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Judge Collier-Williams got the same “police” treatment as some of the defendants in her courtroom when she tried to surrender her son to Euclid cops for shooting his wife in “self-defense”

CLEVELAND, OH – When customers of the online beauty and fashion store visit the website to purchase a bottle of Mwaka hair growth serum they won’t know the owner of the company is dead.  It’s a problem with one-owner websites and online businesses.  Owners can die between orders.

In Mwaka Ruth Azali’s case she was shot to death on May 26, 2021 by her husband during what his attorney claims was a gunfight between the couple.  According to Omnisun Azali through attorney Jeffrey Saffold, his French speaking African immigrant wife shot first.

Omnisun Azali is the name Robert James Bailey Collier-Williams asked the Cuyahoga County Probate Court to assign him in 2004.  The “Azali” surname appears to be associated with the Congo, Iran and India.  On her website Mwaka Ruth Azali promotes fashions from Africa and China.

Ruth Azali raised $10 from the gofundme page she created in 2018 to alleviate poverty.

Instead of calling Euclid police to report the alleged gunfight and his wife’s death, Azali called his mother and headed to her home.  Omnisun Azali’s mother is Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas Judge Cassandra Colliers-Williams.  His attorney’s former step-mother is Common Pleas Judge Shirley Strickland-Saffold.

Unlike most defendants facing murder charges, Azali comes from a family where he’s been given the legal advice to “shut up” and exercise his right to remain silent.  He appears to be listening.

Saffold is speaking for him and his attorney wanted his client to be treated like law enforcement officers when they’re involved in shootings.  Finish the investigation before a rush to judgment with a criminal charge.  Euclid police and the city’s prosecuting attorney aren’t hearing him.  Azali is a murderer in their eyes and there’s no other explanation for his “wife’s” death.

144 E. 265th Street in Euclid next door to the Watergate and Americana apartment complexes is the scene of the alleged gunfight between Omnisun Azali and his wife Mwaka Ruth Azali on May 26, 2021. The home was purchased in 2019 for $246,000.

Azali is in jail on a $1 million bond for murder as a violation of Section 2903.02(A) of the Ohio Revised Code.  At 10 percent he needs $100,000 in cash or assets to go free before his trial.  If Azali has invested the $142,000 he was awarded by a North Carolina court in 2014 from Revolutionary Concepts, Inc. he may have the money from that investment and the sale of his book “Culture Shock: A veteran’s guide to adjustment.”  The language of Ohio’s murder statute, in part, reads as follows:

(A) No person shall purposely cause the death of another or the unlawful termination of another’s pregnancy. (B) No person shall cause the death of another as a proximate result of the offender’s committing or attempting to commit an offense of violence that is a felony of the first or second degree and that is not a violation of section 2903.03 or 2903.04 of the Revised Code.  (C) Division (B) of this section does not apply to an offense that becomes a felony of the first or second degree only if the offender previously has been convicted of that offense or another specified offense.  (D) Whoever violates this section is guilty of murder, and shall be punished as provided in section 2929.02 of the Revised Code.

The “murder” charge seems inconsistent with the limited information Judge Collier-Williams provided to a Euclid 911 dispatcher was well as what’s been shared in published reports about Saffold’s claim that the shooting was in self-defense.  According to Saffold the killing was not “purposeful” nor was Azali committing or attempting to commit the offense of violence.  Every argument a couple experiences doesn’t lead to a shoot out at the OK Corral.

Section 2901.05(A) of the Ohio Revised Code establishes that every person accused of an offense is “presumed innocent,” but that’s not the criminal justice paradigm driving the conduct of police, prosecutors and judges in Cuyahoga County and the rest of Ohio.

A) Every person accused of an offense is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and the burden of proof for all elements of the offense is upon the prosecution.  The burden of going forward with the evidence of an affirmative defense, and the burden of proof, by a preponderance of the evidence, for an affirmative defense other than self-defense, defense of another, or defense of the accused’s residence as described in division (B)(1) of this section, is upon the accused.

(B)(1) A person is allowed to act in self-defense, defense of another, or defense of that person’s residence.  If, at the trial of a person who is accused of an offense that involved the person’s use of force against another, there is evidence presented that tends to support that the accused person used the force in self-defense, defense of another, or defense of that person’s residence, the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused person did not use the force in self-defense, defense of another, or defense of that person’s residence, as the case may be.

In interviews on local media Saffold is saying his client is innocent of “murder” as it pertains to Mwaka Ruth.  She shot at him and he shot back.

Azali’s bullets found their way to behind Mwaka Ruth’s right ear, right cheek and on the right side of the top of her head.  All three headshots.

A loaded gun lay next to Azali’s immigrant wife.   The challenge for Cuyahoga County Prosecuting Attorney Michael O’Malley will be in proving beyond a reasonable doubt that Azali was not in fear of his life being taken by his alleged gun-wielding wife.

Mwaka Ruth Azali’s online customers may or may not get their orders filled when they make purchases on her e-commerce website.

Azali was supposed to have been picking up the son he had with Mwaka Ruth to take him to a doctor’s appointment; so there may be a witness with knowledge of facts Euclid police and the city’s prosecuting attorney don’t know.  Like convicted ex-Court of Common Pleas Judge Lance Mason’s two daughters, Judge Colliers-Williams grandson is scarred for life over the tragedy.

Published reports are describing the Azali’s as “man and wife.”  There are no “Cuyahoga County” probate or domestic relations records which affirm either a marriage or a divorce.  Probate records show only Omnisun Azali’s 2004 name change and three updates of his “last will and testament.”  The last “will” update occurred in 2015.  The lack of local marriage records may mean the couple was married in another state.

Judge Collier-Williams got a first hand opportunity to see how Euclid police operating outside the dictates of Section 109.81 of the Ohio Revised Code treat American Negroes.  According to information obtained during Azali’s arraignment in Euclid Municipal Court, his mother called 911 as she was driving Omnisun or “Robert” back to the 144 E. 265th Street home where Mwaka Ruth’s lifeless body laid partially slumped on a sofa.

A hair growth serum on bears the first name of “Mwaka” Ruth Azali.

Allegedly, dispatchers told Judge Collier-Williams not to proceed but to wait for Euclid police to arrive.  She continued on to 144 E. 265th Street, with cops following, hoping to turn him in to the law enforcement officers at the crime scene.

When she arrived at the Azali home Euclid cops drew their weapons on her and Omnisun; and then restrained and separated the two in different public safety vehicles.  Neither presented a threat to the Euclid cops that required them to escalate the surrender into a potentially deadly encounter.  Police found weapons inside the Azali home.  Not on Mwaka Ruth’s husband.

Chasing Justice founder Mariah Crenshaw has evidence that Euclid cops are discharging law enforcement duties with Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy credentials that are invalid because of numerous “process” flaws in how they were obtained.  She’s filed a criminal complaint using R.C. 2935.09 and 2935.10 against Euclid cop Matthew Rhodes for gunning down Luke Stewart.

Crenshaw said Amiott was discharging law enforcement duties when R.C. 109:2-1-12 of the Ohio Administrative Code instructs police, annually, to cease discharging the duties of law enforcement officers and wearing weapons if the “appointing authority” has not sought and received a pre-approved curriculum for them to receive 24 hours of required training.  Online classes don’t count.

Luke Stewart was shot to death by “private citizen and law enforcement officer impersonator” Matthew Rhodes who Euclid’s mayor and Civil Service Commission “appointed” without Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy credentials.  There could be complications for the “murder” investigation into the death of Mwaka Ruth Azali if the investigating Euclid detectives and first responders were operating in violation of Section 109

The appointing authority is not the “chief of police” though in Ohio police chiefs having been signing off on training as if they were.  The appointing authority is each municipal corporations Civil Service Commission and the mayor in that official’s capacity as a city’s chief law enforcement officer.

Pursuant to Section 737.06 of the Ohio Revised Code the chief of police’s authority is to “station and transfer” police officers under the rules of the safety director as approved by the mayor.  Police chiefs are given no authority to create departmental rules and regulations.  They also have no contract signing authority nor any authority to ask the Bureau of Criminal Investigations (BCI) for homicide investigative assistance.

Pursuant to Section 313.17 of the Ohio Revised Code. the  coroner or in Cuyahoga County the medical examiner has the statutory duty to investigate homicides.  Police can’t even touch a body without the coroner’s permission.  Section 313.17 of the Ohio Revised Code gives coroners “unique” authority given no other class of state, county or municipal law enforcement officer to obtain “cause of death” information from anyone.

Cuyahoga County’s court of common pleas judges have seen their share of tragedies among the ranks of the judiciary. In November 2018 now convicted ex-Judge Lance Mason nearly decapitated his wife, Aisha Frazier, after he learned she planned to marry a man who had re-entered her life from their college days in 2014 when he engaged in the assault that sent him to prison for the first time. Half American Negro and half Chinese, Aisha Frazier and the deeply religious Mason, whose grandfather was a Bishop in the Pentacostal church, turned out to be culturally-incompatible says friends who knew and loved them both.

The statute was used by the late Coroner Samuel Gerber in 1954 during a public inquest that involved the late Dr. Samuel Shephard for murdering his wife Marilyn.  The high standards Gerber, a medical doctor and attorney, established for the office were degraded under former County Coroner Dr. Elizabeth Balraj.  She simply relied on information supplied to her by police without conducting investigations of her own.  Throughout her time in elected office Balraj never subpoeaned any witnesses to learn how violent deaths occurred.

The coroner or deputy coroner may issue subpoenas for such witnesses as are necessary, administer to such witnesses the usual oath, and proceed to inquire how the deceased came to his death, whether by violence to self or from any other persons, by whom, whether as principals or accessories before or after the fact, and all circumstances relating thereto. The testimony of such witnesses shall be reduced to writing and subscribed to by them, and with the findings and recognizances mentioned in this section, shall be kept on file in the coroner’s office, unless the county fails to provide such an office, in which event all such records, findings and recognizances shall be kept on file in the office of the clerk of the court of common pleas. The coroner may cause such witnesses to enter into recognizance, in such sum as is proper, for their appearance to give testimony concerning the matter. He may require any such witnesses to give security for their attendance, and, if any of them fails to comply with his requirements he shall commit such person to the county jail until discharged by due course of law. In case of the failure of any person to comply with such subpoena, or on the refusal of a witness to testify to any matter regarding which he may lawfully be interrogated, the probate judge, or a judge of the court of common pleas, on application of the coroner, shall compel obedience to such subpoena by attachment proceedings as for contempt. A report shall be made from the personal observation by the coroner or his deputy of the corpse, from the statements of relatives or other persons having any knowledge of the facts, and from such other sources of information as are available, or from the autopsy.

Omnisun Azali is a U.S. Army and Iraq war veteran at 35.  Published reports are alleging he was a “sniper.”  An internet search for the origins of his wife produces several “Mwaka Ruth’s” with different surnames associated with the Republic of the Congo.

Women in the Republic of Congo played and continue to play a significant role as soldiers and members of the various militia army of rebels who have been engaged in ongoing civil wars and limited conflicts since 1996. They are also rape victims who have watched their entire families slaughtered by rebels and soldiers. If Mwaka Ruth Azali is from a war torn part of Africa there’s no telling what she saw or was forced to do to survive.

The Congo has been involved in two back to back civil wars since 1996 that have still not “totally” ended.  By 2008 the estimated number of war casualties was near 6 million.   Among the “soldiers” in Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army killing machine of militia were women and children.  Mwaka Ruth was 37 at the time of her death.

Immigrants to the United States of America are required to answer questions about their involvement in militias on their immigration applications.  Americans have come to learn that most lie.  Some claiming to be “refugees” are war criminals fleeing the crimes they committed in their home nations.

Nine African nations were involved in trying to end the brutal civil war that spread into Uganda.  Americans will remember the Rwandan massacre of 1996 and the more than 500,000 Hutu’s slaughtered by Tutsi’s.  Actor Don Cheadle’s role in “Hotel Rwanda” depicts the brutality of the “African on African” conflict.

In developed nations like the United States of America soldiers returning from war have an infrastructure in place to aid in their healing from the atrocities they saw.  There are no such services for “rebels” in foreign militias.  The woman in the video below is another “Ruth Azali” from the Congo.

It is conceivable that “if” Mwaka Ruth’s foreign upbringing caused her to see and experience terrors foreign to Americans the Azali household might have been headed by two individuals with varying levels of treated and untreated post traumatic stress syndrome.  If Omnisun’s claims are true then he’s not the first man in Cleveland a wife or girlfriend tried to kill.

In February 2015, William D. Williams was shot to death by his ex-wife, Dana Johnson, in their Glenville home.  Williams is Cleveland police chief Calvin Williams’ late younger brother.

In East Cleveland ex-mayor Saratha Goggins stabbed O’Neal Price to death after he tried to end the relationship with the married woman.  Like Azali, Goggins claimed she killed Price in “self defense.”

Azali has a preliminary hearing set for June 4, 2021.  It will be interesting to see how O’Malley proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Azali was not in fear of his life and acting in self-defense when he shot more accurately at his wife than she was allegedly shooting at him in their home.

Basheer Jones’ 2019 gun arrest appears to have been “fixed” by Brandon King’s administration as Judge William Dawson confirms Ward 7’s councilman was not arraigned in his court

CLEVELAND, OH – When East Cleveland police arrested Ward 7 councilman Basheer Jones on April 19, 2019 they sought to charge him with “improper handling of firearms in a motor vehicle.”  The offense was a 4th degree felony violation of Section 2923. 16 of the Ohio Revised Code.   The incident report East Cleveland’s cops generated doesn’t identify the reason for the arrest or the basis for the search of the Cleveland politician’s vehicle.  Jones was a suspect of something and they found the improperly handled gun.

Had Jones investigated the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy credentials of the cops who stopped him and searched his vehicle he would have learned they were law enforcement officer impersonators.  A further investigation would have revealed neither of the private attorneys discharging the duties of a prosecuting attorney were administered oaths of office; and had no legal authority to represent the city or “state” against him in any court.

Judge Willliam Dawson was obstructed by seedy East Cleveland officials from journalizing the official acts that occurred with Basheer Jones’ 2019 gun arrest by the city’s police.

Pursuant to Section 2938. 13 of the Ohio Revised Code Jones and every other criminal defendant has the right to ask Judge William Dawson not to advance any prosecution brought forth by admittedly private attorneys Willa Hemmons or Heather McCullough.  Each is discharging the duties of public offices they have usurped without oaths of office filed with the clerk of council pursuant to Section 705.28 of Ohio’s revised code.

Had he learned anything about the duties of a councilman while representing Cleveland’s Ward 7 Jones could have used what should have been a competent knowledge of laws to challenge his arrest and the charges against him. The statute that disqualifies Hemmons and McCullough as private attorneys operating in East Cleveland municipal court is clear.

In any case prosecuted for violation of a municipal ordinance the village solicitor or city director of law, and for a statute, he or the prosecuting attorney, shall present the case for the municipal corporation and the state respectively, but either may delegate the responsibility to some other attorney in a proper case, or, if the defendant be unrepresented by counsel may with leave of court, withdraw from the case. But the magistrate or judge shall not permit prosecution of any criminal case by private attorney employed or retained by a complaining witness.”

Within 48 hours after his probable cause-less arrest the Sixth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America required King to ensure that qualified and oath sworn prosecutors to have police deliver Jones before East Cleveland Municipal Court Judge William Dawson for an arraignment and a bond hearing.  It is before an oath sworn Judge Dawson that oath sworn prosecutors could have expressed their disagreement with the requested charges against Jones and sought a dismissal to be entered into the record.  Dawson would have had the option of dismissing the charges against Jones with or without prejudice.  Jones would have had the right to ask that charges be brought against the police for the unlawful acts they committed against him.

Basheer Jones was denied a conceal carry permit by Lake County’s sheriff.

Between the police and the prosecutor’s office under Richmond Heights resident Mayor Brandon King’s control the case against Jones simply disappeared although not really.  The record of Jones’ April 19, 2019 arrest appears to have still been entered in the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) criminal records history database Ohio police can access through the Law Enforcement Automated Data Systems (LEADS) portal.  That’s where Lake County Sheriff’s deputies found Jones arrest records when they denied his request for a concealed carry permit on December 26, 2019.

But Dawson wrote to EJBNEWS that Jones was not brought before him. He, too, looked into the arrest to learn what had happened.

“There is nothing in our court system which leads me to assume that it never resulted in a former charge by the prosecutors office,” Dawson wrote.  “I am saying he was never arraigned before me for those charges.”

EJBNEWS sought to learn if East Cleveland police had bypassed the city prosecutor and delivered Jones to Cuyahoga County prosecuting attorney Michael O’Malley for a direct indictment.  Like the East Cleveland municipal court the county court of common pleas has no record of Jones’ arrest turning into an arraignment with formal charges.  Between the two courts with the authority to have arraigned Jones his criminal records history is clean.

None of the police officers who signed Basheer Jones incident report were certified by OPOTA. Domonique King is the internal affairs officer and cop commander Larry McDonald’s “baby mama.”

Jones just relocated to Cleveland from Cleveland Heights in December 2020 and his April 2019 East Cleveland gun arrest was introduced to the public by EJBNEWS for inclusion in the discussion about his campaign for mayor of Cleveland and whether or not he’s competent enough to discharge the duties of a municipal chief law enforcement officer.  Why Jones was not arraigned has become a local political mystery.

The Cleveland politician’s Sixth Amendment or “speedy trial” rights and opportunity to face his accusers have long ago been violated by East Cleveland officials who obstructed the statutory and constitutional process for adjudicating criminal charges.  So on its face the arrest should be dismissed through East Cleveland’s municipal court records so the information on the FBI’s NCIC database can be updated to reflect that some adjudication occurred.

Without an order from Judge Dawson the April 19, 2019 arrest record remains associated with Jones’ name on the FBI’s NCIC criminal records history database and will continue to affect his rights as a citizen of the United States of America.  Had Judge Dawson journalized a dismissal of the case or accepted dropped charges from the prosecuting attorney Jones’ conceal carry permit wouldn’t have been denied in December 8 months after his arrest.

East Cleveland’s prosecutors and cops are notorious for cutting side deals with criminal defendants to keep cases from going to court. Without oaths of office on file with the Clerk of Council neither private attorneys Willa Hemmons nor Heather McCullough are authorized to discharge the duties of a municipal prosecutor pursuant to Section 705.28 of the Ohio Revised Code. Somehow between the police department and the prosecutor’s office charges against Basheer Jones never made it to arraignment.

What Jones would have been potentially left with was the misdemeanor offense of giving false information to the police and failing to update his drivers license.  Jones and his family have not ever resided at 1383 E. 94th Street which is the address police recorded from his drivers license.

As a 2017 candidate for Cleveland city council Jones and his family lived at 1670 Belvoir Road in South Euclid.  From South Euclid the Jones’ relocated to 3936 Orchard Avenue in Cleveland Heights while he continued to serve unlawfully on Cleveland city council and claiming 1383 E. 94th Street as his residential address.  Jones purchased a home on E. 66th Street in Cleveland last March 2020.  His family was relocated from Cleveland Heights to their Cleveland home in December 2020 after it was renovated.

Prosecutor leaked video I sent to FBI of McDonald asking for drugs the mayor is obstructing council from investigating

CLEVELAND, OH – A federal law I know is codified at 18 U.S.C. 4 instructs anyone with knowledge of a federal crime to report it to court of cognizable jurisdiction or a civil or military authority; or face up to three years in prison for “misprision of felony.”  So when I obtained a copy of the video last week of law enforcement officer impersonator Larry McDonald asking an OPOTA-certified law enforcement officer for some of the drugs he’d seized during an arrest I forwarded it to a Special Agent at the Federal Bureau of Investigtion (FBI) that handles public corruption.

The special agent delivered it to the U.S. Attorney’s office to review and obtain permission to investigate.  Ward 2 Councilwoman Juanita Gowdy has a copy of this video and the others associated with McDonald’s demand for the drugs and threat to the cop’s life afterwards.  She was “directed” to request it officially from Mayor Brandon King in writing to learn if he would discharge the duties of the mayor’s office and deliver it to federal authorities for an investigation.

King’s response came in the form of a letter Gowdy received from private citizen Willa Hemmons in the form of an unrequested and criminally-obstructive legal opinion that the council was not entitled to the city’s video as a “law enforcement investigatory record.”  The “law enforcement officers obstructing the city’s lawfully elected officers from obtaining their records, including Hemmons, are private citizens Gowdy has confirmed to have met none of the qualifications for discharging duties as public officials of the municipal corporation.

Hemmons’ “opinion” as a private contractor council president Korean Stevenson and Gowdy have each warned in writing is not the city’s director of law is now additional evidence FBI agents will be asked to examine as an obstructive criminal tool.  Members of legislative authorities discharging official duties are not the “public” for which public records laws were written.  Legislators have rights to investigate every record in a city’s possession; and that authority to question any employee about them.

Last week Gowdy demanded the videos in the possession of the Richmond Heights resident who serves unlawfully as East Cleveland’s mayor to start the process for a request to the council president for a legislative investigation.  Brandon King. The video evidence she wanted showed a member of the organized crime gang he leads threatening a certified law enforcement officer’s life.

Cash, drugs and cars have been unreported in numerous arrestsand schemes that involve King, McDonald and the team of uncertified individuals impersonating municipal law enforcement officers as police and prosecutors.  Hemmons has been involved in an extortion scheme with King that lets people being arrested by law enforcement officer impersonators pay cash or surrender property and drugs to avoid criminal prosecution.

The video King and Hemmons are trying to conceal from council was leaked to me through sources close to assistant prosecuting attorney Heather McCollough.  The heretofore criminal co-conspirer appears to have had a moment of sanity and remembered she’s a “licensed” attorney on a collision course with losing it and going to jail.  She should reach out to FBI agents with a sense of urgency.

24 cops resigned within the last year as they faced a criminal complaint for discharging a law enforcement officer’s duties with expired Ohio Peace Officer Training Acacemy credentials.  McDonald has not been certified since 2015; but his lack of credentials don’t matter to a mayor who claims to live with his brother at a home police raided for drugs at 1735 Elsinore Road.  He’s currently the subject of a criminal complaint Mariah Crenshaw has filed against him for making arrests over the last 5 years with no police authority.

Neither police chief Scott Gardner nor former chief Michael Cardilli are OPOTA certified.  Cardilli should have been removed from the payroll when he surrendered the police chief’s job as there was no act of council that authorized him to remain on the job as a private citizen in any capacity.   Gardner was indicted twice for felonies in Cuyahoga and Medina counties.  He pled to misdemeanors making him ineligible to work as a cop when he was investigating Timothy Russell and Malissa William’s death in 2013 with the Bureau of Criminal Investigations.  The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) doesn’t even represent the city’s private police anymore.

Gowdy and the new council leadership are trying to avert the civil liabilities they know are coming from the army of private citizens King has allowed to impersonate law enforcement officers in the city; and are concerned for the safety of private citizens making unlawful arrests of lawfully armed American citizens with the same “fear of life” defense as cops.

King called himself “demoting” McDonald as he accepted his claim that he was only joking.   McDonald had already taken cocaine evidence before he asked for the bag of marijuana DeMarko Johnson was recording himself entering as evidence.  The city’s two police chiefs, each operating without OPOTA credentials, appear to have removed the permanent cameras I had installed as mayor to record “everything” inside the police department.

King’s demotion ignored the theft of the cocaine for which McDonald was not kidding.  Even law enforcement officer impersonator Joe Marche’s interview with Johnson is a “let’s not discuss the coke” coverup.  I have those videos, too.  So does the FBI.

I’ve already published the videos of Marche’s Bratenahl arrest while he was armed, drunk and that revealed how that city’s prosecutor left out the “gun” spec.  The scar in his face is from a self-inflicted wound.  The most unstable law enforcement officer impersonators in the world are armed and dangerously untrained and uncertified on East Cleveland streets.

Hemmons confirmed in her “opinion” that an outside agency was investigating.  What she did not know is that the “outside investigation” she knows is occurring is of “organized criminal activity” of which she is identified as a co-conspirator.  All of her opinions are being shared with federal investigating authorities in the light that Hemmons is a resident of Shaker Heights who is not an elector of East Cleveland qualified to discharge the duties of a municipal law director she’s never discharged according to any laws.

Hemmons has compounded the crimes she’s committing against East Cleveland taxpayers from a public office she usurped by obstructing council with even more opinions to prevent them from declaring the office she’s been holding illegally “vacant” back to January 19, 2015.  That was the 10th day after she had failed to deliver the oath.  Hemmons should have “advised” Gary Norton as mayor to administer the oath or resigned.

Michael O’Malley is Cuyahoga County’s prosecuting attorney.  A democrat.  Irish Catholic.  He doesn’t believe in the Constitution of the United States of America.  He doesn’t give two shits about the Constitution of Ohio.  Fuck the 1994 Violent Crime and Law Enforcement Control Act that makes all these offenses I’ve reported to the FBI violations of 18 U.S.C. 241, 18 U.S.C. 242 and 18 U.S.C. 1961 as a “racketeering corrupt influenced organization.”  Fuck all the state general laws and those that allow citizens pursuant to R.C. 2935.09 and 2935.10 to file criminal complaints against individuals using public offices to commit crimes.

O’Malley is a public official who has used the office to commit crimes with William D. Mason when they hid the felonious sex offenses of 496 Catholic church sex offenders with the help of Judge Brian Corrigan.  Cuyahoga County’s criminal justice system is literally a Catholic organized crime family; and they’re covering for each other while fucking over the Protestants, Muslims and Jews.

Invariably O’Malley knows he’s faced with the reality that R.C. 2935.09 and 2935.10 is a non-discriminatory state law that gives anyone with knowledge of a crime to report it to either him or a judge to cause the offender to be prosecuted.    It’s a duty of the public office he holds that neither O’Malley nor the county’s judges want to enforce as it will cause some of them to face criminal charges from citizens who know they’ve been violating their rights.

The federal “misprision of felony” law that required me to report the video in my possession to the FBI applies to judges and prosecutors who know felony crimes are being committed by public officials discharging official duties.  When Claire Freeman filed her civil claim against the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority’s (CMHA) board for dismissing her the judge identified federal crimes in her pleadings and alerted the FBI.  18 U.S.C. 4 applies to “anyone with knowledge of a felony.”  The late Kentucky Judge Richard Baumgarten was federally prosecuted for failing to report felony crimes he knew court officials had committed.

A special agent was sent to the court in Freeman’s case to take notes and confirm the federal felonies since at all times CMHA’s “Consolidated Annual Contributions Contract” places it under Congressional oversight.  East Cleveland is a “direct entitlement” city that receives HUD block grant funds.  Police and fire are funded with federal grants.  Federal funds are granted to O’Malley’s office and the courts.  All are under Congressional oversight with duties imposed on its officials to report and prosecute “all” known and reported felony offenses identified by “any person with knowledge” under both state and federal laws.

What O’Malley has done with Russo, and now McMonagle, is obstruct citizens with rights from exercising them “under the color of law.”  It doesn’t matter that O’Malley and the state’s 722 judges did not read the two letters former U.S. Department of Justice attorneys Lisa Foster and Vanita Gupta sent to then Chief Justice Maureen O’Conner in 2014.  O’Connor “noticed” each of the state’s 722 judges, as she had been advised, that 18 U.S.C. 241 and 242, upgraded from misdemeanors to felonies under the 1994 Violent Crime and Law Enforcement Control Act, applied to prosecutors and judges as well as police who conspire to violate rights under the color of law.

The video I shared with the FBI, with all the supporting background information, is just the tip of the iceberg of information O’Malley and the county’s judges and municipal prosecutors know about the police with whom they’re interacting and with each other.  They know oaths of office are requirements of laws.  They know the oaths each was administered required them to obey and uphold constitutions and laws.  They know laws written in English need no interpretation.  O’Malley knows Larry McDonald is not a police officer and so does David Yost in his official capacity as Ohio’s attorney general.

McDonald is one of 32,000 police officers across Ohio working either with no OPOTA credentials or with those that have not been property approved with a request from each city’s “mayor” or “civil service commission” as “appointing authorities.”  The chiefs of police interacting with OPOTA have no legal authority to appoint any peace officer.  McDonald’s arrests are completely unauthorized by law.  So are the arrests of the vast majority of 32,000 Ohio peace officers; and prosecutors and judges know.

My asking the FBI to pursue a criminal complaint against McDonald would be unnecessary if King had discharged the duties of the city’s mayor as its chief law enforcement officer.  Federal money wouldn’t be needed for this shit if the criminals in the county prosecutor’s office prosecuted McDonald as soon as the attorney general alerted them that he was uncertified and still working.

So to the FBI agent witih whom I’ve been sharing information, please strongly suggest to U.S. Attorney General William Barr that he start from the bottom and work his way all the way to the top.  Confirm the certifications of the peace officers.  Oaths are required to be filed with the clerk of councils.

Confirm the certifications of the prosecuting attorneys.  Some are operating without oaths.  Some in violation of R.C. 3517.11(d) that instructs elected officials not to enter offices without first meeting campaign finance reporting requirements.

The same with the judges.  All of Judge John P. O’Donnell’s cases from 2002 were from a usurped office just like Hemmons.  He turned in his 2002 campaign finance reports to Brent Lawler at the board of elections in 2014; and Lawler criminally accepted and filed them. Certificates of election for every elected official shall be filed with the appropriate clerk “before” they “enter an office and discharge its duties.”  Lawler’s conduct violates federal election laws and aided in O’Donnell’s conspiracy to violate rights from a usurped office under the color of law.

The U.S. Department of Justice in its 2014 investigation of Cleveland’s police department cited U.S. Constitutional provisions and federal laws that apply to every police department, prosecutor’s office and court in the nation.  Every prosecutor who operated without statutorily-required credentials, and who presented the case of a peace officer discharging duties without statutorily required credentials before a judge who also did not confirm, and who presided over a trial without meeting election and credential requirements, is engaged in a “color of law” conspiracy to violate the constitutional rights of American citizens.

There are processes to how official acts of government employees are authorized by law.  Failure to obey a process disqualifies the act as it was not authorized by law.  The failure of “any” person to report felony offenses, and for prosecutors and judges to use public offices to cancel a citizen’s rights to report and cause these felonious acts to be criminally prosecuted, violates 18 U.S.C. 4 as well as 18 U.S.C. 241 and 242.  10 years in prison and death if an unlawful act under the color of law causes a death.  Imagine the disqualified judge who presided over a capital offense trial.

It’s a “constitutional loop” that even compels the FBI agent I delivered the video to report it the felony.  It’s why, as Hemmons has confirmed, “an outside agency is investigating.”  She just left out the part about herself being identified as a co-conspirator in the full criminal investigation.  Obviously Hemmons’ legal opinion has been shared with the FBI agent; along with written warnings to her and King from council that the unsworn Shaker Heights resident was not the city’s law director.  That along with the affidavit Hemmons submitted in lieu of an oath as yet another criminally obstructive tool.

The “wise” reader will see the warning and govern themselves appropriately.  The duty to report, whether you want to or not, is a requirement of federal law.  There are periphreal elected and appointed public officials and employees who will get caught up simply because they knew and kept their mouths shut.  Don’t.  Contact the FBI at 216-522-1400 and “report.”  18 U.S.C 4.

The full scope of information I know is in the FBI’s possession is not generally known to the public.  What’s taking place is of a magnitude larger than the county’s public corruption investigation and will affect more cops nationwide like McDonald.

The signals are in President Donald Trump’s June 16, 2020 executive order 22 days after George Floyd’s murder in which he instructed Barr not to send a federal dollar to uncertified police departments.  He also instructed him to create a database for citizens to access cop credentials and corrupt acts … nationally.

McDonald has been caught stealing drugs.  Former East Cleveland cop David Cimperman is being investigated for using his job as Amsterdam’s police chief to buy military weapons under the city’s name the current police chief could not find.  16 cops from East Cleveland and other local communities with no credentials were on Amsterdam’s roster with OPOTA.  Cimperman bought two cars for Tenable on the city’s account; and the mayor had no knowledge.  Police chiefs have no contract signing authority but it’s not stopping over 900 police chiefs from doing it across the state.

Information like this is known to Gowdy and East Cleveland’s current council. The city’s new council, because of our relationship, know better than any other what’s taking place and are actively engaged in acts to make corrections. One of the legislative tools King and Hemmons are obstructing are amendments to the city’s impersonation of law enforcement officer ordinance.  Ord. No. 525.03.  I’ve taken federal and state laws that deal with police misconduct and combined them all under one ordinance with clear instructions that protect citizen rights.

Three members of council are ready to pass what they’re calling the Tamia Chapman Act as an emergency to get McDonald and the other private citizens impersonating law enforcement officers “immediately” off the streets.  They need two votes from Ernest Smith and Timothy Austin they’re not willing to give.  King’s got Smith’s vote locked up with the car bribe he’s giving him.  Austin doesn’t live in East Cleveland like King; so his bribe is King’s silence.

Organized crime.  Anyone who sees this ignorant criminal shit has no other choice but to report it.

O’Malley is maliciously withholding exculpatory evidence of uncertified cops from criminal defendants

CLEVELAND, OH – Michael O’Malley in his official capacity as Cuyahoga County’s prosecuting attorney has been copied, like his predecessors Timothy McGinty and William D. Mason, on “cease” letters the current and former Ohio Attorney Generals have forwarded to the office alerting them of felony crimes cops are committing by making arrests with expired Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy (OPOTA) credentials. What he hasn’t done is deliver the “cease” letters to criminal defendants as “exculpatory evidence.”  Instead, O’Malley and the county’s judges are criminally-involved in a real time conspiracy to deprive thousands of American citizens in Cuyahoga County of their constitutional rights.

Richard Michael DeWine leaves every elected office he serves in administratively worse off than it was when he arrived.

Every law enforcement officer in Ohio knows their certifications expire on December 31 of each year.  15 days before the expiration date they’re supposed to receive 24 hours of professional continuing education training when state funds are available to pay for it.  No funds.  No required training.  Within 30 days after the training they’re supposed to send the validated list of who was trained by a certified instructor to the state attorney general’s OPOTA office.  The state then reimburses the police department for its training. A current contract trainer, a former mayor, has no OPOTA training.  

The General Assembly of Ohio passed Senate Bill 281 in 2006 giving Ohio’s attorney general the duty to supervise a peace officer training commission, appoint members to a training council, establish rules to manage training and to ensure that all of the state’s police officers are trained.  The main purpose of the legislation was to provide funding for police training.  DeWine took $64 million out of the police training budget and used it to test rape kits.  It was a “campaign promise” this anarchist Communist believed circumvented the state’s general law. 

All of the duties DeWine was mandated to ensure were obeyed are spelled out under the “duties” of Ohio’s attorney general found in R.C. 109.  The specific section for training begins with R.C. 109.79.  The extension request “duty” is spelled out in plain English in R.C. 109.803.  The only extension is under Section (2) of 109.803.

An appointing authority may submit a written request to the peace officer training commission that requests for a calendar year because of emergency circumstances an extension of the time within which one or more of its appointed peace officers or troopers must complete the required minimum number of hours of continuing professional training set by the commission, as described in division (A)(1) of this section. A request made under this division shall set forth the name of each of the appointing authority’s peace officers or troopers for whom an extension is requested, identify the emergency circumstances related to that peace officer or trooper, include documentation of those emergency circumstances, and set forth the date on which the request is submitted to the commission. A request shall be made under this division not later than the fifteenth day of December in the calendar year for which the extension is requested.

The “appointing authority” is the mayor of a municipal corporation.  Period.  No police chief anywhere in Ohio has the authority to “appoint” a police officer by administering an oath of office to them.  Only the mayor who as the chief law enforcement officer of the municipal corporation, unless its managed by a city manager, can hire, promote, demote and terminate cops.  Under civil service laws the mayor has exclusive disciplinary authority.  Not the chief of police.  Pursuant to R.C. 737.06 police chiefs can “station and transfer municipal law enforcement officers under the rules of the safety director.”  Police chiefs have no rule or regulation writing authority.  So all the “departmental rules” across Ohio in the names of police chiefs are not authorized by law.  A police chief can’t sign “any” contracts, including the NCIC / LEADS participation agreement they’ve been signing with the Ohio Highway Patrol.  That legal authority, again, is a “right” of the mayor’s “office.”

Attorney General David Yost should remember he was once a hard-nosed Columbus journalist when we met while I organized a Guardian Angel chapter there; and start correcting instead of covering-up for the reckless way Richard Michael DeWine managed the Ohio Attorney General’s office.

Every OPOTA cease letter coming out of the Attorney General’s office, that’s addressed to a “chief of police,” obstructs mayors in Ohio, who are appointing authorities, from knowing the cops under them are committing crimes.  I served as East Cleveland, Ohio’s mayor from January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2009 when Richard Cordray served as the state’s attorney general.  I never received a “cease” letter from him and I did not know, at the time, the letters existed.

Without the annual training they are to immediately stop discharging a law enforcement officer’s duties on January 1st of each year and resign.  The net effect of not taking the training is to voluntarily-resign.  They had 15 days before December 31st to ask the mayor to write to the director of OPOTA for an extension; and to explain the extenuating circumstance that prevented them from receiving it.  The request from the “apppointing authority” is the “only” way a police officer can continue past January 1st of each year without OPOTA credentials. The extension from the director is in writing.  No written extension and no later excuse of the law enforcement officer impersonator matters.  They were clearly instructed to stop on January 1st of each year.

OAC: 2-18-06(A) spells these plain English instructions to every cop in Ohio.

“Pursuant to division (B) of section 109.803 of the Revised Code, any peace officer or trooper who, in any calendar year, fails to comply with the continuing professional training requirements set forth in paragraphs 109:2-18-01 to 109:2-18-07 of the Administrative Code shall cease carrying a firearm and shall cease performing the functions of a peace officer or trooper until such time as evidence of compliance is filed with the executive director. This rule does not apply to peace officers or troopers for whom an extension of time has been granted by the executive director.”

If they’ve failed to receive 24 hours of “annual” state mandated training within 15 days before December 31st, they are to “cease discharging the duties of law enforcement officers and wearing a weapon” on January 1st.  By the time O’Malley receives “cease” letters from the state’s attorney general the law enforcement officer whose OPOTA credentials expired on December 31st has “knowingly” continued making arrests and wearing a weapon.  O’Malley should have validated the lack of credentials and brought charges against them as he knows they’re engaging in multiple felony crimes.

Ohio’s attorney generals have not been sending the “cease” letters to the mayors and presidents of council to whom the correspondence belongs as officers of the municipal corporation.  Instead the letters are addressed to police chiefs – who then conceal the information from mayors and councils – while creating legal liabilities for taxpayers by leaving themselves and the uncertified cops working.  The county prosecutor is copied.  None of the judges.  Cleveland councilman Kevin Conwell recently told EJBNEWS that chief of police Calvin Williams has never shared any information about an uncertified police officer with council.

There are 9 state general laws between sections 109.74 and 109.748 that spelled out to DeWine and Yost the specific and mandated annual training law enforcement officers across Ohio have no other choice but to receive.  Failure to obey the state’s general traing and cease laws is a “suspension” of the laws and violates Article 1.18 of Ohio’s constitution; and no official has the authority to suspend any law by failing to obey and enforce it once a “duty” is imposed on a public office.

Chasing Justice founder Mariah Crenshaw.

There are approximately 900 police departments in Ohio.  Chasing Justice founder Mariah Crenshaw recently emailed all 900 to learn if the law enforcement officers they employ are OPOTA certified.  The email sent an earthquake of activity towards Attorney General David Yost who inherited the mess Governor Richard Michael DeWine left of the office after 8 recklessly-incompetent and criminally-derelict years. About 200 email returned with addresses to defunct police departments.

The Cleveland Municipal School District’s “police” have never been authorized or trained by OPOTA to discharge law enforcement officer duties.  Every arrest of a juvenile they’ve made under the criminal superintendent, Eric Gordon, is a savagely-malicious violation of their constitutional rights. 

DeWine operated with the woman he appointed to lead the department, Mary Davis, on an “honor system” that ignored the instructions in Ohio’s revised and administrative codes to train and validate cop training like he did the 26 pandemic mitigating laws during the common cold and flu season. This ignorant, non-reading fool put “preachers’ on a commission that sets standards for training police.  Only a cop can train another cop under this idiot’s rules.  Not a judge nor a prosecutor who know “laws.”  I’m a former and that shit is fucking ridiculous.

Crenshaw said the only training many police got under DeWine was on how to shoot and kill Ohioans; even through the windows of moving cars.  The U.S. Department of Justice warned Cleveland in its 2002 federal investigation that shooting at moving cars was evidence that the shooter’s life was not in danger. Frederick Crawford’s killer outside Dayton was not certified.  Neither was Luke Stewart’s in Euclid. Both were private citizens impersonating law enforcement officers DeWine criminally-failed to ensure were certified. 

Even when DeWine’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation investigators called themselves investigating Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams’ 137 bullet slaughter in East Cleveland, both Scott Gardner and Jeffrey Folmer were impersonating law enforcement officers.  Steve Loomis was impersonating a law enforcement officer when he wore a Cleveland police union to endorse President Donald Trump.

Crenshaw said she’s been receiving calls from police chiefs across the state whose records are not on file with the state attorney general’s office.  DeWine wasnt’ keeping track.  Neither has Yost.  Three employees in Yost’s office have resigned within days after hearing from police chief’s who want their records; and learning the attorney general’s office had not been maintaining them as required.  Crenshaw’s learned Yost is throwing cops under the bus with reminders that it’s the cop’s duty to cease on his or her own under the law.

Luke Stewart’s killer, Euclid cop Matthew Rhodes, was impersonating a law enforcement officer when he shot and killed the man sleeping in a car. The only training Mariah Crenshaw can confirm Euclid police receive is on training. The lack of 24 hour requirement training is what made Rhodes a law enforcement officer impersonator who should have been criminally prosecuted instead of being granted Garrity and union rights as someone who lacked the certification to receive a public paycheck.

I’ve previously reported how Crenshaw learned that 24 East Cleveland police officers have no OPOTA credentials.  The uncertified cops include the current and last police chiefs: Scott Gardner and Michael Cardilli.  One East Cleveland cop, Ernest Stanford killed a man after he’s operated for 19 years without training.  Only one East Cleveland police officer is current in his training.  The city’s police department is completely under the control of private citizens impersonating law enforcement officers who are engaged in armed kidnappings of American citizens.

Neither East Cleveland’s law director, Willa Hemmons, nor its prosecuting attorney, Heather McCollough, are “oath sworn” officials.  Hemmons filed a “defamation” complaint against Crenshaw for blasting the law enforcement officer impersonators she should have prosecuted.  Every complaint Hemmons has filed or responded to has been without a resolution of council as her filings operate to conceal police crimes.  Judge Will Dawson is in violation of R.C. 2938.13 by allowing private citizens to prosecute cases in the East Cleveland municipal court.  So is his magistrate. Pursuant to R.C. 705.28, neither attorney was ever authorized to present themselves in court before a judge as they usurped vacant public offices.

Crenshaw learned that the entire Rocky River and Maple Heights police departments have police on the streets criminally arresting citizens without expired OPOTA credentials.  She’s collected over 250 “cease” letters the state attorney general’s office has sent to Cuyahoga county police chiefs.

Beachwood’s mayor, Martin Horwitz, just hired Rocky River’s “uncertified” police chief , Kelly Stillman, after he left that city’s mayor, Pamela Bobst, with uncertified police.  Stillman, today, has no arrest authority and is stealing from Beachwood’s taxpayers while also creating a legal liability for the Russian American controlled government.

Sexual harassment isn’t Beachwood Mayor Martin Horwitz’s only crime. He just hired a police chief from Rocky River who is not certified by the state of Ohio to even be a police officer: let, alone, the chief. Beachwood is Ohio’s only Russian American controlled city. Few Protestant Christians, if any, get jobs in that city. An American Negro candidate for city council was told not to wear her Christian cross by her campaign manager when she asked Russian American voters for their votes. She was told the symbol of the cross Jesus Christ was crucified on offends them.

Stillman should be criminally-prosecuted by both mayors for theft in office, obstruction of official business, conspiracy to violate rights under the color of law and for impersonating a law enforcement officer. His public employee’s pension should be stripped as he was not legally a public employee without OPOTA credentials.  A “certified” Beachwood cop should arrest him when he shows up for work.

Rocky River prosecutor Michael O’Shea recently prosecuted a traffic case and refused to turn over the police officer’s expired OPOTA credentials to Justyn Anderson as exculpatory evidence that the cop on the side of I-90 within its jurisdiction is a private citizen impersonating a law enforcement officer.

Crenshaw’s been met with resistance by the “Catholic bloc” controlling Cuyahoga county’s criminal justice system.   It is no stereotype” that Irish Catholics dominate the criminal justice system.  There are families of Irish Catholic judges, prosecutors and police protecting each other from being held accountable to obeying the laws they’re using against others.  O’Malley was Mason’s number two when they conspired with Irish Catholic Judge Brian Corrigan to seal the records of 496 Catholic church pedophiles and rapists. Their family members.

This explains Irish Catholic Judge John P. O’Donnell failing to turn in any campaign finance reports to the Catholic-controlled Cuyahoga County Board of Elections for any of his campaigns for judge between 2002 and 2014. All were delivered on January 22, 2014 years after he entered office and presided over trials unlawfully.  O’Donnell has not lawfully acquired a public employee pension.  Mason was supposed to enforce R.C. 3517.10 the same way John T. Corrigan did against Mitchell Paul.  Criminal prosecution.  The single referal of O’Donnell to the Ohio Elections Commission was withdrawn.

Beachwood’s mayor just hired the law enforcement officer impersonator – who failed to ensure Rocky River police were OPOTA certifiefd – to manage that city’s police department. So Kelly Stillman left Rocky River’s mayor with non-OPOTA certified police just like himself. Stillman is not the only non-OPOTA certified police chief in the state of Ohio.

As Cuyahoga County’s prosecuting attorney, Irish Catholic O’Malley knows and has been engaged in criminal acts with Catholic judges like Richard McMonagle, Denise Rini and others to conceal the evidence Crenshaw has discovered.  Michael Ryan is one of the few Protestant Christians serving as a county judge.

All received R.C. 2935.09 and 2935.10 “complaints on knowledge” from Crenshaw of the felony violations of law cops across the county are engaging when they enter a public safety vehicle, access the FBI’s NCIC database through CRIS and LEADS and kidnap citizens off the streets with false arrests and imprisonment while armed and operating unlawfully under the “color of law.”  None of the judges obeyed R.C. 2935.10’s instructions and referred the evidence of cop crimes to O’Malley as they were required. They don’t even have a process for accepting criminal complaints from citizens against elected and appointed officials who like the non-OPOTA certified cops are violating laws.

Rini took the conspiratorial step of “sealing” Crenshaw’s “motion” as “evidence” she didn’t want the public to know; an act that is not authorized under R.C. 2935.10. She’s exceeded the duty of the office of a judge by not disposing of Crenshaw’s “motion under the Supreme Court of Ohio’s “rules of superintendence of the courts.”  McMonagle’s playing games with “after the fact” changes to the docket to cover up for the mistakes he made in covering up for the cops Crenshaw filed criminal complaints against for impersonating law enforcement officers operating without OPOTA credentials.

Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court Judge Denise Rini criminally sealed a “motion” that contained evidence of uncertified police officers making unlawful arrests, instead of ruling on the evidence that the arresting law enforcement officers were actually impersonating appointed public employees as she was required to do by law.

The concealing acts of each official, particularly the judges, is a federal “Misprision of felony” crime pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 4.  The FBI investigated and the U.S. Attorney General prosecuted the late Kentucky Judge Richard Baumgarten under this law for failing to report a felony crime he learned of during a trial in 2012. Baumgarten’s law license was stripped and he was sentenced to 18 months in a federal prison.

“Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.”

The net effect of the lack of OPOTA credentials is that the person making the arrest was a private citizen impersonating a law enforcement officer who should be prosecuted instead of testifying in front of judges.  O’Malley’s failure to deliver the cease letters he’s received to American citizens he’s prosecuting places him smack dab in the middle of a federal conspiracy to violate their constitutional rights under the color of law.  Crenshaw has filed an R.C. 309.05 motion for neglect and misconduct to have him removed from office.  That state law allows one citizen to file a complaint with a court of common pleas judge to achieve that goal.

Calvin Williams is not the “appointing authority” who should be receiving “cease” letters from Ohio’s Attorney General. The mayor is the appointing authority who receives the letters and requests the extension.

What’s pathetic for me as a former mayor is how no criminal defense attorney first validates the oaths and certifications of the officials interacting with their client; and studies or knows the laws that identifies the duties they’re required to discharge.  Consider that “municipal police” pursuant to R.C. 737.11 are given the following statutory and mandatory duties.

The police force of a municipal corporation shall preserve the peace, protect persons and property, and obey and enforce all ordinances of the legislative authority of the municipal corporation, all criminal laws of the state and the United States, all court orders issued and consent agreements approved pursuant to sections 2919.26 and 3113.31 of the Revised Code, all protection orders issued pursuant to section 2903.213 or 2903.214 of the Revised Code, and protection orders issued by courts of another state, as defined in section 2919.27 of the Revised Code.

Every reader should observe the word “obey” comes before the parenthetical term “all criminal laws of the state and United States.” The effect of the word “obey” in association with “all criminal laws” clearly establishes that there is no “officer discretion” not to obey or enforce a law irrespective of the offender or offense.  It restricts a police chief from allowing a private citizen to discharge the duties of a law enforcement officer after January 1st of each year. It requires a police chief or any other law enforcement with knowledge of a criminal law being violated to arrest a fellow law officer discharging duties without their OPOTA credentials after January 1st of each year.

Eric Gordon should be placed under a jail for supervising a private police department inside the Cleveland Municipal School District that was not authorized by the state and employed with non-OPOTA trained and certified police impersonators. This means the uniforms, cars, lights, sirens, guns and arrests and prosecutions of Christian American Negro and American Caucasian students are federal crimes. Gordon, the board, the chief of police and every cop, along with prosecutors and juvenile court judges, should be criminally investigated and prosecuted pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 241 and 242 for conspiring to violate our Childrens’ constitutional rights. Frank Jackson. You had better remove this evil piece of shit from the school district immediately.

Anyone who has read the duties of county prosecutors under R.C. 309 knows the words “prosecutorial discretion” are non-existent.  O’Malley’s duty pursuant to R.C. 309.09 is to ensure that every judge, the sheriff and his own prosecutorial employees are “advised” to discharge the duties of their offices. He’s not delivering exculpatory evidence to American citizens armed uncertified law enforcement officer impersonators are kidnapping off this county’s streets. He’s not ordering the prosecutors under him to deliver it.  This organized crime boss is conspiring with other criminal justice officials to conceal it.  Consider East Cleveland’s law enforcement officer impersonators, and every other law enforcement officer impersonator, are in unions negotiating wages and benefits; and being paid pensions with the public funds they stole.  This anarchist Communist-inspired evil has no place in the United States of America.

Every citizen who encounters a law enforcement officer should ask a police officer who stops them if they are currently OPOTA certified; and if they are discharging a law enforcement officer’s duties under a “cease” order.  No judge should preside over a trial who has not first validated that municipal prosecutors and cops have oaths and bonds of office on file with the clerk of council pursuant to R.C. 705.28; and that each required cop certification is validated with the “originating agency.”  It’s pathetic that criminal defense lawyers haven’t studied general laws instead of case laws to know the duties of elected and appointed public offices.  .

If laws were obeyed by every elected and appointed public official there would be no uncertified and untrained police officer anywhere in Ohio.  But thanks to criminally-derelict ex-Ohio Attorney General DeWine, thousands of cops are uncertified, untrained, making unlawful arrests and kidnapping American citizens off our streets with the help of a conspiratorial prosecuting attorney who refuses to deliver them exculpatory evidence that the cops he’s covering up for are the real criminals.

King’s proclamation says he suspended all federal, state and local laws so he can spend the city’s money

CLEVELAND, OH – East Cleveland Mayor Brandon King and his team must have been smoking and snorting up some good shit when they crafted a July 7, 2020 “proclamation” that suspended all laws so they could spend the city’s money; and receive cash gifts and grants under no laws without council’s permission.  The proclamation is a “criminal tool.”  King’s proclamation claims the document is authorized by constitutions and laws, but I guarantee he can identify no section of any constitution or law that authorizes such an inventively-creative piece of bullshit.  Jungle rule.

Had this snorting-azzed idiot, and the unsworn private citizen mob consigliere he’s paying to usurp the authority of the city’s director of law, Willa Hemmons, actually read the Ohio Constitution he was administered an oath of office to obey, they’d have shredded this bullshit before he signed it.  King’s signature on the document is now evidence council must deliver to Ohio’s Auditor of State, the FBI and HUD’s inspector general.  Hemmons should be in front of the Supreme Court of Ohio’s disciplinary counsel.  There’s no way she’s in compliance with any disciplinary rule.

Read this page and the next two as I share them below. It somewhat mirrors Mayor Frank Jackson’s “orders” but it deviates by illegally seeking to suspend laws; which makes the entire document not worth the paper on which it’s written.

Article 1.18 of Ohio’s Constitution has a title King’s team did not read.  The heading is “Suspension of laws.”  This is that “uh oh” moment for fools like Michael Smedley who I know is reading. 

“No power of suspending laws shall ever be exercised, except by the general assembly.” 

Hi Mike.  This is the reason I didn’t hire your dumb azz when you asked to work as my “chief of staff.” What the fuck would I look like letting a curve-graded, “semi-literate laborer” do some “thinking” for me just because he was a union organizer? So fucking what. The simple-minded have more ego than brains.  I’ve already seen an example of your “best” thinking.  I also see “jail” in your future.  It’s the perfect place for your soft, bitch azz.

King’s proclamation provides its own answers to the areas council has no other duty but to investigate. Finance director Charles Iyahen must be ordered by resolution to produce the records of every single transaction he conducted without council approval.  Every spent dime must be accounted for by Iyahen.

As the city’s finance director, it was Iyahen’s sworn duty to ignore King’s proclamation and obey the laws neither Congress nor the General Assembly of Ohio suspended during the pandemic.  The Constitutions of Ohio and the United States of America were not suspended.  Neither was any section of East Cleveland’s charter or codified ordinances.  Every elected and appointed official of the municipal corporation had no other duty but to “discharge the duties” of their “offices” or employment. That point has been made clear in U.S. Attorney General William Barr’s instructions to the nation’s 94 U.S. Attorneys; and to U.S. Attorney Justin Herdman in the northern district of Ohio overseeing an ongoing federal investigation of the misappropriation of federal block grant funds under Melran Leach.  

The problem in East Cleveland is that it’s fired ex-clerk of council, Khadijah Guy, failed to discharge the duty of obtaining the oaths and bonds of any of the city’s elected and appointed officials as required pursuant to R.C. 705.28. 

“Every officer of a municipal corporation and every employee holding a position upon an annual salary, before entering upon the duties of his office, shall take and subscribe to an oath or affirmation, which shall be filed and kept in the office of the clerk of the municipal corporation, … “

There are further instructions that immediately follows the first sentence of the “unsuspended” state “general law” that contradicts the law-suspending language in King’s “proclamation” identified in four sub-headings.

” … that he will:  (A) Support the constitution of the United States and of this state, and the charter and ordinances of the municipal corporation;  (B) Not be influenced by any consideration except that of merit and fitness in the appointment or discharge of employees;  (C) Not make or authorize the expenditure of public money otherwise than for adequate consideration and efficient service to the municipal corporation;  (D) Faithfully, in all other respects, discharge the duties of his position or office.”

So where there are very clear instructions in R.C. 705.28 that King’s authority as the mayor was to “discharge the duties of his position or office” as he “supported” the constitutions, charter and laws: to “exceed” the authority of the office is “dereliction of duty”under East Cleveland Ord. No. 612.15 (d) and (e).  It’s “derelition of duty” under state law pursuant to R.C. 2921.44 (d) and (e) for any “official” to fail to perform the duties of an office or to go beyond the authority of the office.

Where King fucked up “big time,” and so did Iyahen, Hemmons, Belinda Kyle and every other person who “executed” his unlawful “proclamation,” is that the “duties of the office” he was required by law to discharge are found in R.C. 733.03 as a state general law and written in English.  “General powers of mayor in cities – merger of certain departments.”  Here we go … Brandon.  This is how prosecutors structure indictments. The use of the word “shall,” for a criminal like King, imposes a “mandatory duty” the official or employee must perform as written.

“The mayor shall be the chief conservator of peace within the city. He may appoint and remove the director of public service, the director of public safety, and the heads of the subdepartments of public service and public safety, and shall have such other powers and perform such other duties as are conferred and required by law.”

For King the companion to R.C. 733.03 is Section 113A of East Cleveland’s charter that explains in more detail “exactly” the duties “voters” authorized the mayor to discharge in 1985 when they dumped the commissioner – city manager form of government for the mayor – council form Cleveland Heights voters now want.

“Section 113 A.   General Powers and Duties: The Mayor shall be the chief executive officer of the city, responsible for carrying out and fulfilling the intent and purpose of any and all legislation duly passed by the Council. The Mayor shall supervise the administration of all the affairs of the city and the conduct and administration of all departments and divisions thereof, except the Council and as otherwise provided by this Charter, and the Mayor shall have all such powers as are conferred upon Mayors by the laws of the State of Ohio.  The Mayor shall be the chief conservator of the peace within the city and shall see that all laws, resolutions, and ordinances are enforced therein.  The Mayor shall at all times keep the Council fully advised of the financial conditions and needs of the city and shall recommend to the Council such measures as he or she may deem necessary or expedient for the safety and welfare of the city and shall submit to the Council the estimate provided for in Section 60 of the Charter.”

Mayors pursuant to R.C. 733.03 are the “chief conservators of the peace” inside a municipal corporation.  Pursuant to R.C. 2901.01(c) the mayor is the chief law enforcement officer, not the biggest crook in town. That’s what I observed East Cleveland’s new clerk, Victoria Deneau, describing  of King when he called himself calling her out when she was simply responding to a question from a member of council about whether or not she knew him.  “Short dude.  Dreadlocks.  They say he’s the biggest crook in town?”  The new council clerk’s description was highly-observant.

Compounding King’s use of the proclamation as a criminal tool to steal without accountability since July or before, is the truth that only the “legislative authority” of a municipal corporation controls the city’s finances.  Not the mayor.  The mayor can’t touch a dime council has budgeted to a line item, transfer funds between line items or spend a dime without seeking a resolution from council that gives him the “permission.”  No resolution or supporting law to back up an expense or transfer and the act is criminal.   King’s not alone among the criminals holding office in Cuyahoga county.

Another dumb-azz of a mayor, ex-Lakewood Mayor Edward Fitzgerald, got a resolution from his council instructing him not to spend a dime without council approval; and not to exceed the budget.  It’s a shame instructions have to be so specific; but they’re needed when elected office holders are clearly “criminals.”  

Council has to “reconstruct” everything King did with his proclamation.  Every dime he spent.  Every piece of landbank property he transferred to one of his friends.  Every contract he awarded Darrell Moore without public bidding to cut grass for over $30,000 a month with absolutely “NO” documentation of the work.  King’s frat brother and childhood friend, Moore, gets $100,000 contracts from Leach to knock down four homes with block grant funds that bidding would get done for $8000 a piece.  Moore has no equipment and runs his demolition company out of the basement of a beauty shop.

Every “cash dollar” he received from a criminal defendant they got to pay them off to avoid jail and trial should be investigated. They have to get into this criminal’s mind to detect how he implemented each “element” of the “cash and money spending” schemes he envisioned in his law-suspending proclamation.  Since money was involved council needs to identify who King’s proclamation financially benefited.

Anyone who thinks the “cash deal” King and Hemmons tried to cut with the five Cleveland cops is an isolated incident is a fool.  This is an “organized crime gang” and they should be reported to the state’s organized crime commission.  King’s proclamation specifically identifies the receipt of cash and property without oversight as one of its objectives.  Council should learn who delivered them “cash” and what “property” they received since it’s known in the streets private citizen Larry McDonald’s been impersonating a law enforcement officer and robbing dope boys of their cash, drugs and cars in exchange for no records of arrests. 

Michael O’Malley is hiding exculpatory evidence from American citizens defending themselves against unlawful arrests by not delivering more than 250 letters his office has received from the Ohio Attorney General about private citizens impersonating law enforcement officers with expired OPOTA credentials. O’Malley should have been making sure the judges, mayors and councils of these officers knew, but didn’t. This is an example of Communist anarchism in a democratic government.

Heather McCollough intentionally omitted evidence of former East Cleveland council president Ernest Smith having underaged strippers at the old Club Dew Drop Inn along with patrons loaded with guns and drugs in an unlicensed bar.  Right now she’s hiding exculpatory evidence that 24 private citizens are impersonating law enforcement officers from every American who they’re conspiring to arrest and steal from as they’re detained in a jail the state ordered closed “before” January 2020. 

The chief of police has been indicted twice for felonies, Scott Gardner.  Ohio law required two judges to notify Gardner’s employer that he accepted a plea bargain deal from a felony to a misdemeanor; which made him ineligible to continue discharging the duties of a law enforcement officer “forever.”  King has him identified in his “proclamation” and it’s known he impersonates the city’s chief of police by every reporter in town who hasn’t bothered to confirm the law I’ve repeated with the records of Medina and Cuyahoga county’s court of common pleas. 

I find no evidence in the city’s records that the required employer notices of the judges were ever delivered to East Cleveland.  Someone inside the city’s government has conspired with another to withhold evidence of Gardner’s convictions from the council as he continues to be paid, earn an illegal pension and submit fraudulent time cards while impersonating a law enforcement officer.

Iyahen has no oath of office.  No bond as required of finance director’s by law.  So every act he’s engaged in, and every dime he’s spent, has been without “any” legal authority from the “vacated” public office of “director of finance.”  The lack of an oath means every document Iyahen signed as the “director of finance,” where he’s “certified” the availability of funds, has been fraudulent and an obstruction of official business.  He’s had no legal authority to touch a dime of the city’s money as a private citizen impersonating a finance director.

Council has to look at King’s “proclamation” from the perspective that he enriched himself, enriched the members of his team and enriched his friends in secret during the past two months; and that Iyahen is aiding in concealing the records as he’s not ever reported to the council during any meeting that he’s been operating under the mayor’s suspension instead of obeying the laws.  Council should examine the payroll and “accumulated time” records of every employee and official of the city for the past year.  They should investigate whether King and Iyahen are paying PERS benefits to private contractors like Hemmons, Moore and others.  

Police should be ordered to provide council with an inventory of every gram of drugs they’ve gathered as evidence, how they’ve stored them,  how they’ve been used in evidence and disposed of after trial.  All this information “should have been” reported to council by the police chiefs in monthly reports under the state and city’s seized asset forfeiture laws and ordinances.  The Police Athletic League money and the Law Enforcement Trust Fund money all must be reported monthly to council.   The accounts from those funds are required by law to be in the name of the city and under the council’s control through the director of finance.  What East Cleveland private citizens impersonating law enforcement officers have done is placed the money in private accounts in their own names.

Council should examine the office supplies purchases to learn if the items are coming from King’s company.  Gary Norton purchased from him during his time on council as vice president.  King also orchestrated an ordinance to obtain a $100,000 Forest Hill property for $1000 from the landbank that he voted to give himself as the legislation’s sponsor. 

I’ve written this story with such detail to offer a point of perspective to the FBI agents I spoke to last month after McDonald’s armed kidnapping of Justyn Anderson.  Anderson was placed in a jail the state ordered King to close; and I suspect citizens who want to avoid being locked up in it have been extorted for cash to stay out. There’s no other reason to disobey federal, state and local laws; and an American citizens’ constitutional rights but for a conspiracy to steal.

The law enforcement officer impersonators were involved in a high speed pursuit throughout the city on October 5.  The majority of the city’s law enforcement officers, including its police chief impersonator, have no legal authority to discharge a law enforcement officer’s duties, wear a weapon, a uniform, drive a public safety vehicle, operate the FBI’s National Crime Information Center’s database, make an arrest or jail an American citizen; or to write a report a prosecutor reviews for charges and a trial.  According to the city’s mayor, his administration has “suspended” all laws.

East Cleveland city hall is an “anarchist” government.  It must be declared as such by the Governor of the State of Ohio.  It’s “unsworn” officials and employees must all be removed from office whether it closes the city down or not. Those operating without oaths of office have no legal authority to discharge the duties of the “vacated” public offices they hold; and the acts they’re committing in excess to the duties of the public offices are criminal.

Because Ohio’s governor, Richard Michael DeWine, is an election-cancelling and commerce clause violating anarchist, this Communist evil is allowed.  Cuyahoga County prosecuting attorney Michael O’Malley is an anarchist who knows from this state’s attorney general, in letters upon which he’s copied, that more than 250 private citizens are impersonating law enforcement officers in various police departments and agencies throughout Cuyahoga County, just like in East Cleveland; and he’s failed to deliver the “exculpatory evidence” to any citizen of this nation as required by law.  Anarchism.  Communism.  Compare King’s acts to the U.S. Congress’ “Findings of Fact” in the 1954 Communist Control Act.

"The Congress hereby finds and declares that the Communist Party of the United States, although purportedly a political party, is in fact an instrumentality 
of a conspiracy to overthrow the Government of the United States. It constitutes an authoritarian dictatorship within a republic, demanding for itself 
the rights and privileges accorded to political parties, but denying to all others the liberties guaranteed by the Constitution."

The Government of the United States of America is the most “democratic” in the world.  All this “secret” shit and “criminal” shit is associated with Communism and not democracy. As I’ve shared insights about our nation, state and local laws, you’ll find a sense of fairness in them when they’re applied as written … equally.  You’ll find a respect for the individual American citizen’s “rights” in them when they are applied equally and fairly.

Charles Iyahen worked for my administration as a payroll clerk. I don’t care how long he’s been a city employee, or the level of education he’s received, his management of the city’s finances with no oath of office is unlawful. From my reading of the city’s budget and the transactions I’ve seen, he’s on his way to prison like former finance director Dan Bertosa. No one knows that city’s history better than me.

What East Cleveland residents have been witnessing with its elected and appointed officials are individuals who have no comprehension of laws their deeds show they’ve not read.  For me it’s offensively racial that American Negroes would associate themselves with a trait that some thought reflected our culture.  “If you want to keep something from a nigger put it in print.”

Obviously, from all everyone who knows me knows about me that is not “this” American Negro’s trait; and it’s not a trait connected to “our” culture.  It may be to them “African Americans, Blacks, Minorities and Persosn of Color,” but it’s not a cultural characteristic of American Negroes; and this type of “racially-demeaning” shit offends me to my core.

I don’t care if my readers appreciate my insights or not.  Non-readers are ignorant.  I hate ignorance.  I think it’s despicable that individuals who don’t read seek elected offices that require more intellectual insights and academic skills and knowledge than they possess even with their bullshit “degrees” and “credentials.”  Skills pay bills.  These criminals would starve to death if they weren’t allowed to steal from our nation’s taxpayers.

Brandon King and the team he leads degrades the image of the American Negro in America.  The brilliance that led Dr. George Washington Carver to discover 326 ways to use a peanut every other race of people only ate ain’t in him.  He more exhibits the traits of the Africans whose racial betrayals sold millions of our ancestors into bondage.

Does anyone think Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, is the only dope fiend in government? Brandon King claims to live in a home at 2735 Elsinore that’s been raided twice for drugs. He lives in Richmond Heights. His brother’s been caught dealing drugs from the address. Brandon must not have been caught since it’s where he’s claimed to live even during the raid. To those of us in the political game for real, we know this shit is gangsta. King’s organized crime gang doesn’t know they’re already caught. The trap’s right in his path in plain view; but he and they don’t see it.

King has empowered what can be easily-observed are the racist descendants of European Communists, Nazis and Fascists to impersonate law enforcement officers in a 96 percent majority American Negro and Christian city; and he’s allowed these God-less bastards to terrorize our people with a level of brutality that would make Josef Stalin and Adolf Hitler proud.

If this state’s laws worked the criminals on the elections board who steal elections with Brent Lawler would have long ago investigated and confirmed he doesn’t live in East Cleveland, but in Richmond Heights.  They knew Jeff Johnson was a resident of Twinsburg in Summit County when he campaigned for Cleveland mayor.  They know Basheer Jones lived in South Euclid and now lives in Cleveland Heights while he serves on city council. 

Residents of each city should see these “infiltrators” in the same infiltrating light as those who want to protect our nation’s borders see illegal immigrants.  There is no difference.  They ruin the communities they reside in illegally; especially when they bring their outsider’s lawbreaking ways into the community’s politics and elected offices.

East Cleveland residents should run this “filth” out of its city government.  King may share the DNA of an American Negro, but he is culturally, intellectually and spiritually not our kind.  He and the criminals aiding him in theft of public funds from the poorest and most vulnerable citizens in the state are a fucking disgrace.

Frank and Calvin’s reckless cops got a man killed they are claiming was an informant

CLEVELAND, OH -When Cleveland cop James Skernivitz joined President Donald Trump and U.S. Attorney General William Barr’s Operation Legend task force his use of Scott Dingess as a confidential informant had to be approved under federal guidelines found in the U.S. Department of Justice’s manual in accordance with applicable “federal” laws.  He may have been a Cleveland cop, but Skernivitz was under federal law supervision.

Deceased Cleveland cop James Skernivitz’s use of Scott Dingess as an information must be investigated.

Skernivitz joined the U.S. DOJ’s “Operation Legend” task force on September 2, 2020. The next day he was shot dead around 10 p.m. at 65th and Storer in either an unmarked police car or an undercover car that didn’t look like the unmarked police car. In the car with him was an unarmed American citizen by the name of Scott Dingess, 50. The car Skernivitz sat in with the citizen whose life he endangered was riddled with bullets the way Cleveland cop Michael Brelo and 12 others shot Timothy Russell’s car and killed him and Malissa Williams in East Cleveland.

Published reports have identified Dingess as an “informant.”  A copy of an indictment Cuyahoga County Prosecuting Attorney Michael O’Malley filed last September identifies him and April Dingess as stealing five pairs of sunglasses for Lenscrafters.  Theft and petty theft.   

WKYC’s Ryan Hader misreported Dingess as being charged with “aggravated theft” and created the false illusion with the misuse of the word “aggravated” that force or a weapon was involved.  WKYC is represented by the law firm of Squire, Patton & Boggs that also represents the Russian Federation’s businesses from its Moscow office.  

Reporters from news organizations with Communist ties often misrepresent facts like this to promote a conceal-minded government official’s perspective.  Dingess is being intentionally dehumanized as the violation of his constitutional rights are being ignored by the pro-police television station, Barr and Cleveland officials.  Did the city even pick up his burial costs for his September 9th funeral at 4420 Rocky River Drive at Chambers Funeral Home at 7 p.m? 

The president of the Cleveland Police Patrolmens Association has publicly-ignored the truth that one of his members cost an American citizen his life in violation of federal, state and local criminal laws. Jeffrey Folmer’s public role in every police controversy is to obstruct police officers from being held accountable for the crimes they commit against American citizens. Notice that not a single media outlet has reviewed the USDOJ’s instructions on handling confidential informants and asked for Scott Dingess’ file now that he’s dead. They didn’t create one in the 24-hours that it took for Skernivitiz to be placed under federal oversight with his Operation Legend assignment. Reporters are simply repeated what they’re told. Question the CPPA president, reporters. He’s a patrol officer. At every crime scene involving a police officer’s violation of laws he’s there to obstruct. Did the CPPA provide any direct financial support to the family of the man its member cost his life?

Has Cleveland Police Patrolmens Association president Jeffrey Folmer offered to pay the family’s burial costs or raised money to help them survive after Skernivitz cost their loved one his life?

What Dingess appears to be from 7 closed Cuyahoga County court cases is an American citizen living in Strongsville with a drug habit he couldn’t afford.  The constant petty crimes records he accumulated kept him from an education and work.   Two of his most recent cases were dismissed.  Dingess also admitted guilt to crimes he didn’t commit to keep his wife out of jail.  All minor. 

So even for Dingess’ “state” criminal history to be of use to Skernivitz’s “federal law enforcement” activities with the U.S. DOJ, he needed a federal prosecutor and the Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s approval.  Cuyahoga County Prosecuting Attorney Michael O’Malley would not have the authority to cut a deal with Dingess as a federal task force’s informant within 24-hours after he joined the federal task force.

Skernivitz also did not have have time to get the approval from a federal prosecutor that would have authorized him to use Dingess as a confidential informant within 24 hours after he was appointed to the Operation Legend task force.  Instead of being praised as a fallen hero, Skernivitz should be post-humously facing a criminal investigation for violating those laws and getting Dingess killed.

Dingess had done nothing that would have encouraged him to place his life at risk unless he’d been promised a deal that Skernivitz had no legal authority to even “offer.”

Confidential informants are nothing more than “sources” of information according to federal laws that guides every interaction with them in sections 509, 510 and 533 in Title 28 of the United States Code.  The U.S. DOJ has a manual headlined “THE ATTORNEY GENERAL’S GUIDELINES REGARDING THE USE OF CONFIDENTIAL INFORMANTS.”  It was authorized under John Ashcroft as President George W. Bush’s U.S. Attorney General in 2003.  The page images I’ve shared are directly from that manual.

The authorized method of engaging sources requires a “vetting” process to first determine in a meeting with federal prosecutors investigating a case or terrorism if the information is worth it.  It can take as long as 45 days.

A Confidential Informant’s file has to be set up.  No cop or federal law enforcement officer can ever “individually” promise an informant a deal and doing so is a prohibited act.  None has that legal authority to do so and any cop or federal agent doing so is committing a crime. 

Dingess was a “state” offender.  Specific federal law guidelines must be met in dealing with state and not federal offenders.  Dingess’ signature on official forms, acknowledging the relationship and its limits is required by federal law to be in his Confidential Informant’s file.

Under no circumstances was Dingess allowed to be engaged in a criminal act but to save his life or maintain his credibility if he was “inside” an illegal operation providing information to law enforcement authorities.  If he received compensation for his information the payment had to be authorized, recorded and placed in Dingess’ Confidential Informant’s file.   He was also supposed to be “registered” with a JLEA or Justice Department Law Enforcement Agency.

As he’s now deceased Dingess’ informant’s file is a public record under Ohio law.  That’s if Operation Legend’s federal law enforcement officers created one within 24 hours after Skernitz’s appointment.

It appears every act city officials are engaged in now to portray Skernivitz as a hero is to conceal the fact he appears to have disobeyed laws that got Dingess killed in a “color of law” violation of his constitutional rights.  Dingess was not supposed to be sitting in either an unmarked public safety or undercover private vehicle the city owns as Skernitz’s partner in a dangerous organized crime investigation. 

The U.S. Government Accounting Office (GAO) in a September 2015 report to Congress ripped the FBI, DEA, Homeland Security, U.S. Marshals and 4 other federal law enforcement agencies for using informants as sources in violation of federal laws.  Five of the 8 had policies that matched the requirements of the three federal laws under the guidance of the U.S. Attorney General’s “manual.”  The federal government has manuals that guide the conduct of every federal employee in every department if they read and obey the instructions each contains instead of making up their own rules that criminally disobeys them. 

More specifically, President Trump signed an executive order on June 16, 2020.  It came 22 days after George Floyd’s death.  Trump instructed Barr not to invest a federal dollar into an “uncertified” municipal police department. 

Cleveland’s police department is not certified and is ineligible for Operation Legend money under Trump’s executive order.  Trump’s order also required Barr to move forward with implementing a national database to identify the dirty cops like those in Cleveland he made his “law enforcement partners” and got Dingess killed.

President Donald Trump reacted 22 days after George Floyd’s death with instructions to U.S. Attorney William Barr not to invest federal grant money with uncertified police departments like the one in Cleveland, Ohio.

As the U.S. DOJ’s manual backs “federal laws” municipal police in Ohio have a duty to obey, first, before they enforce them pursuant to Chapter 737.11 of Ohio’s Revised Code, every Ohio police department’s policies on the use of confidential informants must be “substantially equivalent” to federal laws in order to receive federal funds.  Mayor Frank Jackson told me in his office, after I showed Chapter 737.11 to him on my cell phone, that Chief of Police Calvin Williams hadn’t read it.  Jackson hadn’t either.

Mandating obedience to laws in a general law instructs cops not to ever disobey one even in the enforcement of laws.  So the concept of “undercover” out-of-uniform police work with unregistered confidential informants is a crime. Section 4 of Title 18 of the United States Code is headlined, Misprison of felony” and requires everyone with knowledge of felony offenses to report them.

The 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution no Ohio mayor, safety director, council or police chief appears to understand gives states the right to determine how and who enforces federal laws.  State’s rights. 

Cleveland police chief Calvin Williams’ boss told me his employee had not read the duties of a police officer found in 737.11 of Ohio’s Revised Code. No cop is taught it in the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy curriculum the Ohio Highway Patrol superintendent oversees. So none know they must obey all criminal laws before they attempt to enforce them. Williams wasn’t taught the duties of a chief police in R.C. 737.06. He doesn’t know 18 U.S.C. 4 is “misprision of felony” and that anyone with knowledge of a felony must report it. That includes cops.  There are so many laws Williams, in his official capacity as a municipal police chief doesn’t know, he would cry more tears if he only knew how foolish he looks in charge. The problem is the mayor who appoints him doesn’t know these laws. Neither does the council that oversees him. Neither does Frank Jackson’s past safety directors and his current one, Karrie Howard. If every single official with a duty identified in the federal, state and local laws they were administered oaths of office to obey and discharge actually “mastered” those laws, there wouldn’t be an American Negro crying over all the fucked up shit cops do under his supervision. Williams wasn’t taught the American Negro way in Cleveland schools. An “A” wasn’t a score of 95 to 100 or anything less demeaned the race. An “A” was whatever the fuck the best scoring student got even if it was a 50 in Cleveland.  Williams, like every other American Negro raised in this commuinty, was robbed of the culture that produced Dr. George Washington Carver. That American Negro figured out 326 ways to use a peanut every other “race” of people only knew how to eat. Calvin Williams could have been a great American Negro if he’d understood our culture. Or if the American Negro who appointed him understood it, too. Everybody in Cleveland area leadership operates at their highest intellectual level.  They can’t think any higher.  Calvin. This is not your fault. Don’t make it yours. When the Russians purchased the Plain Dealer in 1967 they intended to dumb American citizens down. I was born here and raised in East Saint Louis, Illinois in a 75 percent American Negro city with a completely different consciousness. None of this is y’all’s fault.  American Negroes are culturally more brilliant than you’ve been shown.

So Ohio in R.C. 737.11 gives municipal police “federal criminal” law enforcement authority.  In Cleveland police are the highest legal authority inside the municipal corporation  Not the troopers or the sheriff Cleveland cops can arrest for violating “federal” laws. 

Neither the sheriff nor troopers are given “federal” law enforcement authority in the sections of Ohio law that identifies their duties.  R.C. 737.11 also gives “municipal” police “organized crime” investigation authority, but under the guidance of R.C. 177.02.  The bottom line is that all times within the municipal corporation the jurisdiction of the city’s police is “concurrent” with that of federal law enforcement officers.  

737.11 General duties of police and fire departments.  The police force of a municipal corporation shall preserve the peace, protect persons and property, and obey and enforce all ordinances of the legislative authority of the municipal corporation, all criminal laws of the state and the United States, all court orders issued and consent agreements approved pursuant to sections 2919.26 and 3113.31 of the Revised Code, all protection orders issued pursuant to section 2903.213 or 2903.214 of the Revised Code, and protection orders issued by courts of another state, as defined in section 2919.27 of the Revised Code. The fire department shall protect the lives and property of the people in case of fire. Both the police and fire departments shall perform any other duties that are provided by ordinance. The police and fire departments in every city shall be maintained under the civil service system.  A chief or officer of a police force of a municipal corporation may participate, as the director of an organized crime task force established under section 177.02 of the Revised Code or as a member of the investigatory staff of such a task force, in an investigation of organized criminal activity in any county or counties in this state under sections 177.01 to 177.03 of the Revised Code.

What’s of note in R.C. 737.11 is when municipal police can involve themselves in “organized criminal” investigations and under whose authority.  Skernivitz, in his municipal police officer’s official capacity role, would have been authorized by law to join Barr’s Operation Legend task force if it was being done pursuant to R.C. 177.02.  Williams didn’t have the authority to unilaterally assign him to the federal task force if the assignment wasn’t in accordance with R.C. 177.02.

177.02 Complaint that alleges that organized criminal activity has occurred in county.  (A) Any person may file with the organized crime investigations commission a complaint that alleges that organized criminal activity has occurred in a county. A person who files a complaint under this division also may file with the commission information relative to the complaint.  (B) Upon the filing of a complaint under division (A) of this section or upon its own initiative, the commission may establish an organized crime task force to investigate organized criminal activity in a single county or in two or more counties if it determines, based upon the complaint filed and the information relative to it or based upon any information that it may have received, that there is reason to believe that organized criminal activity has occurred and continues to occur in that county or in each of those counties. The commission shall not establish an organized crime task force to investigate organized criminal activity in any single county unless it makes the determination required under this division relative to that county and shall not establish an organized crime task force to investigate organized criminal activity in two or more counties unless it makes the determination required under this division relative to each of those counties. The commission, at any time, may terminate an organized crime task force it has established under this section.  (C) (1) If the commission establishes an organized crime task force to investigate organized criminal activity in a single county or in two or more counties pursuant to division (B) of this section, the commission initially shall appoint a task force director to directly supervise the investigation. The task force director shall be either the sheriff or a deputy sheriff of any county in the state, the chief law enforcement officer or a member of a law enforcement agency of any municipal corporation or township in the state, or an agent of the bureau of criminal identification and investigation. No person shall be appointed as task force director without the person’s consent and, if applicable, the consent of the person’s employing sheriff or law enforcement agency or of the superintendent of the bureau of criminal identification and investigation if the person is an employee of the bureau. Upon appointment of a task force director, the commission shall meet with the director and establish the scope and limits of the investigation to be conducted by the task force and the size of the task force investigatory staff to be appointed by the task force director. The commission, at any time, may remove a task force director appointed under this division and may replace any director so removed according to the guidelines for the initial appointment of a director.

I’ve not reviewed or at this point requested any public records from Ohio Attorney General David Yost to learn if a complaint had been filed with his office of organized crime activity in Cleveland and Cuyahoga County that he’s directed Cleveland police to conduct.  I’ve not sought to verify whether or not Barr and Yost met to discuss Operation Legend.  What I know is that R.C. 737.11 does not give Williams in his official capacity as chief of police pursuant to R.C. 737.06 the legal authority to assign police to any agency on his own.

The late Nicholas Sabo worked as a Cleveland peace officer and committed suicide within hours after cop James Skernick placed an informant’s life in danger and got them both killed. Sabo was not known to have been involved in the undercover operation Skernick was involved in at W. 65th and Storer. The two worked together in the past but were currently assigned to different districts. Sabo worked out of the 4th.

That state general law is captioned “Chief of police.”  If Williams had read R.C. 737.06 then his name would not be attached to any of the rules and regulations he, Mike McGrath and Martin Flask created without any legal authority to do so.

The chief of police shall have exclusive control of the stationing and transfer of all patrolmen, auxiliary police officers, and other officers and employees in the police department, and police auxiliary unit, under such general rules and regulations as the director of public safety prescribes.

As a former mayor and director of public safety for the municipal corporation of East Cleveland, Ohio, I met with FBI Special Agent in Charge Frank Figgliuzzi in December 2009 to discuss Carl Monday’s story about ex-cop David Hicks strangling Sandra Varney and dumping her body behind the Noble Motel.  I took chief of police Ralph Spotts with me.

Spotts had originally claimed that Monday was lying and told me Hicks did not know Varney.  That’s not what Spotts said when asked by FBI agents I knew he would not lie to when questioned.  Why do you think I took his azz to the meeting with me?

I sat to next to Figgliuzzi as a Special Agent named “George” questioned him with Special Agent Mike Malley present.  Spotts admitted to the three FBI agents present that Hicks knew Varney and that she was “his” informant.  The lead agent asked Spotts if he’d created a Confidential Informant File and he said no.  He asked Spotts if she was Hicks’ “out of pocket” informant and he said yes.  I whispered to Figgliuzzi if that shit was legal and he said no.

When I returned to city hall I reviewed the USDOJ manuals on informants and knew nothing East Cleveland cops had done, even under my watch, in using them was lawful.  For me it was too late as I had less than 10 days left in office.  I had a conversation with the young female Special Agent the FBI assigned to investigate Hicks for Varney’s death; but that was after I was out of office.

U.S. Attorney General William Barr appears to be aiding Cleveland cops in concealing the truth that James Skernitz’s use of Scott Dingess as a confidential informant cost him his life. Did he tell President Donald Trump he also shitted on his June 16th executive order that instructed him not to invest federal funds with uncertified police department’s like Cleveland’s?

Dingess leaves behind his wife and five children.  He was a grandfather and his mother, Wilma, loses a son because of reckless policing.  Ronald Bond has lost his best friend.  The only person Barr is concerned about is the reckless cop who cost Dingess his life.

Today is a very sad day for the city of Cleveland and the entire law enforcement community. Overnight, Cleveland Division of Police Detective James Skernivitz was shot and killed in the line of duty. Detective Skernivitz was a 22-year veteran of the Cleveland Division of Police and a sworn Operation Legend task force officer assigned to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Violent Crimes Task Force.

“Two weeks ago, I had the honor of visiting the unit where Detective Skernivitz was assigned. I was briefed on the critical work that he and his colleagues do to keep our streets safe from violent crime. Detective Skernivitz selflessly gave his life in this cause.

“It takes a special kind of courage to be a police officer. Our men and women in blue put their lives on the line day after day in order to keep us safe. We will not forget Detective Skernivitz and his life of service and sacrifice. I send my heartfelt condolences to his wife, children, and family.” – William Barr, U.S. Attorney General.

Scott Dingess was used unlawfully by Cleveland police officer James Skernivitz in a dangerous organized crime investigation as a confidential informant. No American citizen is required to cooperate with law enforcement officers involved in undercover crime investigations that may or may not be authorized by law. If a law enforcement officer has offered you a “deal” in exchange for assistance, or promised you money for information, go public on them. It’s illegal. If the laws worked they wouldn’t have offered the deal. Put their azzes on full blast. Pictures and all. Get their personnel files through a public records request pursuant to R.C. 149.43. City or government officials can’t even ask you for your name, according to the Ohio law, or why you want the fucking records. If they do they’re violating the law. You’re supposed to be able to ask for the cop’s records during normal business hours for you to inspect them. Get all the cop’s disciplinary records from the chief’s office. Go to the Ohio Attorney General’s peace officer training academy to get the cop’s OPOTA certification. See if it’s current. Get his or her payroll records and time cards. All these records are public. Some federal and city officials whose color of law violations of Dingess’ constitutional rights should be prosecuted by law. If the system worked U.S. Attorney General William Barr would be leading the prosecutions instead of praising the reckless cop who cost Dingess his life. Conflict of interests, especially when you’re leading the bullshit and now need to protect yourself, is a bitch.

Irrespective of whether or not Dingess was approved by the federal government as an informant, if Skernivitz used him in Cleveland he had no choice but to obey the laws that authorized it.  In this case the laws are federal and Skernivitz did not get federal authorization to use Dingess as an informant within 24 hours.

[NOTE: To the law enforcement officers reading this story.  Do not search my name in the NCIC or LEADS database.  To do so will violate federal laws I know you haven’t read that I have included in my Fight Police License Plate Spying book.  Within 30 days I will pay the less than $20 the FBI requires to search the database and provide me with all the information associated with my name. That includes who searched it. Remember.  I’m a former mayor and safety director.  I know more about police management and governing authorities than you.]

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