wheeler to let George Michael Riley stockpile over 1000 Cuyahoga County landbank homes behind houses lived in by Harry Drummond and the late Barbara Garner in 2014. This deadly construction and demolition debris should have been taken to a dump in Minerva outside Canton because they contained asbestos. The place caught on fire often and spewed deadly, immune weaking toxins in the air. Ms. Garner, a non-smoker, died of lung cancer with this filth in her backyard thanks to Richmond Heights resident Brandon King when he served, illegally, on East Cleveland city council as its vice president.

Gowdy said Hemmons and Heather McCullough can expect to be fired.  So can Michael Smedley.  Police officers without certifications and still discharging a law enforcement officers duties can expect to be held fully-accountable within laws.

“We don’t need a high speed pursuit policy and the police chief doesn’t get to write a police department’s rules or regulations under Ohio law,” Gowdy said.  “We already have a state law that instructs them when they can and cannot pursue or cross the borders of another city.  The Ohio Revised Code gives the Director of Public Safety rule writing authority for city police.  Rules written by the police chief is evidence of a police chief exceeding the authority of their public employment.”

Gowdy said Ohio’s general assembly has written a warrantless pursuit “general law” and she just got council to approve an ordinance that requires the director of law, prosecuting attorney and judge to use R.C. 2935.03 in evaluating every pursuit.  Ord. No. 525.03 is named the Tamia Chappman Act.”

The local law Gowdy sponsored makes it a requirement for the law department to ensure every police officer bringing charges against a citizen is authorized by law to do so by delivering the oath and training records to every person they arrest.  If they pursue outside the law the pursuing “law enforcement officer impersonators” will be responsible for their own legal representation and damages.

Richmond Heights resident Brandon King has been repeatedly warned by state officials to close East Cleveland’s filthy jail. Council vice president wants it either closed or money used to repair it … immediately.

They must possess an oath of office that’s filed in the clerk of council’s office pursuant to R.C. 705.28; in addition to maintaining current and approved Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy credentials as required of R.C. 109.81.

They’ve also got to operate the equipment in police cars in obedience with federal and state criminal laws; and not violate R.C. 2913.04 or the FBI’s NCIC 2000 Manual to access the Mobile Display Units.  All this information is required to be delivered to citizens in criminal proceedings to ensure the city isn’t later sued for a civil rights violation. Gowdy is opposed to police using automatic license plate readers that council has not authorized them to buy or use through an ordinance or resolution.

“The taxpayers of East Cleveland are not going to pay for their unlawful behavior and violations of civil rights,” Gowdy said.

The twice-convicted Gardner exceeded the authority of the police chief when he wrote an opinion to council claiming the ordinance was unconstitutional; and that he wasn’t going to enforce it.  Gowdy said the ordinance authorizes residents to file criminal complaints against the law enforcement officer who violates it; and requires Judge William Dawson and the prosecutor to enforce it.   She said Gardner has no legal opinion-writing authority and intends to deal with his duty-exceeding criminal misconduct once elected as the city’s chief law enforcement officer.

Council Vice President Juanita Gowdy sponsored and introduced Ord. No. 525.03 to deal with the warrantless pursuits that took the lives of Tamia Chapmann, Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams. As mayor Gowdy has promised to deliver the message to the county’s mayors that there police officers will be arrested if they enter East Cleveland’s borders in violation of R.C. 2935.03.

“I’m not worried about Scott Gardner,” the East Cleveland Sunrise publisher told EJBNEWS.  “East Cleveland’s policing will be reformed.  The slave-catching mindset of the city’s police officers will not be tolerated in 2022.”

East Cleveland’s charter is partisan.  Since no Republicans or third party candidates have competed in the last three elections the Democrat who wins the primary heads, alone, to the November general election.  Voters will have once chance during the primary to elect the candidate of their choice.

[DISCLOSURE:  This writer is the former Mayor of East Cleveland, Ohio and I have been aiding Council Vice President Juanita Gowdy and co-East Cleveland Sunrise publisher Justyn Anderson for the past three years in understanding the complexities of municipal management from a statutory perspective.]

Endorsed by the Plain Dealer, Gary Norton and his police chief’s secretary got too power and money hungry with East Cleveland cash

CLEVELAND, OH – The benefit to being a Plain Dealer endorsed candidate for elected office is that the newspaper’s publisher and editors assign reporters to keep the politician’s image looking like the one their endorsement created and concealing their crimes.  Its editors don’t want the people to know they don’t know a damn thing about government and their endorsements should have been ignored.

As many stories as this town’s reporters have “stolen” and continue to steal from my publications without attribution, they didn’t “steal” any of those I wrote clearly demonstrating that Gary Alexander Norton, Jr. is a criminal.  It’s why those of you now reading are here; and the Plain Dealer’s entire curve-graded news team looks dimwittedly-slow and out-of-touch.

The other “media outlets” are just repeating what they’ve learned from the United States Department of Justice’s indictment or a news release.  Their “morgues” -as libraries are called in the newspaper industry – don’t have the background information I possess.

I provided three U.S. Department of Treasury agents with information in 2017 about Norton, Thomas Wheeler, Brandon King, James Rokakis, Gus Frangos, George Michael Riley and others connected to that 5-story pile of deadly evil they allowed to be stacked behind homes in the city I once led as mayor on Noble Road.  I was contacted and asked to speak with them after I pressured Craig Butler of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) to close Christine Beynon and George Michael Riley’s “Arco” illegal dump with the “background” juice of U.S. Rep. Marcia Fudge.

In May 2017, after my meeting, my sources tell me federal agents visited Riley’s employees.  They had questions.  Mainly, his relationship with the Cuyahoga County landbank official, Gus Frangos.

Thomas Wheeler and Brandon King led council to pass Res. No. 11-14 that transferred the 1705 Noble Road property to be readied for redevelopment but took no steps to enforce it after he opened an illegal dump he called a recycling facility that never recycled any of the more than 5 story pile of 1000 demolished homes.

Here’s what you criminals whose names have been circulating around the Cuyahoga County landbank and East Cleveland  don’t know.  You’re already busted.  Contact Special Agent Sean Roth at 216-522-1400 and surrender.  King, Wheeler, Smedley, Moore, Gardner, Cardilli, McDonald … the rest.  You know your names.  King.  Staying late at city hall won’t help.  Smedley can’t help you.  Belinda Kyle can’t help you.  Willa Hemmons is sending you to jail.

King.  You’ve been on “federal” radar ever since you used the office of the council vice presidency to vote on legislation you introduced to give yourself a Forest Hill home valued at $98,000 for $1000.  The Feds know you don’t live at 1735 Elsinore in the rowhouse your brother Sheldon lives in that East Cleveland police raided twice for drugs.  Keeping Smedley was stupid.  He’s already done you in.

Five federal agencies with experienced investigators who already have the city’s paperwork and know the federal laws officials violated better than they do are embedded in the lives of their investigation targets.  Without your knowledge cell phone, bank and other records have been subpoeaned.  Some may have received “notices of interception” after wiretaps concluded.

Save the FBI the time of capturing you.  Surrender.  You are already caught.  The criminals who have already been caught have told … all.  Surrender.   Norton’s charges are a “deal.”  All the shit he did and just that?  Peter Lawson Jones had him all over the place.  The shit he knows?  He’s singing.

Keeping Michael Smedley will prove to be a fatal flaw for Brandon King.

Call Special Agent Roth in the public corruption unit to report the knowledge you have felony crimes pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 4, misprision of felony, because if you don’t the failure to report gets you three years.  They’re going to ask you why you did not report what you knew when you knew it if you don’t make the call.

Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

Norton’s three daughters are today of reading age.  Their mother is a former Cleveland public school principal. Their stalwart father finally got his master’s degree in urban planning after earning 10 D’s and 8 F’s between Morehouse and Cleveland State Universities (CSU); and that’s after being graded on a curve.  He was kicked out of Morehouse after three years for failing grades; and placed on “academic watch” at CSU.

It’s expected that today Norton’s three daughters read well, are internet search sophisticated; and have cell phones with news feeds to their social media pages.  It’s expected that by now they’ve read and heard news their father has been indicted by the United States Department of Justice along with Vanessa Veals.  She once baby sat for the ex-mayor of East Cleveland’s children as their families traveled together on Police Athletic League (PAL) money.

Scott Gardner is the uncertified chief of police. Michael Cardilli was uncertified and retired off an illegal paycheck and pension he collected over the past year. Kenneth Lundy is also Kenneth DiSalvo, the cop in the background; and he’s not OPOTA certified. All three are criminals impersonating law enforcement officers.

Veals was ex-chief of police Ralph Spotts’ secretary. I hired her.  I relocated Spotts’ office and hers to the mayor’s corner of city hall so I could keep a closer eye on police management.  It enabled me to see Veals one day writing nothing more than 40 hours on each cop’s unsigned time card; an act that resulted in my writing a four-page time card policy instructing every employee to maintain their own time cards, punching in and out throughout the day, and signing them or they’re not getting paid.  Ask East Cleveland library board president William Fambrough if I paid him after he violated my time card policy, as one of my special assistants, before I fired him.  An undisciplined mayor playing favorites undermines his or her own authority.

I was no longer East Cleveland’s mayor when the first edition of a newsletter in 2013 called the East Cleveland Tattler linked Norton and Veals to being spotted inside his car by a cop in Forest Hills Park.  43 editions later and Norton was recalled in 2016; after being re-elected in November 2013.

The “Tattler” – as the name was shortened by its thousands of readers – aided former Council President Dr. Joy Jordan, Vice President Chantelle Lewis and Nathaniel Martin’s voter driven effort to strip him of the extra $65,000 in 2013.  He’d served in office from January 1, 2010 and returned the city to fiscal emergency by September 29, 2012.  Norton had recklessly exceeded budgets until the city’s deficits exceeded $11 million.  He’d cut a deal to close Huron Hospital for $8 million and spent all the money on whatever.  Council never saw a dime of it as Nathaniel Martin thinks he stored it with Smedley in some secret account.

Norton and Michael Smedley got $30,000 in campaign help from the city’s red light camera vendor, but it didn’t help.  The flyer I created for the $300 campaign made TIME magazine.  He was asking voters for more money after he’d proven himself to be an incompetent manager and an inveterate liar.

Along the way to its last edition,the imaginative newsletter’s top secret editor exposed a relationship between Norton and Veal that may explain why he risked telling her of his meeting with the FBI after he was instructed to keep his mouth shut.

As they’re old enough to read, Norton’s three daughters may not have before had the curiousity to conduct an internet search of their father’s name.  He’s “Daddy.”  They only have his perspective of the events surrounding his life.

This is their first real “public” glimpse that claims of “Daddy” being a criminal may just be true.  He probably hasn’t told them he’s been answering questions FBI agents have asked him about the people with whom he did “deals” with while in office over the past two years.

So as their curiousity about “Daddy” grows to the level of conducting a keyword search of his name over the past 10 years, the results aren’t going to make them proud. He’ll still be “Daddy” and they’ll love Norton regardless.  But they’ll have a better understanding of the reactions they’ve been getting from people when they’re asked if they’re related to Gary Norton who was once the mayor of East Cleveland.

This was the day I warned Norton about when I vetoed the legislation he’d introduced and voted on to add $65,000 to the safety director’s wages for himself as the newly-elected mayor.  I still served as East Cleveland’s mayor and he was the council president in December 2009.  It’s a lengthy veto permanently embedded within the city’s records.  Some people have an unnatural pre-occupation with money.  Norton is one of them.

I advised him in the veto to think of his family instead of his greed.  What he’d done was unlawful.  You can’t use public offices to enrich yourself.  Not even when you think you can and are getting away with it.  An expression I learned shooting pool at Eddie’s Billiard’s on E. 125th and Superior is, “It’s not the dating game.  It’s the waiting game.”  I’ve never known federal agents to be anything less than “patient.”  Good things come to those who wait.

Four times East Cleveland voters tried to recall Norton.  Each of the first four attempts did not result in the collection of enough signatures; but each effort spread news that contrary to the Plain Dealer and’s covering up for him all was not well with Norton at city hall.  By December 6, 2016 former East Cleveland resident and now Houston, Texas resident Devin Branch organized a successful recall campaign that took out both Norton and council president Thomas Wheeler.

Norton was gone but his tentacles in the city were not.

His bag man and former chief of staff remained.  So did Veals.  So did a loyal King who’d benefitted from the deal they’d created with George Michael Riley in 2014.  So did his relationship with a beauty shop owner on Noble Road named Darrell Moore.  So did his relationship with James Rokakis and Gus Frangos at the landbank these two evil scumbags created to acquire the homes they’d made vacant through their 3rd party tax lien sale foreclosures in the county treasurer’s office.

After driving for Uber when East Cleveland voters showed his azz to the unemployment door, Norton got the bright idea to get into the demolition business.  Of course the place for him to start was in East Cleveland.  So one evening Norton showed up to tell council he was going to demolish homes in the city for free.  It was his way of giving back.  What Norton and Veals indictments show is an idiot who just couldn’t take his lips off what he thought was his personal East Cleveland “tit.”

Let’s go back to December 2016.  It’s when I got involved in pressuring local and state Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Butler led to close the Noble Road dump behind residential homes Norton conspired with Thomas Wheeler and Brandon King to manipulate the other members of council into supporting.

It’s Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson’s job to enforce a contract the city has had with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) since 1975.  Natoya Walker-Minor was in charge of keeping the local air, water and soil protected, but she had no RCRA knowledge.  RCRA is the Resource Conservation Recovery Act of 1974 enacted by the Congress of the United States of America.   The landfill laws are embedded within it.

Had Natoya read the United States Environment Protection Agency’s website she wouldn’t have inspected an illegal construction and demolition and debris landfill 26 times over two years.  She would have ordered it closed at the first inspection.  Butler, the idiot OEPA director ex-Governor John Kasich appointed, wouldn’t have lied to U.S. Rep. Fudge in writing when she responded to a request from residents to investigate that the site did not contain asbestos.

I followed up with Marcia and gave her the inspection report from Jim Riffle of Auburn Environmental showing that Butler had lied; and Natoya had not ever during her 26 inspections tested the “fugitive dust” uncertified inspectors identified. She wanted the offenders prosecuted.  I’m confident that as a former prosecuting attorney and a member of Congress she fulfilled the duties of 18 U.S.C. 4 as “anyone with knowledge of a felony” at her federal level just as I did.  It’s why I had no problem meeting with the agents when I was asked by a friend who knew them if I would share what I’d learned.

A letter I wrote to then Ohio Director of Health Richard Hodge to test the nearby residents and students of Collinwood High School and Apex Charter School for the toxins they were exposed to at Beynon and Riley’s illegal dump has still been ignored.  In a meeting with Jackson in his office I asked him to assign his health department to do what Hodge did not.  Neither the state nor city health departments have ever alerted residents near the Noble Road dump they allowed to exist to have themselves checked by their physicians; and identified the toxins to which they and their families were exposed for nearly three “immune weakening years.”

Norton had done the deal under the guise of telling council he needed the $150,000 Beynon was offering the city through her partner, Riley, to cover payroll.  Norton, Wheeler and King had scheduled an afternoon council meeting outside the regular meeting dictates of the city’s charter that limits business to being conducted in public; and on the first and third Tuesdays of the month at 6:30 p.m.  That’s with full public participation and resident rights to speak on all ordinances before council votes; and for up to two minutes each after the business of council is concluded.

Zoom meetings are not authorized in any law during the mornings and afternoons if the language does not exist giving councils the authority to use this Chinese government-owned shit in their charters.  Some of you fad-minded politicians and government officials are “national security weakening” insane.  Your ignorance is killing the nation.

The “afternoon” meeting scheme Norton concocted in conspiracy with Wheeler and King violated the charter, the city’s landbank laws and would eventually violate federal waste disposal laws found in the RCRA Walker-Minor appears not to have known anything about and read.  All of Norton and Veal’s current offenses are fully within the authority of the federal government to investigate.

What Riley got was the former General Electric site I’d managed to have placed in East Cleveland’s landbank for future development had I been re-elected.  One of the DiGeronimo’s of Independence Excavating had wanted the site to store dirt.  I told him “no.”  He said he’d buy it anyway, and I told him I’d have East Cleveland police arresting his drivers at the gate if they brought a load of anything behind the homes of the residents who lived along Noble Road.  It’s then I took steps to secure the property.  I saw a possible “duty-free zone” and had been in discussion with the Cuyahoga Port Authority about it.

I knew from RCRA that there was a “cradle to grave” responsibility GE had for the property and my relationship with the corporation’s officials was good.   I knew the site was contaminated with mercury from the lights GE once manufactured in East Cleveland.  I knew federal laws required GE to clean it up.  So my plan was to get the property cleaned-up by GE and have it readied for development.

Riley saw about $3 million worth of scrap steel at the GE site from the structures that were left on it.  He also saw a place to dump in a city with a liar and thief as a mayor.  Riley could peddle the steel. Norton would get a cut. Nothing for the city.  The place could then be used as a cheap site to “recycle” material.  All they needed was council to believe the property would be eventually “readied for redevelopment.”

Jimmy “the Greek” Rokakis is a home ownership exterminator. He wrote the legislation that created third party tax lien sales. This evil piss of shit then returned to the legislature to create regional landbanks and put himself in control of one to acquire the vacant homes he’d created with his third party tax lien sales. Then he cut a deal with George Michael Riley’s landbank to dump the vacant among the homes he’d taken with his third party tax lien sales. Check the County Auditor’s website in Mahoning County. He and his partner Gus Frangos own prime downtown Youngstown real estate. Frangos has a relative the U.S. attorneys’ office investigated on a contractor fraud scam on a bridge project in Western Pennsylvania.

That’s the language in the landbank ordinance which came with a recapture clause if Beynon and Riley did not ready the former GE site for development  Less than two months after council authorized Beynon’s Arco to get the land “readied for redevelopment,” Norton the deceptive scumbag went to the county treasurer’s office without a resolution of council and secretly transferred the property to Beynon’s company.

Norton, Wheeler and King then used the elected offices they held to ignore complaints from Noble Road residents that the site was not being readied for redevelopment; but turned into a 5-story construction and demolition debris landfill far away from any authorized site for the location according to the RCRA.  Residents like Harry Drummond said officials like King, and even former chief of police Michael Cardilli, would visit the trailer Riley had set up; and leave after a few minutes.

Norton’s former girlfriend, “Nikki,” told me after they broke up that the former mayor was giving her $700 a week on his $40,000 a year salary.  He’d put the 2014 deal with Riley together within months after being stripped in 2013 of the extra $65,000 by voters instead of quitting and trying to sell whatever skills he had to earn an honest living.

Nikki contacted me upset after she claimed Norton had given her a sexually transmitted disease she thought came from one of the other two women in his life.  One being his wife.  Nikki texted me an unsolicited picture of Norton’s penis she claimed he had sent to her from his family bedroom on Newbury when he was supposed to be working at city hall.  She said he was “jacking off” instead.

According to Nikki, Norton delivered her cash weekly.  A source very close to Riley said Norton, King, Cardilli and Cheryl Stephens were visitors.  Sources say Stephens once contacted Cardilli to get police to release one of Riley’s excavators.   The source said Riley and Frangos were tight.  The doors closed when Frangos called.  Both Rokakis and Frangos were encouraging demolition contractors to use Riley’s illegal dump site in East Cleveland.  So was Stephens.

From the money he made scrapping the steel, and his single-customer relationship with Pete & Pete owned by Pete Ristagno, Sr. and Jr., Riley and they made a ton of money.  The Ristagno’s last year bought Boyas Excavating for $38 million with the help of Brown, Gibbons & Lang.  Like price-fixing gangsters, the Ristagno’s doubled the rates on truckers in April even before the deal was finalized in June.

Imagine Pete & Pete dumping construction debris for $7 a ton illegally instead of $28 to $34 a ton legally outside Canton.  The $21 to $27 per ton savings leaves a lot of spread for “corruption.”  So does the cost on truck gas for travel.

Community development director and ex-offender Melran Leach.

Pete, Jr. was so gangster he called one of Valley View Mayor Jerry Piasecki’s police sergeants to collect a debt.  The correspondence the mayor got from me is a public record.  Ask for it.  The sergeant made the call from the city’s recreation center to conceal it from being recorded into the police department’s Computer Aided Dispatch. All police phone calls “should” be recorded.

Contractors said Rokakis and Frangos got Riley to allow those with “landbank” contracts to dump at the site for $12 a ton.  Otherwise it was all Pete & Pete.  Drummond told EJBNEWS the Ristagno’s had trucks piling demolished homes behind his starting at 7 a.m.  He said fires from the deadly construction and demolition debris were occurring regularly; and the toxins from it were spewing into everyone’s eyes, lungs, mouths and throats.

Barbara Garner, a non-smoker who lived with the dump Norton allowed Beynon and Riley to create behind her backyard, died of lung cancer.  State Senator Kenny Yuko took her story to Butler at the OEPA as he demanded aimmediate ction on getting the site cleaned up.

Halicia Yarbrough, a Cleveland public school teacher, said her mother lived six blocks away and died of lung cancer.  Another non-smoker.  The dust from the site was spewing deadly toxins into the classrooms of students attending both Collinwood and Apex schools; and contaminating the football field being played on by students from all over the region.

The spread between $12 a ton at an illegal dump site, and legal one for $28 to $34 a ton, still created a lot of kickback cash depending upon the amount of profit contractors were able to write into their bids with the lower fees.  Rokakis has resigned after several employees under him were indicted.  Stephens got out, too.  Norton’s indictment says he’s been cooperating for the past two years.  His indictment also reconnects him to Veals.

After I left office on December 31, 2009, a city hall source shared with me that Veals cashed one payroll check at Konni’s Supermarket at Forest Hill Shopping Center sometime in 2012 and then reported it stolen to city hall.  She was issued another and cashed it.  About $1600 in all.

Norton gave her a $10,000 pay raise instead of firing and / or prosecuting her for the theft and deception. From then on, and maybe even before, she’d proven to him that she was “ride or die.”   Nikki told me she had no playing being second Norton’s wife; but she didn’t want to add Veals’ sexual lifestyle into her sexual mix with him.  From her perspective she rationalized that his wife was the only one not cheating; and that she didn’t want to take the risk that Veal was cheating on her husband with Gary and on both of them with other men.

So when Norton showed up at a council meeting with his bullshit “free” offer to demolish homes in the city, the two were in the background plotting a different deal.  She’d give him a contract and sign Melran Leach’s name to it.

Leach had his own issues being around the funds of the United States Department of Housing & Urban Development with a “federal” drug conviction from 1989 for distributing cocaine on the campus of West Virginia University.  Leach and King had been awarding no bid demolition contracts to beauty shop operator Darrell Moore.

Moore operates his demolition company out of the same beauty shop basement on Noble Road that he operated a business where he sold illegal securities and was busted by the FBI for it.  Now he operates a demolition company with other people’s equipment; and Leach has asked other contractors to pull his permits under their names.  Moore’s company was just given yet another no-bid contract by King who thinks he has the authority with an order he created to spend public funds, especially the federal ones, with his “frat brothers” and friends because the contract is under $50,000.

Moore’s latest demolition contract is for $200,000.  No public bidding.  No resolution of council.  An “in your face” crime that King told the financial planning and supervision commission he was going to make right less than two weeks earlier.

The “unchanged” spending limits in East Cleveland’s charter is $2500; and it is not superseded by a state general law.  Some of this is explained on the Ohio Municipal League website curve-graded elected officials don’t read.  It’s why to those of us who have read and developed somewhat of a mastery of the laws surrounding the creation, organization, duties and punishments associated with elected and appointed public offices see crimes as crimes; and criminals as criminals instead of candidates to endorse.

Cleveland reporters could have acquired all this information and more had they attended the news conference I arranged with Jim Riffle at Willie Morrow’s home and office on Noble Road.  You editorially-malicious assholes decided to cover a starving-azzed dog at the shelter instead.  Every single news station.  This is the regard you have for the people who own the public airwaves you don’t.  Every broadcaster’s license should be challenged with the FCC as none have a demonstrated the moral right to possess them.

While the Plain Dealer is not technically a broadcaster it influences the broadcasters as the city’s so-called “leading” daily media.  The newpaper’s publishers and editors, because of their own criminal dealings, have historically supported the elevation of criminals to elected offices who support their “corporate” agend and investment portfolios.

Cleveland Clinic wanted Huron Hospital closed and Dr. Gus Kious told me Delos Cosgrove and Fred DeGrandis knew I wouldn’t support it.  Egger led Elizabeth Sullivan and the Plain Dealer’s editorial board to back Norton over me in 2009 despite all my successes as mayor.  I didn’t fit into his plans.

It didn’t take much for Sullivan to oppose me as she was pissed because I’d exposed how she had endorsed Bill Mason and Nina Turner’s county reform plan before reading the charter.  The newspaper’s reporters didn’t have a copy. One of their reporters asked me for it.  I asked Elizabeth how the fuck she could endorse something she hadn’t read; and her answer was beyond stupid.  Any flaws can be corrected in a later vote.

The truth she hid was that Terrence Egger led the Plain Dealer as publisher and simultaneously served on the Cleveland Clinic board.  He also invested $15,000 of his personal money into the county reform campaign and drowned out all editorial opposition to it.

Norton committed a crime against me and everyone in town knows it.  But the media portrayal of what took place was not that I was a crime victim; but I was involved in a sex scandal according to an idiot reporter named Harry Boomer.  Tom Meyer of WKYC was a perfect and “vindictive” attacker.  All he saw was my azz and not the crime.  What a fucking freak.

This town’s media is making it difficult for Americans who want corruption-free government with their endorsements of, pandering to and concealment of the crimes being committed by elected and appointed public officials.  So many Plain Dealer reporters have ended up working for the very elected officials they should have exposed.  From my perspective their willingness to serve as public relations tools for elected officials and bureaucrats they should be investigating criminally-disregards the truth about their misconduct.

The media in this town operates like an editorial mafia and is not to be trusted.

Prosecutor leaked video I sent to FBI of McDonald asking for drugs the mayor is obstructing council from investigating

CLEVELAND, OH – A federal law I know is codified at 18 U.S.C. 4 instructs anyone with knowledge of a federal crime to report it to court of cognizable jurisdiction or a civil or military authority; or face up to three years in prison for “misprision of felony.”  So when I obtained a copy of the video last week of law enforcement officer impersonator Larry McDonald asking an OPOTA-certified law enforcement officer for some of the drugs he’d seized during an arrest I forwarded it to a Special Agent at the Federal Bureau of Investigtion (FBI) that handles public corruption.

The special agent delivered it to the U.S. Attorney’s office to review and obtain permission to investigate.  Ward 2 Councilwoman Juanita Gowdy has a copy of this video and the others associated with McDonald’s demand for the drugs and threat to the cop’s life afterwards.  She was “directed” to request it officially from Mayor Brandon King in writing to learn if he would discharge the duties of the mayor’s office and deliver it to federal authorities for an investigation.

King’s response came in the form of a letter Gowdy received from private citizen Willa Hemmons in the form of an unrequested and criminally-obstructive legal opinion that the council was not entitled to the city’s video as a “law enforcement investigatory record.”  The “law enforcement officers obstructing the city’s lawfully elected officers from obtaining their records, including Hemmons, are private citizens Gowdy has confirmed to have met none of the qualifications for discharging duties as public officials of the municipal corporation.

Hemmons’ “opinion” as a private contractor council president Korean Stevenson and Gowdy have each warned in writing is not the city’s director of law is now additional evidence FBI agents will be asked to examine as an obstructive criminal tool.  Members of legislative authorities discharging official duties are not the “public” for which public records laws were written.  Legislators have rights to investigate every record in a city’s possession; and that authority to question any employee about them.

Last week Gowdy demanded the videos in the possession of the Richmond Heights resident who serves unlawfully as East Cleveland’s mayor to start the process for a request to the council president for a legislative investigation.  Brandon King. The video evidence she wanted showed a member of the organized crime gang he leads threatening a certified law enforcement officer’s life.

Cash, drugs and cars have been unreported in numerous arrestsand schemes that involve King, McDonald and the team of uncertified individuals impersonating municipal law enforcement officers as police and prosecutors.  Hemmons has been involved in an extortion scheme with King that lets people being arrested by law enforcement officer impersonators pay cash or surrender property and drugs to avoid criminal prosecution.

The video King and Hemmons are trying to conceal from council was leaked to me through sources close to assistant prosecuting attorney Heather McCollough.  The heretofore criminal co-conspirer appears to have had a moment of sanity and remembered she’s a “licensed” attorney on a collision course with losing it and going to jail.  She should reach out to FBI agents with a sense of urgency.

24 cops resigned within the last year as they faced a criminal complaint for discharging a law enforcement officer’s duties with expired Ohio Peace Officer Training Acacemy credentials.  McDonald has not been certified since 2015; but his lack of credentials don’t matter to a mayor who claims to live with his brother at a home police raided for drugs at 1735 Elsinore Road.  He’s currently the subject of a criminal complaint Mariah Crenshaw has filed against him for making arrests over the last 5 years with no police authority.

Neither police chief Scott Gardner nor former chief Michael Cardilli are OPOTA certified.  Cardilli should have been removed from the payroll when he surrendered the police chief’s job as there was no act of council that authorized him to remain on the job as a private citizen in any capacity.   Gardner was indicted twice for felonies in Cuyahoga and Medina counties.  He pled to misdemeanors making him ineligible to work as a cop when he was investigating Timothy Russell and Malissa William’s death in 2013 with the Bureau of Criminal Investigations.  The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) doesn’t even represent the city’s private police anymore.

Gowdy and the new council leadership are trying to avert the civil liabilities they know are coming from the army of private citizens King has allowed to impersonate law enforcement officers in the city; and are concerned for the safety of private citizens making unlawful arrests of lawfully armed American citizens with the same “fear of life” defense as cops.

King called himself “demoting” McDonald as he accepted his claim that he was only joking.   McDonald had already taken cocaine evidence before he asked for the bag of marijuana DeMarko Johnson was recording himself entering as evidence.  The city’s two police chiefs, each operating without OPOTA credentials, appear to have removed the permanent cameras I had installed as mayor to record “everything” inside the police department.

King’s demotion ignored the theft of the cocaine for which McDonald was not kidding.  Even law enforcement officer impersonator Joe Marche’s interview with Johnson is a “let’s not discuss the coke” coverup.  I have those videos, too.  So does the FBI.

I’ve already published the videos of Marche’s Bratenahl arrest while he was armed, drunk and that revealed how that city’s prosecutor left out the “gun” spec.  The scar in his face is from a self-inflicted wound.  The most unstable law enforcement officer impersonators in the world are armed and dangerously untrained and uncertified on East Cleveland streets.

Hemmons confirmed in her “opinion” that an outside agency was investigating.  What she did not know is that the “outside investigation” she knows is occurring is of “organized criminal activity” of which she is identified as a co-conspirator.  All of her opinions are being shared with federal investigating authorities in the light that Hemmons is a resident of Shaker Heights who is not an elector of East Cleveland qualified to discharge the duties of a municipal law director she’s never discharged according to any laws.

Hemmons has compounded the crimes she’s committing against East Cleveland taxpayers from a public office she usurped by obstructing council with even more opinions to prevent them from declaring the office she’s been holding illegally “vacant” back to January 19, 2015.  That was the 10th day after she had failed to deliver the oath.  Hemmons should have “advised” Gary Norton as mayor to administer the oath or resigned.

Michael O’Malley is Cuyahoga County’s prosecuting attorney.  A democrat.  Irish Catholic.  He doesn’t believe in the Constitution of the United States of America.  He doesn’t give two shits about the Constitution of Ohio.  Fuck the 1994 Violent Crime and Law Enforcement Control Act that makes all these offenses I’ve reported to the FBI violations of 18 U.S.C. 241, 18 U.S.C. 242 and 18 U.S.C. 1961 as a “racketeering corrupt influenced organization.”  Fuck all the state general laws and those that allow citizens pursuant to R.C. 2935.09 and 2935.10 to file criminal complaints against individuals using public offices to commit crimes.

O’Malley is a public official who has used the office to commit crimes with William D. Mason when they hid the felonious sex offenses of 496 Catholic church sex offenders with the help of Judge Brian Corrigan.  Cuyahoga County’s criminal justice system is literally a Catholic organized crime family; and they’re covering for each other while fucking over the Protestants, Muslims and Jews.

Invariably O’Malley knows he’s faced with the reality that R.C. 2935.09 and 2935.10 is a non-discriminatory state law that gives anyone with knowledge of a crime to report it to either him or a judge to cause the offender to be prosecuted.    It’s a duty of the public office he holds that neither O’Malley nor the county’s judges want to enforce as it will cause some of them to face criminal charges from citizens who know they’ve been violating their rights.

The federal “misprision of felony” law that required me to report the video in my possession to the FBI applies to judges and prosecutors who know felony crimes are being committed by public officials discharging official duties.  When Claire Freeman filed her civil claim against the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority’s (CMHA) board for dismissing her the judge identified federal crimes in her pleadings and alerted the FBI.  18 U.S.C. 4 applies to “anyone with knowledge of a felony.”  The late Kentucky Judge Richard Baumgarten was federally prosecuted for failing to report felony crimes he knew court officials had committed.

A special agent was sent to the court in Freeman’s case to take notes and confirm the federal felonies since at all times CMHA’s “Consolidated Annual Contributions Contract” places it under Congressional oversight.  East Cleveland is a “direct entitlement” city that receives HUD block grant funds.  Police and fire are funded with federal grants.  Federal funds are granted to O’Malley’s office and the courts.  All are under Congressional oversight with duties imposed on its officials to report and prosecute “all” known and reported felony offenses identified by “any person with knowledge” under both state and federal laws.

What O’Malley has done with Russo, and now McMonagle, is obstruct citizens with rights from exercising them “under the color of law.”  It doesn’t matter that O’Malley and the state’s 722 judges did not read the two letters former U.S. Department of Justice attorneys Lisa Foster and Vanita Gupta sent to then Chief Justice Maureen O’Conner in 2014.  O’Connor “noticed” each of the state’s 722 judges, as she had been advised, that 18 U.S.C. 241 and 242, upgraded from misdemeanors to felonies under the 1994 Violent Crime and Law Enforcement Control Act, applied to prosecutors and judges as well as police who conspire to violate rights under the color of law.

The video I shared with the FBI, with all the supporting background information, is just the tip of the iceberg of information O’Malley and the county’s judges and municipal prosecutors know about the police with whom they’re interacting and with each other.  They know oaths of office are requirements of laws.  They know the oaths each was administered required them to obey and uphold constitutions and laws.  They know laws written in English need no interpretation.  O’Malley knows Larry McDonald is not a police officer and so does David Yost in his official capacity as Ohio’s attorney general.

McDonald is one of 32,000 police officers across Ohio working either with no OPOTA credentials or with those that have not been property approved with a request from each city’s “mayor” or “civil service commission” as “appointing authorities.”  The chiefs of police interacting with OPOTA have no legal authority to appoint any peace officer.  McDonald’s arrests are completely unauthorized by law.  So are the arrests of the vast majority of 32,000 Ohio peace officers; and prosecutors and judges know.

My asking the FBI to pursue a criminal complaint against McDonald would be unnecessary if King had discharged the duties of the city’s mayor as its chief law enforcement officer.  Federal money wouldn’t be needed for this shit if the criminals in the county prosecutor’s office prosecuted McDonald as soon as the attorney general alerted them that he was uncertified and still working.

So to the FBI agent witih whom I’ve been sharing information, please strongly suggest to U.S. Attorney General William Barr that he start from the bottom and work his way all the way to the top.  Confirm the certifications of the peace officers.  Oaths are required to be filed with the clerk of councils.

Confirm the certifications of the prosecuting attorneys.  Some are operating without oaths.  Some in violation of R.C. 3517.11(d) that instructs elected officials not to enter offices without first meeting campaign finance reporting requirements.

The same with the judges.  All of Judge John P. O’Donnell’s cases from 2002 were from a usurped office just like Hemmons.  He turned in his 2002 campaign finance reports to Brent Lawler at the board of elections in 2014; and Lawler criminally accepted and filed them. Certificates of election for every elected official shall be filed with the appropriate clerk “before” they “enter an office and discharge its duties.”  Lawler’s conduct violates federal election laws and aided in O’Donnell’s conspiracy to violate rights from a usurped office under the color of law.

The U.S. Department of Justice in its 2014 investigation of Cleveland’s police department cited U.S. Constitutional provisions and federal laws that apply to every police department, prosecutor’s office and court in the nation.  Every prosecutor who operated without statutorily-required credentials, and who presented the case of a peace officer discharging duties without statutorily required credentials before a judge who also did not confirm, and who presided over a trial without meeting election and credential requirements, is engaged in a “color of law” conspiracy to violate the constitutional rights of American citizens.

There are processes to how official acts of government employees are authorized by law.  Failure to obey a process disqualifies the act as it was not authorized by law.  The failure of “any” person to report felony offenses, and for prosecutors and judges to use public offices to cancel a citizen’s rights to report and cause these felonious acts to be criminally prosecuted, violates 18 U.S.C. 4 as well as 18 U.S.C. 241 and 242.  10 years in prison and death if an unlawful act under the color of law causes a death.  Imagine the disqualified judge who presided over a capital offense trial.

It’s a “constitutional loop” that even compels the FBI agent I delivered the video to report it the felony.  It’s why, as Hemmons has confirmed, “an outside agency is investigating.”  She just left out the part about herself being identified as a co-conspirator in the full criminal investigation.  Obviously Hemmons’ legal opinion has been shared with the FBI agent; along with written warnings to her and King from council that the unsworn Shaker Heights resident was not the city’s law director.  That along with the affidavit Hemmons submitted in lieu of an oath as yet another criminally obstructive tool.

The “wise” reader will see the warning and govern themselves appropriately.  The duty to report, whether you want to or not, is a requirement of federal law.  There are periphreal elected and appointed public officials and employees who will get caught up simply because they knew and kept their mouths shut.  Don’t.  Contact the FBI at 216-522-1400 and “report.”  18 U.S.C 4.

The full scope of information I know is in the FBI’s possession is not generally known to the public.  What’s taking place is of a magnitude larger than the county’s public corruption investigation and will affect more cops nationwide like McDonald.

The signals are in President Donald Trump’s June 16, 2020 executive order 22 days after George Floyd’s murder in which he instructed Barr not to send a federal dollar to uncertified police departments.  He also instructed him to create a database for citizens to access cop credentials and corrupt acts … nationally.

McDonald has been caught stealing drugs.  Former East Cleveland cop David Cimperman is being investigated for using his job as Amsterdam’s police chief to buy military weapons under the city’s name the current police chief could not find.  16 cops from East Cleveland and other local communities with no credentials were on Amsterdam’s roster with OPOTA.  Cimperman bought two cars for Tenable on the city’s account; and the mayor had no knowledge.  Police chiefs have no contract signing authority but it’s not stopping over 900 police chiefs from doing it across the state.

Information like this is known to Gowdy and East Cleveland’s current council. The city’s new council, because of our relationship, know better than any other what’s taking place and are actively engaged in acts to make corrections. One of the legislative tools King and Hemmons are obstructing are amendments to the city’s impersonation of law enforcement officer ordinance.  Ord. No. 525.03.  I’ve taken federal and state laws that deal with police misconduct and combined them all under one ordinance with clear instructions that protect citizen rights.

Three members of council are ready to pass what they’re calling the Tamia Chapman Act as an emergency to get McDonald and the other private citizens impersonating law enforcement officers “immediately” off the streets.  They need two votes from Ernest Smith and Timothy Austin they’re not willing to give.  King’s got Smith’s vote locked up with the car bribe he’s giving him.  Austin doesn’t live in East Cleveland like King; so his bribe is King’s silence.

Organized crime.  Anyone who sees this ignorant criminal shit has no other choice but to report it.

Dewine let thousands among Ohio’s 32,000 cops make arrests with expired OPOTA credentials and has told no mayor

CLEVELAND, OH – Beaver Creek, Ohio police officer Sean Williams’ Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy (OPOTA) credentials expired on December 31, 2013. On January 1, 2014 he was  still discharging the duties of a law enforcement officer and carrying a weapon in violation of an unsuspended general law of the state that ordered him to stop. 

Had Beaver Creek city manager Mike Cornell discharged the duties of that office Williams should have been terminated on January 1st of that year without any rights as an employee for voluntarily-surrendering his OPOTA credentials.  Instead, Beaver Creek police chief Dennis Evers continued to “station and transfer” the law enforcement officer impersonator on various assignments throughout the city as if he were operating with unexpired OPOTA credentials. The problem with Evers assigning Williams anywhere is that his own training had lapsed after 2007.  The chief was also impersonating a law enforcement officer. 

Dennis Evers was impersonating a law enforcement officer as Beaver Creek, Ohio’s chief of police. Evers was allegedly cleared of having sex with underaged girls by former Beaver Creek, mayor Scott Hadley.

Prior to that year Chasing Justice founder Mariah Crenshaw said Evers had taken every type of training that existed. After that year … nothing.  From then until he retired in 2015 after helping Williams conceal his own training, Evers was a law enforcement officer impersonator conspiring with Williams to conceal their expired credentials from the city manager and council.

Williams, like every Ohio law enforcement officer impersonator operating with expired credentials throughout the state, continued to submit time cards, collect a check, use medical benefits and accrue pension earnings as if he were authorized by law to do so. Evers approved.  On the streets he wore a uniform, weapon, drove public safety vehicles, accessed the FBI’s NCIC database through LEADS, stopped citizens, searched citizens, arrested citizens, jailed citizens, sought charges against citizens and testified them into prison.  Citizens complained.  Evers concealed.

On August 5, 2014 “ticking time bomb” Williams drove a public safety vehicle to Walmart in response to a malicious 911 call about an American Negro man waving a weapon around and pointing it at people.  From the time he got the call until he arrived at Walmart, no information Williams received from any source, including the malicious caller, provided him with details that John Crawford was committing a crime.  All he heard was a black man had a weapon; and reacted to a bias “under the color of law” to assassinate him in a nation where the U.S. Constitution guarantees every American Negro citizen of this nation a right to bear arms.

By the time Williams shot Crawford to death, Ohio’s general assembly had already codified R.C. 9.68 as an instruction he had not been trained on that an American Negro man with a gun was not probable cause.  Every Ohioan has a right to bear arms either openly without a license; or concealed with it.  Gun possession in this 2nd Amendment nation is not “probable cause.”

Did retired Beaver Creek city manager Mike Cornell know his police chief, Dennis Evers, and Sean Williams were discharging law enforcement officer duties with expired OPOTA credentials? Governor Richard Michael DeWine was responsible for the training and the notices, did he alert or conceal the information from Cornell?

Crawford’s family settled in March 2020, but from until the day he was slaughtered until now, Greene County prosecuting attorney Steven Haller has withheld exculpatory evidence that Williams was not only stealing from Beaver Creek’s taxpayers, he was not authorized to discharge a law enforcement officer’s duties or carry a weapon.  The law had told him to stop and he had recklessly refused.

Beaver Creek just settled for $1.7 million with the Crawford family for what they knew at the time of their claim.  The discovery of the concealment of Williams’ OPOTA credentials opens up another avenue of grievance for them to redress with its criminally-conspiratorial officials; and to demand a federal investigation into the conspiracy that deprived them of knowledge that Williams was nothing more than an armed, thug, cop impersonator. 

Greene County is where Governor Richard Michael DeWine’s law career began as an assistant prosecuting attorney.  It was his job to make sure Williams was trained in his official capacity at the time as Ohio’s attorney general.

What DeWine had done with the $64 million the Ohio General Assembly appropriated for training was use it to test the rape kits he’d promised during the campaign against Richard Cordray for the job in 2010.  This reckless, duty-exceeding lunatic’s campaign promise was not a factor when the general assembly appropriated money to train police.  The conspiracy to conceal Williams and Evers’ expired credentials was aided by DeWine’s derelict way of supervising the agency he assigned Mary Davis to direct. 

Instead of quaranting infected Ohioans as R.C. 3707.08 instructed him to do, Governor Richard Michael Dewine quarantined the state. Instead of spending $64 million the General Assembly of Ohio appropriated to train police. He spent it on testing rape kits. Instead of alerting Ohio’s mayors as the “appointing authority” of police officers that their OPOTA credential expired. DeWine sent the notices to the chiefs and cops whose credentials expired; and concealed the notices from the state’s mayors.

The “cease” letter DeWine should have supervised Davis to deliver to Beaver Creek’s city manager, and every other city’s mayor, never arrived about Evers and Williams in his home county.  DeWine and Davis were operating on an “honor system” instead of enforcing the instructions laid out by the General Assembly as a duty of the office he held in Senate Bill 281.  It’s the same reckless shit this lying, lunatic, idiot did when he disobeyed the state’s 26 pandemic mitigating laws and opted for his own set of rules that included social distancing, wearing a mask and cancelling a federal election because this jackazz panicked during the common cold and flu season. 

The letter Cornell should have received from DeWine would have been on a letterhead that bore his name. When DeWine said he wouldn’t indict the cops who gunned down Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams in East Cleveland in 2012, he was covering for himself with his claim that the fault did not all belong to the police. This criminal in office should be charged, arrested, prosecuted, convicted and sentenced for life to the bottom of the ocean in a submarine to be forever forgotten as an example of public service in Ohio.

Thanks, again, to DeWine, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson does not know he has negotiated collective bargaining agreements with so-called Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association (CPPA) presidents Jeffrey Folmer and Steve Loomis.  Neither does Cleveland council president Kevin Kelly as he’s presided over Cleveland council meetings to approve the negotiated agreements.

Had chiefs of police  and safety directors Calvin Williams, Michael McGrath and Martin Flask in all their public employee iterations not concealed the “cease” letters DeWine’s office did send to them from Jackson and the council’s safety committee, Folmer and Loomis would have been arrested and prosecuted when they showed up to negotiate.  They really should have been arrested for showing up at every crime scene that involved a cop who gunned down yet another unarmed American citizen.

Jeffrey Folmer’s excuse for not maintaining OPOTA credentials will more than likely be that he was not a cop but a union official being paid to pretend he was a cop; when he was impersonating one all along. Arrest him … Frank.

The same with Scott Gardner in East Cleveland, Michael Cardilli, Larry McDonald, Kenneth Lundy and 24 others.  The same with the entire roster of police working for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.  Chief of police Dennis Hill is not even certified by OPOTA to work as an armed security guard. Beachwood chief of police Kelly Stillman’s uncertified. All of the police at Rocky River and Maple Heights are uncertified.  Maple Heights Mayor Annette McMillan Blackwell is inflamed.

“I’ve attended all these meetings with Squire, Patton & Boggs serving as the lawyers for the Cuyahoga County Mayors & Managers Association and this topic has never been discussed,” she told EJBNEWS.  I know she’s correct as a former mayor and member of that same association.  The same with the National League of Cities and the U.S. Conference. Nothing from the Ohio Municipal League and nothing as an instruction from the Auditor of State.  Nothing from the Ohio Attorney General’s office DeWine led for 8 years in the form of an “opinion.”

Police chiefs, prosecutors and judges across Ohio are all players in a right now real time conspiracy with Attorney General David Yost to conceal from the state’s mayors and councils how they’ve allowed private citizens with no credentials to discharge the duties of law enforcement officers and wear weapons.  Local officials have no idea about the potential avalanche of lawsuits they’ll face once the millions of Ohioans uncertified police interacted with or arrested find out.

Between January 1st and December 1st of every year, law enforcement officers in Ohio must receive 24 hours of training.  December 31st, every law enforcement officer in Ohio is required to “cease discharging the duties of a law enforcement officer and wearing a weapon” without exception.  The e-online “training” is not training.  Ex-Canton Mayor William Healey is not a certified trainer.  His credentials, too, expired.  Judge Richard McMonagle wants this information sealed. Bullshit … Dick.  Shame on you “Jamie.”

Steve Loomis was impersonating a law enforcement with expired OPOTA credentials when he sat at the table with President Donald Trump; and when he’s participating in “federal” consent decree meetings as he steals from Cleveland’s taxpayers and obstructs official business.

These are but some of the discoveries Chasing Justice founder Mariah Crenshaw made when she mailed 900 public records requests to Ohio police chiefs and got over 200 returns to defunct police departments on the Ohio Attorney General’s list.  Crenshaw wanted to see their OPOTA training records.  Many did not have them.  They thought OPOTA did.  OPOTA officials reminded them of language in the statute that made it their duty to keep and provide to the public under the state’s open records laws their own training records. 

24 East Cleveland police officers have already resigned as Crenshaw has filed an injunction to close it; something the city’s director of law should have done pursuant to R.C. 733.57 when police avoided the “public duty” of maintaining their certifications.  East Cleveland’s police chief, Scott Gardner, has been twice convicted on felony indictments he plead to misdemeanors.  R.C. 2923.43 prevented him from ever holding OPOTA credentials again. So Gardner and other uncertified East Cleveland cops created an elaborate scheme to conceal their cease orders with fake training they submitted to the state with alterned names.  Kenneth Lundy was once Kenneth DiSalvo in Toledo.  Gardner alters his middle initial in public records; or omits it.

OPOTA executive director Dwight A. Holcomb in a letter on October 15th instructed every police chief or safety director responding to Crenshaw’s request to obey the state’s open records laws found in R.C. 149,43 of Ohio’s Revised Code.  They were instructed to consult with their law directors and the sections of the Revised Code of Ohio they had duties to obey.  In conversations with state officials, Crenshaw said it’s their perspective the duty to “cease discharging the duties of a law enforcement officer and wearing a weapon” is on the law enforcement who refuses to stop when they know their OPOTA credentials expire on December 31st.

Every prosecuting attorney who presented grand jury or other charges against an American citizen, that came from a private citizen impersonating a law enforcement officer with expired OPOTA certifications, aided in a federal, felony “color of law” conspiracy against that citizen’s rights.  The 1994 Violent Crime and Law Enforcement Control Act was upgraded from misdemeanors to felonies by Congress.  Sections 241 and 242 were written specifically with the intent to let the “criminal justice system” know conspiracy against rights under the color of law was a felony crime that came with up to 10 years in prison and death sentences.

What’s taking place under the noses of unsuspecting mayors and members of council is the biggest conspiracy against their rights in the history of Ohio.  Please who have been impersonating law enforcement officers across Ohio will see these laws identified in their federal indictments as citizens learn their rights were violated by them. There is a “death penalty” provision for law enforcement officers whose “color of law” deprivation of civil rights causes deaths like Williams’ did. The words are actually quite chilling as they reflect Congress’ mood about the quality of law enforcement in the nation.

241. Conspiracy against rights .  If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; or  If two or more persons go in disguise on the highway, or on the premises of another, with intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege so secured, They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, they shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

242. Deprivation of rights under color of law.  Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or to different punishments, pains, or penalties, on account of such person being an alien, or by reason of his color, or race, than are prescribed for the punishment of citizens, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

The problem, today, as it was when Sentate Bill 281 was enacted on March 2006, was who Holcomb sent the letters.  He addressed it to “law enforcement executives” instead of to the “appointing authorities” identified in the Ohio general law he has a duty to obey and enforce.  Holcomb’is the Executive Director of OPOTA and it’s now his duty to ensure that OPOTA’s laws are obeyed as written.  The individuals he’s addressed the letters to are evidence he did not deliver it to the “appointing authority” identified in the unsuspended general law he has a duty to obey and enforce. Right now every mayor in Ohio should be demanding a meeting with Yost. They should also “immediately” be removing  uncertified police from their payrolls. They have no employment rights without the certifications.

The correspondence with the police chiefs instead of the mayors is an act of dereliction of duty for which Holcomb should be criminally prosecuted,along with obstruction of official business, for obstructing a right of the mayor’s office.  He’s exceeded the authority of his public office by intentionally directing his communication to the wrong official as he has a duty to know the appointing authority is who he should be sending the notice.   

Part of the problem is a General Assembly whose state senators and representatives don’t hold hearings on the laws they’ve enacted to immediately learn how they were implemented. They don’t investigate to learn if bureaucrats have replaced clearly-articulated laws with their made-up policies to criminally-circumvent discharging the mandatory duties described laws.  The use of the word “shall” before any set of instructions in a law makes the instructions “mandatory” and gives the official instructed no other choice but to discharge the duty was written in plain English.

The “police chiefs”are not the “appointing authorities” Senate Bill 281 identified when the General Assembly of Ohio passed legislation to set firm standards and add money for police, sheriff and highway patrol trooper training on March 2006.  The “elected” sheriff is the “appointing authority” for deputies.  The county executive is the appointing authority where the sheriff is appointed.  In cities supervised by city managers that official is the appointing authority for police.

The duties of chiefs of police are found in R.C. 737.06, and they are to “station and transfer” police officers under the rules and regulations of the safety director.  Pursuant to R.C. 733.02 the safety director can’t implement a rule without the mayor’s approval as the chief law enforcement officer of the municipal corporation.  No police chief has “contract signing authority” that can “bind a municipal corporation” to any agreement.  The participation agreement to use the NCIC / LEADS criminal records history databases police chiefs are signing with the Ohio Highway Patrol are illegal and obstructive as the mayor’s signature belongs on that document. 

Ohio’s mayors and city managers must demand that Attorney General David Yost meet with them immediately in Columbus, en masse, to discuss the effects of hundreds of thousands of “color of law” arrests of American citizens by armed private citizens who were instructed to cease discharging a law enforcement officer’s duties and wearing a weapon on January 1st of each year if they did not receive 24 hours of approved mandatory training the previous year. Yost must instruct Dwight Holcomb to address all correspondence to the appropriate appointing authorities and not to the gotdamned, conceal-minded police chiefs and the cops who are involved in and covering-up their crimes. There should be thousands of fewer cops on the streets in Ohio today if the laws are being obeyed. Thousands of arrests should be voided. Thousands of convictions overturned. Billions in stolen fees, fines, court costs, lawyer fees and lost income should be returned to the arrested. Thousands of law enforcement officer impersonators should soon be facing federal, criminal prosecutions.

As a former elected mayor of a federal plan chartered municipal corporation, I know the duties of the “office” of mayor under the state’s general laws are found in R.C. 733.03 under the “Officers” chapter. I served, dually, as the director of public safety to discharge that officials duties pursuant to R.C. 737.02 and 737.06.

The mayor’s duties are in Section 113(A) of East Cleveland’s charter where I served.  The heading of R.C. 733.03 as an unsuspended state general law is “General powers of mayors in cities – merger of certain departments.”  As the mayor of a “chartered” municipal corporation the duties of the office I held are in the oath of office I was administered by former Commissioner Peter Lawson Jones on January 1, 2006.  Non-charter Ohio cities give contract signing authority for the police and fire department to the safety director.  No laws lets a police chief sign anything other than his OPOTA certification. R.C. 733.06 explains below.

Under the direction of the mayor, the director of public safety shall be the executive head of the police and fire departments and the chief administrative authority of the charity, correction, and building departments. He shall have all powers and duties connected with and incident to the appointment, regulation, and government of such departments except as otherwise provided by law. He shall keep a record of his proceedings, a copy of which, certified by him, shall be competent evidence in all courts.  Such director shall make all contracts in the name of the city with reference to the management of such departments, for the erection or repair of all buildings or improvements in connection therewith, and for the purchase of all supplies necessary for such departments.

The General Assembly’s plain English instructions to every classification of law enforcement officer in the state was clear in Senate Bill 281.  Either keep your training current or don’t discharge the duties of a law enforcement officer and wear a weapon.  Minimum training was set at 24 hours a year.  Deadlines were set as January 1 through December 31st. 

Chasing Justice founder Mariah Crenshaw has exposed the the most massive conspiracy to violate the Constitutional rights of American citizens in U.S. history as she’s uncovered that thousands of Ohio police officers are operating as armed private citizens with no training and credentials; and in violation of state law that instructed them on January 1st to cease discharging the duties of a law enforcement officer and carrying a weapon if they did not receive 24 hours of approved mandatory training the previous year.

Training had to be pre-approved by the director of the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy.  Completed no later than December 15th.  Conducted by a certified trainer with sign -sheets for each employee attending.  The state reimbursed when training was mandated.  Regardless of whether training was mandated in any given year; pre-approved training of the appointing authority’s choice by a certified trainer was a minimum of 24 hours a year. Within 30 days after the training the proof was required to be submitted to OPOTA.

Those who missed training for extenuating circumstances had to ask the “appointing authority” to ask the executive director in writing for an extension no later than December 15th.  By December 31st, if the training was not completed, the law enforcement officer voluntarily surrendered their OPOTA certification.  They were on January 1st to “cease discharging the duties of a law enforcement officer and wearing a weapon.”  There were no required “warnings” any official was required by any law to further alert the law enforcement officer to stop. 

The law gave them an “individual duty” to discharge on their own.  It’s just like the citizens they were stopping and citing for expired license plates, expired drivers licenses or “lapsed” automobile insurance.  The difference, however, is in the driver’s class of minor misdemeanor crime for operating with expired credentials; versus the felony crime the armed law enforcement officer impersonator committed by operating with expired OPOTA credentials when they stopped and cited the driver.

Without OPOTA credentials they were nothing more than armed and potentially-violent thugs kidnapping unsuspecting Americans off the streets, jailing, prosecuting and ruining lives. Every dime they caused an American citizen to pay for a fine, court costs, jail reimbursements and more was money judges and prosecutors were aiding in their conspiracy to steal.

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