Michael O'Malley

Cuyahoga County’s Nazi-inspired Catholic judges enacted a permanent and forced CoVid 19 vaccine mandate for employees that is an offense against democracy

CLEVELAND, OH – The feature image I’ve shared from the FreeThoughtProject perfectly characterizes the un-American climate being created by Irish Catholic President Joseph Robinette Biden, Democrats and local anarchists holding elected offices.  This “forced vaccine” shit will never “get off” in the United States of America. The Catholic judges controlling Cuyahoga County’s courts have issued two forced CoVid 19 vaccination orders based on what they’re claiming as “obligations” instead of “statutory duties” and “constitutional authority.”  Irish Catholic County Prosecutor Michael O’Malley has followed suit.  They’ve decided without any legal authority to implement a new condition for employment in the courts

Instead of prosecuting Kevin Kelley for stealing Ward 13’s council seat in 2017, Cuyahoga County Prosecuting Attorney Michael O’Malley endorses the election thief

CLEVELAND, OH – If ex-President Donald Trump wants to know how elections are stolen or obstructed he should review the campaign finance reports of Cleveland Councilman Kevin Kelley for an example.  All you need is a complicit prosecuting attorney who is a member of your ethnic and religious group; and who is willing to ignore the duties assigned to the elected office he holds in Title 35 of the Ohio Revised Code. Kelley has criminally obstructed three Cleveland elections, but these aren’t words Clevelanders will see from Mark Naymik’s reporting at WKYC or from his former work at cleveland.com.  Naymik

Cleveland’s latest Catholic Bishop came from PA where priestly “man boy love” lifestyles like indicted 91-year-old Cardinal McCarrick’s were out of control

CLEVELAND, OH – Cardinal Theodore McCarrick started having sex with James Grein when the boy was 11 years of age.  He didn’t stop for the next 18 years.  Grein is now an adult and in interviews admits he had no idea what to say to a family whose leadership told him to trust the Catholic priest as being a Godly man; and who had made the unindicted sexual predator a member of their family. McCarrick lied to Pope John Paul II or “the Holy See” of the Catholic church about his relationship with Grein and every other boy who’d trusted

Judge Collier-Williams got the same “police” treatment as some of the defendants in her courtroom when she tried to surrender her son to Euclid cops for shooting his wife in “self-defense”

CLEVELAND, OH – When customers of the Aleoba.com online beauty and fashion store visit the website to purchase a bottle of Mwaka hair growth serum they won’t know the owner of the company is dead.  It’s a problem with one-owner websites and online businesses.  Owners can die between orders. In Mwaka Ruth Azali’s case she was shot to death on May 26, 2021 by her husband during what his attorney claims was a gunfight between the couple.  According to Omnisun Azali through attorney Jeffrey Saffold, his French speaking African immigrant wife shot first. Omnisun Azali is the name Robert James

Basheer Jones’ 2019 gun arrest appears to have been “fixed” by Brandon King’s administration as Judge William Dawson confirms Ward 7’s councilman was not arraigned in his court

CLEVELAND, OH – When East Cleveland police arrested Ward 7 councilman Basheer Jones on April 19, 2019 they sought to charge him with “improper handling of firearms in a motor vehicle.”  The offense was a 4th degree felony violation of Section 2923. 16 of the Ohio Revised Code.   The incident report East Cleveland’s cops generated doesn’t identify the reason for the arrest or the basis for the search of the Cleveland politician’s vehicle.  Jones was a suspect of something and they found the improperly handled gun. Had Jones investigated the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy credentials of the cops who

Prosecutor leaked video I sent to FBI of McDonald asking for drugs the mayor is obstructing council from investigating

CLEVELAND, OH – A federal law I know is codified at 18 U.S.C. 4 instructs anyone with knowledge of a federal crime to report it to court of cognizable jurisdiction or a civil or military authority; or face up to three years in prison for “misprision of felony.”  So when I obtained a copy of the video last week of law enforcement officer impersonator Larry McDonald asking an OPOTA-certified law enforcement officer for some of the drugs he’d seized during an arrest I forwarded it to a Special Agent at the Federal Bureau of Investigtion (FBI) that handles public corruption.

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